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Virtual Assistant Services from Howling Assistant Can Help You with Podcast Editing and Show Notes

Today, there are numerous businesses that are looking for ways to expand their catchment area, drawing in customers from new markets. One of the ways to do exactly that is to take advantage of a podcast. This is something people can listen to in the car, while they shower, or as they work in the kitchen. Howling Assistant offers a myriad of virtual assistant services that can help you get the most out of your podcast. With professional show notes and podcast editing services, it is possible to produce quality podcasts that will make a solid impression on everyone who listens.

Comprehensive Editing Services Available from Howling Assistant 

Howling Assistant offers professional editing services that can make sure every podcast sounds as great as possible. For example, podcast editing services include audio and video editing. Audio and video editing are important for making sure the audio and video line up appropriately. That way, people will have an easier time following what is happening during the podcast.

Furthermore, Howling Assistant also offers detailed audio editing to make sure multiple layers of sound line up to create crystal clear outputs. Basic form editing is the foundation of a strong podcast, which Howling Assistant can handle. Then, if there are advanced multi-track compilations that require attention, Howling Assistant can take care of this as well. No matter how simple or complex the sound is, Howling Assistant has the professional services to handle it.

Show Notes and Transcription Services from Howling Assistant

In addition, Howling Assistant offers professional show notes and transcription services as well. Show notes are important for taking podcasts and turning them into a blog post or an essay. Taking a single piece of content and transforming it into multiple layers is an important part of expanding the potential audience. Basic and advanced show note services are available through Howling Assistant.

Transcription services are available as well. One of the advantages of working with the Howling Assistant team is that transcriptions are turned around with an accuracy rate of 99 percent. That way, anyone who is unable to listen to the podcast can read it instead. This is a great way to make sure that as many people absorb the information as possible. 

Take Advantage of the Professional Amplification Services Available from Howling Assistant

Finally, the goal is to make sure as many people hear the podcast as possible. That is where Howling Assistant’s amplification services are helpful. First, the team can create highlight videos and social media posts that go with the podcast. These graphics are important for spreading the message about each new podcast episode.

Then, amplification services are important for attracting people who are interested in what the podcast is actively promoting. This is a critical part of getting the most out of each individual podcast episode.

Finally, social sharing is important as well. The content is shared across multiple platforms to keep the messaging consistent. Howling Assistant can even produce artwork that can go along with the podcast. That way, everyone knows they make the best possible impression on their listeners and viewers. 

Howling Assistant’s Podcast Services Are Comprehensive

These are just a few of the many services that are available through Howling Assistant. Podcasts are becoming more popular, and it is important for everyone to make sure they get the most out of their efforts. This means relying on a professional service. Howling Assistant regularly reviews all podcast services to make sure they deliver for the client. That way, everyone can maximize the results of their podcast efforts through social sharing, amplification services, transcriptions, shows notes, and audio editing services.

About Howling Assistant

Howling Assistant is a full-service virtual assistant agency that can handle a variety of needs for business projects. All project managers with Howling Assistant have decades of experience working with clients in a variety of industries. All Howling Assistants receive extensive training to make sure they can deliver appropriate services for clients. This includes calendar management, customer support, appointment setting, social media management, and website management. To learn more about the services provided by Howling Assistant, check out the Facebook page, explore Instagram posts, and visit the website today. 

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Local Phoenix HVAC Company Einstein’s Home Services Kicks Off Massive Recruitment Campaign to Serve Customers in Phoenix, Arizona

In a bid to streamline its processes and provide comprehensive services to more customers, Einstein’s Home Services has launched a major effort to hire residential HVAC technicians and plumbers to meet growing customer demand.

Phoenix, AZ, August 6, 2021 – Einstein’s Home Services announces it has launched a massive new recruitment campaign designed to hire qualified, well-trained plumbers as well as heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) professionals to better serve its growing base of residential customers. 

With the weather causing the mercury to climb high in thermometers across backyards this summer in the southwest, Phoenix area residents in particular are taking notice and drinking more water to stay hydrated throughout the day. 

In order to protect their family against becoming ill from dangerous rising levels of heat, they need to feel reassured that their AC system will continue to work properly even during the middle of summer.

The team at Einstein’s Home Services, a local HVAC company with deep roots in the community, has pledged to keep up with homeowner demand for residential services. 

They are now actively working to add many new professionals to their ranks, and are seeing good responses from job candidates who know plumbing and heating, and ventilation systems inside and out. That’s the key to maintaining a great reputation in the industry.

Common Issues Needing Professional HVAC Attention

Phoenix area homeowners who notice a new issue with their HVAC system will want to bring in a professional as soon as possible to take care of the problem while it’s still relatively manageable and less expensive to deal with.

Typical issues that customers need assistance with include:

* System is not working as efficiently as it used to: The problem may be a dirty or clogged filter.

* Air is not blowing cool: The thermostat may be malfunctioning, or there is something blocking a vent.

* Strange sounds: The system’s mechanical components might be about to fail, needing repair or replacement.

* Home never gets cool enough: The refrigerant might be leaking, causing the system to underperform.

These are just some of the more common issues homeowners contact Einstein’s Home Services regarding their HVAC equipment. If they do not see a problem listed here, homeowners are encouraged to connect with the company to see what its approach will be to finding a solution.

Homeowners Get the Best Return on Investment When They Arrange for Annual HVAC Inspections, Cleaning and Maintenance

An AC setup is one of the more expensive upgrades a homeowner can add. That’s why it’s so important to schedule time to taking good care of the air conditioner and heating system, with ongoing inspections.

Residential air conditioning equipment is designed to provide continuous service during the summer for many years, while the system is still under warranty. But to get the most value out of an HVAC setup, prudent homeowners will arrange for service at least once a year. Catching problems when they’re small means faster and easier repairs, with less of a hit to the pocketbook.

Ideally, Phoenix-area residents will ask a technician to inspect, maintain and clean the system once per year, months before they need to use their AC in the summer or their heater in the winter. 

Commitment to Quality

Recognizing the importance of establishing loyalty with customers, Einstein’s Home Services technicians follow industry best practices. They receive ongoing house and factory training to make sure they can properly advise customers on new technology, especially in terms of efficiency and saving energy.

Free Estimates for Service

Einstein’s Home Services, a local Phoenix HVAC company that offers a 100% lifetime workmanship guarantee on all the work they perform, is committed to providing the highest level of customer service. That’s why the company is happy to offer free estimates. For emergency service calls, the company guarantees service on the same day, or the work is done free of charge.

Homeowners in the greater Phoenix, Arizona area and surrounding community who are in need of plumbing or HVAC services can learn more by visiting Einstein’s Home Services website as well as by following the company on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Business Marketing & Sales Services U.S World Lists the Top Domain Rebrands of 2021

New York, NY –, a digital marketplace for premium domains and starter sites, reports on the biggest domain rebrands of 2021 to date. With extensive experience in the past relating to domain rebranding, emphasizes the importance of selecting the right domain name for a successful rebranding marketing strategy. 

When planning a rebrand one must always consider the updates to the website and specifically the domain name, determining if it has outgrown the current business model or if it has become limited to the brand. In most cases, companies will decide it’s time to upgrade their domain as part of the rebranding process. 

“Domain name investors and business leaders understand short, memorable domain names provide a stronger market position and greater credibility in the marketplace,” said Michael Santiago, Founder of “As the market moves in a positive direction, it’s the perfect time for companies to explore brand upgrade opportunities and further improve their digital presence by securing the best domain name for their business.”

The following are this year’s top domain rebrands of 2021 to date: was purchased by Angel Studios earlier this year for $2M, making it the 2nd biggest domain sale of the year. It was purchased to be part of the Angel Funding brand which now redirects to Reducing the number of letters in a domain and making it a one-word domain keeps the brand more memorable and arguably increases its range in the market. Keeping the domain as would have been limiting to the new Angel Funding project and based on its price tag, Angel Studios understood the importance of the domain rebrand.

Recursion Pharmaceuticals purchase of also makes’s list of top domain rebrands of 2021. In an effort to match their brand name with their website name, Recursion Pharmaceuticals purchased the domain for just under $1M. This is a prime example of a domain being in the right place at the right time. And one that fit the needs of a company with forward-thinking of acquiring the best match domain for their business.

The rebranding of TransferWise is another notable rebrand as this company understood the limiting factor of its original domain And when the time was right, they rebranded to They were ambitious enough to undertake this rebrand knowing it was necessary to take their company to the next level, removing any limiting factors, and knowing they had outgrown their initial brand. This new domain now allows them to expand the business to other financial areas and not only be limited to money transfers.

All three companies saw the value in having the right domain for their business and the foresight to future proof their business growth moving forward. In a digital world like today, the domain name is the path or one’s “calling card”, to their audience and so it must match the brand name of one’s company.

To learn more about, visit their website or learn more by contacting the team directly at

About is a digital marketplace for premium domains and starter sites. They specialize in helping their clients to acquire the best domain name to increase credibility and brand power. Currently, they list over 3,500 domain names with a combined valuation of over $5M. To learn more visit

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How is the Right Domain Name at the Right Time, Explains

New York, NY –, a marketplace for premium domain names and starter sites, has seen various trends this year related to the digital landscape but has found one, in particular, a great way to maximize usage on a domain name.

Chances are you may have heard about a story tied to a specific fast food restaurant chain regarding their ingredients. And if not, it is a quite intriguing story on how a New York Times report took on a life of its own after the article was published. What the NYT reported was that Subway’s tuna wasn’t actually tuna due to the fact that they couldn’t detect DNA in their sample. 

At face value, the story with that headline is something that could rock a franchise like Subway. So what Subway decided to do was to create a website to ensure they set the facts straight. That site is

The team at found this story to be fascinating because it shows the ingenuity Subway had at dedicating a website to quell this potential PR crisis. They understood, simply placing these facts on their website was not enough, but felt the need to wrap it around a new site with a catchy, to-the-point, domain name.

“There are three key questions to answer when qualifying a domain name as great. First, is it easy to spell?,” said Anthony Santiago, Marketing Director at OnlineBusiness. “Second, is it brandable?. The third question is length. “Is it relatively short?”. All of these factors hit the nail on the head for Subway’s marketing campaign, In addition, it was a good PR opportunity to announce new menu items with its Eat Fresh Refresh campaign,” said Santiago.

The usage of this domain name for Subway’s awareness campaign is just one powerful example of the importance of having the right domain name. It exemplifies the many ways a domain can be used, not just for a general website but for a specific purpose. Additionally, domains can be used to further protect one’s brand, raise awareness to a specific topic, and lend credibility to one’s brand online. continues to help clients find the domain name that is the best domain name for their online business which is especially important in today’s digital age.

To learn more about, visit their website or learn more by contacting the team directly at

About is a digital marketplace for premium domains and starter sites. They specialize in helping their clients to acquire the best domain name to increase credibility and brand power. Currently, they list over 3,500 domain names with a combined valuation of over $5M. To learn more visit

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“Online Business During Pandemic” Search Query Hints at How COVID Impacted Underlying Needs, Reports

New York, NY –, a marketplace for premium domains and starter sites is always looking for trends across all sectors to understand the market demands and needs of small to medium-sized businesses. In one such study of Google Trends, seems to have found a correlation between search terms related to Online Business, eCommerce, and Covid. 

Since March 2020, there has been an uptick in the search activity for each of these keywords across all US States.

What’s more, Google’s search bar auto-suggest keywords that are determined by real searches that happen on Google and show up if they are common enough and show a trend.

One such Google auto-suggest that it appears is “online business during pandemic”. This indicates that many businesses seem to be pivoting and positioning their digital experience to ensure they are well prepared for and during this pandemic that continues to affect how business is done in all sectors and industries.

The data suggest real-time examples of this across the U.S. In Metro Detroit, small retailers have adapted and kept business afloat by focusing on the online aspect of their business, some even choosing to close their storefront in place of online shopping. Others have decided to keep their store open but allow for ordering online and seamless contactless pick-up.

Internationally, local businesses are impacted as well. Stores in Singapore are also turning to online business as they were forced to rethink their strategies. A lot of small to midsize businesses were forced to focus on their eCommerce model to stay afloat and have been able to stay in business due to the quick pivot.

This trend, believes will continue to increase as more and more companies will focus on the digital experience and focus solely on a digital footprint or deeply integrate it with their retail store for a frictionless shopping experience. Either way, it is more important than ever that a company has its digital marketing strategy in place and that starts with acquiring and using the best domain name for their website.

To learn more about, visit their website or learn more by contacting the team directly at

About is a digital marketplace for premium domains and starter sites. They specialize in helping their clients to acquire the best domain name to increase credibility and brand power. Currently, they list over 3,500 domain names with a combined valuation of over $5M. To learn more visit

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How the Digital Experience is Reshaping Industries, Reports

New York, NY – Since the start of the Pandemic in March of 2020, businesses have been forced to deal with the ‘new normal’. These businesses have been deeply affected with some still not fully recovered. For these companies, they must pivot quickly and ensure they stay in front of their customer base who are now using digital channels more than ever. takes a look at how companies and organizations are learning to pivot quickly from this pandemic and adapt to the new way of reaching their customers, digitally and by way of the internet. 

Since its inception, has always emphasized the importance of a digital footprint through the use of domain names but recently have taken a closer look at how the new landscape is putting stronger importance on the digital experience.

“The pandemic was the catalyst that has accelerated the digital pivot and transformation of businesses and organizations around the world. With the initial social distancing measures in place, many businesses who rely on foot traffic found themselves at a huge disadvantage,” said Anthony Santiago, Marketing Director at OnlineBusiness. “However, today’s companies are emerging more resilient and reinvented from the pandemic. Customer confidence is rebounding as well as social activities.”

Across all industries, companies and organizations are putting larger efforts into the digital experience, internationally and domestically.

Take the Qatar Museum for example, as soon as the pandemic started to affect world transactions, in March 2020, they began a plan that would enhance their website to further engagement reach around the world as well as provide an immersive digital experience for the locals. In doing so, they have a blueprint to continue to expand their digital footprint in the coming years and are in a better position to continue engagement with their organization.

Domestically, the City of Boulder, Colorado, has updated its website, all based on user feedback. This is a very smart approach as they understand how important it is to have not just a website but one that is user-friendly and what better way to create the navigation of the site than it is based on user feedback. 

These are two such examples of two geolocations strengthening their local presence by improving their digital presence.

Industries as a whole too are understanding this importance. The food industry as we all know is still continuing to make a comeback from being hit hard by the pandemic. Nobody could have expected or been prepared for what COVID was going to do to the industry. As the dust continues to settle, the landscape has changed and delivery and curbside pick-up have become a main point of revenue for many restaurants. Having a digital footprint to be able to order their food online is now essential and along with that, having a mobile presence when everyone is deciding what to eat is now the new battleground for patrons. 

Online grocery shopping and food delivery is fueling the future growth in food retail and customer engagement, digital engagement, frictionless store experience will be the drivers.

One such company in the food industry, Potbelly, is positioning themselves to elevate their brand position and the digital Potbelly experience with a new website and app. They saw a customer behavior shift to online ordering and decided to invest and shift resources in their digital platforms. This shows they understand the importance of their digital channels. assists those who are looking to properly secure and improve their digital footprint and reach their customer base by educating them on the importance of acquiring and using their best possible domain name. This will only lead to more customer recognition and recall, allowing them to prosper during these challenging times.

To learn more about, visit their website or learn more by contacting the team directly at

About is a digital marketplace for premium domains and starter sites. They specialize in helping their clients to acquire the best domain name to increase credibility and brand power. Currently, they list over 3,500 domain names with a combined valuation of over $5M. To learn more visit

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New Online Program Designed to Increase VA Rating

A father-son duo create a program to help veterans increase VA disability rating

Military veterans seeking benefits now have a program designed to assist with increasing their VA disability rating. Veteran army Ranger Terry Johnson, and son Gino Johnson created Champions for Veterans, an organization formed to guide veterans and their families through the VA disability rating process.


After 20 years of service, Ranger Johnson found himself fighting to get the benefits he deserved. It took him 17 years to get his full benefits and Ranger Johnson set out to help others to achieve results. Ranger Johnson began to assist people in his church and community which later inspired his son Gino to create an online program. Johnson calls his method the RANGER METHOD and dozens have successfully improved their rating using the RANGER METHOD. Some have gone from a zero percent rating to 100% in less than 90 days.


“Service men and women risk their lives and their families for many years. I want to make sure they get the benefits they have rightfully earned,” says Terry Johnson.


 The RANGER METHOD is an interactive coaching program with video modules, statement templates, examples, weekly coaching calls and peer support in a private online group setting. Individuals interested in this program can learn more at to schedule a free consultation. 




Champions For Veterans is an organization devoted to coaching and training veterans as they pursue the VA disability rating they deserve from the Department of Veterans Affairs. Our mission is to help 100,000 veterans get the rating they deserve by 2025.



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Howling Amplify Drives Brand Omnipresence To Position Clients as Authorities in the Field

Today, the world of marketing has become more competitive than it ever has in the past. Therefore, everyone has to think carefully about how they can get their names out there. It isn’t just about getting more likes, clicks, and emails. It is about developing strong, personal relationships with potential clients, which is where Howling Amplify is setting new goals by driving brand omnipresence. By developing strong strategies that help clients develop personal relationships with the target market, Howling Amplify’s unique campaign drives brand omnipresence, increasing conversion rates through real, raw, and transparent interactions.

Howling Amplify Is Changing the Definition of Brand Omnipresence 

The world of marketing has changed significantly. Even though there might still be a place for traditional advertising methods, the digital world has become more important than ever. Posting an endless number of blogs, sharing on social media constantly, and running a myriad of email drip campaigns is not going to lead to solid marketing results. That is not the definition of brand omnipresence. 

Instead, brand omnipresence isn’t simply about creating more. Is it is about taking the time and effort to demonstrate to potential clients that a business is committed to an honest and meaningful, mutually beneficial relationships. Companies have to demonstrate that they respect that their potential clients are busy. That is why it is important to come across with a thoughtful, consistent message throughout all marketing channels. If the benefits are consistent, people will listen. That is brand omnipresence, which is where Howling Amplify is taking a different approach.

Howling Amplify Targets Authority Sites To Cast a Wide Net

Building a strong digital marketing campaign that centers around its brand omnipresence is almost impossible to do manually. Business professionals have too much to do during the course of the day. They do not have time to spend endless hours sitting in front of a computer. That is where Howling Amplify is helpful.

Howling Amplify takes a sample piece of content provided by a client. Then, an automated tool analyzes the content to find the perfect target market and potential media outlets. Then, an Amplify campaign unleashes brand omnipresence throughout the digital world. Each campaign creates more than 400 digital assets. These digital assets could include news articles, slideshows, audio posts, videos, and more. The idea is to find the best channels for each individual campaign to Target the right individuals. Then, these channels drive traffic back to the client website from authority sources such as Google, YouTube, mainstream news sites, podcast websites, and more.

The idea isn’t to simply get someone’s name out there as much as possible. The idea is to maximize the return on the digital marketing investment. This means focusing on higher quality traffic. That way, businesses can generate more sales and conversions. The goal is to attract people who are actively looking for something that is being promoted by the client business. By capitalizing on buyer intent, it is possible to maximize conversion rates. 

All Campaigns Are Re-Evaluated Regularly

Even though Howling Amplify strives to save time, all campaigns are re-evaluated regularly. This isn’t something that professionals simply set and forget. Instead, the goal is to play to the strength of the campaign while also improving weak areas. For example, all metrics are tracked closely, meaning that professionals can take a look at what outlets are performing well. Then, if something has to be adjusted to improve the ROI, this is a straightforward process. In this manner, each Amplify campaign produces transparent results. That way, it is easy for clients to measure their individual success. This is how Howling Amplify uses its unique position to drive brand omnipresence for clients. 

About Howling Amplify

Howling Amplify is a professional content amplification service that strives to get client content in front of as many people as possible while also targeting the right people with the perfect buyer intent. The goal is to deliver fast results while maximizing the ROI on each digital marketing investment. Howling Amplify uses targeted campaigns to select the right media outlets for each client, driving more organic traffic that creates brand omnipresence for each campaign. To learn more about Howling Amplify, visit their Facebook or Instagram page and check out the website for more information

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Einstein’s Home Services Explains That A Well-Maintained Air Conditioning Unit Saves Money on Summer Utility Bills

Home air conditioning solutions from Einstein’s professional technicians allow homeowners to restore their HVAC system to proper working order, for greater efficiency and a lower total cost of ownership.

Phoenix, AZ, July 11, 2021 – Einstein’s Home Services is standing by to offer a whole range of home air conditioning solutions. Now that it’s summer, homeowners need a working system to reliably cool down their dwellings. 

It’s not just a matter of being comfortable. Excessively high temperatures can be harmful to pets, children and the elderly, as well as anyone with an underlying health condition or who isn’t accustomed to the blazing Arizona sun. Unfortunately, lack of air conditioning during the summer in Arizona can be a life-or-death matter.

That’s why it’s so important that homeowners work with a knowledgeable air conditioning services company when it’s time for AC inspections, maintenance and repairs (or replacement).

Common Problems With Air Conditioning in Phoenix, AZ

Homeowners may not immediately notice that there’s an issue with their air conditioning system. But as time passes, the problem becomes more obvious, prompting a call to AC professionals.

For some, an increase in utility bills as compared to the previous summer may be the first clue that something is wrong with the HVAC setup. That’s because as a system grows dusty and dirty, it has to work much harder to cool a home to the same level. 

Not only does this result in an unnecessarily higher power bill, it puts stress on the AC components, potentially causing it to fail earlier than the usual product lifecycle would indicate.

Sometimes, one of the rooms will be warm when the rest of the house is more comfortable. The thermostat may not seem to affect the temperature according to the owner’s preferences. Or, the homeowner may hear unusual sounds coming from the unit. Hot air flowing from all the vents when the AC is switched on signals a major issue that calls for a professional inspection.

There may be issues with the system’s coolant leaking, with a technician needing to find the leak and fix it as well as top off the coolant to the right level.

In some cases, the system is suffering from a dirty or clogged filter, causing it to underperform.

Often the problem has to do with an electrical component, such as a fan motor breaking. Only an inspection by a well trained technician will get to the heart of the problem.

Einstein’s Home Services Provides A Range of Home Air Conditioning Solutions

Homeowners can depend on Einstein’s Home Services to thoroughly inspect and maintain their AC equipment, and this service is available (and recommended) on a yearly basis to catch problems when they are still small and easier to address.

Keep in mind that technicians from Einstein’s Home Services focus on central air conditioning systems. They do not work on wall AC units.

Benefits of Installing a Brand New AC System

If a technician from Einstein’s Home Services determines that a person’s air conditioning equipment is too damaged to be worth repairing, or if it is an older, less efficient unit, it usually makes sense to purchase a replacement system.

One benefit is the peace of mind that comes from having professionals install new equipment that is under warranty. Another benefit is that the homeowner can expect utility bills to decrease immediately since the new system will be much more energy-efficient.

A new home air conditioning setup may be even more affordable than homeowners imagine, if there happens to be any governmental or industry rebates for buying and installing qualified, environmentally-friendly systems. 

If equipment uses less electricity, the government wants to encourage people to use it over a less-efficient model that causes more pollution. The team at Einstein’s Home Services will be happy to recommend different options if a replacement AC setup is called for. They keep up on industry developments as well as news of any subsidies, discounts or other financial inducements to install a new system.

Homeowners and other interested parties in need of professional home air conditioning solutions can learn more by checking out the Einstein’s Home Services website and by following the company on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.

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Pestmaster of Columbus Provides Exceptional Bed Bug Control in the Local Area

Pestmaster of Columbus has developed a long and impressive track record of providing exceptional services to each client, including bed bug control. With the ability to help residential and commercial locations keep bed bugs at bay, Pestmaster of Columbus has always placed the needs of the client first. Now more than ever, bed bug control services are in high demand, which is why so many people have already reached out to the professionals and experts at Pestmaster of Columbus for help. With bed bug control services that are second to none, Pestmaster of Columbus has quickly set the industry standard. 

Bed Bugs Can Cause a Variety of Problems 

While bed bugs might be small, they can still cause serious damage. Bed bugs usually move from place to place by hitchhiking. When someone has bed bugs at home, they might spend the night in a hotel, transporting them there. If someone takes a place across the country, the bed bug might be with them without the person even knowing it. Unfortunately, once bed bugs invade the premises, they can cause serious issues and might be difficult to get rid of. 

In order for bed bugs to grow and reproduce, they need blood. That is why they bite people. After biting someone, bed bugs can leave behind large, itchy, unsightly welts. Then, when someone scratches them, they unroof these welts, causing them to get infected. When this is combined with the stress bed bugs can cause, it is easy to see why people dislike them so much. 

Furthermore, when bed bugs have the nutrients they need, they can also reproduce quickly. They are difficult to see during the day, which is why it takes people so long to notice them. If there is a bed bug infestation, it is important to reach out to trained professionals as quickly as possible. 

The Top Signs of Bed Bugs 

There are a few signs that there could be a bed bug infestation present. These include: 

●There could be small bloodstains present on the sheets or pillowcases. 

●There might be dark spots on the sheets and mattresses, which might be a sign of bed bug excrement. 

●There might be shells and skins left behind, particularly in locations where bed bugs hide. 

●There might be a strong odor coming from the bed bug glands. 

These are issues that need to be addressed by trained professionals quickly as possible, which is where the team from Pestmaster of Columbus  can help. 

Integrated Bed Bug Management from Pestmaster of Columbus 

Pestmaster of Columbus has refined its approach throughout the years to make sure that all bed bugs are dealt with as quickly as possible. By taking a comprehensive, integrated strategy, it is possible to quickly identify the point of origin, contain the infestation, and remove it. There are multiple treatment options involved. 

The first is a liquid treatment. This liquid is applied directly to the areas where bed bugs hide. This product is kept away from humans and pets, ensuring that it only targets bed bugs. After this, dry vapor steam is used to remove bed bugs. Bed bugs do not like extreme heat, which is why steam is helpful in apartments, hotels, and family homes. 

Pestmaster of Columbus is so confident in the abilities of these treatment methods that a bed bug warranty comes with each treatment service. Pestmaster of Columbus is not done until all bed bugs are gone. A microscope is even used to make sure that every bug has been removed. 

About Pestmaster of Columbus 

Pestmaster of Columbus provides professional bed bug control services in residential and commercial settings. The goal is to use environmentally friendly treatment options to remove bed bugs from the property without damaging the property or harming the occupants. Pestmaster of Columbus works hard to stay up to date on the latest advancements in the field to ensure each client has access to the best products and services available. To learn more about Pestmaster of Columbus, visit the website today and follow the Facebook page. Contact Pestmaster of Columbus for more information on their professional bed bug control and pest removal services.