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Your Own PR Distribution Agency!

This is a GREAT opportunity for a turnkey business  with awesome ROI! Simply signup, and start selling press releases right away at 500% markup. 

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to launch a PRESS RELEASE business at an extremely low price. You get everything mentioned BELOW, along with excellent support, a robust and easy to use online workspace, access to 100s of media outlets, and more!  Everything you need is right here. We even offer copywriter services at rock bottom pricing, so you don’t have to write the releases if you do not want. Let us handle it all, and you can sit back, sale, and profit!

What You Get Today AS

Instant Credits

Get $2,500 of credits each year to use for Premium PR Distributions ($25 each) or Basic PR Distributions ($15 each).

Turnkey Solutions

Sit back and let us prepare and distribute your press release with minimal effort on your part.

Completely Whitelable Services

Get detailed reporting on the publications that picked up your client’s Press Releases complete with your personal branding.

Guaranteed High Profit Margins

Enjoy a minimum of 500% ROI on every press release when you charge the market rate.

Undeniable Marketing Benefits

Become the lynch pin of your customer’s success story with improved brand trust, heightened brand awareness, increased conversions, and so much more.

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Yearly Subscription USD 2,500

Total USD 2,500