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Brennen Jones and The Urban Twist Offers Premium Press Release Services For Brands and Businesses Through Their New ‘YourTwistPR’ Initiative

It’s no secret that there are millions of people, and business owners especially, who put a lot of time, energy, money, and effort into growing their brands and businesses. 

Many businesses today face steady challenges of getting the brand visibility that they desire, while earning their customers’ trust, while also boosting sales and conversions.

The Urban Twist’s founder Brennen Jones has experienced this problem firsthand, which is why he’s launched YourTwistPR PR agency, and he wants to get these businesses’ story told by offering a writing and distribution service that will put brands on more than 100 news sites, television, radio and affiliates of NBC, Fox, and CBS. In addition to his own online magazine featuring them as well.

“With this new business initiative and offering, our mission is to help entrepreneurs and business owners of any size get their name out there in the press and benefit from that additional brand awareness and having their brands recognized,” Brennen explains.

“I receive hundreds of emails daily, where people are reaching out to us, who are trying to be seen and trying to be heard. We hope that by being able to provide this service we can help them in getting exposure and get their stories featured in the media. Which in turn should grow their credibility and businesses as whole.”

YourTwistPR requires only three simple processes to provide its clients with the visibility they need. First, the client will be required to either submit an article or let the YourTwistPR team write an article on their business.

When writing an article for its client, YourTwistPR will require only the website link containing all information about the client’s business, the main topic that they want the article to be about, and one to two quotes that best describe their business.

Once the client approves the article, YourTwistPR sends it to its wide network of media contacts.

After this, YourTwistPR will send the client a PDF with all the live links to the article published as proof that their business has been featured. At this time, the client may write “As Seen On” or claim on their website that the business was “Featured On” several news sites.

“After we get your business and brand published to all of these media sites linking back to you and your business and brand, it now further establishes you as an authoritative figure in your field, which can help get you blue check verified on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram,” Brennen further adds.

“We’ve had people come to us who were impersonated by someone else trying to damage their reputation. We help combat these issues before they happen or it even has the chance to do some real damage. You also deserve to be known as the originator of your brand after all of the work you put into it so no one else can reap the benefits. Taking control over how your brand identity is portrayed online is critical to our mission and we will deliver results.”

For more information on YourTwistPR, visit

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The Mo You Know, a Fayetteville-based marketing agency, has updated its marketing packages to help businesses grow by increasing exposure on high-authority digital platforms.

The Mo You Know, a marketing and media consulting company located in Fayetteville, North Carolina, has updated its media marketing services to help businesses boost their exposure and acquire more customers. The Mo You Know provides a variety of services to help build brands and introduce new audiences to small businesses.

More information can be found at

The company’s media services include The Mo You Know Social Media Takeover package, The Mo You Know Media Mania package, and The Mo You Know Media Poolaza package.

Media exposure is imperative for the growth of a business because it increases brand awareness, improves search engine rankings, improves conversion rates, and improves brand loyalty. Social media marketing also leads to better customer satisfaction since personalized interaction will make the customer feel valued and important.

The Mo You Know Social Media Takeover package will take the stress out of having to manage multiple social media pages and accounts. It includes a kick-off meeting, profile set up, initial set up of Facebook business profile, content curation and posting, Facebook group management, connection growth, follower growth, and one strategy session per month.

The Mo You Know Media Mania package will pitch businesses to various outlets including TV, radio, and video shows. The package includes a kick-off meeting, preparation for media checklist, preparation interview questions checklist, media pitch submissions, media pitch follow-ups, management of booking inquiries, and two strategy sessions per month. The Mo You Know Media Poolaza is a combination of the two previously mentioned services.

Company founder, ShaDonna McPhaul, is a combat veteran with 20 years of loyal service to the United States Air Force. She was also an ESPN radio show host and is a best-selling author. She merged her compassion and entrepreneurial spirit to create The Mo You Know. Her vision for the company is to be the means to provide small businesses more exposure to their target audiences.

A spokesperson for the company said: “The Mo You Know was established to help people get more visibility through traditional media, social media, and personal connections.”

Interested parties can find more information on The Mo You Know’s media service packages by visiting

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Female Veteran and Entrepreneur Releases eBook for Service Members Transitioning to Business Owners

(Fayetteville, N.C.) The journey from military service member to small business owner isn’t an easy one. No one knows that better than ShaDonna “Mo” McPhaul. McPhaul spent 20 years in loyal service to the United States Air Force before she made the transition to small business owner. In her new eBook, It’s Not What You Know, It’s the Mo’ You Know, McPhaul opens up about the lessons she learned while transforming her career and launching two successful businesses.

During her time as an active-duty service member, McPhaul gained expertise in Public Affairs, Administrative Support, Knowledge Operations Management, Command & Control, Human Resources & Logistics Management and Religion & Resiliency Support. After leaving the military, she wanted to put her expertise to work and soon started two companies, Mo’s Heroes and The Mo You Know. Now she wants to make her advice and life lessons available to even more people through her new eBook, which will help small businesses gain additional target audience exposure and introduce new audiences to their businesses.

“Unless you’ve made the transition from military to civilian life, you don’t really understand the struggles that it entails,” explained McPhaul. “I’ve learned a lot through transforming my career and building two businesses from the ground up. I knew it would be helpful to share my own experiences with other veterans going through the same thing, or really anyone going through a big transition in life. I wanted to point out some blind spots that they may or may not be aware of. It seems like a missed opportunity to not share that advice with others.”