A Conversation with Founder of OnlineBusiness.com, Reflects on Pandemic and the State of the Industry Today

A Conversation with Founder of OnlineBusiness.com, Reflects on Pandemic and the State of the Industry Today

New York, NY – The editorial team of OnlineBusiness.com had a chance to discuss various topics with founder Michael Santiago. Most recently focusing on acquiring new domains in emerging markets and helping solopreneurs looking for a ready made website for sale, digital marketer, SEO specialist, and domainer for the past 20 years, Mr. Santiago had the opportunity to reflect on the pandemic. 

“There was obviously a lot of uncertainty at the beginning of the pandemic. We decided it was prudent to stand by to see where the dominos fell, and of course, focus on family safety,” said Mr. Santiago. “After a few months, we started to see the unveiling of a new normal, one that puts digital marketing and presence at the forefront. We looked at the opportunity to start marketing once again and acquiring new domains for the marketplace.”

As a result, OnlineBusiness.com recorded one of its highest revenue years in domain and website sales, an overall trend that seems to resonate across the industry. 

In a time when some companies continue to slowly ramp back up, OnlineBusiness.com took the opportunity to acquire many new domain names within emerging industries.

“We took a calculated risk in understanding there will be a bounceback and wanted to be ready for that turn, especially industries that were about ready to emerge prior to the pandemic,” continued Mr. Santiago.

Some of the industries OnlineBusiness.com focused its acquisition efforts on were:

  • Cryptocurrency and NFTs
  • Cannabis/CBD
  • Metaverse/VR 
  • News/Media
  • SEO

With these acquisitions, OnlineBusiness.com continues to add to its extensive portfolio of premium domains as well as offering those looking for a turnkey website for sale or an affiliate website for sale.

To learn more about OnlineBusiness.com, visit https://www.onlinebusiness.com or learn more by contacting the team directly at contact@onlinebusiness.com.

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