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Gartner’s Report Discusses Four Market Trends for IT Companies in 2023

Gartner recently released a report on the four ways the technology market will change for IT companies in 2023.

According to the report, there are nine trends that would affect tech vendors but only four of them are “new” trends. The nine trends have been classified into three categories:

Increased reliance on tech

  • Federated enterprise tech buying
  • Co-innovation ecosystems
  • Democratisation of tech
  • Product-led growth

Opportunities through new tech

  • Digital marketplaces
  • Intelligent applications
  • Marketing and CX with metaverse tech

Impact of macro forces

  • Sustainable business
  • Techno-nationalism

Of these nine, the report focuses on:

  • More federated enterprise tech buying
  • The increase in product-led growth strategies
  • The rise of digital marketplaces
  • Metaverse technologies incorporated into marketing and CX

Important Tech Trends in 2023

More Federated Enterprise Tech Buying

In a survey conducted in 2022, Gartner found that “67% of enterprise IT decision-makers are not in IT”. 

According to the report, as more and more decisions are made by non-technical stakeholders, buying the latest technology becomes less important than the outcomes and value businesses get out of them.

To use this trend optimally, Gartner recommends that businesses:

  • Shift their marketing strategy to focus on customer-oriented value rather than technology-based scenarios
  • Use their Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) to understand the buying behaviour of the target audience, and leverage that information to maximise better quality and successful deals
  • Guide clients who aren’t tech-educated to make better, more informed decisions

Increase in Product-Led Growth Strategies

Product-Led Growth (PLG) is a strategy where the product is used to give potential customers a taste of how it could add value to their processes. This happens before there is any sales talk.

According to Gartner, this trend is going to pick up so rapidly that PLG will become an accepted market practice by 90% of SaaS businesses in 2025. Considering that only 58% of businesses currently use this practice, that’s quite a steep rise.

Under this strategy, customers will enjoy “self-service product experiences”. The signals gathered from these would be used to create “sales-driven conversions and expansion plays”.

This strategy can offer a rapid growth pattern. However, it requires more thought than simply introducing a free version of the product and hoping it’ll lead to sales.

In order to be successful, the PLG strategy requires buyer awareness marketing as well as onboarding. Customers have to be provided with the right guidance and support. Finally, it requires a data-driven, at-scale strategy for conversion and expansion.

Of course, the entire strategy would rely on a product with an intuitive user experience, easy or quick onboarding, and the ability to quickly demonstrate value to customers.

Rise of Digital Marketplaces

Tech buyers, especially non-tech ones, are increasingly looking at digital marketplaces for buying “composable and easily consumable solutions”. 

Gartner predicts that, by 2026, all major application service providers and cloud platforms will offer customers composable solutions. These will be differentiated by “quality, convenience, and security”.

In order to make the most of this trend, businesses would need to:

  • Identify which marketplace channel works best, based on their solution fit and the preferences of their potential customers
  • Understand that their customer base is shifting to a non-tech one, which means they might need to tweak their marketing strategy
  • Realise that they’re part of a marketplace for the benefit of their customers, so join marketplaces based on their suitability, or launch their own

More Metaverse Technology in Marketing and CX

Metaverse—described as “a collective virtual shared space”—represents various technologies. These include virtual reality (VR), augmented reality, (AR), flexible work styles, head-mounted displays (HMDs), AR cloud, internet of things (IoT), 5G, artificial intelligence (AI), and spatial computing.

(Take a look at how AI is going to disrupt digital marketing as well!)

These technologies are being used as marketing tools to generate engagement through unique experiences and memorable interactions.

Of course, since most of these technologies are quite new, it is up to businesses to determine which ones work for them and when they need to implement them. Businesses would need to evaluate how viable they are and invest in a strategy for continuous evaluation as they continue to evolve.

The trends discussed by Gartner might mean businesses will have to rethink (or at least gently tweak) their tech marketing strategy to capitalise on these. Of course, there are specialist software marketing agencies, like Geeky Tech, that could help.

However, the fact remains that we are witnessing a moment in history where a paradigm shift might be approaching. How businesses use the information from this report might be what differentiates them from their competitors.

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Technical SEO: Why Marketing Teams Need to Talk About it More

Web writers who are interested in learning more about SEO have probably read Search Engine Journal’s recent article that discussed technical SEO tools. While content writers aren’t usually involved in the technical side of SEO, it’s always good to know how their work fits into the greater strategy.

But why does one need technical SEO? 

In short, technical SEO is just as important as keyword research. It’s like coming up with a brilliant UX/UI design for an app but not writing the code because the way it looks should be enough to sell it.

Both are important. A business can’t do away with either. 

It’s the same with SEO. Both technical and on-page SEO are important.

The Importance of Being Optimised

Any business that hopes to reach its customers today needs to have an online presence. A website is normally one of the first things a business needs—even if it has a single page with contact details.

Of course, anyone can create a website. It’s quite easy.

The issue arises when it’s time to market it. Social media is a good place for businesses to promote their brand. However, a lot of people search for services they want on a search engine like Google.

It goes without saying that companies definitely want to be seen there.

SEO Is Important for Marketing

SEO is necessary because that is what tells search engines when to show specific web pages to searchers. And, they might be searching for something that’s not quite a sale, but might lead to one in the future.

The thing is, there’s a difference between selling and marketing. Selling is the act of convincing someone to pay them for their product or service.

Marketing, on the other hand, is convincing people they need their product or service—even if they’ve never needed it before.

So, whilst selling is a part of marketing, it’s not all there is to it. 

A good technical SEO agency, like Geeky Tech, will be able to help businesses draft a digital marketing strategy that addresses every aspect of their customers’ needs.

SEO Helps Companies Build a Rapport With Their Customers

The other thing is, when people search for a product or service, chances are they have already decided what they want and who they are likely to buy it from. 

Marketing is spending time building a relationship with potential customers. That way, when they are ready to buy, that business the first name they think of.

And, how does SEO fit into this?

Well, since SEO is a part of digital marketing, it involves finding out the questions potential customers are asking, answering them, and ensuring that the answers can be found by them.

If a business can give users valuable information when they have a question, the user starts to think of that brand as an expert. As an expert, if a business continue to give users that important information, they start to earn their trust.

Once a business has earned a user’s trust, they are more than willing to become a customer.

If an expert who was giving them free advice is selling something, it must be better than the competitors’ product (or service).

Why Do Businesses Need Technical SEO?

So, we’ve established that SEO helps customers find websites. On-page SEO helps by telling Google the questions pages are answering on the page and the information readers could find on there.

Technical SEO, on the other hand, might have some information about the keyword focus on the page. However, it mainly addresses… well… the technical aspects.

  • Should the page be indexed or not? (Not all pages need to show up on search results)
  • Is the site set up properly for crawlers? (If it isn’t, all that brilliant content will never be seen by search spiders, and thus, will never show up in search results.)
  • Are the URLs and site markup optimised?
  • Is the website organised logically? (e.g., the important pages shouldn’t be more than 3 layers deep.)
  • If the site has been migrated, was it done properly and with the right redirects?
  • Speaking of redirects, have they been set up correctly, or are there pages that hop from A to B to C to D instead of A to D?

Technical SEO deals with these aspects of optimisation. And, a business really need them because no matter what doomsday prophets say, AI might change the way we do SEO but AI will not kill SEO.

In other words, technical SEO is essential for digital marketing. Anyone who says otherwise is either lying or trying to sell something. 

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Marianne Schwab, Former National Network TV Talk Show Producer, Exposes Five Mistakes High-Level Entrepreneurs Make with Talk Show Interviews

Getting invited to appear as a guest on a TV talk show can be a valuable opportunity for experts, authors, and high-level entrepreneurs to share their message with a broad audience and establish credibility. However, it’s essential to be aware of the challenges that come with securing and preparing for such appearances on television and how to avoid common mistakes that could derail a media interview.

The media landscape is constantly evolving, and it can be challenging to keep up with the latest trends, preferences, and best practices. Marianne Schwab, a former national network TV Talk Show Producer, understands the good, the bad, and the ugly from what can go right to what can go terribly wrong and she shares her insights on some the biggest mistakes high level entrepreneurs make when they get talk show interview opportunities.

Mistake #1 – Not understanding that it’s all about the media hook and story angle. Anyone who wants to be a guest on a talk show needs to understand what producers want and it’s really pretty simple. According to Marianne, a media hook will be the number one reason a producer will look at a pitch to decide if an expert will make a good guest. “The media hook is really about how producers will promote the segment or title it on their website so viewers click to watch it online. For example, one of my clients is a Canine Caterer and she launched a cook book for dogs that also had two pages of toxic foods to avoid giving your dog. Our media hook was, ‘Toxic Mistakes Dog Owners Make.’ This is the sort of hook that you can almost hear the host of the show say, like ‘Coming up next,’ or ‘Stay tuned.’ That’s the type of media hook producers love.” 

Mistake #2 – Not understanding the amount of preparation needed before the interview. TV talk shows can be intimidating even if an expert has lots of YouTube videos or Facebook Live experience. Marianne has prepared clients for hundreds of interviews, “Without the right preparation and coaching, it can be challenging to come across as confident, articulate, and engaging on camera. For the newbie talk show guest, they often think once they’ve booked the interview, all they have do is show up and answer questions, but that is a recipe for disaster. You don’t show up for the World Series and treat the game like a batting practice. If you want to hit a home run with your interview, you need to dial in your message so you can maximize your three minute interview and then prepare it so you come off authentic and confident and this can take between five to ten hours.”

Mistake #3 – Not understanding what to look for when hiring a publicist. Hiring a publicist is the best way to fast track getting television interviews, but not all publicists specialize in broadcast or have those contacts.  Marianne advises, “You want to work with a publicist who specializes in broadcast P.R. and has media connections with producers. Also, look at their track record for clients they’ve booked on talk show programs. Since I’m a former national network talk show producer, I can guarantee that my clients will get on network quality local talk shows since I have strong relationships with producers all over the country.” So look for publicists with talk show media connections because ultimately, producers work with trusted professionals.

Mistake #4 – Not understanding that the first talk show interviews will be a local talk shows. Even if an author has had a bestselling book, it’s no guarantee they’ll land an interview on a national talk show. In fact, it’s unlikely, according to Marianne, “As a producer for national talk shows, I always wanted to see that guests had been on other talk shows and that meant local talk shows. I knew if they could do well on those shows, they’d be great on my show since my job was literally on the line if I booked a bad guest. Local talk shows on network affiliates are an excellent training ground for experts and high level entrepreneurs to master on camera media appearances while building credibility as a go-to on-camera expert.” 

Mistake #5 – Not understanding that talk shows are about publicity and NOT marketing or advertising. One of the most difficult things to understand about talk show interviews is that they are not marketing or advertising platforms so the approach has to be informational in nature with a soft call to action. Marianne shares, ” No amount of advertising can get you the credibility that appearing as a guest in the editorial framework of a talk show because at the end of the day, advertising is saying that you’re good, but public relations is getting someone else, in essence, to say it for you. Anytime you’re interviewed, you’re not just perceived as an expert, but you’re elevated to an authority in your industry.”

High level entrepreneurs often look for a direct ROI from talk show appearances, but successful public relations is not measured in the same way that a successful marketing campaign is measured. Overall, getting on a TV talk show and leveraging it correctly, can give an entrepreneur the instant know, like, and trust factor with potential clients or customers that can ultimately seal the deal on purchasing decisions.

Marianne Schwab has worked as a producer for over 25 years in New York and Los Angeles. She is currently the Executive Producer of CMP Media Cafe where she works with clients to develop compelling media hooks and story angles that get them TV and radio interviews in today’s complicated media environment. She shares tips on Instagram and has created an online training that shares her insider secrets to promoting a business on TV talk shows and details the types of guests producers love to book as guests.

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How a Young Woman Started a $9,500-a-Month Business Selling Digital Products on Etsy

Etsy is a popular store designed to sell products that people have created themselves. When you think of it, you’re more likely to think of handmade jewellery, knitted or crocheted items, paintings, clay modelling stuff, glass items, etc.

You know… trinkets. 

(Can you tell I don’t spend much time on Etsy?)

So, when I came across an article about a woman using her maternity leave to start a $9,500-a-month business on the website, I had to read it.

The first thing that surprised me was that she wasn’t selling those stereotypical products. She was selling printables that she created on Canva.

Rachel Jiminez had a full-time job as the director of alumni engagement at a university. She was also studying on the side—Positive Psychology. Her blog and Etsy store were, in her own words, “side hustles”.

Ms Jiminez explained that her Etsy shop was consistently getting her around $50 a month. She just didn’t have enough time to invest in it. It was when she was on maternity leave with her second child that she started putting work into it. 

In the article, she explains how she built her business.

Tips For Expanding an Etsy Business

According to Ms Jiminez, building her business was a four-step process. Here’s how it started.

Developing the Growth Mindset

When starting your own business, it’s easy to take failure personally. Once you do that, you’ll give up at the first sign of trouble. 

That’s why Ms Jiminez considers the first step of her journey the one where she stopped thinking that she wasn’t good enough and focused on figuring out the problem.

Learning From Others’ Successes

When you’re on a platform like Etsy, you can see how other sellers are performing. Again, it’s likely that you see others doing better than you and feel jealous. 

What Ms Jiminez did with that emotion was to use it to learn from the sellers she perceived as more successful than her.

She says she’d “…study their strategies, devour any podcasts or blog posts they created, and put their tips and recommendations to the test.

Testing and Tweaking Periodically

No matter how well a strategy works for someone else, it’s possible that isn’t suitable for you in the least. When Ms Jiminez saw a strategy failing to deliver, she’d “try to get helpful data” from her failures.

One of the questions she’d ask is whether it was a marketing problem or a product problem. For example, say she had high volumes of traffic to a product page, but not enough conversions. That told her the product wasn’t appealing enough.

On the other hand, if she didn’t have many people visiting the product page, but those who did ended up buying more often than not? That meant she wasn’t marketing it well.

Considering the Customers’ Needs and Wants

Customers tend to vote with their feet. If they don’t like the product, no matter how well you sell it, they won’t buy it. That’s why Ms Jiminez decided to find out exactly what customers were looking for. 

She says she looked for “clues in Facebook Groups and online forums, noticed what was trending in stores, and used tools like Google Trends and Pinterest Trends.” She even used paid tools, such as eRank.

This research helped her identify the problems her customers wanted to solve, which she then used to design her products.

Why Digital Products?

I discussed this in another article about Digital Products UX Trends in 2023 in greater detail but a digital product is any product that is built, delivered, and consumed online. 

As Ms Jiminez explained, “a digital product can be a PDF, a JPEG image, or even an Excel spreadsheet that you make once and profit from forever.

Of course, if you’ve read my previous article on digital product trends, you’d know that it also includes other online consumables like audio files, videos, apps, software, templates, plug-ins, and more.

However, the key point is the latter half of her description… make it once and profit from it forever.

A digital product doesn’t need a warehouse (or a workshop cupboard) to be stored in. You don’t need to ship it physically to a customer. You don’t need to build a copy every time someone orders it.

In short, it doesn’t have much overhead.

How Can You Create Your Own Digital Products For Your Business?

In the article, Ms Jiminez says she used Canva to design both her products as well as her listing images. Other people might use Keynote, PowerPoint, PhotoShop, or Illustrator. Others might use Notion, OneNote, or Excel.

Of course, if you wanted to design a digital product that required more technical knowledge, you might need to hire a digital product development company, like Luminos Software.

It would depend on what you want to design and sell. You might want to do your own research to see what customers want and need. Or, you might have a brilliant idea but you aren’t quite sure how to market it.

Hopefully, Rachel Jiminez’s story will inspire you to give it a go and provide you with enough pointers to get you started on your path to success.

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Announcing Storeplum’s New E-commerce Store Platform That Is Easy and Simple to Use

Outside The Limit [], a reputable online technology advice and research company, has recently released a report and review on Storeplum’s new e-commerce store platform. This innovative platform is designed to cater to businesses of all sizes and aims to provide an easy and simple to use solution for the competitive online retail market.

The new e-commerce store platform offers a comprehensive range of features that can help businesses streamline their online operations. With Storeplum, businesses can easily manage their online stores, keep track of their inventory, process orders, and accept payments in a safe and efficient manner.

One of the standout features of Storeplum’s e-commerce store platform is its user-friendly interface. The platform is designed with simplicity in mind and allows business owners to set up their online stores quickly and efficiently. The platform’s dashboard provides easy access to all the necessary features, allowing business owners to focus on growing their businesses.

The platform is highly customizable, enabling businesses to create unique online stores that reflect their brand and style. Storeplum offers a range of customization options, including customizable themes, fonts, colors, and layouts, ensuring that businesses can create an online store that is tailored to their needs.

In today’s fast-paced world, consumers are increasingly using their mobile devices to shop online. Storeplum’s e-commerce store platform is mobile-friendly, ensuring that businesses’ online stores are accessible and easy to use on any device, including smartphones and tablets.

Moreover, the platform is affordable, providing businesses with a comprehensive range of features at a competitive price, making it accessible to businesses of all sizes. Storeplum is also offering a coupon code to save 15% if users us the code: JOEL15.

“We are excited for the release of Storeplum’s new e-commerce store platform,” says “The platform is designed to be easy to use, reliable, customizable, and affordable, providing businesses with the tools they need to succeed in the competitive online retail market.” is dedicated to providing businesses with the latest insights, advice, and reviews on new technologies, including e-commerce platforms, online video platforms, and digital marketing tools. Their mission is to help businesses succeed in the digital world by providing them with the tools and resources they need to stay ahead of the competition.

Storeplum’s e-commerce store platform is a game-changer for businesses looking to succeed in the competitive online retail market. With its user-friendly interface, robust security features, customization options, and affordability, it provides businesses with the necessary tools to streamline their online operations and stand out in the digital world. For more information, visit today and use the Storeplum coupon code: JOEL15 to save 15%.

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A Sneak Peek at the Digital Marketing Trends of 2023

I came across this article on Top Marketing Trends in 2023 by CMSWire. As an SEO content writer, I was definitely interested in what it said. I was even more curious as I’d seen another article in Forbes on the same topic.

The Geek in me wanted to compare the trends these two articles thought would be strong in 2023.

The writer in me wanted to arm myself with industry knowledge—be a more effective content writer and all that.

The me-the-person will read anything and this was as good reading material as any, so…

Anyway, here’s the information, distilled for you by intelligence that is not artificial.

Top Marketing Trends 2023

According to the article, here are the top trends of 2023:

Social Media and Influencer Marketing to Grow

According to HubSpot’s Marketing Strategy and Trends Report, around 25% of marketers use influencer marketing. This form of marketing currently seems to have the highest ROI. 

So much so, it’s expected to grow in 2023, with 17% of marketers planning to try it out for the first time this year. And, of the marketers who are already using this form of marketing, 89% are expected to increase their budgets!

Of course, not everyone agrees with this. Some marketers believe that it’s not influencer marketing that sells but social media marketing. And, influencers are simply harnessing the power of social media.

According to them, content creators who focus on social media will achieve growth, rather than influencers specifically.

Local Search Still Dominates

With the rise of mobile device use, search is slowly becoming more local. If I’m driving and want to grab a bite to eat, it’s easier to look for places in the vicinity. 

With more people browsing the interwebz on their phones instead of a desktop, it’s only logical for local search to become more important in 2023.

So, if you want your technology and software business to be found locally, get yourself an IT marketing company (like Geeky Tech) to help you.

AI-Generated Content to Invade Webpages

I know I have been going on and on about ChatGPT—how it is being used to create malware and how it is going to change SEO—but it’s hard not to. It’s the hot news of the year.

However, it’s not the only AI content generation tool—it’s just the most popular. And, for better or worse, it seems like AI-generated content is here to stay. 

Content generation is a huge part of digital marketing. With AI writing or creating images and videos, marketers will be able to generate vast quantities of content really quickly.

This will mean that, with robotic content saturating the world wide web, original content might find it difficult to stand out.

At the same time, it will create a demand for content marketers who can harness the power of AI to create top-quality content.

Audio-Visual Content Consumption Rises

Social media marketers already knew that posts with images or videos get more engagement. However, now digital marketers are also noticing a rise in the demand for audio and video content.

And, it’s not just audio clips and short videos that are being voraciously viewed. Audiences are also devouring live-streamed content and podcasts.

Another point to note, people no longer want perfectly produced videos. TikTok seems to have created a demand for user-created videos that aren’t professionally edited.

Social Accountability Is a Factor Now

It’s been a growing trend but will continue to play a role for marketers in 2023. Consumers want to align with brands that share the same values as them. In fact, 50% of Gen-Zers and nearly 41% of millennials prefer to patronise businesses that support social causes.

Gamification Wins

Audiences visiting websites are more likely to stay if there are interactive elements to keep them engaged.

Plus, it makes a great talking point, which helps in word-of-mouth marketing!

So, there you have it; the marketing of 2023. These are points you’d need to keep in mind when planning the marketing strategy for your IT company.

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Marianne Schwab, Former National Talk Show Producer, Reveals Five Mistakes Businesses Make When Hiring a P.R. Agency or Publicist

Hiring a public relations agency (P.R. agency) or publicist can be a great way for businesses to improve their image and reputation, as well as increase their visibility. However, it’s important for businesses to avoid making mistakes when choosing a PR agency or publicist, since these mistakes can lead to wasted time and money, and even damage to the business’s reputation.

As a former national network TV talk show producer, Marianne Schwab has worked with P.R. Agencies for over twenty-five years and shares some insight on what to do look for to make a good match with an agency and the business they’ll be representing. She says, “When I produced daily talk shows, I got a lot of pitches from P.R. agencies and some were great, but many publicists were kind of clueless and didn’t understand how to effectively pitch television talk shows to get results for their clients. Overall, publicists are generalists in P.R. and have to pitch print publications like magazines and newspapers or online publications so pitching broadcast outlets like podcasts, radio, and television talks shows and news programs requires an entirely different skill set and contact database that many publicists don’t have.”

Schwab says when businesses or entrepreneurs hire a PR agency or publicist they need to avoid making these mistakes because they won’t just cost money, but they’ll end up with little to no media results which is the goal when investing in a public relations campaign.

Mistake #1 – Not doing their homework. It’s important for businesses to thoroughly research and compare different PR agencies or publicists before making a hiring decision. This includes looking at the agency’s or publicist’s track record, understanding their approach to P.R., and getting references from other clients that include the media results. Schwab says, “It’s also important to look at the types of clients they have worked with and are currently representing for two reasons. First, they need to be the right fit for your industry or aligned with your brand, and second, confirm that they do not currently represent any competitors which would be a conflict of interest. This can sometimes be tricky if you’re thinking about working with a brand that specializes in beauty and skin care. On one hand, they have developed media contacts for that industry that can help you, but on the other hand, they may represent competing products or brands and that can be an issue.”

Mistake #2 – Failing to set clear and realistic goals or objectives. Before hiring a PR agency or publicist, it’s crucial for businesses to have a clear idea of what they hope to achieve through public relations. Goals might include increasing brand awareness, improving media coverage, or managing a crisis, but should also be measurable like securing a specific number of placements in print and broadcast with a specific number of impressions for the audience as well. “PR campaigns do take time to get traction and produce results so you need to be realistic about the time not only needed to achieve these goals,” Schwab says, “but also do not expect national coverage when local media may be far more effective and realistic.”

Mistake #3 – Not communicating effectively. Communication is key to the success of any PR campaign. It’s important for businesses to provide their PR agency or publicist with all relevant information they need to represent the client, including details about the business and its products or services, as well as any challenges or issues that need to be addressed. In turn, the PR agency or publicist should keep the business informed about the progress of the campaign and any opportunities or challenges that arise.

Mistake #4 – Not being open to expert consultation or feedback. A good PR agency or publicist will provide honest and constructive feedback to help the business improve its PR efforts. It’s important for businesses to be open to this feedback and be willing to make changes based on it. Marianne Schwab advises, “Remember that you have hired an expert and your results will depend on how much you respect their advice and heed it. I always love when a client is open to ideas that may push the envelope just a bit since those are the pitches that get the best results.”

Mistake #5 – Overpaying for services: There are also other considerations especially when it comes to the fee for public relations services. “I’ve seen some small businesses and entrepreneurs get talked into buying ‘too much P.R.’ for the size of their business. Retainers for small agencies start around $3,000 per month and the major P.R. agencies charge up to $25,000 and more. Small companies don’t need a big agency and it breaks my heart when I see them invest a boatload of money and get little to no results in media placements especially when I know I can guarantee meaningful media placements for clients,” Schwab comments.

By avoiding these mistakes, businesses can improve their chances of success when working with a PR agency or publicist. A well-planned and executed PR campaign can be a valuable investment for any business, helping to build its reputation and reach new audiences.

Marianne Schwab has worked as a producer for over 25 years in New York and Los Angeles. She is currently the Executive Producer of CMP Media Cafe where she works with clients to develop compelling media hooks and story angles that get them TV and radio interviews in today’s complicated media environment. She shares tips on Instagram and has created an online training that shares her insider secrets to promoting a business on TV talk shows and details the types of guests producers love to book as guests.

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Ross B. Williams, Founder of Modern Profits, Reveals How Personal Branding Can Be a Game Changer for Entrepreneurs

Personal branding has become one of the most important foundations for entrepreneurs as they build a business and professional reputation to promote their image to their ideal clients and there are three crucial keys to ensure personal branding success. Unfortunately, if these are not part of the initial business strategy, it can derail the best laid out plans since personal branding is much more than color combinations, fonts, and a cool logo. It is, in fact, an essential ingredient for every aspect of marketing a business that includes websites, social media posts, advertising, and everything digital.

Ross B. Williams, founder of Modern Profits, is a Personal Branding Strategist and he says, “When personal branding is done correctly, it will differentiate you from your competition and elevate your reputation, but business branding is very different from personal branding. Not only do you need to understand the difference between the two, but you also must understand why you need both. You can be successful at your business but if your personal branding is not aligned with who you are, you are missing opportunities that ultimately affect your bottom line.” 

Williams, who was recently interviewed on Tampa Bay’s Morning Blend, the local ABC-TV station, has a unique background as a personal branding strategist.  He has contributed multi-sevenfigure sales revenue to several companies with his mastery of sales and uses his business building skills and digital marketing expertise to help successful business owners dramatically increase revenue by transforming their personal brand.  When he works with his clients, he incorporates three crucial keys to ensure personal branding success.

1. Personal branding should reflect the entrepreneur’s authentic self. A personal brand should be an accurate, yet authentic, version of who the entrepreneur is so they attract the types of clients with whom they want to work. According to Ross B. Williams, this is crucial for ultimate success, “I see a lot of successful entrepreneurs promoting their lifestyle on social media, for example, but I have no idea what they actually do, what business they’re in, or how I can help them by referring business. If people don’t know what you do, they can’t refer business to you and that is why a personal brand is so important.”

Ross continues, “The ultimate point to keep in mind is that people buy from people so your personal brand is a reflection of you even when you’re not the face of a company. Since you are promoting yourself, you need to create your branding assets according to your personality. If you are selling something that’s not true to you, others will feel it.” 

2. Entrepreneurs must build their personal brand alongside their business brand. Today, more than ever, it’s not enough to build a business brand, but entrepreneurs need to build a personal brand in tandem as they build their business. Why? Williams advises, “It’s imperative that you begin with the end in mind. If you have an exit strategy when you build your business to sell it five years down the road, you only want to be the ‘face’ of a successful business without having your name tied to the brand because if you do, you can’t sell your business as a separate brand.”

Ross goes on to say, “If you choose to sell your business someday without a personal brand developed alongside your company, you’d have to start another business from scratch and cannot use your name on your business.”

3. The logo and color combinations are just “gift wrap” for a personal brand. Many entrepreneurs start their personal branding with a logo and branding board, but it is much more complex and scientific, according to Williams, “Personal branding starts with how you make people feel with what you do in your business, how you want to be portrayed and have others see you, then you wrap it in colors and design. The graphic designer understands the creative color combinations, fun fonts, and logo design, but most don’t understand which colors, and even fonts, trigger emotions and attract clients to buy from you before they even get to peek inside the box. These are psychological touch points that can dramatically increase sales and ultimately revenues.”

Content creation for personal branding can be overwhelming for most business owners and that’s why Ross B. Williams has put this all together in a done for you package that’s simple for any business owner. The key is not to build a little bit at a time and then try to bring it all together since that’s chaotic or doesn’t match. “Effective personal branding demands that social media, photos, graphic design, and media are cohesive and congruent so that it extends your digital footprint and your omnipresence.” Ross concludes.

Ross helps coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs, and business owners build their personal brand with his brand accelerator package. This helps entrepreneurs perfect their messaging and expand their digital footprint with a website, funnel, social media, and press that seamlessly work together as a cohesive brand that people remember and buy from. 

Ross B. Williams works with clients based in the U.S. and around the world to develop personal branding strategies that get results. He is available for Personal Branding Strategy sessions and can be contacted at or connect with Ross on Instragram.

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Ross B. Willimas to host The Modern Profits Mastermind Cruise For Entrepreneurs

Orlando, Florida – January 9th, 2023 – Ross B. Willimas founder of Modern Profits is hosting the second Modern Profits Mastermind Cruise For Entrepreneurs. This is an exclusive entrepreneur experience business owners won’t get at other conferences or masterminds. At this mastermind, guests will learn business strategies, tactics, and tips all while networking and enjoying a luxury vacation on a beautiful cruise ship with amazing like-minded people.

During the mastermind attendees will enjoy 3-4 hours a day learning from a dozen expert speakers on how to grow their influence, dominate their market and turn their followers into dollars. Guests will learn skills in personal branding, the art of selling, and authority marketing and so much more. Business owners, coaches, and digital marketers that want more leads and more sales in their business can learn all the new trends from the best in the biz on this cruise.

At this event, entrepreneurs will meet and build relationships with other like-minded industry leaders. Daily activities will be held outside of the conference room to encourage everyone at the event to build meaningful long-lasting friendships and business relationships. Activities include beach cabanas, sailboats, snorkeling, dinners, and nightly networking parties. 

Attendees will enjoy awesome vacation time on an amazing cruise ship, relax in the pool, enjoy the private island and make new adventures on excursions.

The cruise will set sail on January 29th, 2023 on the MSC MERAVIGLIA out of Port Canaveral, Florida (Just outside of Orlando). It will be sailing to Nassau, Bahamas, and the private island Ocean Cay Marine Reserve.

MSC Meraviglia is packed with extraordinary features for the perfect experience at sea. Enjoy gourmet dining and out-of-this-world entertainment with new panoramic areas, an innovative ocean-view lounge, a two-deck “inside promenade” with an LED dome, and a spectacular amusement area connected to an outdoor water park. Best of all, MSC Meraviglia features late-night and overnight stays on our exclusive private island, Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve, in The Bahamas

Exclusive to MSC Cruise guests, Ocean Cay MSC Marine Reserve was designed to show their appreciation of the environment and ensure they are doing their part to take care of the planet, all while giving guests a slice of paradise. With docking right on the island, guests can walk straight off the ship and onto 2 miles of white sand beaches where chairs, umbrellas, and cabanas await to help guests sit back and relax beside crystal blue waters.

For more information about the Modern Profits Mastermind Cruise For Entrepreneurs please click the link below.

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Achieving Maximum Visibility Has Never Been Easier with Instantly Press

(Vancouver, Canada) Instantly Press, the new press release distribution agency, is excited to announce its launch. The agency aims to provide businesses with a quick and efficient way to reach a wide range of news and media outlets, including Bloomberg, Nasdaq, Dow Jones, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo News, Apple News, Google News, NBC Network, CBS Network, ABC Network, FOX Network, MarketWatch, Digital Journal, Benzinga, Streets Insider, and over 400 additional outlets.

But Instantly Press doesn’t just stop at press release distribution. The agency also offers a variety of additional services to help businesses get the most out of their PR efforts.

One of the key services that Instantly Press offers is a writing service. The agency’s team of experienced writers can create high-quality press releases that are tailored to meet the specific needs of each client. Whether you’re launching a new product, announcing a new partnership, or simply sharing some exciting news about your business, Instantly Press can help you craft a compelling press release that will get noticed.

Instantly Press also offers translation services, allowing businesses to reach a global audience with their press releases. The agency’s team of professional translators can translate press releases into multiple languages, ensuring that your news reaches a wider audience.

In addition to press release distribution, Instantly Press also provides clients with a variety of formats for their press release, such as PDF, Social Media and Social Blog, PR Podcast, PR Slideshow, PR Infographic, PR Video, Google Stacking. this allows clients to reach their target audience in multiple ways and increase their visibility.

The team at Instantly Press understands the importance of getting the word out about a business or product, and they have worked hard to develop a platform that makes it easy for clients to share their news with the world. Their goal is to help clients gain maximum visibility and reach their target audience with minimal effort.

Instantly Press offers a variety of packages to suit different needs and budgets, and their team is always on hand to offer guidance and support. The agency is committed to delivering results and helping clients achieve their goals.

“We are thrilled to launch Instantly Press and look forward to helping businesses of all sizes get their message out to the world,” said the CEO of Instantly Press. “We believe that our platform will make it easier for businesses to reach their target audience and achieve the visibility they need to grow.”

If you’re looking for a reliable and effective way to distribute your press releases, look no further than Instantly Press. Visit their website to learn more about the agency and how they can help you get your news in front of the right people.