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Former TV Producer Shares Secrets: How Entrepreneurs Can Get Talk Show Interviews

Los Angeles, CA based Marianne Schwab is helping entrepreneurs crack the code on how they can get talk show interviews to promote their business. Building visibility for a company or product is one of the biggest challenges that an entrepreneur faces and they may seek to increase their brand’s exposure with such interviews. However, the issue is that they have no idea how to go about this. Fortunately, Marianne Schwab is a former network talk show producer and has decided to share some of the biggest insider secrets from the industry on how an entrepreneur can land a TV talk show interview.

“It breaks my heart when I see small business owners and entrepreneurs spend thousands and thousands of dollars on hiring a publicist and get little to no results — let alone land a talk show interview,” states Schwab. She notes that, unfortunately, most entrepreneurs are clueless about the steps they need to take, even though they usually understand how much they stand to gain if they are successful.

This inspired Marianne to launch a free training program to show entrepreneurs exactly what they need to know and consider before they even begin to pitch programs to get TV talk show interviews. In fact, she is on a mission to help experts and entrepreneurs get an edge over their competition and the only prerequisite is that they have a product or service they are ready to promote.

The training covers three things that all entrepreneurs must know to book an interview in order to avoid ruining their chances of actually getting on the show. When it comes to learning how to land talk show interviews, she states that the first step is to help experts and entrepreneurs understand how talk shows work behind-the-scenes. Marianne says, “I am not a publicist, but a producer who helps experts, authors and entrepreneurs get talk show interviews. My approach is as an insider who understands exactly what talk show producers need and want for their programs.”

The strategies that Schwab suggests are based on her experience as a TV talk show producer. Her program has proven quite popular due to her extensive experience in the field. Ngombe Mayunda, author of the book, Thank You America, shared, “I learned new strategies on how to land TV Talk Show Interviews for my book. I recommend this amazing training.”

Marianne’s free training also covers the one strategy that every entrepreneur should master that will increase their chances of getting an interview up to 90% of the time. She give insights on the types of guests that talk show producers need to book on their daily shows and how to become more appealing to them as a prospective guest on programs. She does caution that people can derail their shot at success if they only think how a talk show interview will benefit them instead of thinking about the types of pitches that producers want.

Marianne helps entrepreneurs refine their expert knowledge into talk show segment ideas that appeal to TV audiences. Ultimately the goal is to elevate them from an expert to an authority that will generate more clients and customers in the process. Schwab emphasizes, “Getting the interview is only the beginning. Hitting a home run with your interview is where I come in to ensure that my clients don’t dismantle their credibility with a bad interview.”

Those interested in taking the free training to learn how to promote their business on a TV talk show can connect with Marianne Schwab on Instagram. Through this space, they can make inquiries on the free training to determine whether they can benefit from it and if they’re ready for a talk show interview.

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Wholesale Press Release Company Release Media Now to Offer Limited Entry Packages for Small Businesses

June 2022 – Release Media typically only offers monthly B2B subscriptions geared for publishers with considerable volume. With a customer base of mostly digital agencies and marketers, publishers usually do not distribute press releases for their own business, but rather for the companies they represent. Release Media’s subscription-based service offers one of the most affordable prices per PR on the market. However, qualifying for the wholesale prices requires a minimum distribution of 12 press releases per month. 

“Companies in the business of content can easily publish 12 press releases per month,” says Release Media CTO Peter Emanuele, “but for individual businesses interested in their own publications, this sort of volume does not make sense. However, many businesses can benefit from regular media distributions on a smaller scale. We are very sympathetic to smaller businesses who want to convey their messaging in the media, so on a limited basis, we decided to offer our wholesale prices at a low cost of entry.”

Instead of the usual minimum requirement of 12 press releases per month, Release Media will offer up to 100 businesses the opportunity to get the same low price per PR with an easily manageable distribution volume of 12 press releases per year. Doing the math, this offer allows a company to publish as little as one press release per month. 

A business that takes advantage of this offer will be given access to Release Media’s dashboard, where they can manage all their press release needs. Access to wholesale pricing means businesses can distribute a premium-level press release to over 450+ authoritative news sites for the unusually low price of just 25 US dollars. In addition, through the Release Media dashboard, customers can obtain a professional copywriter to craft a 350-word article for just 35 US dollars. Compared to retail, Release Media’s wholesale pricing is much more affordable.

Each press release distribution is guaranteed for publication on well-known media sites. Publications reach affiliate sites for FOX, NBC, CBS, ABC, and many other regional news leaders. Customers of Release Media can also expect coverage in leading industry and business publications like Benzinga, MarketWatch, Digital Journal, and other global and international media outlets targeting business-minded readers looking for the latest developments.  

Beyond this limited offer for a lower volume of wholesale PRs, Release Media happily provides all their customer’s guidance on how to best take advantage of content publication. This includes a media strategy that leverages press releases in multiple ways, including utilizing social media and an on-site newsroom. Release Media also has fully managed content marketing solutions for qualifying businesses. 

About Release Media

Release Media officially opened in 2020. The company founders come from backgrounds in marketing and web development. Core members of the team have been working together to help businesses flourish online since 2003. Release Media has developed a unique set of APIs that efficiently integrate with established partners within the media landscape. They have a mature network of distribution points and continue to innovate with the purpose of offering tremendous customer service and high-quality products priced well under

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New Direct Response Marketing Service Poised To Change The Digital Marketing Landscape For Rural Ohio.

March 15th, 2022-15Urbana, OH – Looking to change the digital marketing landscape for rural Ohio businesses, BKXX Enterprises, LLC announces the launch of their innovative new direct response marketing agency. This agency is dedicated to helping home service businesses in rural Ohio attract more clients and grow their businesses. With over a decade of experience in sales and marketing, BKXX Enterprises, LLC is poised to bring more exposure to the home service businesses in central Ohio.

Forged out of the crucible of the pandemic of 2020, Brandon saw a need to help local home service businesses get found. The frustrating attempts to hire a local landscaper opened his eyes to many local companies’ problems in establishing an online presence.

“My wife was getting on my case to get our yard cleaned up.” Says Brandon, Owner of BKXX Enterprises, LLC. “The problem was, no matter which company I found, there just wasn’t enough information to make a decision. So we just did it ourselves.”

The websites he found delivered little to no information searching for a solution. The lack of reviews made it challenging to build trust and authority. Brandon realized that these businesses are losing thousands of dollars a day by not having a solid digital foundation to promote their services.

BKXX Enterprises solves the problems that plague local home service businesses affordably. Utilizing a direct response approach, the marketing agency services of BKXX Enterprises set the foundations of the local companies with local SEO, content marketing, and paid advertising.

Called the Business Growth Accelerator, this all-in-one solution allows home service businesses to

* manage business listings on over 60 directories

*stay in touch with customers via social media, text, and email

*manage the reputation of the business in real-time

*understand who the ideal client is with deep website analytics

*follow up a website visit with direct mail touch

The Business Growth Accelerator has already proven to be a great success with a month-over-month doubling of leads generated for J&J Automotive Specialists, a local service business, from its Google Business Profile listing alone.

“When I was searching for an agency to get my auto service shop off the ground, I didn’t realize there were so many local marketing agencies in Urbana, OH. After finding BKXX Enterprises at the top of the search results and speaking with Brandon about the services I needed. I knew I made a good choice when I saw my leads double in the month of February.” John A., Owner J&J Automotive Specialists.

Brandon is excited to have the opportunity to bring more life to his local community and surrounding areas. He hopes to achieve this by helping local home service businesses attract additional clients. BKXX Enterprises, LLC’s success will lead to more significant economic development and increased job opportunities.

For more information on BKXX Enterprises, LLC and their new marketing agency, please visit their website or call (740) 359-7180. Businesses interested in learning more about how this agency can help them grow should contact the team today to schedule a free consultation. Time is of the essence; don’t let your competition get found before you do.

Please visit their website here:

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Jahan Hadi makes waves in the coaching industry by helping coaches scale their business with Upgrade Profits.

February, 24th 2022 – Sheridan, Wyoming: The coaching industry is growing exponentially, and the business coaching industry in the USA alone is already worth $11 Billion. Despite the huge size of the coaching industry, coaches struggle in a lot of areas when it comes to scaling their businesses. Even many coaches, known for offering stellar transformation services, can’t scale up their business to the level where they deserve. And this is where Jahan Hadi, the founder & CEO of Upgrade Profits, comes into the picture.

To give some background, Jahan Hadi is an American-Iranian passionate entrepreneur. He got into business when he was just 14. Initially, he provided web hosting and web development solutions to his clients.

Later, he built a marketing agency where he offered a plethora of marketing services to his clients from different verticals. He then founded his third company, Upgrade Profits, to help coaches, course creators, and consultants to build million-dollar businesses. He has generated over 55 million in wealth for his clients from his marketing company and Upgrade Profits.

The Philosophy Behind Upgrade Profits,

Jahan believes the traditional education system is not effective anymore. Because such educational institutes charge hundreds and thousands of dollars and leave students in huge amounts of debt without any guarantee of success. His mission is to change the traditional education system. For this, he is empowering coaches, consultants, and course creators who are helping people to succeed in real life and achieve real results and make meaningful changes across the world.

When it comes to the coaching industry, many coaches don’t truly understand marketing and sales. “Coaches have no idea what the pain points of their markets are. They don’t know how to stand out from the competition and de-commoditize their products or services. They have no idea how to build authority in their industry. They struggle to create an irresistible offer. And when it comes to distributing their message either using organic marketing or paid advertisement, they face a lot of challenges on a day-to-day basis.

And due to dealing with these challenges, they can’t scale up their business very quickly or a lot of times at all. At Upgrade Profits, we take them by the hand and guide them through the entire process, step by step to build what they love the most, a business that can truly transform their clients’ lives. And all while no longer having to worry about their profits, marketing, and sales. Essentially we teach them the time-tested processes that have helped build an insane amount of wealth for all of our clients in an insanely short amount of time“ Says Jahan Hadi.

A Sneak Peek Of Upgrade Profits (Process)

Coaches are meant to coach people, they should not need to worry about how to be advertisers or marketers, what to do or not to do, and they especially should not need to worry if they can make rent or payroll next month. Upgrade Profits helps coaches and consultants to build their business from the foundation up, with a scalable model that is ready to go from the start, run their business smoothly, and scale them to multi-million dollars businesses.

“We are a company that teaches coaches how to build the foundation and scale up their entire business to multi-million business. We use a tested and proven process to create irresistible offers, build different types of funnels, develop websites, run advertisements, build a sales team, track your leads, and much more.”

As per Jahan, coaching and consulting businesses spend thousands of dollars on different software solutions to just keep business going. But all the business functions are scattered on different software.

“My wife Liana is a life coach and coaches businessmen to have meaningful life and relationships. She was spending 8-9k USD on average per month on multiple software without any significant results. This led to building our own system, and now my wife does not need tens of software to build funnels and websites, communicate with clients, book calls, track leads, handle payments, make sales and manage Email or SMS marketing. And now that we know and understand how many coaches are struggling with the same thing, we decided to offer our system to help coaches build 7-figure businesses. Our one-stop solution takes our clients from not knowing what they will do next week to make payroll, to scaling their business so fast that they don’t know what to do with the extra income, and that’s after hiring their team”.

Upgrade Profits sets up the entire system for you, and then they teach you how to run your business and scale-up. They don’t charge for their management until you get results and they have an insane guarantee where if you don’t make an insane return on investment then they pay you. Learn more about Upgrade Profits at

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Ross B. Williams of Modern Profits to take 24 entrepreneurs on a Bon Jovi weekend experience in St. Petersburg FL.

St. Petersburg, FL – February 17th: Ross B. Williams founder of Modern Profits hosts an Iconic mastermind weekend for entrepreneurs, influencers, and business owners wrapped around a live concert with 80’s Rock Super Star Bon Jovi!

This event is part of Ross’ Content Vacation Mastermind where he takes multiple six and seven-figure entrepreneurs on white-glove vacation experiences so they can network, and build relationships together while creating amazing content for their social media calendars, advertisements, and websites.

This content vacation will take place April 14th-18th in St. Petersburg FL. It will include a premium night at the Bon Jovi Concert, cruising the water in yachts, and enjoying gorgeous beaches. Entrepreneurs will have a premium opportunity to capture amazing photography and videography from Modern Profits professional paparazzi on the waterways, at the beaches, and with the creative art and culture of downtown St. Petersburg.

Modern Profits crew will capture the influencers inside incredible branding photoshoots, lifestyle photoshoots, and red-carpet nightlife images as they network and enjoy a weekend of fun with like-minded successful entrepreneurs from around the world.

They will be staying at The Avalon, located in the sunshine city of St. Petersburg, Fl. This venue radiates a cool Art Deco style with its sleek Deco-esque lines, artful use of neon, and retro-chic interior.

The group will attend numerous experiences throughout the weekend including having a luxury party bus transporting them to the Amalie Arena in Tampa so they can rock out with Bon Jovi one of the greatest rock and roll acts of the 1980s on their epic new tour.

They will spend a day cruising the waters on beautiful 36-foot yachts, enjoy relaxing on the sand bars, waterfront restaurants, view gorgeous sunsets, have a spectacular day at beautiful St. Pete Beach, and experience amazing nightlife, enjoying exquisite restaurants and unique bars.

All of this while having their very own private paparazzi capture every moment so they can go home with enough content to fill their social media and websites till the next vacation.

Ross B. Williams created this mastermind to solve a problem he found popping up at conferences across the country.

While traveling the country going to masterminds and conferences he discovered that most entrepreneurs love going to these events but their favorite and most beneficial part is the networking and relationships they gain while at these events. However, they find they spend so much time in the conference rooms that they get very little time to truly connect and meet others. Event attendees also get frustrated because they travel to beautiful cities and don’t get any time to experience them.

This is why Ross B. Williams created Modern Profits’ Content Vacation Mastermind. He decided to ditch the conference room and create white-glove vacation experiences for multiple six and seven-figure entrepreneurs so they could connect and build relationships together in ways they couldn’t before. Ross says, “True masterminding happens when geniuses from different niches get together and share ideas.”

Ross’ past experience in events and knowledge of marketing makes this new concept a perfect fit for his skill set. He has over a decade of experience planning and hosting event experiences. In fact, he earned the ClickFunnels Two Comma Club Award by creating entertainment experiences that bring people together and change lives. (This award goes to entrepreneurs who generated over one million dollars in sales through a single website funnel.) 

Ross wanted to make this mastermind more than just a networking and vacationing experience. He wanted to solve a second problem that many entrepreneurs are struggling with in today’s world of social media and online businesses.

While traveling and meeting entrepreneurs around the world, Ross also discovered that entrepreneurs, influencers, and business owners were not getting enough quality content for their personal brand or businesses and their selfie photos just weren’t cutting it as their businesses are scaling to seven figures and beyond.

This is why ross will bring a full-time photographer and videographer on the vacation experiences. “The idea is to capture and create a mountain of content our guests can use to fill their social media calendars, advertisements, and websites,” Ross says. “Attendees will get branding photoshoots, lifestyle photoshoots, social photoshoots, along with plenty of b-roll video footage to use for video production. It will be like having a full-time paparazzi capture amazing content for your personal brand and business.

Ross’s goal is to help visionary entrepreneurs improve their online presence, network, and knowledge so they can reach the masses and create a positive impact in their niche.

Entrepreneurs, influencers, and business owners that would like to learn more about Modern Profits’ Content Vacation Mastermind check out the website below.

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Sprouter, The Groundbreaking Social media Aggregator app Introduces Data Analytics Features for Local Business Marketing.

6 April 2022: Be it influencers, brands, restaurants, or any small businesses, local business marketing has become the need of the hour. Keeping this aspect into consideration, Daniel Everist, the founder and CEO of Sprouter, build an app to help businesses and individuals streamline how they manage their social media accounts. A marketing entrepreneur, avid crypto investor, and world traveler, Daniel Everist aims to deliver an experience rather than a product to the people. 

Keeping that in mind, he came up with an idea for the Sprouter app. In fact, the app has been a huge hit with businesses and social media users who have used it to consolidate their social media accounts into one convenient app. Recently, he added a new feature in the app known as “data analytics.” This feature conveniently helps users track, measure, and benchmark their top posts. Users can now track follower growth, post-performance, and other analytics across all registered social media accounts.

Earlier connecting on Instagram, Facebook, or any other social media site was time-consuming. Users have to search for accounts individually. However, with Sprouter’s QR code system, users may easily increase their virtual social circle or their business’s online exposure. Clients and new friends scan the QR code, which can be kept in a virtual wallet or printed physically, and are redirected to the Sprouter-linked social network sites.

Using Sprouter mobile app, you will not only track and manage your company’s insights but also schedule or post to all of your platforms with the push of a button. In fact, the pre-existing QR code technology used by brick-and-mortar businesses can deliver customer-facing solutions such as a digital menu for a restaurant. Customers who scan can view everything your establishment has to offer in a single click. Make sure your Sprouter QR codes are visible for clients to scan.

The app stresses security by allowing users to control many shared profiles through QR codes while sharing critical information such as email addresses, phone numbers, and full names.

So, if anyone is interested in using Sprouter to manage their social media accounts or understands how to build their platform with data analytics should download the app from the Apple or Android store. If you have any questions regarding how the app can help in local business marketing, get in touch with Sprouter’s customer service team at or use the contact form on their website

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Sprouter Changing How Restaurants and Bars are Using Digital QR Code Menus.

April, 13th 2022: Daniel Everist, has built a smartphone app that could transform the way people connect to their social media accounts by allowing users to connect to many social network accounts with a single tap. 

 Daniel Everist, with his fellow-men, added QR code technology in the app that helps restaurant and bar owners to manage their social media accounts, digital menu, and a lot more all in one place. 90% of iPhone users can use their phone’s built-in Camera app to scan a QR code. That number will gradually rise to 100% as older versions of iOS are phased out. The numbers for Android devices are the same. Almost everyone can scan a QR code in less than a second. 

Sprouter gives a brief overview of an individual or a business and what it does. This is an ideal tool for everybody, whether individuals or businesses. It allows users to communicate with others, check their social media feeds, and connect with others quickly. Besides this, users can also add a unique Sprouter QR code to their Apple Wallet so that others can scan it and add their Sprouter link in their bio on all social platforms, which can also help in local business marketing. 

For the first time, Sprouter will be available as a desktop app. Along with the new desktop edition, both the mobile and desktop versions will be analytically capable of organizing the most important metrics across all of your platforms. This includes measuring follower growth and post-performance across all social media accounts (currently covered by Sprouter’s API). The app is available in both IOS and Android versions, or you can also download it on app stores or by visiting

So, as a restaurant and bars owners, if you want to use Sprouter to manage your social media accounts or understand how to create their platform using data analytics should download the software from the Apple or Android store. If you have any questions about how the app can help manage social media accounts and local business marketing, contact Sprouter’s customer service team at or fill out the contact form on their website

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Sprouter App gives users the ability to manage all social media platforms in one app!

April 2022: Maintaining social media platforms is a challenge nowadays. Whether someone is using social media platforms for personal use, local business marketing, or more, maintaining a social media presence and ensuring that their content reaches a bigger audience is difficult. To deliver experience, Daniel Everist, a 24-year-old marketing entrepreneur, introduces an app called Sprouter.

Sprouter is the ideal tool for individuals, students, or business owners. It allows them to rapidly communicate with friends, check their social media feeds, and engage with others.

How Does it Work?


Whether someone owns a restaurant, has a local business, or is just a social media user, Sprouter can help them make their social management easier.


Sprouter makes it easier than ever to expand a digital footprint among consumers. Using the mobile app, users can track and manage their business insights and schedule or post to all of your channels with a single click. Users need to place their Sprouter link in their bio on all social sites and add their unique Sprouter QR code to their Apple Wallet for others to scan. However, they need to make sure their Sprouter QR codes are visible and scannable for clients.

Sprouter’s purpose is to connect people faster, simpler, and more consistently than ever while sharing life’s best moments. Sprouter improves the user’s social media experience and the entire social media ecosystem.

Except for PPC/Targeted Advertising, which supports various marketing initiatives, Sprouter applies modern decentralized marketing tactics across the board. Sprouter has achieved rapid development by seizing opportunities before many of its competitors. 

The company has achieved the best outcomes by adapting to modern culture across many platforms and industries. For example, the company started bringing our pre-existing QR code technology to brick-and-mortar clients to deliver customer-facing solutions like a restaurant’s digital menu. Users of Sprouter will be able to go much beyond the platform’s existing capabilities. 

For the first time, Sprouter is available as a desktop app. Both mobile and desktop editions will be analytically capable of grouping the metrics that matter most across all of your platforms. These metrics will also measure follower growth and post-performance across all social media accounts.

Undoubtedly managing different social media accounts and doing local business marketing while running a business can be a daunting task. Here is where the Sprouter app can help! 

You can download the app on your Android and Apple smartphones easily. If you have any questions, contact Sprouter’s customer service team at or fill out the contact form at

Marketing & Sales Media & Communications Professional Services U.S Website & Blog Founder Provides Insights on The Rise of .xyz Domains

New York, NY –, a digital marketplace for premium domains and starter sites, discussed the recent rise in popularity for .xzy domains and what is behind the newfound interest in this gTLD. From one of the biggest rebrands to an emerging industry, as well as traditional gTLD advantages, these all tie into the rise of .xyz domains and were the main topic of commentary provided by founder Michael Santiago.

In its rebranding rollout plan, Alphabet, formerly known as Google, made, at that time, a radical decision in changing their domain name. With the relevant .com’s, and already taken they decided to use This put .xyz domains on the map and further legitimized the extension as an alternative to a .com.

.xyz’s are now one of the most popular new gTLD’s to start the year with more than 4 million domains registered, accounting for 16% of gTLDs market share, according to Statista. A big contributing factor in the 4 million domains registered is the movement of Web3 and the crypto industry. 

“We are seeing new trends as a result of an evolving internet. The move to Web3 alongside the resurgence of crypto is shaping new patterns and ways of the internet, one of which is the wider acceptance of .xyz and other gTLDs. Before, if you didn’t own the .com, you may have been thought of as less trustworthy. Now, if you can only acquire the .xyz, you might even be considered more modern, especially when it comes to Web3 and crypto companies,” said Michael Santiago, founder of

Another advantage it has going for it is that .xyz’s are affordable and relatively available. .xyz’s have become a viable alternative for companies looking to purchase a domain name if their .com counterpart is not available or out of reach financially. It appears any company that goes this route would not miss a beat nor have any branding issues with its target audience.

“Of course, no one believes .xyz’s will eventually flip .com’s, however, there is most definitely a place for .xyz in the digital landscape that we predict will only continue to grow as we move into Web3 and the metaverse,” added Santiago.

In keeping up with this trend, has continued to acquire .xyz domain names as part of their portfolio to add to their marketplace. They also offer free consultations for anyone who is looking to find the right domain for their company.

To learn more visit

About is a digital marketplace for premium domains and starter sites. They specialize in assisting their clients in acquiring the best domain name to increase credibility and brand power. Currently, they list over 3,500 domain names with a combined valuation of over $5 million. They aim to be the best website to buy an online business.

Contact Information Media Team

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Chris Wiser Helps IT and MSP Business Owners Double (or Triple) Their MRR at The 7 Figure MSP™ Live Event in Phoenix, AZ

Austin, Texas – January 16th, 2022 – Chris Wiser, the Founder, and CEO of 7 Figure MSP™, is hosting a live event exclusively for MSP and IT business owners. 7 Figure MSP™ Live will take place January 26-28, 2022 at the Wild Horse Pass Casino and Hotel in Phoenix, Arizona. 

The three-day event features a special Make and Take Pre-Day Workshop and 2-Day 7 Figure MSP™ Live Event.   

The exclusive live event features two days of dedicated training events designed to give Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and IT Professionals a roadmap to success with a proven process to drive new meetings and leads in the ever-increasing digital world.  The 7 Figure MSP™ Live Event will send you home with four specific receivables:

  1. MSA BEST PRACTICES: Learn how to structure and deliver iron-clad agreements and contracts that protect you from liability and potential legal issues.
  2. 7 FIGURE MSP™ MARKETING MACHINE FORMULA: Understand basic principles and get the exact steps needed to build your own marketing machine in your business.
  3. “THE DAILY SIX”: Simple, mostly free strategies and tactics you can begin implementing NOW into your daily schedule to get more leads and increase your sales.
  4. FREE MSP CRM: A Plug-n-Play Customized MSP-Specific Sales Pipeline so you never miss a follow up again

7 Figure MSP™  is revolutionizing the MSP industry by taking a radical approach to sales and marketing education and coaching for MSPs. 

An additional “Pre-Day” Workshop is also available for MSPs who wish to build out their own scalable process for delivering risk assessments. All live event ticket holders get access to this pre-day workshop.

The 7 Figure MSP™ live event is perfect for one-man operations as well as larger businesses. The sales and marketing strategies revealed at the event are responsible for successes such as

  • Bill Bunnell from Network Builders added $12,000 of new MRR to existing clients in the first 45 days.
  • Hallie Talley with Knights of Bytes added a FULL sales system, $3,000 in MRR, and $9,000 in projects in the FIRST 30 days.
  • Ryan O’Hara from Sphinx Technology Solutions went from flying by the seat of his pants as a sales process to an actual documented sales process. As a result, he added over $7,000 in MRR and another $10,000 in project revenue in 30 days.

For more information and how to register to attend the 2-Day 7 Figure MSP™ Live Event and the Pre-Day Workshop, please visit: