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George Verwer, founder of Operation Mobilization, passes away aged 84

The death has been announced of George Verwer, who founded the global Christian mission agency, Operation Mobilization, and directed it for 45 years.

He passed away peacefully with his family by his side at his home near London, England, on the evening of Friday, April 14th. He was 84 years old.

George was born in New Jersey, USA, and committed his life to Christ at a Billy Graham meeting in New York City in 1955. Driven by the cause of world evangelism from then on, the teenage maverick went on to have immeasurable global impact. He has been described as “the most outstanding North American missionary statesman of the last 60 years.”1

George changed the face of missions in his generation,” said Andrew Scott, President of OM in the USA. “When the mission agencies of the late fifties were looking for highly trained individuals with seminary degrees who would commit to going for a lifetime, George invited young people who simply loved Jesus to come for a summer. This was new. This was different. Thousands came.”

Operation Mobilization began with three students in a worn-out van distributing Christian literature in Mexico, then branching into Europe and across the globe. Today, more than 3,000 OM workers are active in almost 150 countries, in a huge range of ministries. George’s daring vision in the 1960s led to ships being used to transport and train international volunteers while carrying a cargo of literature and aid supplies. Fifty million people have climbed the gangways of OM’s four ships, and at least double that number have come into contact with the Good News through outreaches and projects in port cities worldwide.

Movements like OM and its close contemporary, Youth With A Mission (YWAM), led the way in developing same- and near-culture workers to serve globally alongside those from established mission-sending nations and backgrounds.

OM’s International Director, Lawrence Tong, said, “George was passionate about Jesus, passionate for God’s Word and passionate for the lost. I believe he was God’s man for the 20th century, who changed the course of modern mission.” 

He demonstrated a lifestyle of radical discipleship. “George’s legacy is that of a life-size example of a truly committed Jesus-follower,” said Akira Mori, a ministry pastor in Japan. “George had a God-given ability to inspire and exhort and challenge – but to me, the person was the example, the message and the challenge; much more than what he said.” 

“George truly practised what he preached,” said Matthew Skirton, Field Leader of OM in the UK. “His authenticity and passion for reaching the lost, but also his humility and transparency when sharing about his struggles, have profoundly impacted me – and I know have touched, encouraged and challenged so many others. 

Known for his world map jackets and for handing out more than a million free books, in the twenty years since he stepped down from leading OM, George managed special projects, spoke at church events with characteristic vigour and wrote more than a dozen books. A key theme was admitting his own imperfections and honouring God who graciously forgives and works through people, despite their mistakes. He called it ‘messiology.’ 

Lawrence Tong recalls, “many people, myself included, were baffled at the invention of the word. I realize more and more the truth and wisdom of what he packed into that one word alone. As usual, George the trailblazer was way ahead of us in his spiritual life, in his thinking, in his vision, and in his interpretation of trends. There will never be another GV.” 

Joshua Bautista, OM Canada’s Executive Director said, “George was not only a man of immeasurable influence and impact on modern Missions, but he was a faithful man of God whose sole desire was to love his Lord and help others enter into the same loving relationship with Jesus.”

George is survived by his wife, Drena, their three children, plus grandchildren and great-grandchildren. The Verwer family thanks partners all over the world for their prayers and asks for privacy at this time. Details of a local Canadian Celebration of Life service will be released later. See our website for details: Also, a tribute video has been created which can be seen here.

Speaking in 2015, George summed up what drove him, long past retirement age: 

“I’m still mega-motivated to see everyone in the world being given the gospel at least once… [to] have the opportunity to hear about saving grace through our Lord Jesus Christ, and I hope I can, right to my last breath, continue to share that message.” 

If you would like to give to OM in memory of George, click here: 

About Operation Mobilization:

Operation Mobilization’s work began when George Verwer, Dale Rhoton, and Walter Borchard embarked on their first mission trip in 1957. Their passion to share God’s Word with those who had not yet heard the gospel or encountered followers of Jesus led to a global organization of upwards of 3,000 people, now at work in more than 147 countries. Millions have been shown the love of Christ, tens of thousands of Christians who served short-term have been discipled and prepared for future service, and countless lives have been transformed by God. An estimated 300 other organizations worldwide have their roots in OM or have been started by former OMers.

“We are committed to seeing a vibrant community of Jesus followers within reach of every person in the world.” – OM in Canada’s mission statement

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Legalese Decoder: Making Access to Justice Easier Than Ever Before

Vancouver, Canada- Legalese Decoder, the innovative AI-based platform that makes legal jargon more accessible, has been spotlighted by the Maryland Access to Justice Commission for its role in advancing access to justice.

In a recent post on its Facebook page, the Maryland Access to Justice Commission (Powered by MSBA) highlighted the numerous benefits of Legalese Decoder for those seeking access to justice. The post noted that the platform’s use of artificial intelligence to break down legal terminology into plain language has the potential to level the playing field for individuals who may not have a legal background.

“We are thrilled to receive the positive attention from the Maryland Access to Justice Commission,” said William Tsui, founder of Legalese Decoder. “Our mission has always been to make the legal system more accessible, and it is an honor to be recognized for our efforts.”

The Maryland Access to Justice Commission is a collaborative effort between the Maryland State Bar Association and the Maryland judiciary, with the goal of promoting equal access to justice for all Maryland residents. The Commission’s recognition of Legalese Decoder underscores the platform’s potential to revolutionize the legal industry by breaking down barriers created by legal jargon.

“We are proud to be part of the effort to advance access to justice,” said Tsui. “We look forward to continuing to serve with the Maryland Access to Justice Commission and other organizations to make the legal system more accessible for all.”

Legalese Decoder is at the forefront of the movement to create a more accessible legal system, with its innovative platform providing a groundbreaking solution to the problem of legal jargon. For more information on Legalese Decoder and its platform, visit

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Bernd Dietel Pledges $1.5m to Various Charity Organizations

Bernd Dietel, a prominent lawyer and philanthropist from New York, has recently donated a staggering 1.5 million dollars to various children charities across the country. His generous contribution will help support and improve the lives of children in need, providing them with the resources and care they require.

Bernd Dietel has a long history of philanthropy, and this latest donation is a testament to his commitment to making a positive impact in the world. He believes that every child deserves a chance to succeed and that it is the responsibility of those who can make a difference to do so.

The charities that received the donations include The Ronald McDonald House Charities, The Boys and Girls Clubs of America, and The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. These organizations play a critical role in providing support and care to children in need, and Bernd Dietel’s donation will help them continue their vital work.

The Ronald McDonald House Charities is an organization that provides accommodations and support to families with seriously ill children who require medical treatment away from home. The organization has been able to provide a “home away from home” for over 7 million families since its inception, and Dietel’s donation will help them expand their services and reach more families in need.

The Boys and Girls Clubs of America is an organization that provides after-school programs and mentorship to children and teens across the country. They aim to provide a safe and supportive environment for young people to learn, grow, and develop essential life skills. Bernd Dietel’s donation will help the organization continue to provide high-quality programming and expand their reach to more communities across the country.

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia is a world-renowned pediatric hospital that provides comprehensive care to children with complex medical conditions. The hospital’s mission is to provide the highest quality care to children, regardless of their ability to pay. Mr. Dietel’s donation will help fund research initiatives, equipment purchases, and patient and family support programs.

Speaking about the donation from his high-rise legal office on Wall Street, Bernd Dietel said, “I am honored to be able to support these organizations and the important work they do. Children are the future of our country, and it is our responsibility to provide them with the resources and care they need to succeed. I hope that my donation will help make a significant impact in the lives of the children these organizations serve.”

Bernd Dietel’s donation will serve as an inspiration to others to get involved in philanthropic efforts and make a difference in their communities. His generosity and commitment to philanthropy will help provide critical support to children’s charities across the country and improve the lives of countless young people.

Suffice to say, Bernd Dietel’s donation of 1.5 million dollars to various children charities is a significant gesture of kindness and generosity. His contribution will help support and improve the lives of children in need, providing them with the resources and care they require.

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John Babikian Gives $1m to Multiple Children’s Charities

Renowned American businessman and philanthropist John Babikian from New Jersey has recently made a significant contribution to several children’s charities across the country, with a donation of 1 million dollars. Babikian has been a strong advocate for charitable causes throughout his career, and this latest donation is just one example of his unwavering commitment to improving the lives of others.

The charities that received the donations include The Boys and Girls Club of America, The Make-A-Wish Foundation, and The St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. These organizations play an essential role in providing support and care to children in need, and John Babikian’s donation will help them continue their vital work.

Speaking about his donation, John Babikian from his home in Newark said, “It is our responsibility as members of society to give back and support those in need. Children are the future of our country, and we must do all we can to ensure that they have a bright future. I am proud to support these charities and the work that they do. It is my hope that this donation will make a significant impact in the lives of the children they serve.”

The Boys and Girls Club of America is an organization that provides after-school programs and mentorship to children and teens across the country. They aim to provide a safe and supportive environment for young people to learn, grow, and develop essential life skills. Babikian’s donation will help the organization continue to provide high-quality programming and expand their reach to more communities across the country.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation is another organization that received a portion of Babikian’s donation. The organization grants wishes to children with critical illnesses, providing them with hope, strength, and joy during their difficult times. The organization has granted over 315,000 wishes since its inception and has had a significant impact on the lives of countless children and their families.

The St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is a world-renowned research and treatment center for children with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses. The hospital’s mission is to find cures and save children’s lives, regardless of their ability to pay. Babikian’s donation will help fund research initiatives, equipment purchases, and patient and family support programs.

John Babikian’s generosity and commitment to philanthropy serve as an inspiration to others to get involved in charitable causes and make a positive impact in their communities. His donation will help provide critical support to children’s charities across the country and improve the lives of countless young people.

In conclusion, John Babikian’s donation of 1 million dollars to various children’s charities in the United States is a testament to his commitment to improving the lives of others. His generosity will help provide critical support to organizations that play a vital role in providing care and support to children in need. We thank Babikian for his unwavering dedication to philanthropy and wish him continued success in his efforts to make a positive impact in the world.

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Canuck Eats Donates $4 to Local Food Bank, Encourages Customers to Use Gift Cards


Merritt, BC – Canuck Eats, a leading food delivery franchise in Canada, is proud to announce its ongoing commitment to supporting local communities by donating $4 to the Nicola Valley Food Bank from its 1% of gift card sales. This contribution is part of a series of donations by the company, including $500 to Nanaimo Loaves & Fishes Community Food Bank, $200 to Merritt Councillor Mike Bhangu gofundme For BC Flood Relief, $500 donation to Simcoe Hall Food Bank, $600 to Red Cross British Columbia Fires Appeal fund, and $500 donation to Edmonton’s Food Bank.

Canuck Eats recognizes the importance of supporting local communities, especially during these challenging times, and is committed to encouraging customers to join them in making a positive difference. By using Canuck Eats gift cards, customers can not only enjoy delicious meals from their favorite local restaurants but also help support local food banks like the Nicola Valley Food Bank at no extra cost.

“Our ongoing commitment to supporting local communities is a fundamental part of our values at Canuck Eats,” said William Tsui, Co-Founder and local operator of Canuck Eats. “We are proud to donate $4 from our 1% of gift card sales to the Nicola Valley Food Bank and continue to encourage our customers to use gift cards to make a positive impact in their community.”

Canuck Eats gift cards are available for purchase online and can be used at any of the restaurants on the Canuck Eats platform. With hundreds of local restaurants to choose from, customers can enjoy a wide variety of cuisines and support their favorite local eateries while making a positive impact in their community.

For more information on Canuck Eats and its community initiatives, please visit their website at

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OM Launches Relief Efforts for Victims of Devastating 7.8 Magnitude Earthquake in Türkiye and Syria

OM (Operation Mobilization), a global Christian missions organization, is responding to the devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake that struck southern Türkiye on February 6th, and its aftershocks, affecting people in Türkiye and Syria. This earthquake is reported to be the largest to hit Türkiye since 1939 and its impact has been felt in surrounding countries, including north-west Syria.

In the affected areas, long-standing issues such as poor infrastructure, disrupted telecommunications, and limited resources, have been further weakened by the earthquakes, creating additional challenges for response efforts. The cold weather, expected for this time of year, is also adding serious complications to the situation. Over 4 million people in north-west Syria already depend on humanitarian assistance, with the majority of them being women and children.

OM is focused on reaching least reached people and communities, and that’s why they have responded to the needs of vulnerable people impacted by this earthquake. Through partners on the ground in these areas, who are already engaged with local communities, aid can be delivered quickly to those in need. Our partners are distributing food and water packs, infant formula, essential hygiene packs, and non-food items such as blankets, and heaters, to an estimated 6,000 families who already had so little and have now lost everything.

As OM’s partners evaluate where help is needed, further long-term plans will be developed to assist those people who have limited resources. Through established connections and roots in these communities, OM’s partners are able to assess the long-term needs in the area and respond accordingly. This approach enables OM to engage deeply with people and make a lasting impact in their lives.

OM is appealing to the public to join them in extending a helping hand to those in critical need right now. Generous donations will help support the purchase of food packs, hygiene packs, and heaters, to make an immediate difference in the lives of families during this tragedy. $725,000 is needed to supply 6,000 families.

Together, we can share God’s love with those who are affected by this devastating earthquake by providing practical aid and support. Please consider giving now,” says OM.

The Operation Mobilization team in Canada invites the public to join them in prayer for the people of Türkiye and Syria and for the work being done to send help. This tragedy has affected so many lives, and OM’s mission is to bring relief and hope to those in need. With your support, they can continue to serve and make a difference in the lives of those affected by this disaster.

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Sweet Valley Ranch Exceeds Goal for local charity give back program



Sweet Valley donates $152,483.00 in charity give back and surpasses its charitable giving target for the community as Surgeon & Associates kick off an initiative to hire veterans in all its businesses in 2023.


Each year, Sweet Valley Ranch partners with local charities in Fayetteville, North Carolina and gives a portion of the proceeds from its concession sales. Fred and Anita Surgeon, owners and operators of Sweet Valley Ranch, are actively involved in charity work and collaborate with various groups to assist residents of Fayetteville.


“It is our mission to share the Sweet Valley Ranch experience with people in and around North Carolina through our event venue services, annual attractions, animal sales and other community-related activities. We shall continue developing a ranch/farm that is in complete harmony with the surrounding lands and promotes freedom of spirit, personal growth, and an appreciation for family and giving back to our community” said Fred Surgeon.


With a total donation of $152,483 to Sweet Valley Ranch Give Back Partners this year, Sweet Valley Ranch surpassed its original goal of $50,000 to local charity. Partners and Guests raised $52,483 in support of the Give Back Food Trailer, the Surgeon’s matched the $52,483 raised with an additional $100,000 donation to Fayetteville Area Habitat for Humanity. Sweet Valley Ranch thanks its Ranch Give Back Partners which include Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), Fayetteville Area Habitat for Humanity, First In Families Cumberland Chapter, Let’s Talk Inc, Cumberland County School Nutrition Association, Health And Nutritional Development Empowered Education (HAND-EE). 


Surgeon and Associates is also launching a significant veterans’ initiative to hire veterans in all of its family businesses by the year 2023. Surgeon and Associates, which was established in 2006, has provided employment opportunities to a variety of people and is especially interested in recruiting veterans who are transitioning from a life of military service to civilian life. Job opportunities include mid-level and upper-level management positions, and candidates can choose to work in any of the company’s branches, including farming and agritourism, healthcare, residential and commercial cleaning, outdoor pest control, property inspection, and carpet cleaning.


About Sweet Valley Ranch

With strong ties to farming, agriculture, and animals, Sweet Valley Ranch in Fayetteville pulls inspiration from nature and provides guests and families with a fun and engaging experience. Sweet Valley Ranch is very charitable and aims to support the neighborhood and community. Under the ownership and supervision of Fred and Anita Surgeon, Sweet Valley hosts seasonal events such as Backwoods Terror Ranch, Springtime Adventures, Dinosaur World, Festival of Lights, and Music at the Farm. Find more details by clicking here.

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The Pour Over launches a politically neutral, faith-first, bite-sized news source

The mission of The Pour Over is to inform Christians about world events while keeping the focus on their Christian worldview. The Pour Over staff state clearly that they are not theologians. They simply publish world events in their no-cost email newsletter through a Christian perspective.

The Pour Over is working to be different from the other news sources as it focuses on Christians and their beliefs and values. They report on the same world events as mainstream media outlets, however their aim is to help their readers process the information from the perspective of their faith. They do this by selecting the news and stories in a different way. They focus their stories in three main categories: spiritually significant news, major world events, and current events.

The Pour Over names their news reporting method as the “POUR” method:

  • The method has a perspective. That is, all the news is seen through the perspective of their Christian faith. They choose stories that will leave an impact on the hearts of the readers. 
  • According to The Pour Over, changing one’s mind is not hypocrisy. Rather, it is a sign of growth. They are open to correction. They seek truth and understanding, while humbly accept correction as they understand the truth of the story.
  • The Pour Over aims to present the world and the news through the view of unconditional love and how their Christian beliefs claim to love others as God loves them. This reflects how they report the news and how they talk about those they report on.
  • The Pour Over offers to help its readers stay focused on their faith, God, while learning about current events and respond as directed. Each news story published is paired with a short Christian perspective response.

The main objective of The Pour Over is to turn its readers towards forgiveness and love when they read about criminal acts, celebrity gossip, or politicians failing. They abide by the principle of loving everyone including their enemies. The Pour Over takes a positive side to the news, reporting with short segments that focus on reporting the truth from a Christian perspective.

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Virtual meeting platform, Meetn, takes on major brands as they compete for the attention of non-profit groups

Meetn introduces their online meeting platform, as an alternative to Zoom and the other major meeting apps, for the everyday user who simply needs the meeting to run without complication. This is especially true for church meetings and other religious and non-profit groups who need to meet virtually but do not have the technical skills or manpower to properly use the other major brands.  

The options to hold church meetings online increase as meeting platforms, like Meetn, adapt and configure their apps to religious and non-profit institutional use, as indicated by lower price points and available features.

While organizations already use Zoom, Facebook, and other free and low-cost video media to meet together, as written by author Heather Barker from WFHV, businesses like Meetn have seen the struggle those organizations have and are releasing their feature-packed online meeting platform to broadening the choice for end-users. Choosing to work hard to build a lasting, tested, and simple-to-use meeting platform is securing Meetn as a true competitor for church-goers.

Along with Meetn becoming a competitor in the non-profit space, it has real potential to gather a larger audience as church meeting attendees are frequently engaged in for-profit work in their daily lives, resulting in the word being spread to countless numbers of potential users. 

While some users of virtual meeting platforms are becoming tired of online meetings, for others it is still a new and unique experience. This is often the case for church meetings and many non-profit groups which cannot afford the higher costs of the big meeting brands, resulting in less virtual meetings taking place in those cases. This is where Meetn’s platform will fill the gap by creating a flexible, affordable, and easy-to-use meeting app for all uses.

Due to Meetn’s feature-rich options; allowing for any group size, offering a secure connection, and customized options, Meetn is the platform that users will use to host church meetings and conferences. 

Meetn has been allowing some users early access to their platform to test it out and to run full meetings to put the system to work. It has stood the test and the new release is well underway.

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Two Service Disabled African American Veterans Open Multi-Sport Facility in Cumberland County, NC

Thurston and Charlotte Robinson, both of whom are African American veterans disabled during their years of military service have opened The TJ Robinson Life Center in Hope Mills, North Carolina. The TJ Robinson Life Center is a multi-sport and fitness complex. The 57,000 sq foot sports and fitness facility is now reputed to be the largest multi-sports and fitness establishment in the Cumberland county area. This large multi-sports and fitness center is generously equipped with state-of-the art facilities, like their modern fitness gym, sports gyms and conference rooms for educational purposes. The TJ Robinson Life Center also has ample outdoor space for outdoor sports and fitness purposes. 

The TJ Robinson Life Center serves the Hope Mills/Fayetteville and surrounding communities not just in areas of sports and fitness but also provide society-driven services like the juvenile diversion program,  to help keep the young ones off the streets and provide them with positive influence and direction, then also, the program for veterans which provides assistance and guidance to veterans who have made the transition from military service to civilian life. This program helps veterans with employment opportunities, social networking, financial planning, housing & transportation assistance and many other vital areas where the veterans need help. The TJ Robinson Center also caters for senior members of the community by keeping them active and healthy with social activities and exercise. 

Thurston Robinson, fondly known as Coach Rob brings his wealth of experience in helping the youth, feeding the poor, housing and clothing the homeless and working with The Department of Social Services to The TJ Robinson Life Center. He believes that by introducing kids and youth to sports, he can use that to also bring them into contact with real life skills and lessons. The TJ Robinson Life Center now combines real life lessons and assistance with sports and fitness to provide all residents in the Cumberland county area with life changing experiences. The TJ Robinson Life Center works with the Juvenile Court System and student-teachers from all of the surrounding colleges and universities to keep the young ones fully engaged in educational activities and other positive and life changing endeavors.

The TJ Robinson Center also hosts sports and fitness events like the Amateur Athletes Sports Association tournament for boys and girls an also, the kids summer camp that features mentorship, field trips and many other fun recreational activities for kids. 

Thurston and Charlotte Robinson are excited to serve the people of Cumberland County and surrounding areas through the TJ Robinson Life Center. They hope that sports and fitness establishment will make real and positive change beyond the sphere of physical fitness in the lives of all those who’ll use the facility.