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Ken Krell and the 7 Deadly Sins: What Are You Doing Wrong?

Are you having a hard time connecting with your digital audience? If so, there’s a chance that you may be committing one of the seven deadly sins of digital marketing. If you would like to learn more about how YOU can avoid these costly mistakes, then you need to listen to what Ken Krell has to say! When it comes to selling products and services in the digital world, nobody has more experience than Ken Krell! Your time is your most valuable asset, so make sure you get the most out of it! That is why YOU need to invest in yourself and read the 7 Deadly Sins book! How many of them are you committing? The only way you will find out is to take a closer look at the free report!

Why Do Most People Fail?  

If you feel like you are having trouble keeping up in the digital world, Ken Krell and the 7 Deadly Sins book can help you! By implementing this ridiculously irresistible formula, you can make your online events perform better than in-person events! Yes, you’ve probably had a difficult time implementing the same sales tactics in the digital world as you did in the physical one; however, by taking a look at this easy formula, YOU can boost your conversion rates as well!

This is a report that’s already transformed countless lives! Therefore, you have nothing to worry about! This is a risk-free opportunity for you, helping you figure out why so many people have trouble. Then, you can avoid these mistakes and increase your performance instantly! This can help you drive countless Revenue dollars back to your business!

What Is Included?  

In this report, you’ll discover how you can place yourself in the right mindset to confidently change the way your audience thinks. That way, you’ll have them effortlessly purchasing your products and services from session to session. Essentially, YOUR products will sell themselves after you find the “aha” moment with this 7 Deadly Sins book!

You’ll also learn about a helpful “energy hack” that will help you properly care for yourself during your events. That way, you’ll have an easier time focusing on your audience. By exuding positive energy, you can even change the mindset of your target market! The best part about this is that you’ll figure out just how simple it is to implement this mindset, making it work for YOU!

Why Should You Use the 7 Deadly Sins Book?  

Today, the market is more competitive than it’s ever been in the past. The only way you’ll succeed is if you find a way to stand out from the crowd. This means connecting with your target market as quickly and as seamlessly as possible.

Unfortunately, countless people make many of these 7 Deadly Sins, which is why YOU need to learn about them in THIS book! Sure, you are probably already great at selling to an in-person audience; however, the online world is not the same place! By avoiding these 7 Deadly Sins, YOU can make sure that your products and services stand out from the crowd by connecting with your target market!

The best part is that this is a simple, straightforward approach that can completely change your way of thinking! If you want to increase your conversions from your digital events, then you must make sure that you’re not scaring away your digital audience before you even get started! That is where Ken Krell and the 7 Deadly Sins book can help!

About Ken Krell  

Ken Krell is a highly experienced professional with nearly 40 years of experience promoting and selling countless products spread throughout multiple industries. This includes in-person, over the phone, online, and on digital stages. He has honed his marketing skills, connecting with people of all backgrounds. Now, he is using his skills to help others do the same. By putting in countless hours producing content, including the 7 Deadly Sins book, he helps everyone adjust their styles to meet the needs of their individual markets. To learn more, visit this website, check out the Facebook page, and contact Ken Krell today.

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Howling Amplify Uses a Revolutionary Content Amplification Engine: How Does Howling Amplify Work?

If you are looking for a way to quickly and easily publish content across major outlets, then the Howling Amplify content amplification engine could be for you. Howling Amplify uses this content amplification engine to generate hundreds of digital assets across major authority sites, positioning clients as authorities in their fields. This includes audio slideshows, blog articles, and news articles that create brand omnipresence, collecting traffic from multiple sources. This includes news sites, Google, Youtube, podcasts, and online directories. Then, this drives organic traffic to the client website, increasing online visibility. Howling Amplify’s revolutionary content engine allows clients to focus on other areas of their business without sacrificing the quality of their digital marketing results.

Howling Amplify Uses an Automated Content Amplification Engine  

In order for clients to get the results of an automated campaign from Howling Amplify, it would take at least 14 hours manually. This automated content amplification engine is able to publish content quickly on new sites, blogs, audio sites, video sites, and even slideshow websites. This content amplification engine selects key information from the business. Clients specify what they would like to promote. Then, Howling Amplify’s content engine generates quality traffic, increases sales, and boosts conversions. The goal is to focus on attracting people who are actually looking for what you are promoting. By taking a closer look at buyer intent, Howling Amplify increases the return on your digital marketing investment.

How Does the Process Work: The Steps  

Howling Amplify consistently works to fine-tune and improve the content amplification engine to drive the best results possible for each individual client. The steps include:

  • Write an Article: Howling Amplify will write an optimized article about the business, product, or service. Using SEO, the article will be targeted specifically to a focus group. If you’d prefer, you can write this article; however, Howling Amplify can also do this for you.
  • Publish the Article: Next, this article is published on hundreds of news sites. Howling Amplify will amplify the article, sending it to a variety of news and TV station affiliates. This includes NBC, Fox, CBS, and others.
  • The Article Gets Noticed: Howling Amplify will complete a report, sending links to that specific news article, showing that it has been featured.

By quickly and rapidly distributing this article to other locations, it is possible to amplify your online presence, making it easier for your target market to start you. This increases your organic traffic exponentially.

The Benefits of Partnering with Howling Amplify’s Content Amplification Engine  

There are several benefits of using this revolutionary digital marketing tactic from Howling Amplify. A few of the top benefits include:

  • Automated: Because the process is automated, it can save a lot of time. Instead of having to do these manual tasks by hand, the automated content amplification engine from Howling Amplify takes care of this process from start to finish.
  • Focused Traffic: Even though it would be nice to make a customer out of everyone, this is simply not realistic. By taking a close look at the optimized article, Howling Amplify is able to find people who are actually looking for that specific product or service. Therefore, they are ready to make a purchase when they visit the website.
  • Brand Authority: Because this content gets published on high authority websites, this also increases the authority of the client website. That means that your brand Authority will increase, helping to improve your online visibility.

With hundreds of partners, the limits of a content amplification campaign from Howling Amplify are unlimited. This drives exponential returns for each individual client, which could include you.

About Howling Amplify  

Howling Amplify is a content amplification service that helps businesses of all sizes increase their online visibility, expand their market, and drive conversions. As more people use the internet, digital content amplification services have only become more important. Howling Amplify seeks to augment the online presence of each individual client, driving measurable revenue increases as quickly as possible. If you would like to learn more about Howling Amplify’s revolutionary content amplification engine and how it drives focused traffic to your website, then please visit the Howling Amplify website. Or, visit the Facebook page to learn more.

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Gary Vaynerchuk Joins Adam Posner on Episode 155 of The POZcast

Everyone has failures, and everyone faces rejection, but as successful entrepreneur Gary Vee tells Adam Posner on The POZcast on Episode 155, it doesn’t have to be your scarlet letter. When a person does not get accepted into college, loses their job, or faces other rejection, Gary Vee says, “A human being made a subjective call…Who cares? That doesn’t mean they’re right. It means that a human-made a subjective call…Many times, a company — including mine — has been wrong.”

While being fired or rejected can be disheartening, it’s not final. Gary Vee suggests owning any mistakes you might have made in the process and aiming to be better in the future. It’s a practice he models in his own business.

However, Gary Vee is quick to admit he’s not perfect. “Like I always tell people, just because I’ve had success doesn’t mean today’s not the beginning of me making a lot of mistakes.”

By recognizing mistakes he feels he and his company have made along the way, Gary Vee has improved over time. For example, he has actively worked toward guiding his employees better throughout their employment instead of waiting until the end to let them know their performance is unsatisfactory.

Gary’s company Vayner Media is also committed to making DEI&B a priority by recruiting more black leaders to join the team. This is just the beginning, though. As Vayner Media has accomplished this goal, it is moving forward to do more.

With such goals and plans in mind, how do Gary Vee and his company deal negative reviews left on sites like Glassdoor? The answer is simple: They “don’t play the Glassdoor game.” He uses Glassdoor as a tool for specific goals, but Vayner Media does not let the negativity get in the way of its success.

What career advice does Gary Vee offer? To be self-aware. Know what you love and follow that. Don’t follow a path for the money it brings. The money should be a by-product — not the main goal.

Gary Vee shares that building businesses is his passion – not making money. “Business is my love, but money is not my love…Money is a collateral aspect of my art. Money is an incredible igniter to my options…Money is not my love.” By being self-aware and chasing your love, you will feel much happier in your pursuits.

Being the CEO of Vayner Media and all that entails can’t all be cake and ice cream, though. There has to be some anxiety wrapped up in it, right?

Of course, there is, but Gary Vee shares an important viewpoint on this as well. “You’ve got to understand that until you feel like you’re a hundred percent in control of your life, you will always be vulnerable to anxiety.”

How does such a busy man and serial entrepreneur manage to cultivate his family life as well? In one word: “Practice.” Gary Vee knows the struggle of being an entrepreneur who is passionate about his business and how difficult it can be to turn that off when you’re with family. In his experience, the way to make it happen is through practice, practice, and more practice.

Gary Vaynerchuk has had a lot of success — and self-admitted failures — in his life. He is an inspiration in career and personal life. So what is the one constant principle he lives by daily that has helped him become the man he is?

Gary Vee says that the foundation can be traced back to his father. “My dad hates lying..hates exaggeration…This is why I’m empathetic…I really think reputation is everything, and so your word is bond.” He admits that without this principle, he would probably not be the same man he is today.

Find out more about Gary Vee, his thoughts on career and life, and his North Star by tuning into #thePOZcast!

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Howling Assistant Launches Social Media Growth Engine Powered by Humans – Not Bots

Find more details about the company’s Instagram Growth Engine at

Many SMBs struggle to keep up with the digital marketing practices of their larger competitors. Hiring full-time marketing staff is expensive, especially when you take into consideration the skillsets and expertise required mean a minimum of two new hires.

Entrepreneurs, startups, and other SMBs often have to resort to boot-strapped, MacGyver-esque solutions for their social media management. Or worse – they don’t get around to it at all.

Social Media Stats Reveal Significant Opportunities on Social  

According to a recent study released by Hootsuite, about 54% of the global population has at least one social media account (4.2 billion users!). When you break that down by generation, those numbers jump even more significantly.

90.4% of millennials and 77.5% of Gen X use social media in some form according to eMarketer.

In 2020 alone, 44.8% of social media browsers used social media to research products (Hootsuite).

This means you cannot afford to let your social media presence slip or you’re missing out on significant sales opportunities. Howling Assistant’s new Instagram growth engine is designed to grow your following, develop your online voice and brand, and funnel leads to your site through social media interactions.

Instagram Is Vital to Your 2021 Marketing Strategy  

Instagram is quickly becoming the most popular and heavily used social media platform among consumers and businesses alike. While different platforms perform best among specific demographics, Instagram is used by over 1 billion people every month and, according to Hootsuite, 81% of consumers use the platform to research products and services.

130 million people tap on shopping posts, 500 million people use Stories, and 50% of people visit a website to make a purchase after seeing service or product on Instagram (Hootsuite).

Tap into all that potential with Howling Assistant’s Instagram Growth Engine. Comment on relevant posts to stir interest. Follow and like relevant brands, influencers, and topics to solidify your identity as a thought leader in your field.

The Instagram Growth Engine helps keep your brand visible and relevant to your target audience.

100% Human Beings – Never Bots  

The Instagram Growth Engine is powered by 100% US-based human beings, not bots. Their team creates monthly AI-powered and human-validated target lists of high-value social media profiles for your brand to interact with.

Then, through strategic likes, comments, and shares, your human project manager keeps your brand visible and top-of-mind while funneling prospective clients to your own social profiles and website. You can even integrate Howling Assistant’s Sales Growth Engine, which incorporates scripted DMs designed to drive website traffic, appointments, and leads.

The Howling Assistant Instagram Growth Engine team promises that human touch that bots can’t quite accomplish. They “actually read the target’s posts” before interacting, says the company’s site, meaning you won’t be at the mercy of a blind algorithm and end up following and liking completely unrelated information.

Because the Howling Assistant team always uses local elite proxies and VPNs, you never have to worry about the safety of your business’s private information. And they log directly into your account through the Instagram app, so there’s no risk of shadow bans, account bans, or action blocks.

The company even takes that extra human step of muting the accounts they follow on your behalf so your feed isn’t drowning in unwanted posts and updates. For more information, check out:

Compatible With Other Social Media Platforms and Services  

Howling Assistant’s Social Media Growth Engine works on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and more. Connect with brands and influencers across multiple platforms to solidify your presence, reach new audiences, and legitimize your spot as a thought leader in your field.

Howling Assistant is also a certified partner for multiple automation platforms, including HubSpot, ZoHo, ActiveCampaign, Infusionsoft, and more. This means you can get help automating your business’s social media and digital marketing efforts while streamlining your efforts overall.

Howling Assistant is a brand launched by Howling Brands, a full-service digital marketing suite meant to serve the unique challenges and needs of SMBs. The company’s human Project Managers have completed over 1 million tasks and saved 500+ hours for their clients in the last year alone.

If you are interested in further information or a demonstration of their services, visit:

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PRESS New Mexico Founder & Cultural Change Leader Barbara Jordan Joins Emerge New Mexico Class of 2021

Rancho Rio, N.M. May 29, 2021 – Barbara Jordan has been named to Emerge New Mexico’s class of 2021 women, who are eager to run for future office and change the world. Jordan is the founder of People Requiring Equality within System Systems (PRESS), a community based organization focused on empowering people of color and creating true racial equality.


As part of Emerge New Mexico, Ms. Jordan joins women leaders from diverse backgrounds across New Mexico and the United States seeking public office and intent on changing the face of power in America.


“I’m honored to be among the 2021 class of Emerge New Mexico women leaders working together to lift one another and create a just and equal society,” said Ms. Jordan. “I’ve been rolling up my sleeves and getting to work at PRESS and now I want to take my energy and passion to the next level. Emerge New Mexico will help me do this.”

 After 20 years in the United States Air Force, where she saw combat duty, Ms. Jordan drew on her natural humanitarian skills and fire for social justice and created PRESS. Her focus is on racial equality and her inspiration for grass root organizing and activities is her favorite expression: “we will press on.”


Ms. Jordan is an energized speaker and community organizer and has been featured in numerous news outlets and televised programs, including: 2020 America Documentary, No More Normal; Albuquerque Journal; Rio Rancho Observer; KUMN; Daily LOBO; New Mexico PBS; Santa Fe New Mexican; and Spot on New Mexico. She may be seen on KRQE 13 Albuquerque, KOAT, News Break, and the Santa Fe Reporter.


PRESS New Mexico is committed to undoing systemic racism by creating cultural change leaders who are put in positions to create intentional and transformational change. We seek to help others recognize that we are all gatekeepers and must be a catalyst for effective change while holding ourselves accountable with a safe space to communicate and struggle together. We will stand on the front lines to dismantle racism and support our community in any way we can.

About Emerge New Mexico

Emerge New Mexico is a state affiliate of Emerge, which has trained more than 4,000 women to run for office since 2002. Emerge alumnae across the country have won more than 1,000 elections to date and hold office at every level of government.


There are currently Emerge affiliates in 26 states — Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia, Washington and Wisconsin with plans to expand to more soon. Women who graduate from Emerge New Mexico’s training program are plugged into both the state network of Emerge New Mexico alumnae, as well as the national network of Emerge alumnae across the country.



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Howling Brands Recently Launched a Virtual Social Media Service

Howling Assistant understands how important social media strategy is to business success. They also understand that in today’s business climate, a professional is required to wear many hats that could put social media marketing on the back burner. This is exactly why they launched their Social Media Growth Engine, a social media virtual assistant. “By outsourcing tasks to a virtual assistant, businesses can focus their limited marketing budget to other core business operations, “said a Howling Assistant spokesperson. “When done effectively, this approach can result in substantial cost savings over traditional hiring of in-house staff.” Hiring the right specialist for important social media services and keeping the message, brand consistent and relevant across all digital marketing efforts is very expensive and time-consuming. Howling Assistant works collaboratively with companies to make sure all the tasks and strategies are completed and aligned. They understand that social media is key to the success of an overall marketing plan. This includes creating consistent content, one of the most difficult tasks in a social medial campaign. Howling Social Media Growth Virtual Assistants will work closely with clients, get to know the target audience, what client’s mission and goals, and create engaging, interesting content that will appear on all platforms.

It’s important to note that Howling Assistant services include much more than social media management services and administration support. They provide a wide range of digital business services including online content creation, website management, and data management. Their specialized services can also be customized to focus and target exactly what the business needs. This is very critical in today’s digital marketplace that changes quickly Howling Assistant experts are ready to pivot and adjust the goals and strategies when necessary to ensure successful social media outcomes. This includes all social media platforms, Facebook, Instagram. Pinterest, Twitter, and others.

Howling Assistant is unique from other virtual assistants on the market. They refer to their proprietary services as a human growth engine and use no bots or automatic apps. We are human-powered “Our social media growth virtual assistants engage with client’s accounts to match your target audience,” said a company spokesperson. “We engage with accounts matching your target audience through follows, targeting likes, and story views. It what sets us apart from the online crowd.” Here is a list of Howling Assistant’s Social Media Growth Engine Services:

  • Safe to Use: Howling Assistant is safe to use. Their experts use local elite proxies and VPNs providing safe access and reducing account bans, shadow bans, or action blocks
  • No More Clogged News feeds: Howling Assistant mutes every profile to ensure your feed includes only content you want to see
  • Hyper-Focused Targeting: Howling Assistant social media growth expert teams create monthly AI-powered and validated targeted lists of high-value profiles
  • Proprietary Growth Strength: Howling Assistant human team of experts strategically engages and targets and actually reads target audience’s posts, Then likes, shares and comments if relevant to your strategy. This includes direct messaging leads, visits, and appointments.
  • Provides Customer Relationship Management: Howling Assistant interacts understands the importance of customer relationship management (CRM) to clients, evaluates analytics, and provides clients with results, taking away the time-consuming process

Howling Assistant is a full-service virtual assistant agency that can handle all of your business and agency needs. Visit their Facebook page and Instagram account to learn about their team of human experts, consultants and professionals in their newly launched Social Media Growth Engine that is available to provide you with social media strategy.

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Howling Amplify Automated Amplification Relies on Generating Focused Traffic

Howling Amplify offers an automated content amplification campaign that focuses on generating focused, targeted traffic. The vast majority of people use the internet when they are looking for products and services they require. They visit a search engine, type in a query, and take a look at the results. Therefore, companies need to have a strong online presence, which is where automated content amplification campaigns from Howling Amplify can be helpful. The goal of Howling Amplify amplification campaigns is to generate focused traffic.

Of course, businesses would like to make a customer out of everyone; however, not everyone who visits the website is going to require those specific products or services. That is why Howling Amplify’s content amplification campaigns focus on generating targeted traffic, not just run-of-the-mill traffic.

Howling Amplify Asks Questions To Define the Target Market  

Prior to starting a Howling Amplify content amplification campaign, the platform is going to ask lines to provide several pieces of information. The goal of these questions is to figure out who the best target market is. For example, what is the background of the target market? Where are they from? How old are they? What are their specific problems? By answering these questions, Howling Amplify can get client content in front of the right eyes.

After figuring out what types of content to amplify, Howling Amplify will go to work. Because Howling Amplify already has partnerships set up in multiple sectors, it is possible to amplify just about any type of content. This includes videos, images, podcasts, blog posts, articles, and even slideshows. By amplifying content in the right places, it is possible to drive focused traffic to client websites.

Howling Amplify Capitalizes on the Value of Focused Traffic  

One of the major benefits of partnering with a Howling Amplify content amplification campaign comes in the form of transparency. The platform strives to make results as obvious as possible. Why is it better for clients to hone in on generating focused traffic? This should be reflected in the conversion rate.

The conversion rate refers to the percentage of people who visit a website who take the desired action. If websites are simply trying to attract as many people as possible, the conversion rate will be relatively low. Not everyone who visits the website is ready to make a purchase, which is why the conversion rate will be minimal.

On the other hand, focused traffic should increase the conversion weight. Because Howling Amplify’s content amplification campaign is going to generate quality traffic, clients should see their conversion rates go up. With more people visiting the website you are actually interested in the product and services, numbers should quickly improve. These are readily apparent as the amplification campaign unfolds.

Howling Amplify’s Content Amplification Campaigns Represent the Gold Standard  

This type of content amplification campaign has become the new standard in the industry. In the past, a lot of businesses would be confused, struggling to figure out exactly how they can measure the quality of their content marketing campaigns. Now, Howling Amplify has put forth a new option thanks to focused traffic generated by content amplification campaigns.

It is possible for clients to clearly see the results of such a campaign. By amplifying certain types of content, clients can get their products and services in front of as many lies as possible. By driving people who are actually interested in these products and services to their websites, clients can see their conversion rates go up. In this manner, Howling Amplify content amplification campaigns also represent the future.

About Howling Amplify: Howling Amplify is a Howling Brands service that is a digital marketing company that focuses on taking a single piece of content and amplifying its power, getting it in front of as many people as possible. By figuring out who might benefit most from that specific piece of content, Howling Amplify can decide which of its partners should publish that piece. Then, Howling Amplify is perfectly transparent with all results, showing clients the improvements made via conversion rate increases. To learn more about Howling Amplify, check out the website or visit the Facebook page. Contact Howling Amplify to learn more.

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Ken Krell Helps Speakers Engage with Their Audience During Digital Events

Ken Krell is one of the world’s leading Strategic Digital Event Authorities who helps others engage with their audience by changing their mindset to effortlessly connect with their audience. Now, he’s helping speakers master digital methods of audience engagement. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, a lot of people have had to shift their events to the digital world. It’s one thing to get behind a microphone in a crowded room. It’s something else to get in front of a computer screen and try to hold people’s attention virtually.

Because there are so many people who are having issues with this transition, Ken Krell has an exceptional program that can help everyone become a professional digital speaker, including YOU! With this program, YOU can learn how to connect with the audience as well!

Most People Are Unaware They Are Driving Away Their Audiences  

One of the difficult parts of speaking virtually is that many people don’t realize they are driving away their audiences. When people speak at a live event, it’s easy to see if people are paying attention. It’s even easier to see if people are getting up and walking out of the room.

During a digital event, this is nearly impossible, but not for Ken Krell’s students! When someone loses interest in a digital conference, speech, or event, they may not get up and walk away from the computer. Instead, they may simply switch to another screen. They may start watching a video, they could surf the Internet, or they could begin checking their email. Ken Krell can help you figure out if this is happening with this comprehensive program, YOU connect better with your audience even at a digital event.

Make Sure You Avoid These Common Mistakes!  

One major focus of this program is on common mistakes digital speakers must avoid. There are seven deadly sins of digital events, which are common mistakes speakers make that drive the audience away.

Are you committing these deadly sins! You can learn by signing up for Ken Krell’s program! That way, you can have a strong, positive impact on your audience!

What Will You Improve?

After covering these mistakes, Ken Krell also discusses what people need to change in order to improve for the next event. You can learn a variety of techniques to improve your performance and speaking at digital events, including:

  • YOU WILL learn how to get in the proper mindset in order to connect with the audience in a real, raw, transparent way
  • YOU WILL learn common tech issues that could plague numerous digital events
  • YOU WILL learn how to display positive energy that will keep the audience interested in the topic at hand
  • YOU WILL set yourself apart from others to convince people to purchase your product and services

All of these come with specific examples that YOU can follow in order to improve the quality of the next online event.

Finally, Ken Krell also shares his “Ridiculously Irresistible Formula” that you can use to improve your next online event instantly! By implementing this formula, it’s possible for YOU to make YOUR next digital event even better than live, in-person gatherings. Use these tips to drive revenue!

About Ken Krell  

Ken Krell is a one of the world’s leading Strategic Digital Event Authorities with four decades of experience selling a variety of products and services on both physical and digital stages. Over the years, he’s learned to connect with his audience in a variety of ways. He’s spent countless hours honing his style and skills, tailoring them to meet the needs of the audience. Now, he’s adjusted his style to meet the demands of digital speaking and has put together a program to help others do the same. He runs numerous programs helping others maximize their skills. Let Ken Krell help you as well!

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Howling Reviews Launches Online Reputation Management

Managing a reputation online is more important than ever. Indeed, no matter what one does for a living or what professional goals one has, having a negative reputation can adversely affect any progress. No matter if one owns the business or is simply a working professional, online reputation is one of the first things people see when they Google a business. However, if a business owner is unaware of reputation management and how it works, he may believe that he is powerless in this matter. Luckily, this is far from the case. Howling Reviews can help set up customized real-time alerts to give an instant fix on issues raised on reviews. The following is a list of tips to help a business owner achieve more effective reputation management results.

Flagging Reviews  

No business is totally immune to bad reviews. No matter how great a business may be, it is impossible to please everyone. Nevertheless, there are times in which people are especially egregious, or otherwise overblown. Additionally, there are times in which people, who are not even customers, make up things to tarnish the reputation of a business. In those cases, reviews should be flagged. Although reviews may not be totally removed, flagging reviews gives a better chance of that and can also make it so the review gets buried or hidden. Visit Howling Review on Facebook and Instagram to learn more tips on managing online. reputation.

Social Listening  

One thing to do to manage a reputation online is to engage in social listening. This means going above and beyond to keep track of social media posts, comments, etc. being made about a business. The business owner should also take the time to respond to any concerns and attempt to rectify any and all negative feedback and complaints. Ideally, a business owner should have a general idea of how people feel about the company, see what the customers are applauding and what the complaints are about; double down on the things that are working, and find new ways to change the things that aren’t working.

Platform Tracking  

In keeping with that notion, there are plenty of platforms that customers will visit, in order to sing praises or drag a reputation to the mud. Some of them are:

  • Yelp
  • Glassdoor
  • Indeed
  • Yellowpages
  • Foursquare


These sites should be seen firsthand about what people are saying about the company. If the reviews are good, the business owner should take the time to thank consumers and invite the consumers back. On the other hand, if reviews are bad, one should take the time to respond to as many customers as possible. The business owner should show that the customers are valued and will be addressing all concerns in the near future.

Publishing Quality Content  

Yet another thing to do to manage a reputation online is publishing high-quality content. By publishing this content, it is automatic to attract potential customers who are interested in the goods and services being offered. Customers will appreciate content that is deemed valuable in some way. This will prompt consumers to share content with others, which brings more attention and customers to a business or brand.

Update Website  

One thing most customers love is to see things looking shiny and new. By letting a website become outdated, it will deter many customers from visiting it over time. However, time is spent on updating the business website, even for making minor changes and tweaks, this will keep most of the visitors engaged, excited, and coming back for more. Take the time to assess websites and find out what is working, which pages draw the highest levels of traffic, and which ones draw the lowest. From there, there will have enough information to make changes.

Overall, there are plenty of ways to manage online reputation. No matter if it is for a massive business or is just for a solopreneur with a budding brand, these tips will be enough to get started on creating a stellar online reputation. Although having a great reputation doesn’t guarantee that a business will do well, having a negative reputation is one of the worst things for any business to have. However, the worst thing to do is just give up.

Learn how Howling Reviews can help with reputation management and start getting more 5-Star reviews today!

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Increase Audience Engagement with Strategic Campaigns from Howling Amplify

In a space where attracting the right audience and finding ideal customers to attract, engage, and convert, it can be difficult for marketers to utilize all the right distribution channels at one time. Finding a solution that grows with their brand to utilize the best use of time and resources is key. There is a solution: Howling Amplify.

What is Howling Amplify?

A revolutionary content amplification engine, Howling Amplify provides focused, high-quality traffic by attracting audiences actively looking for specific products and services. Each campaign creates over 400 digital assets across major authority sites on the internet to create brand awareness.

Marketers use this platform to direct users to specific channels, gaining traffic using audio, slideshows, video, blog articles, news articles, and other tactics from sources like Google, news sites, YouTube, and podcast directories. Key information about products and services is promoted with buyer intent, increasing the ROI on each visitor.

“In today’s digital space, being able to connect with the right audience is key”. “Howling Amplify assists marketers, personal brands, and influencers with a proven strategy to track campaigns, gain insights and reach the people who want their services. It’s a perfect way to gain brand awareness in every area. Our platform raises the bar on what attracting and engaging looks and feels like through integrated campaigns showcased on the distribution channels where they need to be. One thing’s for certain – we get results.”

With a subscription to Howling Amplify, users are able to better understand the needs and wants of their audience with metrics that help shape every piece of content produced. This also gives clients a snapshot of where their efforts should be focused for monetization. A La Carte services are also available for just one campaign, providing a series of price-point options.

There are four subscription tiers. The Amplify Bronze includes one campaign per month at $299; Amplify Silver includes two campaigns per month at $500; Amplify Gold includes three campaigns per month at $600, and the Amplify Platinum includes four campaigns per month at $700.

Reaching the Right Customers

Users are able to provide key information about their businesses and what they want to promote. The platform assesses target audiences with their algorithm, creating niche campaigns that get traction. Clients get omnipresent brand awareness from multiple sources, doing all the heavy lifting. On average, marketers will save about 14 hours of manual work. Users can view real-time results on how their campaigns are doing with the comprehensive dashboard.

Howling Amplify takes the guesswork out of using the right distribution channels, adding perspective and insight. Marketers unaware of the power of social platforms get to have their campaigns showcased on YouTube, SlideShare, Vimeo, Podbean, Buzzsprout, and other platforms. News outlets such as Bing, Google, NBC, Fox, CBS, State Journal, Star Tribune, and more.

Equipped with an online community, users are also able to ask questions, share ideas and start discussions to assist in the process. There is also a comprehensive knowledge-based of articles, user guides, and FAQs for the entire Howling Brands suite. There is no limit to the reach a marketer can have for promoting their brand utilizing the Howling Amplify platform. From creating the buyer journey to increasing visitor traffic, each interaction will be intentional and specifically vetted to attain the results needed to improve ROI.

In-depth information on what the platform does and its partnerships can be found on Facebook at Howling Amplify. To schedule a demo or speak to a representative about their services, visit the website at

About Howling Amplify

Howling Amplify is a subsidiary of Howling Brands, specializing in Social Media Marketing & Management; Expert Web Design & Development; Virtual Assistant Services; Leads; and Reviews.