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Press Releases Distribution Agencies

The quickest, easiest and most affordable way to distribute press releases on behalf of your customers. Completely branded to your business. We provide the backbone for you to sell media distribution services with a high return on investment.  


Not Getting a High-Enough Return
On Your Current Business?

Subscribers to our services have access to a reliable and wide ranging press release distribution network for pennies on the dollar. How? We engage effective technology and proactive relationships with media outlets across the globe, providing us an ability to offer better distribution services at a lower cost to you. 



High ROI

Retail press release distribution costs anywhere from $300-1000.  Our b2b system allows you to make the same sale with minimal effort at 1/6th the cost. We can provide the copywriter service and the distribution with enough room to make a 600% markup. 





Run a completely hand-off press release distribution business.

You take care of your customers, and we take care of you. Through our dashboard, you select a word count, provide a few details about the purpose of the release, and we take care of the rest. You can sell a valuable service to your customer with little effort. 



White Label


You have worked hard developing your brand, and we appreciate that. Let the world see who you are while we do the heavy lifting behind the scene. 

Every distributed release comes with a full featured distribution report branded to your business. We also provide easy to use code snippets that your customers can include on their site as a pressroom,  highlighting the media attention received through your services. 





Distributed releases can target industry leading publications, putting your customer’s press release in front of the eyes they want to reach. Help your customers promote their business to the people that matter.  





Rest assure you are in good hands with our customer service team. We are here to help! 

We pride ourselves on being responsive to your business needs. 





Our dashboard is completely online and browser based. It is easy to use with no installation needed. Just log on, provide us a few details, and easily get into the media distribution industry today. 

About Us

What separates us from the others?

When creating our business, we leveraged existing expertise, infrastructure and services with a new, fresh and sensible approach. 

We were determined to develop a system that worked so well, it could offer a better service for far less. We streamlined distribution to the worlds leading media outlets to cut cost while improving speed and efficiency. The result means a better service at greater savings to you. 

A True B2B Platform

Our Business Evolution Is
Worth Noting!

We, like you, have years of experience of offering digital services. We started building e-commerce solutions in 2003, focusing on b2b technologies and marketing services to help businesses grow. We quickly learned that press release were a great help for our customers.  As we took advantage of all that media distribution has to offer, we built relationships with large outlets. 

Soon we started working hand and hand with these outlets to improve workflow and the technology that drives it. Now that we have, it is time we offer these same advantages to you and your business. 


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