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KCG is back with Summer Rain, another hip-hop hit

What stands out about the artist is that he draws inspiration from a range of different places. These days in the hip-hop genre, it feels like rappers are either influenced by new or old artists. However, this isn’t the case for KCG. In this brand new track, it sounds like he is inspired by old school acts such as Biggie Smalls, Tupac, and Jay-Z. Yet, there is also fresh and contemporary energy that recalls the likes of Kendrick Lamar and Drake, to mention but two modern legends.

In Summer Rain, KCG’s rap flow is authentic and genuine, which is rare to find in the scene today. It’s clear from the very start that this song comes from a deep place in the artist, and that means that the listener can easily connect with the lyrics and the meaning underneath.

There are moments in Summer Rain that feel like a cathartic stream of consciousness. For example, the lyric “I wrote this song just to reminisce” sounds down-to-earth, direct, and honest. This storytelling technique is an artistic approach that iconic beat poets and authors are famous for. These include the likes of Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, and William S. Burroughs. KCG recalls these innovative and pioneering writers as he has a similar authenticity and dedication to telling a story and connecting with his listeners.

The production aesthetic in Summer Rain is warm and smooth, yet there is also a contemporary vibe to it that keeps it fresh and in the moment. The mix also balances the vocals with the instrumental backing, allowing KCG to shine throughin the composition. This is the kind of detail that sets artists like KCG apart from the crowd and showcases the difference between professional seasoned artists to the amateurs on the scene.

On top of this, KCG’s performance breathes life into the engaging lyrics, and it’s easy to understand the nuanced and detailed lyrics in the track. His delivery has a fluid rhythm that is infectious and you’ll find yourself humming the vocal melody to yourself long after Summer Rain has finished.

Fans of old-school hip-hop and modern rap will both enjoy Summer Rain and KCG’s distinctive approach and style.

Don’t miss out on this exciting new release from KCG. Check out Summer Rain on your preferred online platform at the link below!

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KCG of Ghetto Heaven Records To Drop A New Single Summer Rain

Fast-rising music artist, KCG, set to build on the success of his previous single as he drops a new project titled “Summer Rain”

Summer Rain is the latest work from talented singer and rapper, KCG, otherwise known as Rickey Lamar Williams, as he seeks to take his fans and lovers of good music on another amazing ride of impactful tunes. KCG looks to make a mark in the music industry, especially in the rap game, delivering entertaining yet thought-provoking songs to his audience.

There is no doubt that the music industry has witnessed a series of evolution over the years, with several music makers and other stakeholders emerging to deliver the best possible listening experience to entertainment enthusiasts worldwide. The rap genre has practically championed the evolution of the music industry, with dope acts dropping great lines on banging beats. Unfortunately, many of the songs coming out of speakers are devoid of the features that endeared the rap game to music lovers. However, KCG is looking to change this narrative as substantiated by his releases and the forthcoming Summer Rain single.

Known for his unique combination of melodic, lyrical, and thematic streaks of modern-day hip hop, KCG is gradually working his way through the hearts of music lovers worldwide. Summer Rain, which will be officially released on all major platforms on August 17th, is a follow-up to his breakthrough single with the song garnering over 300k streams. The new single will show the lyrical prowess and deliverability of KCG to the world, as the Chicago native uses his creativity and ingenuity to create a captivating narrative.

Summer Rain is released with the support of Ghetto Heaven Records and will go a long way in helping the artist reach a global audience, with the single already gaining traction and support of the media. KCG leverages his diverse background to create songs that everyone can relate to, using new and old age streaks to deliver a unique composition that respects the history and the modern affluence of rap and hip hop.

In addition to being a talented rapper and artist, KCG is also the host of his own show doing interviews for his live/radio/podcast show Dasupportreport.

For more information about the Summer Rain single and other projects from KCG, visit Instagram. ###

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Howling Amplify Uses a Revolutionary Content Amplification Engine: How Does Howling Amplify Work?

If you are looking for a way to quickly and easily publish content across major outlets, then the Howling Amplify content amplification engine could be for you. Howling Amplify uses this content amplification engine to generate hundreds of digital assets across major authority sites, positioning clients as authorities in their fields. This includes audio slideshows, blog articles, and news articles that create brand omnipresence, collecting traffic from multiple sources. This includes news sites, Google, Youtube, podcasts, and online directories. Then, this drives organic traffic to the client website, increasing online visibility. Howling Amplify’s revolutionary content engine allows clients to focus on other areas of their business without sacrificing the quality of their digital marketing results.

Howling Amplify Uses an Automated Content Amplification Engine  

In order for clients to get the results of an automated campaign from Howling Amplify, it would take at least 14 hours manually. This automated content amplification engine is able to publish content quickly on new sites, blogs, audio sites, video sites, and even slideshow websites. This content amplification engine selects key information from the business. Clients specify what they would like to promote. Then, Howling Amplify’s content engine generates quality traffic, increases sales, and boosts conversions. The goal is to focus on attracting people who are actually looking for what you are promoting. By taking a closer look at buyer intent, Howling Amplify increases the return on your digital marketing investment.

How Does the Process Work: The Steps  

Howling Amplify consistently works to fine-tune and improve the content amplification engine to drive the best results possible for each individual client. The steps include:

  • Write an Article: Howling Amplify will write an optimized article about the business, product, or service. Using SEO, the article will be targeted specifically to a focus group. If you’d prefer, you can write this article; however, Howling Amplify can also do this for you.
  • Publish the Article: Next, this article is published on hundreds of news sites. Howling Amplify will amplify the article, sending it to a variety of news and TV station affiliates. This includes NBC, Fox, CBS, and others.
  • The Article Gets Noticed: Howling Amplify will complete a report, sending links to that specific news article, showing that it has been featured.

By quickly and rapidly distributing this article to other locations, it is possible to amplify your online presence, making it easier for your target market to start you. This increases your organic traffic exponentially.

The Benefits of Partnering with Howling Amplify’s Content Amplification Engine  

There are several benefits of using this revolutionary digital marketing tactic from Howling Amplify. A few of the top benefits include:

  • Automated: Because the process is automated, it can save a lot of time. Instead of having to do these manual tasks by hand, the automated content amplification engine from Howling Amplify takes care of this process from start to finish.
  • Focused Traffic: Even though it would be nice to make a customer out of everyone, this is simply not realistic. By taking a close look at the optimized article, Howling Amplify is able to find people who are actually looking for that specific product or service. Therefore, they are ready to make a purchase when they visit the website.
  • Brand Authority: Because this content gets published on high authority websites, this also increases the authority of the client website. That means that your brand Authority will increase, helping to improve your online visibility.

With hundreds of partners, the limits of a content amplification campaign from Howling Amplify are unlimited. This drives exponential returns for each individual client, which could include you.

About Howling Amplify  

Howling Amplify is a content amplification service that helps businesses of all sizes increase their online visibility, expand their market, and drive conversions. As more people use the internet, digital content amplification services have only become more important. Howling Amplify seeks to augment the online presence of each individual client, driving measurable revenue increases as quickly as possible. If you would like to learn more about Howling Amplify’s revolutionary content amplification engine and how it drives focused traffic to your website, then please visit the Howling Amplify website. Or, visit the Facebook page to learn more.

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Gary Vaynerchuk Joins Adam Posner on Episode 155 of The POZcast

Everyone has failures, and everyone faces rejection, but as successful entrepreneur Gary Vee tells Adam Posner on The POZcast on Episode 155, it doesn’t have to be your scarlet letter. When a person does not get accepted into college, loses their job, or faces other rejection, Gary Vee says, “A human being made a subjective call…Who cares? That doesn’t mean they’re right. It means that a human-made a subjective call…Many times, a company — including mine — has been wrong.”

While being fired or rejected can be disheartening, it’s not final. Gary Vee suggests owning any mistakes you might have made in the process and aiming to be better in the future. It’s a practice he models in his own business.

However, Gary Vee is quick to admit he’s not perfect. “Like I always tell people, just because I’ve had success doesn’t mean today’s not the beginning of me making a lot of mistakes.”

By recognizing mistakes he feels he and his company have made along the way, Gary Vee has improved over time. For example, he has actively worked toward guiding his employees better throughout their employment instead of waiting until the end to let them know their performance is unsatisfactory.

Gary’s company Vayner Media is also committed to making DEI&B a priority by recruiting more black leaders to join the team. This is just the beginning, though. As Vayner Media has accomplished this goal, it is moving forward to do more.

With such goals and plans in mind, how do Gary Vee and his company deal negative reviews left on sites like Glassdoor? The answer is simple: They “don’t play the Glassdoor game.” He uses Glassdoor as a tool for specific goals, but Vayner Media does not let the negativity get in the way of its success.

What career advice does Gary Vee offer? To be self-aware. Know what you love and follow that. Don’t follow a path for the money it brings. The money should be a by-product — not the main goal.

Gary Vee shares that building businesses is his passion – not making money. “Business is my love, but money is not my love…Money is a collateral aspect of my art. Money is an incredible igniter to my options…Money is not my love.” By being self-aware and chasing your love, you will feel much happier in your pursuits.

Being the CEO of Vayner Media and all that entails can’t all be cake and ice cream, though. There has to be some anxiety wrapped up in it, right?

Of course, there is, but Gary Vee shares an important viewpoint on this as well. “You’ve got to understand that until you feel like you’re a hundred percent in control of your life, you will always be vulnerable to anxiety.”

How does such a busy man and serial entrepreneur manage to cultivate his family life as well? In one word: “Practice.” Gary Vee knows the struggle of being an entrepreneur who is passionate about his business and how difficult it can be to turn that off when you’re with family. In his experience, the way to make it happen is through practice, practice, and more practice.

Gary Vaynerchuk has had a lot of success — and self-admitted failures — in his life. He is an inspiration in career and personal life. So what is the one constant principle he lives by daily that has helped him become the man he is?

Gary Vee says that the foundation can be traced back to his father. “My dad hates lying..hates exaggeration…This is why I’m empathetic…I really think reputation is everything, and so your word is bond.” He admits that without this principle, he would probably not be the same man he is today.

Find out more about Gary Vee, his thoughts on career and life, and his North Star by tuning into #thePOZcast!

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PRESS New Mexico Founder & Cultural Change Leader Barbara Jordan Joins Emerge New Mexico Class of 2021

Rancho Rio, N.M. May 29, 2021 – Barbara Jordan has been named to Emerge New Mexico’s class of 2021 women, who are eager to run for future office and change the world. Jordan is the founder of People Requiring Equality within System Systems (PRESS), a community based organization focused on empowering people of color and creating true racial equality.


As part of Emerge New Mexico, Ms. Jordan joins women leaders from diverse backgrounds across New Mexico and the United States seeking public office and intent on changing the face of power in America.


“I’m honored to be among the 2021 class of Emerge New Mexico women leaders working together to lift one another and create a just and equal society,” said Ms. Jordan. “I’ve been rolling up my sleeves and getting to work at PRESS and now I want to take my energy and passion to the next level. Emerge New Mexico will help me do this.”

 After 20 years in the United States Air Force, where she saw combat duty, Ms. Jordan drew on her natural humanitarian skills and fire for social justice and created PRESS. Her focus is on racial equality and her inspiration for grass root organizing and activities is her favorite expression: “we will press on.”


Ms. Jordan is an energized speaker and community organizer and has been featured in numerous news outlets and televised programs, including: 2020 America Documentary, No More Normal; Albuquerque Journal; Rio Rancho Observer; KUMN; Daily LOBO; New Mexico PBS; Santa Fe New Mexican; and Spot on New Mexico. She may be seen on KRQE 13 Albuquerque, KOAT, News Break, and the Santa Fe Reporter.


PRESS New Mexico is committed to undoing systemic racism by creating cultural change leaders who are put in positions to create intentional and transformational change. We seek to help others recognize that we are all gatekeepers and must be a catalyst for effective change while holding ourselves accountable with a safe space to communicate and struggle together. We will stand on the front lines to dismantle racism and support our community in any way we can.

About Emerge New Mexico

Emerge New Mexico is a state affiliate of Emerge, which has trained more than 4,000 women to run for office since 2002. Emerge alumnae across the country have won more than 1,000 elections to date and hold office at every level of government.


There are currently Emerge affiliates in 26 states — Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia, Washington and Wisconsin with plans to expand to more soon. Women who graduate from Emerge New Mexico’s training program are plugged into both the state network of Emerge New Mexico alumnae, as well as the national network of Emerge alumnae across the country.



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Howling Amplify Automated Amplification Relies on Generating Focused Traffic

Howling Amplify offers an automated content amplification campaign that focuses on generating focused, targeted traffic. The vast majority of people use the internet when they are looking for products and services they require. They visit a search engine, type in a query, and take a look at the results. Therefore, companies need to have a strong online presence, which is where automated content amplification campaigns from Howling Amplify can be helpful. The goal of Howling Amplify amplification campaigns is to generate focused traffic.

Of course, businesses would like to make a customer out of everyone; however, not everyone who visits the website is going to require those specific products or services. That is why Howling Amplify’s content amplification campaigns focus on generating targeted traffic, not just run-of-the-mill traffic.

Howling Amplify Asks Questions To Define the Target Market  

Prior to starting a Howling Amplify content amplification campaign, the platform is going to ask lines to provide several pieces of information. The goal of these questions is to figure out who the best target market is. For example, what is the background of the target market? Where are they from? How old are they? What are their specific problems? By answering these questions, Howling Amplify can get client content in front of the right eyes.

After figuring out what types of content to amplify, Howling Amplify will go to work. Because Howling Amplify already has partnerships set up in multiple sectors, it is possible to amplify just about any type of content. This includes videos, images, podcasts, blog posts, articles, and even slideshows. By amplifying content in the right places, it is possible to drive focused traffic to client websites.

Howling Amplify Capitalizes on the Value of Focused Traffic  

One of the major benefits of partnering with a Howling Amplify content amplification campaign comes in the form of transparency. The platform strives to make results as obvious as possible. Why is it better for clients to hone in on generating focused traffic? This should be reflected in the conversion rate.

The conversion rate refers to the percentage of people who visit a website who take the desired action. If websites are simply trying to attract as many people as possible, the conversion rate will be relatively low. Not everyone who visits the website is ready to make a purchase, which is why the conversion rate will be minimal.

On the other hand, focused traffic should increase the conversion weight. Because Howling Amplify’s content amplification campaign is going to generate quality traffic, clients should see their conversion rates go up. With more people visiting the website you are actually interested in the product and services, numbers should quickly improve. These are readily apparent as the amplification campaign unfolds.

Howling Amplify’s Content Amplification Campaigns Represent the Gold Standard  

This type of content amplification campaign has become the new standard in the industry. In the past, a lot of businesses would be confused, struggling to figure out exactly how they can measure the quality of their content marketing campaigns. Now, Howling Amplify has put forth a new option thanks to focused traffic generated by content amplification campaigns.

It is possible for clients to clearly see the results of such a campaign. By amplifying certain types of content, clients can get their products and services in front of as many lies as possible. By driving people who are actually interested in these products and services to their websites, clients can see their conversion rates go up. In this manner, Howling Amplify content amplification campaigns also represent the future.

About Howling Amplify: Howling Amplify is a Howling Brands service that is a digital marketing company that focuses on taking a single piece of content and amplifying its power, getting it in front of as many people as possible. By figuring out who might benefit most from that specific piece of content, Howling Amplify can decide which of its partners should publish that piece. Then, Howling Amplify is perfectly transparent with all results, showing clients the improvements made via conversion rate increases. To learn more about Howling Amplify, check out the website or visit the Facebook page. Contact Howling Amplify to learn more.

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Alpha Dawgs puts safety over profit

Businesses in North Carolina have been updating their face mask rules following Gov. Roy Cooper’s announcement that lifted most mandates for face coverings. It means that in most settings — indoors or outdoors — the state no longer requires North Carolinians to be socially distanced or wear a face mask.

However, Cooper said some restaurants, other businesses, and venues may continue to have restrictions or mask requirements but are no longer mandated to do so.

At Alpha Dawgs, we are still concerned for our employees’ and customers’ safety and are still requiring masks. We believe in putting safety before profits and realize that some may not agree with our stance and respect their right to do so. As a local restaurant that has felt the devastating economic impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on our business, we don’t believe political attacks concerning this issue accomplish anything positive for the community.

“No shirt, no shoes, no mask, no service. Most have never had any problem with business enforcing the first two parts to that saying and don’t believe the third is any more inconvenient to ensure others are comfortable and safe” says Hisine McNeill, owner of Alpha Dawgs

About Alpha Dawgs

Located at 6209 Rock Quarry Rd, Raleigh, NC 27610, Alpha Dawgs is a restaurant specializing in unique and flavorful hot dogs and other amazing dishes. They put their own delicious and spicy variation on the traditional hot dog. They top their New Jersey dawgs with tri-color peppers, onions, and fried potatoes, and rather than using a traditional bun; their dawgs are served in a fresh pita bun. They also offer vegetarian and vegan dawgs making it possible for everyone to enjoy an Alpha Dawgs meal. In addition to their specialty hot dogs, they also offer burgers, chicken, Philly cheesesteaks, and more.

Press Contact

ShaDonna “Mo” McPhaul

1-877-Mo-Knows (665-6697)

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Increase Audience Engagement with Strategic Campaigns from Howling Amplify

In a space where attracting the right audience and finding ideal customers to attract, engage, and convert, it can be difficult for marketers to utilize all the right distribution channels at one time. Finding a solution that grows with their brand to utilize the best use of time and resources is key. There is a solution: Howling Amplify.

What is Howling Amplify?

A revolutionary content amplification engine, Howling Amplify provides focused, high-quality traffic by attracting audiences actively looking for specific products and services. Each campaign creates over 400 digital assets across major authority sites on the internet to create brand awareness.

Marketers use this platform to direct users to specific channels, gaining traffic using audio, slideshows, video, blog articles, news articles, and other tactics from sources like Google, news sites, YouTube, and podcast directories. Key information about products and services is promoted with buyer intent, increasing the ROI on each visitor.

“In today’s digital space, being able to connect with the right audience is key”. “Howling Amplify assists marketers, personal brands, and influencers with a proven strategy to track campaigns, gain insights and reach the people who want their services. It’s a perfect way to gain brand awareness in every area. Our platform raises the bar on what attracting and engaging looks and feels like through integrated campaigns showcased on the distribution channels where they need to be. One thing’s for certain – we get results.”

With a subscription to Howling Amplify, users are able to better understand the needs and wants of their audience with metrics that help shape every piece of content produced. This also gives clients a snapshot of where their efforts should be focused for monetization. A La Carte services are also available for just one campaign, providing a series of price-point options.

There are four subscription tiers. The Amplify Bronze includes one campaign per month at $299; Amplify Silver includes two campaigns per month at $500; Amplify Gold includes three campaigns per month at $600, and the Amplify Platinum includes four campaigns per month at $700.

Reaching the Right Customers

Users are able to provide key information about their businesses and what they want to promote. The platform assesses target audiences with their algorithm, creating niche campaigns that get traction. Clients get omnipresent brand awareness from multiple sources, doing all the heavy lifting. On average, marketers will save about 14 hours of manual work. Users can view real-time results on how their campaigns are doing with the comprehensive dashboard.

Howling Amplify takes the guesswork out of using the right distribution channels, adding perspective and insight. Marketers unaware of the power of social platforms get to have their campaigns showcased on YouTube, SlideShare, Vimeo, Podbean, Buzzsprout, and other platforms. News outlets such as Bing, Google, NBC, Fox, CBS, State Journal, Star Tribune, and more.

Equipped with an online community, users are also able to ask questions, share ideas and start discussions to assist in the process. There is also a comprehensive knowledge-based of articles, user guides, and FAQs for the entire Howling Brands suite. There is no limit to the reach a marketer can have for promoting their brand utilizing the Howling Amplify platform. From creating the buyer journey to increasing visitor traffic, each interaction will be intentional and specifically vetted to attain the results needed to improve ROI.

In-depth information on what the platform does and its partnerships can be found on Facebook at Howling Amplify. To schedule a demo or speak to a representative about their services, visit the website at

About Howling Amplify

Howling Amplify is a subsidiary of Howling Brands, specializing in Social Media Marketing & Management; Expert Web Design & Development; Virtual Assistant Services; Leads; and Reviews.

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Howling Amplify’s Automated Campaign Exponentially Increases the Power of Content Marketing

Howling Amplify has a new automated content amplification marketing tool that helps clients reach broader target markets. Today, it is more important than ever before for businesses to get their content in front of as many people as possible. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to produce the same content in multiple ways without plagiarizing prior published content. Furthermore, it can be challenging for businesses to set up connections with numerous media outlets in order to get their content in front of more people. That is where Howling Amplify’s automation comes in handy. The goal of this automation campaign is to help clients save time and money while still getting more out of each piece of the published content.

Clients Provide Key Information To Howling Amplify’s Automation Tools  

The first step is for clients to provide key information that Howling Amplify can use to figure out where the contents should be distributed. For example, clients will need to specify what type of content they are publishing. Examples of common types of content include images, videos, blog posts, and technical articles.

Then, clients will also need to specify what their goals are. For example, is the goal is to simply educate as many people as possible? Or, is the goal to drive traffic to a specific website? In some cases, the goal may be to motivate users to make a purchase. After collecting all this information, Howling Amplify will use it to figure out what type of content to promote, how it will be promoted, and how success will be measured.

Howling Amplify’s Automation Campaign Uses This Information To Do the Heavy Lifting  

After collecting this information, Howling Amplify will do the heavy lifting. For example, Howling Amplify will figure out exactly where this content should be shared. Howling Amplify has set up partnerships with some of the biggest media outlets in the industry. For example, Howling Amplify can publish videos on YouTube or Vimeo. The automation campaign may decide to publish audio files on platforms such as BuzzSprout and Podbean. Furthermore, blog posts might be shared on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Howling Amplify even has partnerships set up with reputable news organizations.

There are two main goals of this automation campaign. The first is to save time. In order to generate the results of a single automated Howling Amplify campaign, plants might have to put in 14 hours of manual labor on their own. The second goal is to position clients as an authority in the field. By publishing content in the right locations, it is possible to drive traffic, improve rankings, and solidify client footholds in the industry.

Howling Amplify’s Automation Campaign Represents the Future of Content Marketing  

A lot of businesses are having trouble coming up with new ideas. After all, they cannot simply publish the same thing over and over again. Otherwise, they run the risk of plagiarizing themselves. Howling Amplify has found a way to address this issue. By amplifying content that has already been published, it is possible for businesses to recycle ideas productively. Because Howling Amplify has already established partnerships with countless authorities in the industry, it is possible for clients to simply provide a bit of key information and let Howling Amplify go to work. It is entirely possible that the automation service from Howling Amplify could lead to a paradigm shift in the world of digital marketing.

About Howling Amplify: Howling Amplify is a digital marketing platform that allows clients to advertise their websites on countless platforms depending on the type of content they are trying to publish. This includes blog posts, technical articles, slideshows, video, and audio files. Using the automation campaign, it is possible for clients to use Howling Amplify services to get new, targeted visitors for just about any product, business, or website. Much of what Howling Amplify does is automated, saving clients a significant amount of time. To learn more about Howling Amplify, visit the website or check out the Facebook page. Contact Howling Amplify to learn more about how automated campaigns are generated.

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Howling Amplify Leverages Content Amplification To Grow the Digital Footprint

Howling Amplify is a professional service used to increase someone’s online presence. Using content amplification, the goal is to get content in front of as many people as possible. The vast majority of people today use the internet when they are looking for products and services that they provide. Therefore, anyone who is looking to attract visitors to their website has to take advantage of content amplification. People tend to visit certain websites when they are looking for content. By publishing the same content in different ways on various platforms, it is possible to exponentially increase the number of people who see certain types of content. The goal is to get targeted visitors and new customers for just about any business, product, or website. How does Howling Amplify do this?

Leveraging Multiple Media Partners  

Howling Amplify has set up partnerships with multiple entities in the digital space. These include:

  • YouTube and Vimeo for video production services
  • Google News, NBC News, CBS News, Fox News, Star Tribune, State Journal, and numerous others for article amplification
  • Slideshare for Slideshow and PDF production
  • Podbean and Buzzsprout for audio production
  • Facebook and Twitter for blog content amplification

These are just a few of the many examples of websites that can be used to amplify your articles, blogs, videos, podcasts, news, and more. Howling Amplify is consistently working to set up partnerships with other digital platforms to increase the power of the content amplification services provided.

Howling Amplify Provides Numerous Advantages  

There are several reasons why clients are partnering with Howling Amplify to get their content in front of more eyes. With just a few pieces of key information about the content being promoted, Howling Amplify uses automated tools to get that content in front of as many people as possible. In addition, every campaign on Howling Amplify generates more than 400 digital assets spread across authority web pages. This includes news articles, blogs, slideshows, and audio files. Furthermore, omnipresent brand awareness drives traffic from multiple sources including Google, YouTube, and other major platforms. With focused traffic using Howling Amplify campaigns, clients can enjoy higher-quality traffic. The result is a higher conversion rate and more sales. Howling Amplify can find the best places for specific types of content, helping to not only increase traffic quantity but quality as well. With access to a convenient dashboard, it is possible for clients to see the exact impact that Howling Amplify is having on their digital marketing campaigns. This includes the number of visitors, the bounce rate, the average session duration, and the conversion rate. Howling Amplify can be used to drive people to the website who are actually ready to make a purchase, helping clients drive revenue.

Howling Amplify Drives Real, Transparent Results  

When users partner with Howling Amplify, clients can enjoy real, transparent results. All metrics are readily available in a convenient dashboard. Clients can see how many people have seen their content, what percentage of visitors are new, what the bounce rate is, and how much time people spend visiting the website. Using a convenient date break down, it is easy to see the impact of a Howling Amplify campaign. Furthermore, it is easy to calculate the return on investment of each individual visitor. Instead of simply trying to attract people who are not interested in the products and services provided, Howling Amplify uses advanced algorithms to generate real results.

About Howling Amplify  

Howling Amplify is a content amplification service that is designed to get content in front of as many people as possible. Howling Amplify has set up partnerships with some of the biggest entities in the digital world, providing clients with access to websites that already generate a lot of traffic. Using targeted campaigns, Howling Amplify can generate high-quality traffic for individual clients, driving conversion rates. Howling Amplify is part of Howling Sites and the Howling Brands Project. To get in touch with Howling Amplify, follow the Facebook page, send an email, schedule a demo, view the contact page or call (813) 737-7284.