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Dr. RJ Jackson reviews the difference between therapy and life coaching for teens and tweens.

Austin, Texas – September 15th, 2021 – Most parents, when they have a child that is going through something tough, whether they have been diagnosed with something, maybe they have been bullied, or maybe they see that their child has been a little depressed, immediately think of therapy.

Therapy has always been around. However, even though life coaching has been around for some time, is new in comparison and still unknown.

In fact, I am one of the few life coaches for teenagers in the entire country.

I want to share with you why life coaching may be the better first choice over therapy.

There is definitely a need for therapy, but what we found is that it only applies to around 3% of teenagers. So, only 3% of teenagers will need therapy. This is usually when they just lost one of their parents. That is tough, I don’t think life coaching is great for that and therapy would be a better route.

When someone suffers severe depression where they are hospitalized, I believe therapy and life coaching together work great for that.

But ultimately it’s really severe situations when there is mourning that typical therapy is needed.

What we find is since life coaching is not as known as therapy most parents choose therapy even though it may not be the best fit for their teen.

I know it’s my job to make life coaching more known, but in the meantime parents who only know therapy have a void for teenagers who are really not struggling to a degree severe enough for therapy.

Most parents say “my kid is fine, they have a few friends, I know that they could be a straight-A student but they are making B’s and C’s, there is really no big issue that I can send them to a therapist, but I know that they have more potential in them than what they are showing”.

This leaves a void for solving these issues and that is where life coaching comes in.

Life coaching helps those parents who know their teenager is not maximizing their full potential.

It also is the first step If your child is either depressed, anxious, or has been diagnosed with ADHD, Aspergers, or other diagnoses.

For this life-coaching is the preferred option.

Another difference between therapy and life coaching is the processes they use.

Therapy looks to diagnose a child. They want to put a label on a child. I don’t want people to think that therapy is bad. It’s not bad, that’s just the way the process works.

When someone goes to a therapist, they’re looking for a problem, they find the problem, they labeled that problem, and then they start to use strategies and tools to work through that.

The problem that I found over the many years I’ve been coaching, is that a lot of these problems continue to be problems. Many parents have experiences with a therapist working with their child for six or more years and the child still suffers.

Right away, parents notice life coaching is a completely different picture.

We don’t see problems.

When I meet with teens and tweens in my sessions I never say you all have this problem or that problem.

I don’t label them.

I do the opposite.

There are no problems.

I see the children or teenagers, for who they really are, a person who has an unbelievable amount of potential.

My objective is to get results, not a diagnosis.

It is my goal to help all teens, tweens, and parents achieve their greatest potential.

 Click here to learn more about teen and parent life coaching programs

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The Sosa Insurance Group launches the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) education initiative for Medicare beneficiaries

Well Esteemed Local New Jersey Medicare Health Plans Brokerage Agency, The Sosa Insurance Group, Kicks Off the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period (AEP) education initiative for Medicare Beneficiaries 

West Orange, NJ, Sept 8, 2021 – The Sosa Insurance Group is kicking off the Annual Enrollment Period, which is designed to help Medicare beneficiaries in the greater New Jersey area.

The Annual Enrollment Period or AEP, is an opportunity for Medicare beneficiaries to evaluate their current coverage and then determine if they need to make any changes. It’s also time when people who are new to Medicare can investigate what Medicare health plans are available to them in order to cover the expenses that Medicare does not cover.

Navigating the complexity of how Medicare works and choosing the right plan can be daunting to Medicare beneficiaries. But if older Americans do not get access to information they need in a timely manner or have trouble filling out forms, they might miss out on improving the overall care they receive.

This is why The Sosa Insurance Group wants to share its expertise with Medicare beneficiaries in order for them to better understand Medicare and how it works and most important, assist older adults find the right plan for them in order to get the appropriate level of health coverage. 

About the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period

The U.S. government operates the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period between October 15th 2021 to December 7th 2021 (the dates are the same each year). Any changes that Medicare beneficiaries make to their coverage will then become effective as of January 1st of the upcoming year.

Medicare beneficiaries have a range of options to consider. During the Annual Enrollment Period, you can add, drop or switch your Medicare coverage.

The government allows any of these changes to happen in order to best suit their appropriate health coverage.. But knowing which plan is appropriate can take a while to research and then consider, without the help of a trusted professional who has been working with Medicare beneficiaries in order to not only assist them in better understanding Medicare but also assist them selecting their appropriate health coverage. Fortunately, The Sosa Insurance Group is committed to making these Medicare plans understandable for Medicare beneficiaries as they evaluate their health care options.

There is also an option to join a Medicare (Part D) plan for prescription drugs, or switch from one Part D drug coverage plan to a different one. 

How The Sosa Insurance Group Assists During the Annual Enrollment Period (AEP)

Sorting out the different types of plans or whether to participate in a plan or even drop it takes time, knowledge and expertise that the professionals at The Sosa Insurance Group have years of experience in. 

The Sosa Insurance Group is proud to offer advice to Medicare beneficiaries who need to know all about how Medicare works and how to shop for the appropriate Medicare Health Plan to fit their needs and affordability.

Its experts are also are available for consultation on Dental, Vision, and Final Expense plans as well as on Long Term Health Care planning.

From providing an overview on how Medicare actually works to assisting first-time users in signing up for this important health care coverage, The Sosa Insurance Group eliminates confusion and helps Medicare beneficiaries feel more empowered as they make these health coverage decisions.

Individuals who are interested in learning more details about how the Sosa Insurance Group is kicking off its AEP (Annual Election Period) upcoming seminars for Medicare beneficiaries can visit its website. They can also check out The Sosa Insurance Group’s social media pages on Facebook and Instagram.

With the December 7th, 2021 deadline looming, The Sosa Insurance Group is standing by to go over the details of New Jersey Medicare health plans with local Medicare beneficiaries to verify they will get the precise coverage they need.

About The Sosa Insurance Group

The Sosa Insurance Group is a highly recognized and well-esteemed New Jersey insurance brokerage agency. Over the years, The Sosa Insurance Group has developed a strong reputation for placing the needs of its policyholders ahead of the needs of the company. This has been instrumental in driving the growth of the agency throughout the region. 

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The Sosa Insurance Group Launches a Proprietary Opportunity To Help Older Adults Make Important Insurance Decisions

The demographics of the United States are changing quickly, and more people are turning 65. With the Baby Boomer generation starting to reach their older years, there is an aging population that requires access to the resources they need to maintain a high quality of life, which is where licensed and certified Medicare Health Plan Insurance brokers will be essential. A few key stats include:

  • There are more than 45 million people over the age of 65 living in the United States today.
  • By the time 2030 rolls around, the number of older adults is projected to increase by nearly 18 million people.
  • By 2030, one in five Americans will be over the age of 65.

Because of this, it is important to make sure this aging population has access to the information they need to make appropriate decisions for themselves and their family members. That is why there is an increasing demand for licensed and certified Medicare Health Plan Insurance brokers who can help older adults navigate this changing environment. 

Older Adults Need To Make Important Decisions for Themselves

Many older adults are going to retire around the age of 65, which means they might no longer get health insurance from their employer, and will need to make the switch to Medicare. This means they need to understand what is covered and what is not, so they need to make sure they can financially support themselves, particularly as their medical expenses begin to grow and change. 

Now, the Sosa Insurance Group is launching a proprietary training and income opportunity for licensed and certified Medicare Health Plan Insurance brokers. These brokers are going to be responsible for helping older adults who are reaching the age of 65 make decisions regarding their future health insurance needs. There are numerous benefits of becoming a licensed and certified Medicare Health Plan Insurance broker through the Sosa Insurance Group.

An Opportunity To Make Extra Money with Lifetime Residual Income and Security

Licensed and certified Medicare Health Plan Insurance brokers have the opportunity to generate extra income through the Sosa Insurance Group. The Sosa Insurance Group is a highly recognized insurance brokerage agency in New Jersey that is looking for people with the same set of skills as many older adults. There is an opportunity to earn extra income in the form of commissions that are paid on insurance policies sold.

This is also a great opportunity to access training information provided by the Sosa Insurance Group that can help up-and-coming licensed and certified Medicare Health Plan Insurance brokers learn more about what they need to know to educate older adults on the policies that are right for them. Therefore, this opportunity is a chance to not only make some extra money but also give back to the community by helping older adults make important decisions about their healthcare.

Training and Leads Are Available

The Sosa Insurance Group is still going to provide those selected as licensed and certified Medicare Health Plan Insurance brokers with the information they need to get started. This includes leads that people can reach out to in order to make a sale. Furthermore, in addition to earning a commission on the sale of the policy, sales representatives will also earn a LIFETIME residual income as long as the client retains the policy. 

One of the biggest benefits of this position is that people have total control over when they work. They can work when they want and relax when they want. There are also educational opportunities that are available to those who are looking for a way to improve their skills. This is a unique opportunity that the Sosa Insurance Group has designed for anyone who is looking for a way to make some extra money while also giving back to the local community by helping older adults better understand Medicare.

About the Sosa Insurance Group

The Sosa Insurance Group is a well-respected insurance brokerage agency located in New Jersey. The Sosa Insurance Group has worked hard to stay on top of the developments in the industry to make sure that clients and representatives have access to the latest information in the field. Contact the Sosa Insurance Group to learn more about the program. Visit the website and view the social media pages on Facebook and Instagram or call 1-800-552-1934 to stay up to date with the company.

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Katie Pizzurro Launches Women’s Embodied Wellness, A Company Committed to Supporting Holistic Family Planning and Natural Hormone Support

Women’s Embodied Wellness supports women and increases awareness about the benefits of peristeam, natural fertility methods, and cycle charting to connect women with their bodies and self-care and healing.

10 June 2021 – Katie Pizzurro, a certified Steam Facilitator, doula, and ferti.lity awareness instructor, has announced the launch of Women’s Embodied Wellness, a new holistic living company providing care to women from pre-conception to postpartum and beyond. Committed to promoting the benefits of peristeam and supporting women on their health journeys, Women’s Embodied Wellness is set to empower women around the world with holistic options for family planning that support the female body and natural hormone process.

The Women’s Embodied Wellness brand was inspired by the journey of Katie Pizzurro, whose experience with steaming has highlighted the practice’s many benefits, which included reducing stress by activating the body’s parasympathetic nervous system, promoting healing after childbirth or mis carriage, and cleansing the uterus and healing hemorrhoids, fibroids, polycystic ovaries, endometriosis, dryness, and infections. Pizzurro’s passion for working with women also comes from her work as a certified doula and mother, whose birthing story adopts many of the Women’s Embodied Wellness methods.

Today, Women’s Embodied Wellness is offering a variety of products and services to support women, including exclusive herbal blends for home peristeaming, stools to sit on, and even doula homebirth support. A fertility awareness course will be launching later this year.

To learn more, please visit or @HerbsandSteam on Instagram.

About Katie Pizzurro

Katie Pizzurro, CD, PFc, is a certified Vag inal Steam Facilitator, doula, and fertility awareness instructor in North Carolina. Pizzurro is the founder of Women’s Embodied Wellness, a holistic living brand committed to helping women connect with their bodies and prioritize self-care and healing.

Business Health & Medicine Lifestyle U.S Website & Blog Sees Subscriber Growth with Newly Launched YouTube Channel

New York, NY – is excited to announce a budding subscriber base for their recently launched YouTube channel. The YouTube channel now has over 100 subscribers to date. The site was recently launched along with the YouTube channel and values this milestone in striving to be a pillar of information for the gout community. Their YouTube channel only has a handful of videos but will continue to supply its subscribers with new topics and videos to come. Their most viewed video to date is a discussion related to Fish Oil and Uric Acid. 

In the United States, about 4 percent of the population of about 8.3 million people suffers from the painful and debilitating condition of gout. For those looking for helpful information, features informative and expert articles detailing the latest in treatment options and natural supplements to help alleviate the pain.  

“Reaching 100 subscribers with very minimal marketing for our channel is a great milestone that only validates the need for more content such as this for the gout community. We hear them and we will respond with more content for our subscribers,” said Anthony Santiago, VP of Marketing.

According to Google Trends, the term ‘gout treatment’ has been on an upward trend in the last 5 years and as such, one can deduce that the number of gout sufferers is also increasing. seeks to be an all-in-one resource for those who are currently experiencing a gout attack and those who are seeking gout prevention methods. is planning to release reports related to gout treatment and prevention while maintaining its blog that includes the latest news and information from across the web. 

“The people that work on are those who have actually experienced gout and want to transfer their knowledge to try and help those who also suffer from gout. For those that have gout, once you’ve experienced it, it’s something you want to avoid moving forward and there is a plethora of information out there that could help reduce gout for one’s specific situation. We want to be their go-to source for that information,” continued Santiago.

To learn more, visit and their YouTube Channel today.

About Gout Information takes a holistic approach to treating gout. It was created by individuals who themselves have experienced gout and want to share their knowledge with fellow gout sufferers.

Contact Information Media Team

Business Health & Medicine Lifestyle U.S Website & Blog Reaches Milestone with 10,000 YouTube Views

New York, NY – is excited to announce reaching 10,000 views to their recently launched YouTube channel. Their YouTube channel has over 70 videos ranging from all topics related to sleep including sleep apnea to comparisons of the best bedding and blankets. The channel also has carefully curated playlists for those looking for more information on a specific topic.

“This milestone is confirmation that we are covering the right topics and product comparisons that our audience is looking for. We strive to provide content in all different formats, from our blog to social media and video content,” said Anthony Santiago, VP of Marketing. has always been a reliable source for the sleep industry and in the early 2000s helped coin the term National Napping Day, which is still recognized. Today, is home to a variety of informational reports, product resources, and an active blog that pushes the latest news and trends in the sleep space. 

Earlier this year, released a report titled “Survival Guide to a Napidemic” which lists how to nap effectively as more and more Americans are working and staying at home, consequently increasing the nap rate of the whole population.

“We believe the world in what we call a Napidemic, stemming from the pandemic of the past year, and we want to continue to spread the message of ‘better sleep leads to better health’ using our various platforms, including YouTube,” continued Santiago.

For more information related to all things sleep, please visit and their YouTube channel.

About provides the latest news, information, and expert articles related to sleep, sleep research, napping, and better health and wellness. 

Contact Information

Anthony Santiago

VP of Marketing

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SEFUNDA, LLC announces the Launch of their Crowdfunding Campaign

Sefunda, a Swiss based company established in early 2019, is a small, dedicated team of professionals with background in IVD product development, molecular epidemiology, medical device development and material science combined with business strategy and experience with well more than 100 years.


Increase the safety of patients, reduce individual healthcare costs, promote antibiotic stewardship. 

We are all about finding the solution to a problem – using technology as a tool and not a purpose. We are a dedicated lean team of experienced professionals combining Swiss precision with creativity and visionary drive. Listening to real market needs, we understand the economics driving the health care sector and the intricacies of producing high volume consumables at low and affordable cost.


Recent research shows that 30% – 50% of patients in the US receive incorrect antimicrobial treatment This can in part be attributed to inefficient or incorrect diagnostic processes. Even for the most common infections, the delay between testing and effective treatment can take up to 10 days.


We make patient-tailored treatment truly accessible and affordable for everybody – delivering immediate actionable results for treatment decision where time matters most. Our rapid, cost-effective and easy to use testing platform empowers health care professionals to diagnose and treat patients within one single visit, normally less than 30 minutes. By combining robust, proven and adaptable technology with smart multiplexing capabilities, we bring the precision of a molecular diagnostics lab to your office.


We focus on the solution, not the technology. By building on robust and proven technology, we avoid «reinventing the wheel» and save money and time. Together with our American partner Tensentric, Boulder Co., Sefunda is building a business ecosystem, that enables us to build a cost effective, low barrier molecular diagnostics solution. A small, powerful team is building a PCR based molecular diagnostics solution, that is going to bring laboratory quality molecular diagnostics to your local clinic. Trade Secret agreements will keep the development from competitors copying our solution much longer than any IP.

CLIA waiver as door opener for the US market:

Background: The Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments of 1988 (CLIA) enabled greater access to low-risk tests by allowing their use in facilities with a Certificate of Waiver in the U.S. Recently, the 2019 novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has shined a spotlight on CLIA-waived diagnostic testing. To meet this increased patient demand for diagnostic testing, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) authorized licensed pharmacists to order and administer FDA authorized COVID-19 tests.

Financial Overview:

Below is the financial overview assuming one product, roll-out in late 2023, a market share of 3%, sales within the US only. We will be adding a second product in early 2024. Estimated exit value in 2024 is around US$100mio. 

*: estimates based under current US market conditions and known regulatory US environment.   

Total Projected Cost:  

Total estimated costs before getting cash positive in 2024 are expected to be approximately: US$35,000,000 US Dollar. 

SEFUNDA, LLC is committed to obtaining and providing the monies necessary to institute and complete this project in a timely manner. 

SEFUNDA, LLC Equity Crowdfunding Campaign,

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One-Word Domain Name and Content Site Now for Sale, Exclusively through

New York, NY –, a digital asset marketplace specializing in the sale of premium domains and starter websites, has put up for sale The OnlineBusiness team is currently accepting offers for the one-word domain and website., first registered in 1997 and with a DA (Domain Authority) of 36, has had a significant history of its place in the sleep space. In 1999, it was an important element in instituting the term National Napping Day, which is still celebrated and recognized to this day. Fast forward to today and it has become a news site populating the latest trends and news related to sleep. In addition to the website, it also holds social media channels and a YouTube channel as assets to garner more website traffic.

“The sale of presents a unique opportunity to own a name synonymous with sleeping for those established in the sleep space or looking to break into the sleep space,” says Michael Santiago, Founder of

The keyword “Napping” has an average search volume of 632,000 which means there are many people searching for this keyword as well as related keywords. The website has a powerful organic link profile with backlinks from many authority sites such as CNN, WebMD, and Entrepreneur.

OnlineBusiness adds to its extensive list of high-value domains which include other domains such as,, and is led by three brothers who have been in the digital space since 1998 with experience in many facets of the industry such as domain investing, affiliate marketing, Google Adwords, SEO, and most recently in the public relations industry with the PR company, It has a domain and website portfolio of over 3,000 domains with a valuation of over $5M. 

“In today’s business world, OnlineBusiness is seeking to assist those looking to start or expand their business into the digital landscape. With so much noise and content on the web, we filter all that out to help make better sense of digital marketing and how to make yourself unable to be ignored,” continued Santiago.

Those who are interested in purchasing or want to learn more about the sale should contact the team directly at

About is a digital marketplace for premium domains and starter sites. They specialize in helping their clients to acquire the best domain name to increase credibility and brand power. Currently, they list over 3,000 domain names with a combined valuation of over $5M+. To learn more visit

Contact Information Media Team

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Valuable Resource Website on Treating Gout,, Up for Sale

New York, NY –, a digital marketplace specializing in the sale of premium domains and starter websites, has put up for sale OnlineBusiness.comm will now start accepting offers for this domain and its developed website., first registered in 2002, caters to a specific audience with an immediate need to remedy their painful gout attacks. seeks to take its place in reaching an audience to help provide them with relief to their issue. And it is this that presents a unique opportunity to be the source for this specific niche in need of a solution. In addition to the website, also has social media channels and a YouTube channel with a growing list of subscribers each week.

“This is an opportunity to own a domain so important to the gout community, as those who are suffering from gout all want to find key gout information. And a memorable domain such as this, this is the chance to be the go-to resource site for the gout community,” says Michael Santiago, Founder of

The keyword “Gout” has a monthly search volume of over 1M with the trend of gout-related searches on the rise.

OnlineBusiness adds to its extensive list of domains which include other domains such as,, and

OnlineBusiness is led by three brothers who have been in the Digital space since 1998 with experience in many facets of the industry such as domain investing, affiliate marketing, Google Adwords, SEO, and most recently in the public relations space with the company,

It has a domain and website portfolio of over 3,000 domains with a valuation of over $5M. 

“Starting a successful online business starts with a solid domain name that is easily recognizable and memorable which can grow and secure your brand recognition and ultimately could be the difference of making or breaking it in the digital marketing space,” continued Santiago.

Those who are interested in the domain or want to learn more about the sale should visit or contact the team directly at

About is a digital marketplace for premium domains and starter sites. They specialize in helping their clients to acquire the best domain name to increase credibility and brand power. Currently, they list over 3,000 domain names with a combined valuation of over $5M+. To learn more visit

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The POZcast Interviews Chief Co-Founder, Lindsay Kaplan

The United States, April 28, 2021: Given that The POZcast is highly revered for interviewing the best and brightest leaders, professionals, entrepreneurs, etc., it should come as no surprise that the host, Adam Posner, recently sat down with Lindsay Kaplan, who is a co-founder of Chief, which is a network of about 2,500 of the leading women executives in business, created to connect and support women in leadership. This was a very powerful episode that was filled with gems all women and leaders can use—some of them, which will be listed below.

Lindsay Kaplan’s Credentials

For those who are wondering why Lindsay is uniquely qualified to speak on this topic, not only has she co-founded her own company to empower women in business, but she was successful well before that. For instance, she also was an early member of the Casper Team as the VP of Communications and Brand. She also has a natural knack for creativity and innovation, which has made her an invaluable asset to virtually every company she has ever been a part of. Her clear vision for the professional advancement of women has served as a beacon of hope for women working on all levels of the business sector.

This Episode’s Heavy Hitters

As mentioned, Lindsay has a network that focuses on motivating and driving women to achieve greatness professionally. As such, her tips and advice are geared towards eliminating barriers and obstacles to success while also strengthening one’s skills and drive to make room for this success. Here is a list of the heavy hitters from this episode:

  • How the Pandemic is Negatively Affecting Parents: Lindsay discusses how and why the conditions parents have been forced to operate under during the pandemic are abnormal and should never be normalized. She also delves into how most parents are now struggling in the workplace more than ever.
  • The importance of Self Care, Simplified: Lindsay also took the time to discuss the importance of self-care, in general. This is especially true if one is especially stressed, busy, etc. Moreover, she points out that rather than going to expensive spas or salons, sometimes, self-care is a bottle of wine, a bowl of cheerios, and a good long cry in the bathtub.
  • The Glass Ceiling Breaker: Lindsay also gave details about how and her team at Chief were able to take on the Glass Ceiling Breaker art piece, which honors Kamala Harris’s achievement in becoming the first female Vice President/ Vice POTUS of color after being abandoned by another organization right before its release.
  • Mental Health Matters: Another important talking point was Lindsay’s emphasis on mental health. In particular, she delves into how Chief decided to give their entire organization a routine mental health day, which allowed everyone a chance to unplug and decompress at the same time.
  • Being an Inclusive Organization: Chief being an inclusive organization that welcomes men into the fold pushing for the same mission to empower women in the workplace.

Other Notable Talking Points

Lindsay also touches on the following notable talking points on this episode of #thePOZcast:

  • Essential Early Life Lessons
  • Deciding to leave her 9 to 5
  • Early Faith and Success
  • Creating a Good Work/Life Balance During a Pandemic
  • Strengths to Look for in Women
  • And Much More

About The POZcast with Adam Posner

Hosted by Adam Posner, who is the founder and managing director of NHP Talent Group, The POZcast Press is a show in which top experts, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders from the world of business come to impart their unique knowledge to those who are seeking it. Each week, Adam interviews a new guest who provides invaluable insight into various aspects of their own careers and personal growth. The overall goal of the podcast is to help people on all levels of the business realm by inspiring them to harness their inner tenacity in order to propel their lives and careers forward. Those who wish to sponsor, collaborate, or be a guest on The POZcast, should contact him today.