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Three Key Reasons Experts Need Media Coaching For TV Talk Show Interviews

Being a guest on a TV talk show or radio program is a great way to build credibility as an expert in an industry. However, it’s not as easy as many experts make it look, especially those who are well seasoned in how to interview with the television media.

Generally, this is how it works: An expert like an online entrepreneur, influencer, or possibly a non-fiction book author hires a publicist and then that publicist may succeed in booking a coveted TV interview for their client to promote their brand, product, or service. 

What most of the clients don’t understand is getting booked on a TV interview is the first step and what happens next determines if a client gains the credibility they’re looking to achieve with an engaging on-camera interview or dismantles it all together if they are not prepared.

Unfortunately, many publicists will only help a client prepare with very basic media training and according to Marianne Schwab, a former national network TV talk show producer, “Some publicists do an amazing job of prepping their clients for an interview but so many do not and drop the ball. When I was working on Live daily talk shows, I’d work directly with expert guests to develop the interview segment into our show’s version of infotainment. Guests only have about four-to-five minutes to nail their topic or demo and my job was on the line if each segment wasn’t the best it could be or if a guest was a flop.”

Media coaching, also known as media training, is a valuable service that is available and essential for experts who are just starting out to get booked as guests on talk shows. Depending on the coach, they not only help clients maximize the time they have for the interview by dialing in a targeted yet engaging message, but they also prepare them to look confident on-camera. Here are three key things to know about media coaching before a scheduled TV talk show interview:

1. Experts Make Interviewing Look Easy. The biggest secret TV viewers may not know is that even the most experienced on-camera experts prepare and rehearse for every single TV interview. Schwab says, “Think of it this way, professional baseball players don’t show up for the World Series like they’re there for batting practice.  They spend thousands of hours preparing for the big game under the guidance of their coach. TV interviews work the same way – you don’t just show up and wait for the questions to be thrown at you when you can prepare responses in advance.”

2. Avoid Looking Like Bambi in Headlights. Media coaching is essential to learn the skills of mastering your message and time constraints of a TV interview, handling nerves, and according to Schwab, “You only have one chance to get it right when it comes to a talk show appearance and that’s where media coaching comes in. Knowing what to say when you get a curveball question so that you have a response and not a reaction is key to an on-camera delivery with poise and polish.” 

3. Skipping Media Coaching is a Recipe for an On-Camera Disaster. As a producer, Marianne Schwab’s number one goal is to make sure that when her clients get in front of the camera that they look and do their best. “Every expert that I’ve ever worked with for TV appearances invests time in preparing for each and every interview so that when the red light on the studio camera goes on, they look like they’re making it up on the spot, but what most people don’t know is that they spent hours making it look effortless. If you skip media coaching, you’re gambling with your reputation since you could derail your credibility and all you’ve worked so hard for when landing a TV interview,” she concludes.

Marianne Schwab has worked as a producer for over 25 years in New York and Los Angeles. She is currently the Executive Producer of CMP Media Cafe where she works with clients to develop compelling media hooks and story angles that get them TV and radio interviews in today’s complicated media environment. She has created an online training that shares her insider secrets to promoting a business on TV talk shows and details the types of guests producers love to book as guests.

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Polly Powell – founder of 5 Step Funnels – is chopping advertising costs in half for webinar registrations with TikTok ads

Carmarthenshire, Wales, UK- November 7th, 2022 – Serial entrepreneur Polly Powell is the founder of the boutique marketing agency, 5 Step Funnels, which specializes in creating Online Funnel Eco Systems to turn strangers into buyers using Funnels and Social Advertising for Online Entrepreneurs.

With the exponential rise of TikTok, Polly has dedicated a part of her agency solely to their TikTok Ad services – and it’s been producing incredible results for her clients. 

As Polly explains, “back in 2012 business owners used to say ~ “my audience isn’t on Facebook” now this is history repeating itself as they are now saying the same thing about TikTok in 2022 but this is so far from the truth, it’s unreal”. 

Every type of consumer is on TikTok, which means, every brand’s target audience is as well. 

The algorithm doesn’t work on followers, it’s all about the content so anyone can post and engage with their audiences in different ways, big brands like Chipotle and Gymshark have found success through TikTok but so can smaller solopreneurs and small businesses working from home, TikTok doesn’t care the size of people’s followings it’s all about the Content, on TikTok Content is King. 

And Polly is right. The Financial Times reported in Oct 2022 that while TikTok’s largest user base is currently the USA, its European base has grown 6-fold over the past year. 

And, according to Hootsuite’s Digital Report 2022, TikTok is the online consumers’ No 1 social media platform of choice – spending on TikTok increased by 77% over the past year, to 2.3 Billion.

TikTok skyrocketed to the top of social media by leveraging the power of user behavior – as the famous hashtag #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt trend proved. 

That single hashtag has over 26.2 Billion views.

With the holidays and Black Friday approaching, a brand’s TikTok ad strategy could be the key difference for this year’s bottom line. 

5 Step Funnels‘ innovative approach to riding the wave in the TikTok universe and leveraging its emotion to create a platform-wide disruption for brands flows from Polly’s 3-step formula to WIN with TikTok ads:

1. Find your audience with Video Views Campaigns

2. Use Video Views Campaigns to leverage your audience’s interests and hashtags

3. Don’t make ads… Make TikToks

In the rush to get into the TikTok niche, tons of social advertising agencies are trying to use outdated Facebook tactics for TikTok campaigns – but that approach just won’t cut it on TikTok.

TikTok ads that WIN don’t look like ads at all – Polly’s rule of thumb for achieving incredible results on TikTok is to Keep it Real and resonate with your audience!

About 5 Step Funnels: Polly Powell founded 5 StepFunnels, a company that helps online business owners with a full-funnel system that creates high-converting funnels, automation, and social advertising campaigns, to attract leads on demand and convert into customers. 

Polly is also the host of the Below the Iceberg podcast, where she interviews Million Dollar Entrepreneurs who have achieved 1 million dollars in sales through one funnel. 

Polly is highly sought after for her expertise with an online funnel and advertising strategies and has helped countless entrepreneurs achieve their business goals, she has also built Funnels for some of the Biggest Names in Life and Business coaching in the World, including Tony Robbins. 

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Upward News Reported as a Trustworthy News Source

WFHV (Work From Home Virtually) recently published a report that highlights Upward News as it aims to inform its readers about the latest developments in the world. The newsletter is now available and promises to be an excellent resource for anyone interested in staying up-to-date on current affairs.

Upward News is a free email newsletter that covers current events, business news, and entertainment stories. It is published every weekday morning and provides subscribers with a concise, digestible summary of the day’s news.

As reported, Upward News is a valuable resource for busy professionals who want to stay informed about the world. It is also excellent for anyone who likes reading the news but doesn’t have the time to sift through all the noise.

The founding of Upward News in 2020 has been motivated by a desire to provide an independent news resource.

With a staff of journalists and editors, Upward News seeks to enlighten and educate readers while also empowering them. The newsletter, offered free of charge, aims to inform the populace and motivate readers to think critically about issues beyond current affairs and political ideologies.

Upward News is an independent news source that produces authentic stories. They aim to create reports that meet these criteria. They believe that this commitment to independence and authenticity will set it apart from other news sources.

Upward News is a fact-based publication in the U.S. that rejects the woke ideology of the left. In a world where magazines constantly try to pander to the woke crowd.

The publication’s mission is to “provide accurate reporting and analysis from a perspective that isn’t driven by identity politics.” It has quickly gained a following among readers tired of the constant pandering from other publications.

This report also explains how Upward News is committed to providing accurate and timely reports to its readers. To make these reports more accessible to everyone, Upward News is now offering free access to its regular news reports. With this initiative, Upward News hopes to reach a wider audience and continue to provide quality news coverage.

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Upward News Becomes the Chosen Source for Trustworthy, Faithful, and Concise News

Upward News, a recently launched news-related newsletter was introduced to the general public, is produced with the collaboration of a few editors, writers, graphic designers, and video editors; a team that has given birth to an accessible media platform that simply reports the truth.

Upward News was launched to empower readers through a fact-based, simple, and free newsletter. 

The main reason behind the start of Upward News was to deliver the truth, no matter what it costs. They believe the legacy media has gained a bad reputation while publishing news according to the state of confusion and conflict. Legacy media often portrays a polarized America that has nothing to do with the real world.

Upward News is an independent platform that covers important news. They work without any external influence from any popular political parties or big corporations and work efficiently going through the details related to news stories and publishing them accordingly and authentically.

Upward news was found in 2020 after a long-term effort by a small team of young Americans who wanted to do something for their country. The group of passionate individuals worked hard to help inform the country, where citizens can think beyond what they are being told or shown. Their goal and core idea of the newsletter is to think beyond past experiences and past divisions to ensure unity. 

Upward News strives to produce trustworthy and concise news. They know how to portray and report the truth while being neutral and know which topics and news require priority and which do not. Upward News is allowing free access to their newsletter in hopes that readers will see the value of it and share it with friends.

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Business publishes new report on the usefulness and efficiency of in-person vs online meetings using Meetn, Zoom, and other platforms

The publication firm WFHV (Work From Home Virtually) ( recently conducted research on the pros and cons of working virtually. The firm has released a report based on its research. The report speaks about the impact of online meetings on businesses and also discusses the effect of online meetings on users’ carbon footprint. 

It reports that online meetings are easy to schedule, are less disruptive as compared to face-to-face meetings, and virtual meetings help in saving travel time and fuel cost. Another discovered benefit is that online meetings improve the physical and mental health of participants due to less stress related to less travel and traffic. Busy working professionals often suffer from lack of nutrition, stress, and lack of sleep due to frequent travel.

The report also states that online meetings help users interact with a higher number of people. Even people in a foreign country can be contacted at ease. Online meeting platforms such as Zoom, Meetn, and many others are already taking advantage of multi-time zone meetings, allowing people to connect when convenient. As predicted and stated in the research, one of the biggest drawbacks to online meetings is that users cannot read the body language of others attending the meeting. 

The WFHV report states that online meeting have helped to reduce users’ carbon footprint to a large extent. WFHV has reported that face-to-face meeting release 3 million kg of carbon dioxide. On the other hand, virtual meeting released only 1% of those emissions. This is mainly due to the in-person meetings demand for air travel and air-conditioned rooms. The report indicates that virtual meetings can reduce the carbon emissions by as much as 94%. 

Also included in the report is the concern for the quality of internet connection when attending an online meeting. Despite companies using high end and high-speed internet connections, the quality of connection also depends on other factors like weather conditions, distance, and electricity. 

The report further states that the benefits of online meeting depends largely on the size of the team, or the number of people attending the meeting. If the size of the team is small, then online meetings are more beneficial than in-person meetings. On the other hand, if the size of the team is large, then it can be wise to go with face-to-face meetings.

As also reported, online meetings can reduce expenses. Companies can avoid travelling costs and the time spent to travel, while meeting online can be done at a moment’s notice.

Virtual meetings increased exponentially during the pandemic and have now become routine for many organizations. 

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The Pour Over launches a politically neutral, faith-first, bite-sized news source

The mission of The Pour Over is to inform Christians about world events while keeping the focus on their Christian worldview. The Pour Over staff state clearly that they are not theologians. They simply publish world events in their no-cost email newsletter through a Christian perspective.

The Pour Over is working to be different from the other news sources as it focuses on Christians and their beliefs and values. They report on the same world events as mainstream media outlets, however their aim is to help their readers process the information from the perspective of their faith. They do this by selecting the news and stories in a different way. They focus their stories in three main categories: spiritually significant news, major world events, and current events.

The Pour Over names their news reporting method as the “POUR” method:

  • The method has a perspective. That is, all the news is seen through the perspective of their Christian faith. They choose stories that will leave an impact on the hearts of the readers. 
  • According to The Pour Over, changing one’s mind is not hypocrisy. Rather, it is a sign of growth. They are open to correction. They seek truth and understanding, while humbly accept correction as they understand the truth of the story.
  • The Pour Over aims to present the world and the news through the view of unconditional love and how their Christian beliefs claim to love others as God loves them. This reflects how they report the news and how they talk about those they report on.
  • The Pour Over offers to help its readers stay focused on their faith, God, while learning about current events and respond as directed. Each news story published is paired with a short Christian perspective response.

The main objective of The Pour Over is to turn its readers towards forgiveness and love when they read about criminal acts, celebrity gossip, or politicians failing. They abide by the principle of loving everyone including their enemies. The Pour Over takes a positive side to the news, reporting with short segments that focus on reporting the truth from a Christian perspective.

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Introducing Meetn as an alternative to Zoom and other major online meeting platforms, giving the big players a run for their money

Announcing the launch of the latest online meeting platform which has the potential to greatly transform the virtual meeting market. The CEO of Meetn, Rick Raddatz, informed Ryan Frazier of 9NEWS (KUSA) of Meetn’s goal to solve most of the connectivity problems that online meeting platform users experience with other popular meeting apps.

Recent regulations of businesses and the advancement in working environments have given rise to the introduction of new and quickly changing technologies to conduct online meetings, conferences, and other engagements to connect company staff and customers, as written in an article reviewing meeting platforms. Platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet are used by various companies to organize online modes of communication to keep employees updated. Meetn plans to join in the ranks of those popular services.

Whether using Zoom, Teams, or Meetn; all virtual meeting platforms have their own unique style and target market. Meetn is focusing on simplicity, ease-of-use, and is targeting small business owners who need a reliable and lower cost platform.

While Meetn is a fairly new service, it’s geared to facilitate remote workers, online jobs, promote online meetings, and enables the user to have an alternate way to communicate instead of using Zoom, while keeping-up with the features of the big players like Zoom. 

The service and features that Meetn has and continues to produce are competitive and designed to be user friendly. The Meetn team continues to work at the improvement and functioning of the video quality, audio quality, chat, high-capacity meetings, connection compatibility, with live customer service, international dialing, and with many other loved features to be released shortly. Every feature is designed with the requirements and usefulness of the end-user in mind.

Meetn also understands the demands of the market well and therefore is taking security and privacy seriously. A report by suggests that 35% of online meeting users are afraid that their private information has been compromised on other platforms. To maintain the credibility and reliability of the platform, Meetn is taking users’ private information seriously and is protecting it.

With this announcement of Meetn launching its industry disruption platform, online meeting users will be given a solid alternative to the big players. While Meetn offers a competitive range of services and features at affordable prices, users are encouraged to enter Meetn’s early access before their upcoming larger launch date.

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The new online meeting platform, Meetn, is securing its spot as a true competitor of Zoom based on its performance, features, and options

The launch of Meetn’s online meeting platform was recently announced. Meetn is gaining traction and importance as it provides a feature-rich user experience that is simple and intuitive to use, in comparison to the alternative of Zoom and other major platforms.

The news of Meetn’s app is gaining attention from a variety of users in different markets, allowing Meetn’s developers to test the platform in a variety of ways. While Zoom and other online meeting platforms are being used by various businesses, companies, and educational institution, Meetn’s focus is on small businesses, helping them find an affordable alternative.

While Meetn is still relatively new, it offers all the significant features that other prominent platforms have at a competitive price-point and a dedicated support team. As Meetn attracts attention, they are allowing some users early access at a lower price-point, with the aim that early adopters will help spread the word.

Meetn is considered a comparable alternative to Zoom because of its features, cost-effective services, and reliable performance. Meetn encourages its users to take advantage of their lower plan or trial option before its larger launch occurs.

Since Zoom and Meetn are being compared to each other because of their similarity and feature capability, users are encouraged to test both platforms out to ensure the apps meet their expectations. While their feature lists are comparable, users will notice their price-points are not. Since Meetn’s target market is small businesses, the price-point and the needs of those businesses must match their app’s offering.

As time progresses and users turn to their chosen virtual meeting platform, the Meetn vs Zoom debate will continue and features will get fleshed out, more advanced, and pricing will change. Because of Meetn’s dedication to quality and customer experience, Meetn is ready for this ongoing challenge.

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Virtual meeting platform, Meetn, takes on major brands as they compete for the attention of non-profit groups

Meetn introduces their online meeting platform, as an alternative to Zoom and the other major meeting apps, for the everyday user who simply needs the meeting to run without complication. This is especially true for church meetings and other religious and non-profit groups who need to meet virtually but do not have the technical skills or manpower to properly use the other major brands.  

The options to hold church meetings online increase as meeting platforms, like Meetn, adapt and configure their apps to religious and non-profit institutional use, as indicated by lower price points and available features.

While organizations already use Zoom, Facebook, and other free and low-cost video media to meet together, as written by author Heather Barker from WFHV, businesses like Meetn have seen the struggle those organizations have and are releasing their feature-packed online meeting platform to broadening the choice for end-users. Choosing to work hard to build a lasting, tested, and simple-to-use meeting platform is securing Meetn as a true competitor for church-goers.

Along with Meetn becoming a competitor in the non-profit space, it has real potential to gather a larger audience as church meeting attendees are frequently engaged in for-profit work in their daily lives, resulting in the word being spread to countless numbers of potential users. 

While some users of virtual meeting platforms are becoming tired of online meetings, for others it is still a new and unique experience. This is often the case for church meetings and many non-profit groups which cannot afford the higher costs of the big meeting brands, resulting in less virtual meetings taking place in those cases. This is where Meetn’s platform will fill the gap by creating a flexible, affordable, and easy-to-use meeting app for all uses.

Due to Meetn’s feature-rich options; allowing for any group size, offering a secure connection, and customized options, Meetn is the platform that users will use to host church meetings and conferences. 

Meetn has been allowing some users early access to their platform to test it out and to run full meetings to put the system to work. It has stood the test and the new release is well underway.

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Two Service Disabled African American Veterans Open Multi-Sport Facility in Cumberland County, NC

Thurston and Charlotte Robinson, both of whom are African American veterans disabled during their years of military service have opened The TJ Robinson Life Center in Hope Mills, North Carolina. The TJ Robinson Life Center is a multi-sport and fitness complex. The 57,000 sq foot sports and fitness facility is now reputed to be the largest multi-sports and fitness establishment in the Cumberland county area. This large multi-sports and fitness center is generously equipped with state-of-the art facilities, like their modern fitness gym, sports gyms and conference rooms for educational purposes. The TJ Robinson Life Center also has ample outdoor space for outdoor sports and fitness purposes. 

The TJ Robinson Life Center serves the Hope Mills/Fayetteville and surrounding communities not just in areas of sports and fitness but also provide society-driven services like the juvenile diversion program,  to help keep the young ones off the streets and provide them with positive influence and direction, then also, the program for veterans which provides assistance and guidance to veterans who have made the transition from military service to civilian life. This program helps veterans with employment opportunities, social networking, financial planning, housing & transportation assistance and many other vital areas where the veterans need help. The TJ Robinson Center also caters for senior members of the community by keeping them active and healthy with social activities and exercise. 

Thurston Robinson, fondly known as Coach Rob brings his wealth of experience in helping the youth, feeding the poor, housing and clothing the homeless and working with The Department of Social Services to The TJ Robinson Life Center. He believes that by introducing kids and youth to sports, he can use that to also bring them into contact with real life skills and lessons. The TJ Robinson Life Center now combines real life lessons and assistance with sports and fitness to provide all residents in the Cumberland county area with life changing experiences. The TJ Robinson Life Center works with the Juvenile Court System and student-teachers from all of the surrounding colleges and universities to keep the young ones fully engaged in educational activities and other positive and life changing endeavors.

The TJ Robinson Center also hosts sports and fitness events like the Amateur Athletes Sports Association tournament for boys and girls an also, the kids summer camp that features mentorship, field trips and many other fun recreational activities for kids. 

Thurston and Charlotte Robinson are excited to serve the people of Cumberland County and surrounding areas through the TJ Robinson Life Center. They hope that sports and fitness establishment will make real and positive change beyond the sphere of physical fitness in the lives of all those who’ll use the facility.