Press Releases

New Online Program Designed to Increase VA Rating

Military veterans seeking benefits now have a program designed to assist with increasing their VA disability rating. Veteran army Ranger Terry Johnson, and son Gino Johnson created Champions for Veterans, an organization formed to guide veterans and their families through the VA disability rating process.

Howling Amplify Drives Brand Omnipresence To Position Clients as Authorities in the Field

Howling Amplify is a professional service that provides exceptional content amplification services. Howling Amplify has networks and partnerships with a variety of outlets that act as a megaphone, increasing the client’s brand. By selecting the right outlets, Howling Amplify can maximize the results of each content amplification campaign. The end goal is to generate more organic traffic from people with the right buyer intent, making an impact in the digital world.


Einstein’s Home Services Explains That A Well-Maintained Air Conditioning Unit Saves Money on Summer Utility Bills

As the temperatures continue to soar this summer in Phoenix, AZ, and the neighboring community, homeowners may be facing unnecessarily higher utility bills this summer. That’s because a poorly maintained air conditioning system works less efficiently. It winds up using more electricity than would normally be needed. Fortunately, the team at Einstein’s Home Services are available to inspect, maintain and repair local air conditioners.


Exclusive Flooring Announces Opening of Exclusive Flooring High-End Showroom

Exclusive Flooring has set the gold standard in the flooring industry during the past year thanks to its 
unparalleled dedication to its clients. Now, Exclusive Flooring has even opened an exclusive high-end 
showroom. The showroom will provide clients with an opportunity to come in, compare samples, 
provide measurements, and find the best products to meet their needs, while working closely with experts.


Highly Recognized New Jersey Insurance Brokerage Agency Launches Exclusive New Insurance Broker Training, Mentorship & Sponsorship Opportunity

There are many people looking to generate additional income and The Sosa Insurance Group is providing everyone with an opportunity to do so! The Sosa Insurance Group is offering a free webinar and coverage for the New Jersey insurance licensing exam, training new sales reps to sell policies on their own time, and collect commission income for years! Furthermore, The Sosa Insurance Group is also providing comprehensive training to all new sales reps!