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Chirs Wiser CEO Of 7 Figure MSP™ Launches A Free CRM For Managed Service Providers

Austin Texas – September 20th – Chris Wiser, CEO of 7 Figure MSP™, launches WiseTrackCRM, the first-ever complete sales, and marketing platform built by an 8-figure MSP coach specifically for IT & managed service provider business owners. This software allows MSPs to organize follow-up, two-way texting, sales pipelines, appointment scheduling, sales funnels, and so much more.

7 Figure MSP™ is revolutionizing the MSP industry by taking a radical approach to sales and marketing education and coaching for MSPs. 

After speaking with tens of thousands of MSPs and IT professionals Chris Wiser discovered that there is a massive gap in the marketplace that needed to be filled. This is why he created WiseTrackCRM and is now giving away this valuable framework for free. He has kept it simple and streamlined so MSPs can see results ASAP.

WisetrackCRM is a complete, all-in-one sales and marketing software for MSPs. This free platform comes with a ready-to-launch funnel installed so MSPs can begin generating leads and booking sales calls immediately.

Also included in this free MSP CRM is a complete, done-for-you email and text message automation sequence that handles the follow-up process for the user allowing prospective clients to move seamlessly from lead to sale.

The team at WiseTrackCRM has also thoughtfully crafted and installed a complete sales pipeline that follows the proven principles taught inside the 7 Figure MSP™Elite coaching program.

Upon registration, WiseTrackCRM users will gain access to a training vault with resources, trainings, and more done-for-you templates to make marketing their businesses easier. These tools will educate MSPs and business owners on how to efficiently and effectively leverage the software for their businesses.

Users of WiseTrackCRM will also become part of a private Facebook community managed by leading sales and marketing experts to help solve problems and accelerate their marketing and sales progress.

“The entire MSP industry tells business owners to use their PSA for all contact management – but in reality, it should only be used to manage clients” Chris Wiser stated when asked why he created this platform.

Using a true CRM to manage your inbound leads along with true lead scoring and pipeline management in tandem with a robust PSA system is key to business success.

This Free MSP CRM is truly an all-in-one tech solution for marketing and sales. If you were to pay monthly fees for the software/programs to handle all of these functions included inside of WiseTrackCRM, it would be over $600 per month.

Current users of the software have the ability to create lead-generating websites and funnels, send automated email campaigns, curate a list of prospects, nurture leads from start to sale, and even schedule calls and appointments on a calendar that can be synced with Outlook365, Google, and more.

“Having one place to manage our sales and marketing process helps streamline our own company to have maximum efficiency as we continue to grow.” Paul Mancuso, current WiseTrackCRM user, and 7 Figure MSP™ Elite member.

For a limited time, new WiseTrackCRM users will also receive

  • LIVE Coaching Calls: Get the most out of your FREE CRM with guidance from top marketing experts
  • Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Marketing Campaign: Proven lead-generating system created by an 8 Figure MSP Coach
  • Monthly MSP CASH FLOW Workshop: How to double your current MRR In 6 months or less
  • The Daily Six: 6 FREE things you can do daily to keep your client pipeline full

Teaching MSPs to abandon the old-school habits of waiting for the next break-fix client or crossing fingers and hoping business shows up after sending direct mail, 7 Figure MSP™ helps MSPs turn IT into an ESSENTIAL service instead of a commodity. 

With a focus on improving current business strategies, defining solid business processes, and massively increasing MRR to be able to focus on growth and top-level service, MSPs in the 7 Figure MSP™ Elite program are quickly on their way to 7 Figures and beyond. 

7 Figure MSP™ advocates the importance of following a sales strategy and teaching MSPs to easily go from Hello to Close – often enrolling clients up to $500 per seat in any industry/any market. 

The launch of WiseTrackCRM is an extension of the services provided to IT & MSP business owners by 7 Figure MSP™ to help them streamline sales, marketing, and operational procedures to help with massive growth’

To Learn More about the FREE WiseTrackCRM for MSPs Click Here.

Business Computers & Software Marketing & Sales Retail Technology Reports Top Public Domain Sales for August 2021

New York, NY – To conclude Q3 of 2020, looks at the top domain sales for the month of August. Domain sales continue to stay hot for the year with many names selling for top dollar without any slow down for this trend. As a digital marketplace for premium domains and starter sites, always looks at the latest domain sales and looks to keep their audience in the know for the latest trends and notable sales. 

For the month of August 2021, according to, the top three highest report domains are:

  • for $2,500,000
  • for $400,000
  • for $281,000

Following last month’s press release highlighting the demand of domains with all-time high sales continuing, is the latest domain to sell in the 7-figure range. and both sold in the 6-figure range to round out the top 3 reported domains sold in August 2021.

As reported last month, more businesses are continuing to reexamine their digital strategy to ensure a strong digital footprint as consumer habits have continued to shift to online stores.

“Blockbuster domain sales in the six and seven-figure range continue to take place with no signs of slowing down. Across the board in every industry we see more companies realizing the importance of acquiring their best name – and that usually means paying top dollar for a .com” said Michael Santiago, founder of

Demand for domains, especially consumer-facing premium domains, has increased and is projected to continue trending upwards throughout 2021. continues to add to its domain portfolio in emerging industries such as CBD, Cannabis and Cryptocurrency.

To learn more about, visit their website or learn more by contacting the team directly at

About is a digital marketplace for premium domains and starter sites. They specialize in helping their clients to acquire the best domain name to increase credibility and brand power. Currently, they list over 3,500 domain names with a combined valuation of over $5M. To learn more visit

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Automotive Computers & Software Finance Personal Finance World

Founder of Plensy™, Sam Errama, has been nominated for an Auto Finance Innovator Award

Plensy™ is proud to announce that its Founder and CEO Sam Errama has been nominated for the AUTO FINANCE INNOVATORS award. This award honors the industry’s movers and shakers and recognizes innovative new developments in the auto finance industry. The honorees will be announced on November 15th, 2021. “It’s an honor to be nominated,” says Sam Errama, Founder of Plensy™. “I’m excited to see what comes of it.”

Sam Errama created Plensy™ to transform the antiquated traditional financial ecosystem, known as the credit score rating, from the current loan processing methodology by offering lending services through the Plensy™ platform. Plensy™ is a completely new and a unique tokenized blockchain technique of disrupting the entire financing concept by removing the old approach of evaluating a borrower’s potential based on their credit score.

In addition, the 2021 Auto Finance Innovators Awards recognizes industry professionals that have made significant technological contributions to their company and the field. It comes on the heels of a year of major innovation in the auto finance industry.

Other notable nominees include, but not limited to, Tanya Sanders, Head of Auto at WellsFargo, Chris Nicotra, Head of Consumer Auto Lending Technology at Capital One, Kevin Singerman, CEO & Co-Founder of AutoFi, and Chris Depperman, VP of Finance & Insurance Operations of Berkshire Hathaway Automotive.

Plensy™ not only brings innovation to risk assessment but also revolutionizes the broader credit and finance market by tokenizing with NFTs as ” Auto Smart Loans”. The Plensy™ token is a digital asset that can be programmed to produce a yield, making it an attractive new class of digital securities.

Plensy™ has reached agreements with over one hundred twenty (120) dealerships in the United States and is pushing forward with an expansion in the $98B DeFi ecosystem. Some of the largest automotive groups in the United States, which collectively operate over a thousand (1,000) dealerships, are ready to offer Alternative Financing to their consumers.

More About Plensy™: 

Plensy™ is poised to disrupt several trillion-dollar markets with a simplified, fair, and intuitive points-based lending-system that expands marketplaces, diversifies risk, and streamlines the process for everyone involved. This would have enormous economic and social impacts!  

For more information on Plensy’s business model or Seed Fund Round, contact Chief Growth Officer, Brandi Kolosky,  

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AI business assistant set to disrupt customer service and sales automation from AI Exosphere with Project Hail (aka Haily AI)

Orlando, Florida—August 12, 2021—Today, AI Exosphere, a new startup, announced it has been working on Haily AI “skills” that can take complex digital action on behalf of its users.

AI Exosphere’s primary focus is on developing Haily AI, a voice chatbot business assistant, which will help increase inclusion, accessibility, and scalability to the online marketplace.

Haily AI will be the first business assistant that carries an organic conversational flow while executing digital actions seamlessly in the background for its operators.

AI Exosphere has secured GPU resources from Coreweave to handle the training and development of Haily AI business assistant. As a result, we feel confident in delivering the world’s first inclusive, fully scalable business AI assistant.

Haily AI built with GPT-J, the best-performing publicly available Transformer [language model] in terms of zero-shot performance on various [down-stream] tasks.

“We’re going to empower the entrepreneur and enable everyone to have truly equal opportunity and scalability.” – Sal Peer.

Our goal is to broaden Haily scope and bridge the gap between technical and non-technically savvy business owners, entrepreneurs, and creators while supporting enterprise-level inbound call volume. AI Exosphere will evolve to all business use cases, while our Phase I goal is to ensure smooth operations.

About AI Exosphere

At AI Exosphere, our focus is on Project Hail (Haily AI), an AI voice business assistant who can take complex digital actions and act in a sales and customer support role.

Learn more on our website.

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MD Tech Invites Future Tech Titans to its Tech School Open House.

WHEN: Saturday, June 12, 10 a.m., to 3 p.m.

WHERE: 100 Exploration Way, Hampton, Virginia 23666

MD Tech, a leader in IT training and mentoring, is hosting an open house for anyone interested in a rewarding and successful career in information technology.

The event is at a MD Tech’s learning center in Hampton, Virginia, and features food, refreshments and a prize giveaway for visitors in attendance.

The open house will provide opportunities to tour MD Tech’s state-of-the-art learning center and speak with trainers about the company’s student-focused teaching philosophy and hands-on training, which has two learning tracks:

• Career-path training in IT help desk, cyber security and junior network engineering

• Certification training in Security Plus, CASP, Microsoft, CCNA, ITILV4, and more

“MD Tech’s goals is to provide students with a learning environment that will lead them to a life-long career in the dynamic field of information technology,” said Lance Durante, president and CEO at MD Tech. “An open house is the best way to share our unique training with potential students and showcase the exciting career opportunities in IT.”

The Bureau of Labor and Statistics reports that computer and IT jobs will grow 11 percent through 2029, a higher rate than all other occupations. The median salary for jobs in this sector was $91,250 in May 2020, which was more than double the median annual wage for all occupations.

MD Tech’s students can take advantage of online, in-house and onsite classes and get additional assistance with resume preparation and interview skills. Also, the company offers special programs for students with autism.

“MD Tech is working with nonprofits and parents of autistic students to help with training and job placement. With tech salaries starting at about $45, 000, we can help individuals in social services find meaningful careers that could lead to earning more than $100,000,” said Mr. Durante.

About MD Technical School, Inc.

MD Technical School is a SCHEV approved Virginia-based Company providing, IT Training and Testing changing lives one at a time.

We focus on providing students with a learning environment that will lead them to a career in information technology. Our goal is to provide students with an environment that will make learning fun and exciting. Our 100 percent hands-on training helps students speak, implement and manage technology with marked results in just a few weeks. We provide IT training for Cyber Security, Networking, Helpdesk, CASP, Security Plus, and CCNA. Our training has two focuses “Career Path” and “Certifications.” In our Career Path training, we offer Helpdesk, Cyber Security and Jr. Network Engineering. IT Certification Training courses follow-up Career Path Training and include Security Plus, CASP, Microsoft, CCNA and more. The combination of the two forms of training increases each students’ the ability to obtain full-time employment with government and commercial companies. Learn more at

Building & Construction Computers & Software Electronics & Semiconductors Home & Garden Technology Releases New Product Review Videos to Help Consumers

New York, NY (Press Release) –, a site dedicated to all things related to internet of things (IoT) and home automation, has added more product review videos to their YouTube channel. The videos review products related to smart home set-ups and home entertainment. IOTY seeks to educate their visitors on the latest news, trends and product reviews in the IoT and home automation space.

“With our latest product review videos, we provide more value and knowledge to our audience. We want to be the source for all things related to IoT and home automation,” said Adam Dreyfuss, Editor in Chief at “Technology is moving fast and the adoption of IoT enabled devices is going mainstream. Our goal is to keep this growing community updated on the today’s news and information for tomorrow’s innovations.”

The video series reviews certain products and highlights the pros and cons of each as well as the top recommended product in that certain home space. 

IOTY also has a blog that is updated regularly to capture all news related to IoT from the web to keep their readers up to date on topics such as 5G and the impact IoT has in certain industries and markets. also has a resource section that provides their recommendations for the best smart assistants, smart lighting and home security. 

To learn more, visit and subscribe to their YouTube Channel today.

About IOTY is an expert content hub related to Internet-of-Things.

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