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Our focus is press release innovation. We do not sit still. We live in the forefront of press release media. We focus on our progress with two clear goals. Make things easier and more affordable for our customers, and find new and superior press release solutions to maximize their ROI .

Press Release Creation

From inspiration to publication, create a PR
with ease.


Press Release Distribution

Easy submission and fast publication on
today’s top outlets.


Next Generation Media

Expand your PR to video, audio, VDA and many other platforms without additional resources.


White Label Turnkey Solutions

Start a press release business with no effort. Easy to set up and start making money.


Wholesale Press Release Subscriptions

The most affordable PR creation and distribution on the market, simplicity designed for high return on investment and high volume.


Retail PRs

Easy and affordable entry to our progressive press release services and products.


B2B and Wholesale

We have some awesome b2b products and offers. Start your own digital agency today with practically no risk. Just sign up with our services and get to work without development or staff. We provide an easy to use online dashboard with everything you need at your fingertips. We also provide customized development for customers looking to automate and publish in bulk.


Retail and Media Relations

Stay relevant and inventive with next generation press releases that push beyond traditional PRs. Reach new and more customers with clever media solutions that other distributors cannot offer. All with ease!


Next Generation Press Release

Augment your press release to include Media Outlets, Video, Podcast, RSS, VDAs, PDFs, Slideshows, Language Translation, Social Media, and Social Blogs


Custom Solutions

We always want to know what PR needs are not being met. We help customers in creative and exciting ways. Reach out to us to discuss your PR and business challenges.

About Us

Advanced, Robust,
Affordable, Simple’s founders started working in the industry in 2003 with the goal to find smart ways to help business improve. We have always been customer driven, over the many years solving many problems that had prevented our customers from maximizing their PR success. Every customer challenge is an opportunity to create something better and add to our ability to help. We can do what other PR distributors cannot. Simple, affordable, state of the art.

Top Notch Customer

We value our costumes. We learn from our customers. We like our customers! Our business is here to help your bottom line. Not only do we provide great products and services, but we also promise an effective and responsive line of communication. We never want you to stress about your PR needs.

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Release media specializes in wholesale and enterprise press solutions. For SME and retail press release related services and products.
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