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Marianne Schwab, Former National Talk Show Producer, Reveals Five Blunders Non-Fiction Book Authors Should Avoid that Kill TV Interview Success

Each year, over four million new titles emerge for non-fiction personal and business development books and increased access to self-publishing means thousands of them are written by high-level entrepreneurs and business professionals. These books have the power to impact lives, share valuable insights, and establish the authors as thought leaders, but a big challenge occurs on how do they rise above the noise to reach a target audience to promote the book on TV talk shows that can lead to not only becoming a recognized expert, but ultimately increase sales. 

The problem with promoting a non-fiction book is cutting through the clutter with thousands of authors who are also seeking limited interview spots on talk shows. Marianne Schwab is a former national network TV Talk Show Producer who has a deep understanding of what media decision makers look for when booking authors as guests and recently revealed her list of five blunders to avoid that can kill the results of securing interviews.

1. Focusing Solely on Self-Promotion. While promoting a book is essential, solely focusing on self-promotion is a common mistake. TV talk shows, and also podcast producers, are primarily focused on delivering value to their audience. If the pitch is solely about the book and how great it is, it will come across as self-serving. Marianne suggests, “You need to focus on one or two problems that you solve as a professional and refer to in the book. When I book an author or work with one to secure talk show interviews, I like to look at the table of contents and pick out of the best bits that I know viewers are going latch on to. By framing your pitch around the audience’s needs, you’ll be seen as a valuable guest rather than a self-promoter. I want to book an expert who has great problem solving tips and having written a book establishes their credibility.”

2. Creating a Media Alert that Simply Announces a New Book. It may seem logical to create a headline and media alert that is a new book announcement, but unless a book author is already a recognized expert or celebrity, this will not set them apart from a stack of pitches on a producer’s desk. The media alert should have a hook that grabs the producer in a way they can use it to grab viewer interest to tune in to their show or click on the interview when it’s uploaded to their website. According to Marianne, “The media alert headline should set up a problem that reading your book solves. For example, if you’re a real estate professional, the headline might be ‘Three Mistakes New Home Buyers Make that Cost Them Thousands.’ Your book may cover more, but a TV interview segment generally only has three to four minutes.”

3. Neglecting Audience Relevance. One of the most common mistakes authors make is failing to consider the relevance of their book to the show’s audience. It is a waste of time to send out hundreds of pitches to every talk show or podcast without understanding who the audience is for program. “Before reaching out to producers, take the time to research their content thoroughly. Understand their target demographic, the topics they typically cover, and the issues their audience cares about. Your pitch should clearly demonstrate how your book aligns with their audience’s interests and concerns,” Marianne says. “Your media alert should make it clear that your book offers valuable insights that their viewers or listeners will find compelling and beneficial.”

4. Lack of Personalization & Professionalism. Producers receive countless pitches daily and generic emails stand out for all the wrong reasons. To make an impact, personalize the pitch. “Definitely address the producer by name and even mention specific episodes or topics from their show that you enjoyed or found relevant, and explain why you believe your topic would benefit their viewers. This can be really helpful if the show regularly features chefs and cookbooks in the kitchen with a tasty recipe or local entrepreneurs sharing news you can use for viewers,” and Marianne adds, “I love being creative to help authors turn what would otherwise be a boring new book segment into a memorable TV interview or demo that promotes their book in a subtle way.” Building a professional and respectful relationship with producers can lead to long-term opportunities and positive referrals within the industry.

5. Overlooking Podcasts. Authors should not just focus on local TV Talk Shows to promote their book, but podcasts are often overlooked as a great opportunity to reach deep into a target audience. Many podcasts have very dedicated listeners, especially in the entrepreneur niche, and they can reach a target audience with laser focus. They don’t have to have a huge audience to make an impact especially since so many use cross platforms like YouTube, Rumble, and more to broadcast their episodes.

By avoiding these five blunders and approaching producers with a thoughtful, audience-centered pitch, it’ll be a win-win for everyone involved and the success rate of securing interviews will dramatically increase.

Marianne Schwab has worked as a talk show producer in New York and Los Angeles and is currently the Executive Producer of CMP Media Cafe. She works with professionals, high level entrepreneurs, and book authors to help them fast track their success in becoming a recognized expert in the media. Through personalized media coaching and guidance, she helps clients navigate the intricate world of media appearances. She shares broadcast public relations tips on Instagram and has created an online training that shares her insider secrets to promoting a business on TV talk shows with details for the types of experts producers love to book as guests.

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Accelerate Your Profits at The Biloxi Mastermind Event for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners hosted by Cody Neer and Amanda Dake

Biloxi, Mississippi – August 22, 2023 – Prepare to revolutionize your business approach and ignite your profit potential at The Biloxi Mastermind, the exclusive event designed to equip entrepreneurs and business owners with the tools, tactics, and connections they need to succeed. Hosted by industry leaders Cody Neer and Amanda Dake with special sessions led by advertising expert Laurel Portie and copywriterJeff Walsh, this immersive experience is set to take place on September 15-16, 2023, in the vibrant city of Biloxi, Mississippi.

About The Biloxi Mastermind:

Located on the Gulf of Mexico on the Mississippi shoreline, at the Golden Nugget Biloxi, a luxurious resort and casino. While Biloxi offers plenty of gambling opportunities – at The Biloxi Mastermind, we don’t gamble with business, we create strategic relationships and learn in depth tactics that create freedom in every industry.The Biloxi Mastermind is all about placing strategic bets on business success, building meaningful relationships, and unlocking tactics that foster freedom across industries.

Event Highlights:

The Biloxi Mastermind promises an array of high-impact learning opportunities and networking experiences, including:

Diverse Expertise: Hosted by an exceptional lineup of industry experts, including Cody Neer of Ecommerce Brand Academy, Amanda Dake of Funnel Kitchen and, they will be sharing their insights on cutting-edge strategies, market trends, and leadership techniques. Attendees will gain valuable perspectives from a diverse range of sectors, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience.Profit-Boosting Tactics: Attendees will gain insights into revenue-generating strategies that can propel businesses forward. With a focus on simple yet powerful methods, participants will discover new ways to maximize their earning potential.

Key Takeaways: By the event’s conclusion, attendees will have the expertise to effectively source products for their eCommerce ventures, master the art of crafting online offers, implement game-changing business systems, optimize traffic methods, and achieve a balanced mindset that fuels personal and professional growth.

Exclusive Networking: The Biloxi Mastermind will bring together a limited group of just 30 attendees, ensuring a high-quality environment for connecting with like-minded business owners who are on their path to freedom and success.

Registration and Details:

With only 30 spots available, the opportunity to attend The Biloxi Mastermind is limited. Registration is now open. For more information and to secure your spot, visit the official event website at

“The Biloxi Mastermind exceeded my expectations in every way. The insights I gained and connections I made have been instrumental in transforming my business approach. This event is an absolute game-changer!” – James Newkirk, e-commerce store owner and previous mastermind attendee.

About the Organizers:

The Biloxi Mastermind is orchestrated by a team of accomplished entrepreneurs and experts who share a passion for empowering others with the knowledge and connections needed to thrive in the competitive business landscape.

For media inquiries, sponsorship opportunities, or further information, please contact:

Amanda Dake


Prepare to elevate your business to new heights at The Biloxi Mastermind. Limited spots available – secure your seat today.


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Marianne Schwab, Former TV Talk Show Producer, Unveils Blueprint on How Entrepreneurs Can Stop Being the Best Kept Secret in Their Industry Using Public Relations

In the ever-evolving landscape of business and entrepreneurship, standing out from the crowd is crucial for achieving success and credibility. Unfortunately, many professionals often find themselves struggling with being the best-kept secret in their industry and do not understand how to overcome it. One solution is harnessing the power of a public relations strategy that can be a game-changer for high-level entrepreneurs, book authors, and professionals when media visibility shines a light on their exceptional talents. 

Marianne Schwab, a former national network TV talk show producer understands this dilemma all too well. According to Marianne, “The problem with being the best-kept secret lies in the missed opportunities and untapped potential that could transform their careers and businesses if only the world knew about them. Despite holding invaluable solutions to pressing problems, they essentially remain hidden from potential clients, depriving the world of their much-needed expertise.” She has a five-point blueprint to break free from obscurity using the power of public relations.

1. Build a Robust Online Presence. In the digital age, having a robust online presence is non-negotiable for anyone seeking media exposure. From social media platforms to professional websites, experts must establish a consistent and compelling digital footprint. Sharing valuable industry insights and trends can showcase expertise and draw the attention of producers seeking knowledgeable guests.

2. Craft an Irresistible Story That Connects. Media producers are on the hunt for stories that captivate their audiences, and by presenting an authentic narrative, experts can establish an emotional connection with viewers. The first step to shedding the “best-kept secret” status is to craft an irresistible and compelling story. Marianne suggests, “It’s important that you focus on personal anecdotes and real-life examples that illustrate your journey and make the story memorable. These should be relevant and relatable stories that evoke emotions and can resonate deeply with audiences, fostering a genuine connection that goes beyond mere self-promotion. Knowing how to share your story in a way that captivates viewers and makes an imprint in their lives and is an invaluable tool that can help you break free from obscurity.”

3. Write Media Alerts that Grab Attention. Journalists and producers rarely come knocking on someone’s door for an interview and a one-size-fits-all approach does not work in the world of getting the attention of media decision makers. Crafting a winning pitch requires research to study the outlet’s previous interviews and audience demographics to tailor the pitch accordingly. Marianne Schwab recommends that, “This starts with crafting your expertise into a media hook or headline that sounds more like a tease for an upcoming TV segment than it does a boring press release headline. Once you have the hook, the one page media alert should align with that and give more details about your story without giving everything away. For example, if you’re an fashion stylist, your hook could be something like the three biggest mistakes women make when buying a bathing suit. You can list the mistakes, but the solutions are for when you get the media producer engaged. You might also share one visual example of the wrong bathing suit and pair that with the a photo of a dramatically more flattering option.”

4. Forge Relationships with Media Outlets. Building relationships is the lifeblood of public relations. The path to being discovered requires active outreach to media outlets and journalists. Marianne says, “Experts should start with local media since they’ll be more open to featuring a local business or expert and this is an excellent way to start getting visibility in your city. If you’ve never done a public relations outreach before, it can be a daunting task and you may chose to hire a publicist or agency to get started but be careful. Not all agencies will get you results so chose wisely. It breaks my heart when clients come to me after they’ve been burned and wasted budget that didn’t yield media exposure.”

5. Leverage Media Exposure. Credibility is the cornerstone of media success and leveraging features on reputable talk shows and in media outlets can bolster an expert’s reputation that instill trust in their brand or business. High-level entrepreneurs, book authors, and professionals should display media logos of where they’ve been featured on their website and social media platforms and also include videos of their past on-camera interviews. Marianne notes that, “Cultivating social proof through media appearances creates a snowball effect. As more interviews are secured, media outlets take notice, further amplifying an expert’s visibility and stature. Media coverage serves as a testament to your authority as an expert that will attract more opportunities, and even potential clients.”

By using this five-point blueprint, professionals and high level entrepreneurs can not only leave the shadows behind and break free from obscurity, but gain credibility that overpowers their competition.

Marianne Schwab has worked as a talk show producer in New York and Los Angeles and is currently the Executive Producer of CMP Media Cafe. She possesses a deep understanding of what the media looks for in expert interviews and works with professionals, high level entrepreneurs, and book authors to help them fast track their success. Through personalized media coaching and guidance, she helps clients refine their message, enhance their on-camera presence, and navigate the intricate world of media appearances. She shares broadcast public relations tips on Instagram and has created an online training that shares her insider secrets to promoting a business on TV talk shows with details for the types of experts producers love to book as guests.

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Merritt Eats Demands Reimbursement from Merritt Centennials for Missing Advertisement


Merritt, BC – Merritt Eats by Canuck Eats, a leading local food delivery service, is issuing a statement regarding the outstanding debt owed by the Merritt Centennials Junior Hockey Club for a missing advertisement. After nearly three years of unresolved communication, Canuck Eats seeks a resolution and full reimbursement for the unfulfilled marketing agreement.

In April 2021, Canuck Eats initiated contact with the Merritt Centennials regarding the removal of their sponsored rink board. The company discovered that their advertisement, previously displayed prominently within the arena, had been prematurely removed. Despite repeated attempts to address the issue with ex Marketing Manager Jared Thomas, and current manager Collin. The Centennials failed to rectify the situation or provide reimbursement for the advertisement.

William Tsui, representative of Canuck Eats, has communicated extensively with the Merritt Centennials and Mayor Michael Goetz, seeking clarification and resolution. However, these efforts have proven futile, with little accountability demonstrated by the hockey club. Canuck Eats has diligently followed up and provided all necessary documentation to support their claim for reimbursement.

Canuck Eats firmly believes that the responsibility for returning or reimbursing the advertisement lies with the Merritt Centennials. As an affected party, Canuck Eats calls for the immediate return of the advertisement or full reimbursement of the marketing expenses. The company expects the Centennials to address this matter promptly and rectify their failure to fulfill the agreed-upon terms.

Canuck Eats regrets the need to escalate this situation publicly but sees no other recourse to resolve the issue. The company remains committed to supporting local sports teams and organizations. However, it emphasizes the importance of accountability and fulfilling contractual obligations for fair and ethical business practices.

To learn more about Canuck Eats and its commitment to supporting local communities, visit

About Canuck Eats

Canuck Eats is a prominent local food delivery service committed to connecting customers with their favorite restaurants. With a user-friendly platform and a vast network of partner establishments, Canuck Eats offers a convenient and efficient way to enjoy a wide variety of cuisines. The company takes pride in supporting local businesses and fostering community growth.

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Ross B. Williams Hosts Real Estate Investment Expert Hugh Jones on the Latest Episode of Modern Profits Podcast

Orlando Florida-July 6th, 2023 – The Modern Profits Podcast, hosted by renowned entrepreneur and business coach, Ross B. Williams, has just released a must-listen episode featuring Hugh Jones, a leading expert in multifamily real estate investment.

In this enlightening conversation, Jones pulls back the curtain on the world of multifamily real estate investment, offering both seasoned and aspiring investors unique insights into this lucrative industry. Listeners are given an inside look at the multiple revenue streams available in this sector, which include acquisition fees, cash flow, and equity on resale.

Jones shares an invaluable tip for investors: “For every dollar you increase the income of the property, you increase the resale value by ten times that amount.” This wealth-creating strategy is one of the many shared during the course of the discussion.

Moreover, Jones shares the process of leveraging other people’s money for investments, a powerful tool that makes real estate accessible even to individuals without significant personal capital.

Hugh Jones brings an extraordinary depth of knowledge and humor to the conversation. Our listeners, whether they’re newbies or veterans in the world of multifamily real estate, will find immense value in this episode,” says Williams.

The Modern Profits Podcast continues to offer its global audience a wealth of knowledge through inspiring conversations with industry leaders. As Williams stated, “We’re focused on empowering our listeners with practical knowledge that they can implement right away.”

Tune in to the Modern Profits Podcast today to listen to the insightful conversation between Ross B. Williams and Hugh Jones, and delve into the exciting world of multifamily real estate investment.

About Modern Profits Podcast: Hosted by Ross B. Williams, the Modern Profits Podcast is a platform that bridges the gap between business theory and practical entrepreneurship. Each episode features in-depth interviews with successful entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and experts, offering listeners a 360-degree view of the world of business and entrepreneurship.

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Marianne Schwab, a Former Talk Show Producer, Unlocks Five Powerful Strategies on How to Become an In-Demand Media Expert

In today’s media landscape, being recognized as a leading expert can open doors to exciting opportunities and increase trust and credibility with current and potential clients. Professionals and high level entrepreneurs often wonder what it takes to secure coveted guest spots on talk shows that can not just elevate their reputation, but also provide one of the best ways to promote their book, product, or service, but they don’t know how to go about it.

According to Marianne Schwab, a former national network TV talk show producer, there are five essential strategies that can help establish credibility and become a sought-after media expert that captures the attention of talk show producers.

1. Master in Field of Expertise: Producers are looking for experts in all sorts of industries including health, fitness, beauty, and business, just to name a few.  Depending on the topic of the featured segment, years of experience and relevant degrees may be required as well. Marianne Schwab emphasizes the importance of expertise, “As a talk show producer, I looked for experts who possessed credible experience and demonstrated a high level of knowledge in their field. Being an expert goes beyond having a title — it’s about sharing your expertise in a way that provides valuable content to a show that is worth teasing to viewers. For example, think about how your segment might be promoted like, ‘Coming Up Next…Find out how to solve the biggest legal problem most people don’t know could bankrupt them.’ Your expertise should be tease-worthy.”

2. Establish an Online Presence: Talk show producers are looking for experts with a strong online presence. Creating a professional website that showcases expertise, services, and products is crucial and should include an engaging biography and testimonials to establish credibility. “A well-designed website with valuable content and active social media accounts can be a powerful tool for attracting the attention of talk show producers. Your online presence should reflect your expertise and demonstrate the value you can bring to their viewers.”

3. Craft a Problem-Solving Message: To stand out among the vast pool of experts, it is essential to craft a compelling message that addresses a common problem. Drawing from expertise, identify specific challenges with unique solutions or perspectives. “Talk show producers are always on the lookout for guests who can provide practical solutions to real-life problems. You need to craft a message that resonates with viewers that showcases how your expertise can transform their lives and offer actionable takeaways. This info must also be condensed into a three-and-a-half to five minute talk show segment format,” according to Marianne.

4. Start with Local Media: Local talk shows often have a more accessible booking process and are actively seeking experts from the community. While aspiring for national talk show appearances is tempting, beginning locally by offering expertise and insights with producers of local programs is a key strategy to building media relationships and gaining valuable experience. Marianne emphasizes, “Local talk shows provide an ideal platform to hone media skills, gain exposure, and develop a compelling on-air presence. Use these opportunities to showcase your expertise and build a solid foundation for future media appearances.”

5. Leverage Media Success: As media appearances accumulate and credibility as an expert is established, leveraging success becomes crucial in securing more opportunities. Updating the website and media kit to include previous talk show appearances, highlighting positive feedback and testimonials from hosts, viewers, and clients, and actively sharing media appearances on social media and professional networks contribute to becoming a go-to expert in the field. 

“You should consistently promote your media appearances across various platforms and use them as powerful endorsements of your expertise. It is common for producers of other shows to want to replicate an interview in their local market because they liked the expert and the topic they watched on another show,” Marianne advises. “Also, as you gain credibility in media, you can leverage this to not only charge more for your services which ultimately will increase your revenue, but instantly gain trust from new clients visiting your website when they see you’ve been featured in media.”

By using these simple strategies, professionals and high level entrepreneurs can not only become a sought-after media expert that talk show producers can’t resist booking, but gain credibility that overpowers the competition.

Marianne Schwab has worked as a talk show producer in New York and Los Angeles and is currently the Executive Producer of CMP Media Cafe. She possesses a deep understanding of what talk show producers look for in expert guests and works with professionals, high level entrepreneurs, and book authors to help them fast track their success in becoming a media expert. Through personalized media coaching and guidance, she helps clients refine their message, enhance their on-camera presence, and navigate the intricate world of media appearances. She shares broadcast public relations tips on Instagram and has created an online training that shares her insider secrets to promoting a business on TV talk shows with details for the types of experts producers love to book as guests.


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7 Figure MSP™ Announces Locations for Brand New IT and MSP Business Growth Events

[Austin, TX] – [June 22, 2023] – IT and MSP business owners in North America are in for a game-changing experience as Chris Wiser, Founder and CEO of 7 Figure MSP™, invites them to join him for one of the seven new The MSP Revenue Generator workshops planned for the remainder of the year. This highly anticipated live event series is designed to provide attendees with the exact steps to add $50K MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue) within the next 90 days.

With thousands of business owners attending their quarterly live events each year, 7 Figure MSP™ recognized the demand for more growth opportunities. Hence, the decision to host these intimate 1-day events in cities throughout North America, bringing their proven sales and marketing strategies right to the attendees’ backyards.

If you’re an IT or MSP business owner seeking to significantly increase your MRR over the next 90 days, these local events were specifically created for you. The workshops promise to deliver actionable insights and strategies that have been proven to drive exceptional revenue growth.

“We’re thrilled to offer this brand-new workshop series, providing IT and MSP business owners throughout the U.S. and Canada with the opportunity to unlock unprecedented growth potential,” said Chris Wiser, Founder and CEO of 7 Figure MSP™. “Our goal is to equip attendees with the exact steps they need to add $50K MRR within just 90 days, empowering them to take their businesses to new heights.”

The first of seven events will take place on July 20 at the renowned Ruth’s Chris Steak House in Parsippany, NJ from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Attendees can expect a full lunch, immersive hands-on trainings, exclusive swag, and exciting giveaways at the end of the day.

Space at each of these workshops is limited to just 30 people, so interested individuals are encouraged to secure their seats as soon as possible. Reservations can be made at where additional information about the workshop can also be found.

About 7 Figure MSP™:

7 Figure MSP™ is a leading authority in providing sales and marketing strategies tailored to IT and MSP businesses. Through their live events, workshops, and coaching programs, they empower business owners to achieve exceptional revenue growth and build successful, scalable businesses.

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Modern Profits For Entrepreneurs Podcast Hosted By Ross B. Williams Features Insights from Acclaimed Business Strategist, Keri Laine

Orlando, FL – June 16th, 2023 – Entrepreneur and Podcast Host, Ross B. Williams, continues to provide valuable insights for budding entrepreneurs on his acclaimed podcast “Modern Profits For Entrepreneurs”. In the latest episode, he welcomed Keri Laine, an experienced business strategist with a rich history in corporate HR, mergers and acquisitions, and consulting.

Keri shared her expertise on several key subjects, including networking, personal development, strategic thinking, and the value of mentorship. Among her key insights were the benefits of viewing networking like a scavenger hunt, the power of surrounding oneself with aspirational individuals, and the surprising impact of asking “What can I do to help you be successful?”

Ross’s insightful conversation with Keri offers fresh perspectives and practical tips for individuals embarking on or navigating their entrepreneurial journey. The episode underscores Ross’s commitment to inspiring and educating his audience with actionable strategies for business success.

Modern Profits For Entrepreneurs” continues to empower entrepreneurs by bringing on experts like Keri Laine, who provide deep insights and practical advice based on their real-world experiences.

The episode with Keri Laine is available now for streaming and download on MODERN PROFITS PODCAST.

Modern Profits For Entrepreneurs“:

Hosted by entrepreneur Ross B. Williams, “Modern Profits For Entrepreneurs” is a podcast that focuses on delivering impactful business strategies, tips, and inspirational stories from various industry experts. With a passion for empowering entrepreneurs, Ross ensures each episode provides the listeners with practical advice they can implement on their entrepreneurial journey.

Ross B. Williams is a successful entrepreneur, and the host of the “Modern Profits For Entrepreneurs” podcast. His mission is to provide real, actionable advice to entrepreneurs, helping them navigate their journey toward success.

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7 Figure MSP™ Unveils the Highly Anticipated “MSP of Dreams” Live Event for IT and MSP Business Owners

Chicago, IL – [Date]

7 Figure MSP™, a leading authority in business growth strategies for IT and MSP professionals, is thrilled to announce the upcoming “MSP of Dreams” Live Event, set to take place from August 15-17, 2023 at the prestigious Hilton Rosemont in Chicago, IL. This highly anticipated conference is designed to empower IT and MSP business owners with the mindset and strategies needed to achieve remarkable success.

The “MSP of Dreams” Live Event will be a one-of-a-kind experience, combining the thrill of baseball with the pursuit of business excellence. Inspired by the beloved national pastime, the event will provide business owners with a winning playbook to elevate their operations and create the business of their dreams.

Keynote speakers include renowned mind reader and communication expert, Christopher Carter. With a unique approach that emphasizes “reading between the lines” of human behavior, Carter will demonstrate the importance of building relationships, establishing trust and credibility, and truly listening to customers. Prepare to be amazed as he engages the audience with mind-boggling demonstrations of body language reading.

Joining the lineup of influential speakers is Dr. Wendy Borlabi, Director of Performance and Mental Health for the Chicago Bulls. Dr. Borlabi brings her expertise in optimizing performance and mental well-being to inspire attendees with valuable insights and strategies for achieving peak performance.

The “MSP of Dreams” Live Event will feature engaging sessions covering a wide range of topics crucial for business growth, including sales strategies, building and leading dream teams, making smart financial decisions, and mastering the mindset required for success. Attendees will have the opportunity to network with industry leaders, discover innovative products from leading vendors, and gain a competitive edge in the ever-evolving IT and MSP landscape.

As an exclusive bonus, all attendees will enjoy a memorable experience at the Wrigley View Rooftop, witnessing the thrilling Chicago WhiteSox vs. Chicago Cubs baseball game while further fostering valuable connections with fellow business owners and industry experts.

Chris Wiser, CEO of 7 Figure MSP™, shared his excitement about the event, stating, “The ‘MSP of Dreams’ Live Event is a game-changer for IT and MSP business owners. We are committed to providing an unforgettable experience filled with transformative insights and strategies that will propel businesses to new heights.”

Past attendees have raved about the impact of these business growth events. Matt Dillon, a previous participant, exclaimed, “Attending 7 Figure MSP™ Live events has been nothing short of amazing! The knowledge, connections, and inspiration I gained have transformed my business and taken it to unprecedented levels of success.”

Don’t miss your chance to be part of this extraordinary event. Register now for the “MSP of Dreams” Live Event at and secure your place in the lineup of successful IT and MSP professionals who are ready to transform their businesses.

About 7 Figure MSP™:

7 Figure MSP™ is a leading provider of business growth strategies and mentorship programs for IT and MSP professionals. Through transformative events and coaching, 7 Figure MSP™ empowers business owners to achieve remarkable success and create the businesses of their dreams.

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Modern Profits Announces Unique Mastermind Cruise Hosted by Digital Marketing Expert Ross B. Williams

Orlando, FL – June 9th, 2023 – Modern Profits, a renowned digital marketing and branding solutions provider, is thrilled to announce its forthcoming event, the Modern Profits Mastermind Cruise, hosted by Ross B. Williams. Taking place from November 6th to 10th, 2023, this unique experience will serve as a platform for learning, networking, and enjoyment for entrepreneurs seeking to expand their influence and business growth.

Ross B. Williams, an international speaker, award-winning event creator, and digital marketing expert, will be hosting the event. Known for his contributions to the world of digital marketing, Ross has been recognized with the prestigious ClickFunnels Two-Comma-Club award for achieving over $1 million in sales through a single online funnel. At Modern Profits, Ross assists entrepreneurs in scaling their businesses by creating memorable personal brands and employing effective media and paid advertising strategies.

The Modern Profits Mastermind Cruise, a 4-night excursion onboard the award-winning Royal Caribbean’s Allure of The Seas, will provide attendees with the opportunity to gain valuable business insights while relishing a luxury vacation. The itinerary includes visits to Nassau and CocoCay in the Bahamas, with a host of exciting activities planned on and off the ship.

Each day on the cruise will comprise of 3-4 hours of mastermind education, where attendees can learn from expert speakers about topics such as personal branding, scaling with paid ads, authority marketing, PR for growth, sales tactics, and automation. The event also provides plentiful networking opportunities, including beach cabanas, sailboat and snorkel excursions, dinners, and nightly networking parties.

The package includes all meals, two island experiences, learning sessions, networking parties, and more.

For more details about the Modern Profits Mastermind Cruise or to reserve a spot, please visit the official website.

About Modern Profits

Modern Profits is a premier digital marketing and branding solution provider. They help entrepreneurs to sell more courses, acquire more high-ticket coaching clients, and grow their businesses by becoming an authority in their respective niches.