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The surge in demand for real estate investments in Israel by foreign residents

Masuari Dilan law firm responds to the surge in demand for real estate investments in Israel by foreign residents due to currency exchange differences

25.12.23 | Tel Aviv Israel

Masuari Dilan, a real estate law firm in Tel Aviv informs that following the recent developments in Gaza, the real estate market in Israel has witnessed the development of a rising wave following cases of anti-Semitism in many countries. At the same time, there is a significant increase in demand for real estate investments by foreign residents who want to take advantage of favorable exchange rates to purchase real estate in Israel.

Real estate values in Israel have shown significant and consistent increases in the last ten years and have probably been on the radar of many investors, including foreign residents. According to the Central Bureau of Statistics data, real estate assets in Israel consistently increase 7.5% per year on average.

Masuari Dylan, Managing Partner:

“A small and limited construction area, plus population growth of 1.6% per year, plus massive rising waves every decade, put the real estate market in Israel at an unprecedented rate of increase in property values compared to other countries”

Israel has known 6 wars since its establishment in 1948. The latest crisis in Gaza brought Israel into another campaign which caused the currency rates to drop. In addition, there have recently been many reports of an anti-Semitic outbreak in many countries which is leading Jewish families to seek refuge in Israel.

Nimble investors are taking advantage of the current momentum and recently there has been a sharp increase in interest in purchasing real estate by non-residents. In response to this trend, Masuari Law Firm, which specializes in accompanying real estate transactions and foreign investors, is ready to provide guidance and expert guidance for navigating this dynamic market.


The ongoing political crisis in Gaza has caused a significant increase in the number of people seeking refuge in Israel, which has caused a corresponding increase in the demand for real estate investments. Following damage to currency rates, foreign residents are increasingly turning to the Israeli market to purchase properties, and are looking for opportunities within the evolving geopolitical landscape.

Shlomi Harazi, real estate lawyer:

“Demand from foreign residents interested in investing in Israeli real estate has seen an extraordinary increase. This presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities. The team at the office is trying to catch up with the interest, and recently several in-depth articles were uploaded to the website to simplify the process for them and guide customers through this complex and developing market.”

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About Masuari law firm:

Masuari Dilan law firm is a firm deeply rooted in the Israeli real estate landscape. Among other things, the firm offers comprehensive services to accompany transactions for non-residents. With a team of seasoned professionals, the firm has established a reputation for excellence, which ensures that clients receive advice and support from the leading experts in Israel.

Contact Information:

Masuari Dilan real estate law firm

Address: Hanatziv 39, Tel Aviv

Phone: 079-574-0020



Press inquiries:

For more information or press requests, please contact Eyal Cohen at

Note to editors: Please consider this press release for publication, and refer to the contact information provided for additional details or to schedule interviews with key stakeholders.

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Quick Real Estate Funding is the Best Resource for Real Estate Hard Money Loans in Texas

Texas, USA (January 22, 2024) – Real estate financing is a big business in Texas. Quick Real Estate Funding has become a reliable provider for hard money construction loans in Texas, with the assurance of fast approval.

This is one of the biggest private lenders for real estate in Texas that is known for being reliable. Thousands of real estate investors in Texas rely on the personalized approach of its experts. The certified professionals associated with this company understand the intricate aspects of real estate transactions. Thus, they can offer the most personalized tips and guidance. They work closely with each client, to cater to their particular objectives and customize financing solutions for them.

As a top hard money lender Texas, it offers a wide variety of financing options to suit the needs of real estate investors, landlords, flippers, etc. The company offers fix and flip loans in Texas at competitive rates, making it outstanding among investors. Its loan products are perfect for fix and flip projects; and ideal to satisfy all the unique requirements of investors who want to buy, sell or renovate construction projects within short timelines. The loans come with extremely flexible terms, which allow inverters to get optimal returns on the investment.

Quick Real Estate Funding offers short-term bridge loans in Texas easily, which helps investors in securing funds quickly for their projects. These are essential in all those situations where time is of the essence. The prompt funding of this lender ensures commitment and efficiency.

“Our loans come with fast approval and a smooth application process,” says a spokesperson for the company. “Investors can easily expand their rental property project portfolios with our easily accessible financing solutions.”

When it comes to getting flexible real estate hard money lenders in Texas for construction projects, real estate investors are often in a fix. It is quite difficult to get financial assistance in Texas where the market is dynamic. With a full understanding of the unique requirements and urgency of property investors, Quick Real Estate Funding offers hard money loans that come with competitive rates and flexibility.  Whether it comes to rental loans in Texas, ground-up construction loans, multifamily property loans, or hard money loans in Texas, it stands out easily.

The lenders working with Quick Real Estate Funding have a thorough understanding of how the local property market works. Thus, they can offer innovative financing solutions that match customer satisfaction easily.

In recent years, it has become a reliable partner for real estate professionals and construction developers who have to complete projects within strict time friends. In 2023-24, the company has managed to achieve 100% customer satisfaction. Its funding process for hard money real estate loans in Texas and other loans is completely straightforward and as quick as it gets.

About Quick Real Estate Funding

Quick Real Estate Funding is one of the biggest direct hard money lenders in Texas. It has become a trusted financing solutions provider in the Texas property market. It helps in financing construction projects easily, catering to the needs of builders and investors across the state.

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Quick Real Estate Funding is Simplifying Real Estate Financing in North Carolina

Norwalk, CT (January 11, 2024) – Quick Real Estate Funding is turning out to be the leading financing partner in North Carolina, offering a diverse range of financial solutions tailored for real estate investors. With a solid foundation in the industry, it stands out by providing unparalleled financing options, including hard money loans, private lending, construction loans, fix and flip loans Texas, bridge loans, and rental loans Texas.

Hard money loans Texas in Texas have seen a surge in popularity, and Quick Real Estate Funding has positioned itself as the go-to hard money lender Texas for real estate financing solutions. As a direct hard money lender in Texas, the company has become synonymous with reliability, flexibility, and efficiency.

Real estate investors often face challenges when seeking financial support, especially in a fast-paced market like Texas. Quick Real Estate Funding understands the urgency and unique needs of investors, offering hard money loans that provide a swift and straightforward funding process. The company’s commitment to transparency and customer satisfaction sets it apart from the competition.

One of the key strengths of Quick Real Estate Funding is its ability to provide hard money construction loans in Texas. These loans are designed to support real estate developers and investors in funding construction projects quickly. The streamlined application process, coupled with a focus on the project’s potential, allows investors to secure the financing they need without unnecessary delays.

“Investors seeking private lenders for real estate in Texas can rely on our expertise and personalized approach,” says a lender associated with the hard money real estate loans Texas provider for over a decade. “Our professionals understand the intricacies of real estate transactions and work closely with clients to tailor financing solutions that align with their specific goals.”

For those engaged in fix and flip projects, Quick Real Estate Funding offers competitive fix and flip loans in Texas. These loans are structured to accommodate the unique needs of investors looking to renovate and sell properties quickly. With flexible terms and competitive rates, the private lenders for real estate Texas of this company empower investors to maximize their returns on investment.

Bridge loans Texas, another specialty offered by Quick Real Estate Funding, provide a crucial financial bridge for investors looking to secure funds quickly, often in time-sensitive situations. The efficient underwriting process and commitment to prompt funding make this company a trusted partner for real estate professionals navigating tight timelines.

Rental property investors in Texas can also benefit from its rental loans. With competitive rates for hard money construction loans Texas and a seamless application process, the company supports investors in expanding their rental property portfolios, ultimately contributing to long-term financial success. Its success as a direct hard money lenders Texas company can be attributed to its unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction, innovative financing solutions, and a deep understanding of the local real estate market.

About Quick Real Estate Funding

Quick Real Estate Funding is a leading direct hard money lender based in Texas, providing a wide range of financing options for real estate investors. With a focus on transparency, efficiency, and customer satisfaction, the company has established itself as a trusted partner in the North Carolina real estate market.

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Quick Real Estate Funding Is Emerging As The Premier Hard Money Lender In North Carolina

Norwalk, CT (January 11, 2024) – Quick Real Estate Funding is emerging as the preferred hard money lender in North Carolina, offering unmatched LTV ratios, transparent financing options, and a stress-free process. For investors, flippers, and landlords seeking reliable and efficient hard money solutions, this hard money lender North Carolina stands out as the go-to partner in achieving real estate success.

The company is gaining widespread recognition as the best direct hard money lenders North Carolina. It takes pride in offering the highest LTV in the industry, setting it apart from other hard money lenders. Whether it is hard money loans North Carolina, a fix and flip loan, short-term bridge loan, rental loan, multifamily loan, or ground-up construction loan, it provides unparalleled financial solutions with LTV ratios that cater to the unique needs of each borrower.

From 30-year fully amortized rental loans to multifamily loans, Quick Real Estate Funding simplifies the complex financing process for investors, ensuring they understand their funding requirements regardless of the property type. Its commitment to transparency extends to its range of financing options, covering a spectrum of real estate needs.

For fix and flip loans North Carolina enthusiasts, Quick Real Estate Funding offers a 12-month interest-only loan with LTVs of up to 85% of the purchase price and 100% of renovation costs (up to 65% ARV). Similarly, for short-term bridge loans, borrowers can benefit from LTVs up to 75%, making the company a go-to choice for those seeking fast and flexible financing options.

Being a fully capitalized financing company, Quick Real Estate Funding eliminates the stress associated with the financing process. Whether a borrower is seeking a ground-up construction loan or any other financing solution, the private lenders for real estate North Carolina of this company simplify the entire process, allowing clients to focus on their real estate goals.

Understanding the challenges that beginners face in navigating the financing landscape, Quick Real Estate Funding offers unparalleled support. “Our team is just a phone call away, ready to assist clients with any questions or concerns they may have,” says a company spokesperson, “Our dedication to making financing accessible is evident in our easy application process, either through an online questionnaire or a direct phone call.”

The company lives up to its name by providing swift funding solutions and hard money construction loans North Carolina. Once a loan is approved, funds are made available within 1 to 2 business days. Its lenders recognize the urgency in the real estate market and ensure that borrowers can quickly access the capital needed to execute their investment strategies.

While rooted in North Carolina, Quick Real Estate Funding serves as a nationwide hard money lender, excluding only a handful of states. Investors and flippers across the country can benefit from the company’s simplified and investor-friendly loan products.

About Quick Real Estate Funding

Quick Real Estate Funding is based in CT. With a commitment to providing the highest Loan-to-Value (LTV) ratios in the industry and specializing in quick real estate funding, the company is empowering investors, flippers, and landlords to turn their real estate dreams into reality.

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New Standard Roofing Orlando: Building Roofs and Community Bonds

January 29, 2024 – Orlando, Florida – In the bustling city of Orlando, Florida, a roofing company is making waves not just for its exceptional roofing services but for its heartwarming community involvement. New Standard Roofing Orlando stands out as a beacon of corporate responsibility, deeply committed to giving back to the community that has supported its growth.

At the core of New Standard Roofing’s philosophy is the belief that a business’s role extends beyond providing services – it’s about building relationships and fostering community welfare. Their involvement in local projects and charitable initiatives speaks volumes of their dedication to the Orlando community.

One such initiative includes partnering with local charities to offer roofing services to families in need. Understanding the importance of a safe and secure home, New Standard Roofing steps in to provide essential roof repairs and installations, ensuring that every family in Orlando has a roof over their heads, regardless of their financial situation.

The company also engages in educational outreach programs. They work with local schools to educate the younger generation about the importance of sustainable and safe housing. These workshops not only inspire future generations but also instill a sense of responsibility towards community welfare.

Seasonal campaigns, like winter roof checks for the elderly and vulnerable, further demonstrate their commitment to Orlando’s residents. These campaigns are crucial in a city like Orlando, where weather can be unpredictable, ensuring that the most susceptible populations are protected from the elements.

Their blog, an informative resource, extends this community spirit. It offers valuable tips on maintaining roofs and educates readers on the latest in roofing technology. But more than that, it’s a platform where the company shares stories of their community work, inspiring others to join in their efforts.

In conclusion, New Standard Roofing Orlando isn’t just about providing top-notch roofing services. It’s a company with a heart, deeply entrenched in the Orlando community, continuously striving to make a difference. Their community involvement is a testament to their commitment to not just build roofs, but to build a stronger, safer, and more connected Orlando.

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Celebrating Excellence: New Standard Roofing Orlando’s Array of Prestigious Awards

January 22, 2024 – Orlando, Florida – In the vibrant city of Orlando, Florida, New Standard Roofing stands tall as a beacon of roofing excellence, having garnered an impressive array of awards and recognitions. These accolades include prestigious certifications from renowned shingle manufacturers like ATLAS, IKO, Certainteed, and Tamko, as well as high esteem in customer satisfaction with a BBB A+ rating and five-star ratings on both Google and Meta Facebook.

These awards and certifications are not merely plaques on the wall but are symbols of New Standard Roofing‘s unwavering commitment to quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction. The criteria for these recognitions are stringent, focusing on aspects such as superior craftsmanship, exceptional material quality, innovative techniques, and outstanding customer service.

The ATLAS, IKO, CertainTeed, and Tamko certifications highlight New Standard Roofing’s proficiency in using high-quality shingles, ensuring that every roofing project they undertake is equipped with the best materials in the industry. This commitment to quality materials is crucial in Orlando’s unique climate, offering durability and longevity to homeowners.

The BBB A+ rating and the five-star ratings on Google and Meta Facebook are testaments to the company’s dedication to customer satisfaction. These ratings are based on customer feedback and demonstrate New Standard Roofing’s ability to consistently deliver excellent service, build trust, and maintain high standards of professionalism.

New Standard Roofing‘s expertise isn’t limited to residential roofing. They also excel in commercial roofing, offering customized solutions that meet the specific needs of each business. This versatility and adaptability are key factors in their widespread recognition.

In conclusion, New Standard Roofing Orlando’s array of awards and recognitions speaks volumes about their expertise and dedication to the roofing industry. For Orlando residents seeking a roofing company that combines quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, New Standard Roofing is a clear choice.

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Eco-Friendly Excellence: New Standard Roofing’s Green Approach in Orlando

January 15, 2024 – Orlando, Florida – In the sunny city of Orlando, Florida, New Standard Roofing is making a name for itself not just for its high-quality roofing services, but for its commitment to sustainability. Embracing eco-friendly practices, this company is at the forefront of the green roofing revolution, setting new standards in the industry.

New Standard Roofing Orlando takes pride in using recycled materials in their roofing projects. These materials not only reduce waste but also lower the carbon footprint associated with roofing. By choosing sustainable materials, they ensure that roofs are not only durable but also environmentally friendly.

Energy efficiency is another cornerstone of their practice. They specialize in designing roofs that contribute to lower energy consumption in homes. This is especially crucial in Orlando’s climate, where the sun can lead to increased cooling costs. Their roofs are designed to reflect sunlight, thereby reducing heat absorption and helping homeowners save on energy bills.

The company has been involved in several projects where its sustainable approach made a significant impact. One notable project involved the installation of a green roof on a local community center, which not only improved the building’s insulation but also provided a space for urban biodiversity.

Their blog is a treasure trove of information, offering insights into the latest trends in sustainable roofing. From tips on maintaining energy-efficient roofs to discussions on the benefits of recycled materials, the blog is a reflection of the company’s commitment to educating the public about sustainable roofing practices.

In conclusion, New Standard Roofing Orlando is more than just a roofing company. They are a team of environmentally conscious professionals dedicated to making a difference, one roof at a time. For those in Orlando looking for a roofing partner that values sustainability as much as quality, New Standard Roofing is the ideal choice.

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Orlando’s Roofing Revolution: New Standard Roofing’s Cutting-Edge Approach

January 8, 2024 – Orlando, Florida – In the heart of Orlando, Florida, a revolution is taking place on rooftops. New Standard Roofing Orlando is leading this change, embracing cutting-edge technology to transform how roofs are built, repaired, and maintained. This isn’t just about shingles and nails; it’s a movement towards smarter, more resilient, and energy-efficient roofing solutions tailor-made for Orlando homes.

New Standard Roofing Orlando is at the forefront of adopting innovative roofing technologies. Their approach combines traditional craftsmanship with advanced materials and tools, setting a new benchmark in roofing services. They specialize in lifetime metal roofing, polymer-modified shingles, and stone-coated steel shingles, each chosen for its durability and suitability for Florida’s unique climate.

One standout feature is their use of polymer-modified shingles. These aren’t your average shingles; they’re engineered for maximum impact resistance and longevity, crucial in a region where weather can be unforgiving. New Standard Roofing’s commitment to quality doesn’t stop at materials. They employ advanced techniques and tools to ensure precision in every project, whether it’s a minor repair or a full roof installation.

The company’s expertise extends to a variety of roofing types, tailored to Orlando’s diverse architectural styles. From sleek, modern metal roofs that reflect the Florida sun, reducing cooling costs, to classic tile roofs that offer a timeless aesthetic with unmatched durability, they have solutions for every homeowner.

In addition to residential roofing, New Standard Roofing Orlando also caters to commercial clients, providing robust roofing systems for businesses of all sizes. They understand the unique demands of commercial roofing and offer customized solutions to meet these needs.

Their blog serves as a rich resource for homeowners and businesses alike, offering insights into roofing maintenance, new trends, and practical tips to get the most out of their roofs. It’s not just about selling services; it’s about educating and empowering their clients.

So, what sets New Standard Roofing apart in the bustling Orlando roofing market? It’s their holistic approach to roofing. They combine the best of technology, materials, and skilled workmanship to offer roofing solutions that are not just about shelter but about enhancing the overall quality and value of Orlando homes and businesses.

In conclusion, New Standard Roofing Orlando isn’t just another roofing company; it’s a trailblazer in the industry, constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in roofing technology. For those in Orlando, Florida, looking for roofing services that blend tradition with innovation, New Standard Roofing is the go-to choice.

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Veterans United Home Loans of Fayetteville Champions “The Mo You Know” to Support Local Veterans and Community

Fayetteville, NC – 9 January, 2023– Veterans United Home Loans of Fayetteville, a leading provider of home loans for veterans, proudly announces its sponsorship of “The Mo You Know,” a community initiative dedicated to enhancing visibility and awareness for home loans, entertainment, and overall quality of life activities in the Fayetteville, NC, and Fort Liberty community.

The Mo You Know initiative aligns with Veterans United Home Loans’ commitment to supporting the local veteran community, providing resources, and fostering a sense of camaraderie among those who have served our nation. The sponsorship underscores Veterans United Home Loans of Fayetteville’s dedication to giving back to the community that has been the backbone of its success.

Senior Loan Officer Chelsea Perkins, with an impressive background of 12 years in finance and 7 years in the insurance industry, spearheads the Fayetteville team. As both a veteran and a homeowner who purchased her first home through Veterans United, Chelsea understands the unique challenges and aspirations of her fellow veterans. Her personal experience, coupled with her passion for helping others achieve homeownership, drives her commitment to making the dream of owning a home a reality for future borrowers.

“Having been through the process of buying our first home with Veterans United, my husband and I experienced firsthand the exceptional support and care they provide to veterans. It was a life-changing moment for us, and I am thrilled to be part of a team that is dedicated to making homeownership dreams come true for others in the veteran community,” said Chelsea Perkins, Senior Loan Officer at Veterans United Home Loans of Fayetteville.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Chelsea is an active member of the Fayetteville community, engaging in volunteer work, fitness activities, and spending quality time with her family. Her commitment to the community extends beyond the walls of the office, exemplifying the values of Veterans United Home Loans.

“The Mo You Know” initiative, powered by the sponsorship from Veterans United Home Loans of Fayetteville, aims to bring attention to the diverse range of services and opportunities available to veterans in the Fayetteville and Fort Liberty area. Through this collaboration, the goal is to build a stronger, more connected community where veterans can thrive and find the support they need for a fulfilling life post-service.

For more information about Veterans United Home Loans of Fayetteville and to connect with Senior Loan Officer Chelsea Perkins, please visit

About Veterans United Home Loans: Veterans United Home Loans is a leading provider of home loans for veterans, committed to supporting the unique needs of those who have served in the military. With a mission to make the dream of homeownership a reality for veterans and their families, Veterans United Home Loans of Fayetteville stands as a pillar of support in the local community.

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משרד עורכי דין צוואות מסוארי דילן עם השקת צוואה הדדית אסטרטגית לצמצום עלויות המס

משרד עורכי דין מקרקעין צוואות וירושות מסוארי דילן עם השקת שירות חדש עבור צוואה הדדית אסטרטגית

16.11.23 | תל אביב | ישראל

במאמץ לתת מענה לצורך הקריטי בתכנון עיזבון, עורך דין צוואות מסוארי דילן, משרד עורכי דין בולט

לצוואות ותכנון עיזבון, מציג בגאווה שירות פורץ דרך המתמקד בחשיבותן של בניית אסטרטגיה עבור

צוואות הדדיות.

אסטרטגיה נכונה בעריכת צוואות מתבטאת בשלושה היבטים חשובים: מיסוי מקרקעין, מימוש רצון

המוריש, ומניעת תקיפתה בעתיד.

כך לדוגמה, לפני כשנה זוג מרעננה הורישו בצוואה הדדית 2 דירות ו-2 מגרשים לשלושה ילדים. שני

ילדים כבר מחזיקים דירה בבעלותם. חלוקה מסורתית של הנכסים הייתה עלולה להוביל לחיוב עתידי

של היורשים במסים והיטלי השבחה. בפועל חלוקה אסטרטגית של הנכסים על פי חוקי המקרקעין

בישראל, יצר להם חסכון עתידי במיסוי שעמד על כחצי מיליון ₪ למועד הכנת הצוואה.

מייסד, מסוארי דילן ציין: "במשרדנו, אנו מבינים את ההשפעה העמוקה שיכולה להיות לתכנון עיזבון

יעיל על משפחות. צוואות הדדיות מייצגות צעד מכריע לקראת הבטחת הרווחה הכלכלית והרגשית

של היורשים. עורכי דין מנוסים יכולים לעזור ללקוחות לפשט את הדברים כדי לקבל החלטות

מושכלות לגבי הירושה שלהם."

גם לחלוקה שווה עם כוונות טובות יכולות להיות השלכות לא רצויות. כך לדוגמה, זוג בשנות ה-60

לחייהם, חילקו את הונם באופן שווה בין שלושה ילדים בצוואתם. מבלי שהם ידעו, זה סיכן את הסיוע

הממשלתי לבתם בעלת צרכים מיוחדים. גם במקרה זה, ניתן לממש פרקטיקה משפטית שמצד אחד

לא תפגע באופן החלוקה ומצד שני לא תזיק לסיוע הממשלתי.

עורך דין ראשי לצוואות, שלומי חרזי, הגיב: "צוואות הדדיות מספקות הזדמנות ייחודית לזוגות לבטא

את רצונותיהם ושאיפותיהם המשותפות. זה לא רק מסמך משפטי; זו גם עדות למסע משותף

ולמחויבות לעתיד. אנו גאים להיות בחזית בקידום הגישה האופטימלית לתכנון עיזבון".


משרד עורכי דין מסוארי דילן מכיר במשמעות של אופטימיזציה לירושה באמצעות תכנון עיזבון קפדני.

השקת שירותי עריכת צוואות אסטרטגיות נועדה לספק למשפחות מסגרת משפטית חזקה. חיסכון

במס תוך שימת דגש על קבלת החלטות משותפת והגנה על נכסים.

בעולם שבו נסיבות בלתי צפויות עלולות להשפיע על עתידם של משפחות רבות. צוואות הדדיות

מתבלטות ככלי רב עוצמה להבטיח שרצונותיהם של שני בני הזוג יכובדו ויישמרו. עורך דין מסוארי דילן

ממליץ להיוועץ עם עורכי דין המתמחים במקרקעין ככל ויש בצוואה מעל לשני נכסי נדל”ן. בצורה הזו, ניתן יהיה לקבל

מעטפת מלאה לצוואה הכוללת את היבטי המיסוי השונים.

מקור הכתבה – בלחיצה כאן

אודות המשרד:

משרד עורכי דין מסוארי דילן הוא פרקטיקה משפטית ויצירתית המתמחה בדיני צוואות, תכנון עיזבון

ודיני ירושה. עם צוות של אנשי מקצוע ותיקים, המשרד מחויב לספק שירותים משפטיים מקיפים,

מותאמים אישית, הנותנים מענה לצרכים הייחודיים של כל לקוח.

פרטי התקשרות:

איש קשר – מסוארי דילן

כתובת – הנציב 39, תל אביב

טלפון – 079-574-0020

מייל –

פניות לעיתונות:

למידע נוסף או לקביעת ראיון, אנא צור קשר עם עו"ד מסוארי דילן בפרטים המצוינים לעיל.