Next Generation Press Release


Multiple Media Format Distribution done for you: News Outlet, Translation, Podcast, Video, VDA, Social Media, Social Blogs, Slideshow, PDF Sharing, RSS, Crawlers and Bots

Maximize your press release’s potential by creating and delivering content in multimedia formats easily accessible on popular media providers and services. Your PR will have much greater impact by reaching more consumers on today’s top media platforms. 

When submitting a press release, simply select the new add on, the NEXT GENERATION PRESS RELEASE ™, and a media specialist will generate assets like video, podcast, slideshows, social posts and many others. Your message will be magnified in a vast distribution of new media formats across leading providers and expanded networks including Facebook,  Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo,  Amazon’s Alexa, Google Podcast, Apple Podcast, Spotify and others

Supercharge your press release for greater consumer reach simply by selecting the NEXT GENERATION PRESS RELEASE ™ option in the ADD PR section of your dashboard. From there we will complete the entire process from start to finish.

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