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Merlin’s AC & Plumbing Now Offers Financing For AC And Plumbing Repair Work

Merlin’s AC & Plumbing is excited to announce that they are now offering financing for all AC and plumbing repair work. This new financing option will make it easy for customers to get the job done now and pay later. Merlin’s has been providing quality AC and plumbing services to the Phoenix, AZ, area, and this new financing option will make their services even more accessible to everyone. So if you’re in need of a new AC unit, some plumbing repairs, or just want to ask a few questions, Merlin’s AC & Plumbing is ready to help.

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Merlin’s Ac & Plumbing has always been dedicated to providing quality service at an affordable price. And now they’re making their services even more accessible with their new financing option for all AC and plumbing repair work. This new program makes it easy for customers to get the job done now and pay later. Merlin’s is the go-to choice for all your air conditioning and plumbing needs in Phoenix, AZ. So don’t wait any longer! Get your AC repaired or that leaky tap fixed now!

Merlin’s AC & Plumbing Is Open 24/7 for All Your Emergency Needs!

No one ever expects their air conditioner to break down in the middle of summer or their plumbing to spring a leak. But when these things do happen, you can count on Merlin’s AC & Plumbing to be there for you. They’re open 24/7 for all your emergency needs. And now with their new financing option, there’s no need to wait to get the repairs done. You can get the job done now and pay later. So don’t hesitate, Merlin’s AC & Plumbing is ready to help you!

More about Merlin’s AC & Plumbing:

Merlin’s AC & Plumbing has been providing quality AC and plumbing services to the Phoenix, AZ, area for over 20 years. They’re a family-owned and operated business that takes pride in their work. They offer a range of services on a subscription plan, with the option for financing when and if required. So if you’re in need of a new AC unit, some plumbing repairs, or just want to ask a few questions, Merlin’s will be happy to help.

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NC Works Gets Spring Lake, NC back to Work


NC WORKS CAREER CENTER CUMBERLAND COUNTY is hosting the First Annual Spring Lake Community Career and Resource Festival. This event will be a 3 day affair conducted on 18, 24 and 25 June 2022, as delineated in the following:


Day One       18 June 2022    10am – 3pm  

The initial day will be a week prior to the actual career/resource event. This period will be utilized to provide job seekers with critical soft skills training (resume writing, interviewing, dress for success, job search techniques, etc.) in advance of the actual career/resource fair.


Day Two       24 June 2022     6pm – 8pm  

 The second event will be a “Mixer” for interested employers and jobseekers. It will offer the unique opportunity for employers and job seekers to meet informally in a relaxed environment, in order to, forge relationships and exchange information.


Day Three    25 June 2022      10am- 3pm   

The third day is the actual career/resource fair.  More than 100 employers and resource agencies, food trucks, music have been invited.  We hope to draw 600-700 job seeking candidates from Spring Lake, Fort Bragg, Fayetteville, Cumberland, Harnett,Sampson, Moore, Lee, Robeson Counties and throughout theSandhills Region.


Though Veterans/Transitioning Service Members/Military Spouses are first priority, this event is open to EVERYONE 16 years of age and older.   

Employers invited to participate include: Amazon, Chemours, NC Department of Public Safety, Kellogg’s, Lowe’s, Duke Energy, KBR, General Dynamics, Cumberland County Sheriffs Department, US Border Patrol, NC Highway Patrol, Cumberland County Schools and many more. Employment opportunities will be available in positions ranging from entry level to management.  

The event is no cost to either employers or job seekers. For additional information relating to this event contact:

Dwight A. Butler         910 912-2403


Chester A. Lambert      910 912-2419


Veronica Rozier         910 912-2432  

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Child sponsorship organization Feed The Children accepts donations in numerous cryptocurrencies.

May 2022: For over 40 years, Feed the Children has been helping families and communities achieve more stable lives. The non-profit organization provides relief for people in need, positively impacting several countries in North America, South America, Asia, and Africa.

Besides feeding children, the organization provides classroom support and school supplies to students in vulnerable areas. The group also mobilizes resources for communities suffering from natural disasters. Feed the Children believes strongly that helping children in need now will make a better world for all people in the future.

Cryptocurrency users who want to donate to improve the lives of children can do so easily and efficiently through the organization’s website. The donations will help children in need in the USA and around the world. These donations are applied to a strategic framework that serves to overcome childhood hunger and malnutrition and replace it with hope and possibility. 

According to Feed the Children’s website, the IRS classifies cryptocurrency donations as property, meaning they are not subject to capital gains tax on the appreciated amount and are tax-deductible. There is even an option for anonymous donors to receive a receipt through only an email address.

Feed the Children does not hold any cryptocurrencies. Instead, they have entered a partnership The Giving Block, a provider of an easy to use cryptocurrency tool aimed to help non-profit supporters and organizations alike take advantage of digital currencies.  

The donation option accepts a large variety of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Zcash, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and many others. To learn more or to donate using cryptocurrency, visit

About Feed the Children

Feed the Children envisions a world where no child goes to bed hungry. In fiscal year 2021, Feed the Children distributed approximately 98.9 million pounds of food and essentials valued at more than $494.5 million, benefiting 10 million people globally. 

Feed the children works in collaboration with many organizations to increase the impact of every donation. The support network includes corporations, community networks, individual donors, and others with the purpose of benefiting children through nutrition, education, and disaster relief . 

The non-profit is governed by a board of directors made up of accomplished volunteers who bring with them a unique set of experiences and expertise to assure proper oversight.

There is also an executive leadership team who serve to advance the organization through partnership leveraging, exploring new ideas, and strengthening the organizational capabilities.

Feed the Children is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  






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Plensy™, The World’s First NFT Auto Smart Loans, Announces Launch of Wefunder Equity Crowdfunding Campaign

Plensy™ Inc. is the World’s First End-to-End Credit & Lending Solution for Car Buyers and Dealerships, allowing consumers to regain control of their purchasing power and credit score while benefiting from interest rates and loan terms that won’t break their bank or threaten their family’s survival.

On the Plensy™ Wefunder campaign page, the general public can now make reservations. Wefunder is a website that connects startups with investors through crowdfunding. The “Kickstarter for Investing” platform makes use of a provision in the JOBS Act of 2012 that allows unaccredited investors to purchase equity in early-stage private companies.

The Points-based Lending System – Plensy™, teamed with Wefunder to offer their future customers the opportunity to purchase Plensy’s initial equity, which offers discounted shares to early Seed Round investors.

The disruptive FinTech company has achieved many milestones in the previous three years prior to the campaign’s launch, including:

• First company to create the Idea to apply NFTs to Vehicles and coin the term, Auto Smart Loans

• Patent filed in 2020

• 120 Dealerships across the United States Signed Agreements to Offer Plensy’s Alternative Lending Solution to its Customers 

• Some of the dealerships are under Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway Automotive Group and Lithia Motors, Inc., one of the largest automotive group retailers in the United States and is among the fastest-growing companies in Fortune 500

• Built a more streamlined and modern Dealer Management & Inventory System 2019-2020

• Auto Finance Innovation Award Nominee – Sam Errama, Founder & CEO

• Inspirational Woman of the Year Los Angeles Times – Brandi Kolosky, Founding Member & CGO

• Completed Friends & Family Round with $150k raised 

• Tested 3.3m data points showing a 97% efficacy of predicting default by accurately reflecting the customers’ true ability to pay a loan and their actual creditworthiness

“We are extremely excited about the opportunity to provide a superior value proposition to the consumers and dealerships while providing a significant return for our investors,” Miami Resident and Floridian, Chief Growth Officer / Founding Member of Plensy™, Brandi Kolosky, states. “The vote of confidence and eagerness from everyone over the past year shows that Plensy™ is needed now more than ever to provide a more accurate and faster solution with less risk for the credit and lending industry. We have already made significant headway on our target well before ‘going live’ on Wefunder and look forward to connecting with more fans of Plensy™!” 

Erik Day, VP & CFO of the Warren Henry Auto Group’s 14 South Florida dealerships, clarified on the 2021 CXAuto Conference panel with Ms. Kolosky at 1:34:30, “absolutely Plensy™ is needed….we are missing out on a lot of customers due to many factors…” 

“We’ve created statistical models and a loan approval prediction to increase the likelihood of a consumer qualifying while reducing missed payments and default rates. We’re employing a logistic regression model with real-time accurate data analytics and smart algorithms to assess a buyer’s true ability to pay, while our predictive analytics algorithm allows us to determine individual interest rates.”, said Plensy’s Founder, Sam Errama.

Plensy™ uses the blockchain to ensure that the above data is accurate, secure, and transparent by combining data points and risk mitigators such as rental history, gig economy income, additional assets, and more. It generates a buyer’s authenticated creditworthiness using its own patent-pending AI without increasing credit risk or creating any discriminatory racial consequences. Plensy™ is the most intricate and necessary part of the equation to disrupt the monopolized for-profit credit score firms, Experian, Transunion, and Equifax, by extending the marketplace, diversifying risks, and creating a social effect. Finally, Plensy™ has built in a 20% reserve into its financial model, greatly beyond the industry standard of 5%.

Plensy™ will use the crowdfunds for working capital. The early-bird investment offering, which includes a discount on the valuation cap and perks, will end on February 24, 2022.

More About the Immediate Plensy™ Team: 

Founder & CEO, Sam Errama, with a 20-year mastery of applying SaaS, Data, FinTech, SEO, Marketing, and Sales to multiple global sectors, including the automotive, gold, real estate markets, and industries alike, and Muralidhar Margapuri, CTO & Co-Founder of Plensy™ who held a 20-year position as Former Vice President, Information Technology for Citigroup & Banamex Global, Project Management Professional (PMP), Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Information Security Compliance, and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Technology application experience. He was awarded several times at Banamex, acknowledging his and his team’s efforts of colleagues in aligning with BUSA’s Four Pillars – Fortress Controls, Client Excellence, Employee Engagement, and Shareholder Return.

Kolosky is a polymathic business and marketing leader. Her roles have included International Business Development Director, Capital Fund Raiser, and Chief Growth Officer. She is known for pushing the boundaries of B2B and B2C globally. Brandi launched her own Marketing and PR firm 10 years ago. She then worked alongside the CMO & CFO of FIA Formula1 Electric Racing and helped curate the global race series marketing, sponsors, events, cross-branding, and investor relations. Her efforts introduced a $50M investment to the organization. Soon after she was contracted to solve an energy crypto mining problem, and in that time, she invented & deployed the by-pass of flare on oil fields to power Crypto Mining Pods. January 2020, Brandi became the Managing Director of DealBox, the World’s first Venture Capital firm utilizing Blockchain technology for Digital Securities Issuance where she oversaw roughly $400m in client marketing and investment raises. February of 2021, she onboarded as a Founding Member and Chief Growth Officer for Plensy™. 

Wefunder Campaign Page: 

We are ‘testing the waters’ to gauge investor interest in an offering under Regulation Crowdfunding. No money or other consideration is being solicited. If sent, it will not be accepted. No offer to buy securities will be accepted. No part of the purchase price will be received until Form C is filed and only through Wefunder’s platform. Any indication of interest involves no obligation or commitment of any kind.

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Janee Clay of Wealthy Nurse Janee Leads Nurses to Break Free from Financial Struggles

2021-11-17 – Shreveport, LA – With over 10 years of nursing experience, Janee Clay of Wealthy Nurse Janee understands the mental and physical stress nurses work through every day. Her mission became to improve the lives of nurses. Feeling little progress from professional nursing organizations, she knew nurses needed more. That’s when she developed an interest in investing and finance. After delving into many books, courses, and programs, she learned much more than she originally intended, and she knew she needed to share the knowledge with her fellow nurses so they could develop the security and freedom that comes with wealth.

“Nurses are some of the hardest working people,” says Janee. “However, no matter how hard they work, they don’t get wealthy by being a nurse alone. We are told not to go into our profession because of money, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t care about it. Nurses deserve to know how to invest and build wealth. Nurses care so much for other people, sometimes they forget about themselves. I’m here to help them remember to take care of themselves and their futures.”

Janee first started sharing her journey and knowledge on social media as Wealthy Nurse Janee, but she realized social media simply would not truly make an impact. She began to mentor fellow nurses and developed her Wealthy Nurse Framework to help nurses build wealth. Janee gives an overview of her Wealthy Nurse Framework in these 5 steps:

Step 1: Developing the Wealth Mindset

Developing a wealth mindset is the foundational step to wealth creation. Mindset is integral to every following step, yet it’s easily overlooked. Most people developed a mindset based on what their families and friends told them when they were young. If a person was not surrounded by wealthy people they probably did not develop a wealth mindset. Think about the things a person may have been taught about money and the way they view the rich.

Many people wonder if wealthy people are just trust-fund babies who had everything handed to them on a platter. Or people think the wealthy had to work too hard and sacrifice their health or happiness to achieve wealth. Often people wonder why they work so hard but still have not become wealthy?

These mental blocks will make a person’s wealth journey much more difficult or even impossible. They need to learn to identify these negative thoughts and reframe them to the positive.

Step 2: Adopting positive financial habits

The next step is developing good money habits. In general, people know they should be saving and avoiding debt when possible, but they also know they should be eating right and exercising. Just because someone knows something does not mean they are doing it. The easiest way to make sure they are taking care of their future self is to pay themselves first. That means they take money out of their paycheck for savings and investments before spending on needs and wants. Even if they can only start with a very small amount, developing the habit is what is important.

Step 3: Investing in money-making assets

People should take the money they are saving and put it into investments to make more money. What kind of investment will depend on their goals (short and long term), ability to risk, and confidence in the asset. They should always invest in their own education first so they can gain confidence and understand what they are investing in.

Step 4: Building Multiple income streams

Nurses generally have good job security. However, the events of 2020 certainly showed nurses’ work is not guaranteed. Just like diversity reduces risk in investing, it also does with income. Additionally, nurses should be finding passive income streams to help supplement their income until it can completely replace their active income.

Step 5: Reinvest and Compound

After increasing income, the fastest way to build wealth is to take additional income and reinvest it. The more money available to invest, the faster it can grow. Beware lifestyle creep which is what usually happens. As income increases, the default is to also increase spending. A clever Wealthy Nurse will wait until passive income can support additional spending.

Bonus: Find a mentor

Finding a mentor for a personal wealth journey will make it faster and easier. Compare having someone give directions, buying a map, buying a GPS, or having someone in the passenger seat telling someone exactly how to get there. A mentor not only shows the way, but they are also there to hold a person accountable to keep them moving forward even when they feel lost or scared.

Knowing how beneficial a mentor is, Janee has launched her Wealthy Nurse Preceptorship, a group for highly motivated nurses wanting to build wealth with direct access and coaching with Wealthy Nurse Janee.

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Veterans Learn How to Increase Their VA Disability Rating with RANGER METHOD

Champions For Veterans has proudly announced that it has created an online coaching program to assist US military veterans increase their VA rating. The US-based organization is devoted to coaching and training veterans as they pursue the VA disability rating that they rightfully deserve from the Department of Veterans Affairs. Moreover, the organization is on an inspiring mission to help 100,000 veterans get the rating they deserve by the year 2025.

“Our online VA Rating Program is exclusively designed for our brave men and women, who fought for our great country, and it is aimed at helping them get their VA rating increased.” Said Ranger Johnson, the Master Trainer at Champions for Veterans, while talking about the online VA rating program. “We take great pride in offering a money-back guarantee if our students don’t increase their rating after working with champions for veterans.” He added.

According to CEO Gino Johnson, the organization is particularly aimed at helping the veterans facing trouble navigating the Veteran Affairs process and obtaining the VA disability rating that they have earned. The organization helps veterans maneuver the VA system much easier by giving them the tools necessary to efficiently and effectively get the rating that they have rightfully earned.

In addition, this one-of-a-kind online coaching program has been created by a father-son duo with an aim to assist US military veterans to increase their VA rating. The founders of this organization believe that all veterans deserve the benefits they have earned, and they pride themselves in being an advocate for them. Military veterans have put their lives on the line in defending the interests of the United States overseas and having an increased VA rating is their fundamental right.

“Our organization is so confident in the usefulness of the RANGER METHOD that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee if our product does not help you increase your VA rating in 12 months.” Ranger Johnson added. An increasing number of military veterans have successfully completed this training, and they are now earning the benefits of an increased VA rating. Moreover, many have testified in their testimonials and reviews regarding the usefulness of this method, and the overall benefits of this training. 

Visit to learn more.

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How Get Your Appointment Software Founder, Jacob Fail, Demolishes Competition With His Recent Acquisition Of Beloudir.

Albuquerque NM – October 26th – Leading Internet marketing software company, Get Your Appointment, announces the acquisition of Beloudir from Small Business Deacon, LLC and are adding this to their software suite of Get Your Appointment, FunnelFLO, The Lead Gang, And

“The combination of Beloudir tools with Get Your Appointment will work for hand in hand to help entrepreneurs create more leads, more sales, and achieve ultimate success,” says Jacob Fail, CEO, and Founder of Get Your Appointment. “With even more tools coming we can better achieve our goal enabling people to grow their companies through automation and marketing tools.”

The existing team that brought you all of these great Beloudir products will continue supporting, building, and creating them. Plus, the new addition will have even more resources to bring added improvements, features, and improved service to its customers.

Get Your Appointment gives Entrepreneurs the tools and training they need to market, sell and deliver their products online. Get Your Appointment software allows anyone to create automations and funnels that convert visitors into leads and then customers.

Beloudir and Get Your Appointment is dedicated to providing the tools entrepreneurs need to automatically reach prospects so they can share their message with the world. Their suite of products allows anyone, regardless of technical, design, or marketing skills to follow up, market, and retarget their prospects.

About Get Your Appointment:

Get Your Appointment online sales and marketing software is a simple-to-use, all-in-one marketing solution for entrepreneurs and business owners who want to market their services and products online. Get Your Appointment is one of the world’s fastest-growing, non-VC-backed companies.

Throughout his entrepreneurial journey, Jacob has built and bought over half a dozen businesses and has a keen eye for the next big thing. That is why he decided to buy out Beloudir and add it to his other software such as: Get Your Appointment, FunnelFLO, The Lead Gang, And Get Your Appointment is the backbone of Jacob’s business.

Get Your Appointment software is already helping thousands of business owners and managers organize their appointments, streamline communication with clients, and close more deals.

Adding in Beloudir is the cherry on top to help take your social media accounts to the next level. If you’re ready to see how this easy-to-use app can help your company grow even faster than before, take a look at the demo video available on their website. It will show you just what it does for companies like yours! And if it’s not right for you or your team today, that’s okay too.

Since its inception in January 2019, the company has helped thousands of everyday people become successful entrepreneurs and marketing masters through its software, resources, and training.

Get Your Appointment’s Founder has been featured in over 260+ publications and has collaborated with some of the biggest names in the business world such as Robert Allen, Grant Cardone, and many more!

For more information, visit

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Founder of Plensy™, Sam Errama, has been nominated for an Auto Finance Innovator Award

Plensy™ is proud to announce that its Founder and CEO Sam Errama has been nominated for the AUTO FINANCE INNOVATORS award. This award honors the industry’s movers and shakers and recognizes innovative new developments in the auto finance industry. The honorees will be announced on November 15th, 2021. “It’s an honor to be nominated,” says Sam Errama, Founder of Plensy™. “I’m excited to see what comes of it.”

Sam Errama created Plensy™ to transform the antiquated traditional financial ecosystem, known as the credit score rating, from the current loan processing methodology by offering lending services through the Plensy™ platform. Plensy™ is a completely new and a unique tokenized blockchain technique of disrupting the entire financing concept by removing the old approach of evaluating a borrower’s potential based on their credit score.

In addition, the 2021 Auto Finance Innovators Awards recognizes industry professionals that have made significant technological contributions to their company and the field. It comes on the heels of a year of major innovation in the auto finance industry.

Other notable nominees include, but not limited to, Tanya Sanders, Head of Auto at WellsFargo, Chris Nicotra, Head of Consumer Auto Lending Technology at Capital One, Kevin Singerman, CEO & Co-Founder of AutoFi, and Chris Depperman, VP of Finance & Insurance Operations of Berkshire Hathaway Automotive.

Plensy™ not only brings innovation to risk assessment but also revolutionizes the broader credit and finance market by tokenizing with NFTs as ” Auto Smart Loans”. The Plensy™ token is a digital asset that can be programmed to produce a yield, making it an attractive new class of digital securities.

Plensy™ has reached agreements with over one hundred twenty (120) dealerships in the United States and is pushing forward with an expansion in the $98B DeFi ecosystem. Some of the largest automotive groups in the United States, which collectively operate over a thousand (1,000) dealerships, are ready to offer Alternative Financing to their consumers.

More About Plensy™: 

Plensy™ is poised to disrupt several trillion-dollar markets with a simplified, fair, and intuitive points-based lending-system that expands marketplaces, diversifies risk, and streamlines the process for everyone involved. This would have enormous economic and social impacts!  

For more information on Plensy’s business model or Seed Fund Round, contact Chief Growth Officer, Brandi Kolosky,  

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New Online Program Designed to Increase VA Rating

A father-son duo create a program to help veterans increase VA disability rating

Military veterans seeking benefits now have a program designed to assist with increasing their VA disability rating. Veteran army Ranger Terry Johnson, and son Gino Johnson created Champions for Veterans, an organization formed to guide veterans and their families through the VA disability rating process.


After 20 years of service, Ranger Johnson found himself fighting to get the benefits he deserved. It took him 17 years to get his full benefits and Ranger Johnson set out to help others to achieve results. Ranger Johnson began to assist people in his church and community which later inspired his son Gino to create an online program. Johnson calls his method the RANGER METHOD and dozens have successfully improved their rating using the RANGER METHOD. Some have gone from a zero percent rating to 100% in less than 90 days.


“Service men and women risk their lives and their families for many years. I want to make sure they get the benefits they have rightfully earned,” says Terry Johnson.


 The RANGER METHOD is an interactive coaching program with video modules, statement templates, examples, weekly coaching calls and peer support in a private online group setting. Individuals interested in this program can learn more at to schedule a free consultation. 




Champions For Veterans is an organization devoted to coaching and training veterans as they pursue the VA disability rating they deserve from the Department of Veterans Affairs. Our mission is to help 100,000 veterans get the rating they deserve by 2025.