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How a $9 E-Book Generated Over $1 Million In Sales earning Boris Musheyev The 2 Comma Club award from ClickFunnels

Queens, NY – November 5th, 2022 – Boris Musheyev Joins the 2 Comma Club. The 2 Comma Club is awarded by ClickFunnels to entrepreneurs that generate over $1 million in sales within a single sales funnel.

The funnel that won this award is for the S-Corp Tax Book. The S-Corp Tax Book picks up the slack that other accountants failed to teach so many small business owners and entrepreneurs – How to pay less in taxes using your S-Corporation legally.

This ebook was created to educate entrepreneurs on how the United States tax code is designed and how they can use it to their advantage. The ebook sells for $9 and inside are tax strategies, deductions, and benefits that any profitable business owner can use to save money on taxes.

Being given this award means more than just the dollar amount sold. It means that more entrepreneurs are choosing themselves and taking their taxes into their own hands.

“Our company’s mission is to provide a continuous tax planning approach to maximize savings while eliminating stress and anxiety around taxes.” – Boris Musheyev, CPA.

Boris and his firm have helped their clients save an est. $3.4 million in taxes in 2021, with an estimated average savings of $38,147 per business.

Boris is a CPA and one of the few certified tax strategists in the United States. He started his career as a tax preparer in 2005. Like all tax preparers, he put the right numbers in the right boxes and filed returns on time.

“If you have a tax preparer you do not have a tax planner” – Boris Musheyev, CPA

The tip of the iceberg was filing over 500 tax returns in three and a half months. He worked long hours and almost missed his son’s first birthday. He was burnt out and fed up that all of his clients were overpaying in taxes due to a lack of tax planning, but he was flooded with tax preparation and there wasn’t any time left for tax strategies.

He quit his job and started his own tax planning firm in October 2017.

Since then, Boris and his firm have helped other entrepreneurs understand how the tax code is designed to incentivize business owners to save money on taxes. He’s invested over $200,000 in personal growth and learning from the top tax planners in the United States.

Boris and his team work strategically around the tax code to create customized tax plans that are tailored to each individual’s situation. Just like no two snowflakes are the same, neither are two tax plans.

He believes that accounting is more than just being correct. It’s being strategic, proactive and maximizing tax savings via tax planning. He has one goal, and one goal only: to do everything in his power to debunk the tax code by educating other entrepreneurs about the power of tax planning.

For more information on tax planning for your business visit to schedule your free tax strategy session.

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Three Reasons Colleges Turn Down Top Students That Admissions Officers Won’t Reveal and How to Fix It

College may not be for everyone, but if a career in science, engineering, or medicine is the plan, a college degree is a must. The challenge is gaining admission to the elite university of choice. Now more than ever, with competition and selectivity increasing, students need to recognize the intricacies of getting their applications accepted. 

Unfortunately, most parents and students cannot fully comprehend the preparation required to get into the top colleges and universities. Sean Ma is a graduate of Columbia University and Cambridge University and also the CEO of Ma Academy. In a recent interview with KATU-TV (in Portland) he shared, “Parents and students need to know what they’re up against and how competitive admissions are. Schools like Columbia University receive over 60,000 applications each year and only accept 2,000 students. That means there’s a 97% chance you’re not getting in — even with the highest GPA and perfect SAT scores. It’s a much bigger equation.”

So how can students get a competitive edge when applying to top colleges? Ma Academy, a leader in the education consulting industry since 2008, has developed a successful track record designed to help its clients navigate these specific complexities. They have a team of Ivy League graduates and former admissions officers with the inside knowledge to give parents and students a valuable advantage. “We have helped thousands of students get into their dream schools in the United States and around the world, including Ivy League and other top colleges,” Ma shares.

#1 – In a sea of exceptional students, college applicants need more than top GPA & SAT scores — they need to differentiate themselves from the competition. When students have a strong GPA and high standardized test scores, they are usually overly confident with their college placement prospects. So, how can top applicants differentiate from other students?

It starts with being a club founder rather than a club member. Namely, students’ activities must demonstrate leadership skills, including holding positions like Class President or Valedictorian, or other significant accomplishments like getting a research paper published in a prestigious journal, launching a successful business, or achievements that garner national media attention.

#2 – Parents and students should not obsess with top ranked universities or colleges that might not be the best overall fit for them. The competition to get accepted into the top-ranking schools is indeed fierce. “It’s a delicate balance to manage expectations without killing a client’s dreams,” Ma says, “but it’s more than that, since not every student is Ivy League material when they come to us. We work with them to help them step up to their highest potential and then advise them on how to determine the school that is the best fit for them. We’ve found that even when a student gets accepted into an Ivy League university, it’s not always the best match — and the student would be much happier and more successful at another comparably prestigious college or university.”

#3 – Students need a multi-faceted approach to gain college acceptance. Filling out college applications can be stressful, but it is essential that the application is not the first step. In fact, it should be a final step since the high school career lays the foundation for a successful college application submission.

Using a fitness analogy, Sean Ma says he finds the Six-Pack Abs Approach used as a model at Ma Academy to be very effective. “Colleges are looking for students that are more than their grades, but ‘fit’ with life balance as well. They will evaluate the student’s six pack abs to determine if the applicant is the right type of student for their college brand. This approach includes an Admissions Strategy, Application Theme, Extracurricular Activities, Course Selection, Recommendation Letters, and College Essays. Do not underestimate the weight of each of these, especially when it comes to activities and the essay. Through application essays, students can show their personalities, express their passions, and demonstrate their writing skills.”

Finally, Ma wants parents to understand that social media and social gatherings can be detrimental to parents when others brag about their child’s accomplishments. “It often evolves into a comparison competition where parents start to feel as if their own child is a failure when their child is really doing well. Parents should really think about dialing back on time spent on social media and events, so they’re not tempted to unrealistically compare their child to other students.”

During the stressful college application process, working with a company that understands the system is critical. The goal of companies like Ma Academy is to guide students and their families successfully into a college that is the right fit for each student’s personal development and academic success.

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The Test Tribe to Host the Biggest Virtual Testing Event on Saturday, 8th October

India’s Largest Testing Community, The Test Tribe is all set to host a 2-day global software testing binge, TestFlix on 8th October and 9th October. TestFlix will be a two-day Conference with over 16 hours of content by 60+ global speakers from top tech companies like Apple, Meta, Google, and Thoughtworks.

The event will have a global line-up of speakers and attendees. As reported by The Test Tribe, Testflix has already received close to 12,000 registrations from 105 countries.

The speakers will be sharing their experiences and knowledge on a range of topics like test automation, agile, performance testing, mobile testing, DevOps, AI & ML in testing, and more. The event will also have a special focus on the latest trends and challenges in the testing industry.

“With TestFlix, our aim is fairly simple, to bring global thought leaders and community members together on one platform. That’s why we keep it as Free for testers, so that the cost does not become a deterrent for testers across the world to learn from the experts. In the last 2 editions we have hosted 200+ global thought leaders and hosted 11000 testers in total”, Says Mahesh Chikane, the founder of The Test Tribe

With an impressive line-up of speakers and content, TestFlix is sure to be a must-attend event for all Software Quality professionals. So, mark your calendars and save the date for 8th October!

The registrations are still open and can be done through this link.

About The Company:

The Test Tribe is an EdTech Community Startup with one of the World’s leading communities for testers. The community is devoted to giving testing and QA the recognition it deserves, while empowering testers to collaborate, learn and grow together. The vibrant online community, range of events, and EdTech Products provide an excellent platform for testers to share their knowledge and expertise. Their aim is co-create smarter, prouder and confident Testers so the World sees better quality Tech. Over the last few years, The Test Tribe has done 160+ events and touched the lives of 50000+ testers.

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The Medicare Annual Enrollment Period Opens Soon Announces The Sosa Insurance Group

The Medicare Annual Enrollment period is right around the corner! October 15 to December 7 is when you can review your Medicare Health Plans and find out if you have the “right” plan for you. So get ready and mark your calendars. The Sosa Insurance Group is here to help by guiding and educating you about all your Medicare Health Plan options.  

Learn more here:

What Is The Medicare Annual Enrollment Period?   

The Medicare Annual enrollment period is the time between October 15 and December 7 when you can review your Medicare Health plans. During this time you can sign up with Medicare, switch to a different Medicare Health Plan, or drop your Medicare Health Plan coverage entirely.

What Should You Do During The Medicare Annual Enrollment Period?   

During the medicare enrollment period, you should take some time to review your medicare coverage and make sure it still meets your needs. This is a good time to compare medicare plans and see if there are any new options that would be a better fit for you. You can also switch to a different medicare plan during this time if you find that your current plan is no longer meeting your needs

What Happens If You Miss The Medicare Annual Enrollment Period?   

The Medicare Annual enrollment period is a great time to evaluate your health coverage needs and make changes if necessary. This is the perfect opportunity to shop around and compare Medicare Health Plans to find the one that best fits your needs and affordability. The Sosa Insurance Group can help you navigate the enrollment process and find the best Medicare Health Plan for you.

Who Can Help You With Your Medicare Health Plan?  

The Sosa Insurance Group is here to help you with your Medicare Health Plan. They can help you compare Medicare Health Plans and find the one that best fits your needs and budget. To find out more follow this link:

Why Choose A Insurance Broker To Help You With Acquiring A Medicare Health Plan?  

Choosing an insurance broker to help you with understanding Medicare better and reviewing what options you have can be a great decision. Insurance brokers are independent and not affiliated with any one insurance company. This means that they can give you unbiased advice and help you compare Medicare Health Plans from different companies. They can also help you understand the Medicare Annual Enrollment process and answer any questions you have.

Do You Pay For Advice From Insurance Brokers?  

No, you do not have to pay for advice from insurance brokers. They are paid by the insurance companies they work with. This means that their services are complimentary to you.

What Should You Do Now?   

The Medicare Annual Enrollment period is coming up soon so now is the time to start planning. The Sosa Insurance Group can help you review your Medicare Annual Health coverage and find the best medicare plan for you. They can also help you understand your Medicare Health Plan and answer any questions you have.

Visit their website at to learn more.

How Does the Medicare Annual Enrollment Work?  

The Medicare Annual Enrollment process is simple. You can sign up for Medicare online, by mail, or in person. If you are already receiving Social Security benefits, you will be automatically enrolled in Medicare when you turn 65.

If you are not receiving Social Security benefits, you will need to sign up for Medicare 3 months before your 65th birthday. You can sign up for Medicare online at or by calling 1-800-772-1213.

If you miss the deadline to sign up for Medicare, you may have to pay a late enrollment penalty.

What is the late enrollment penalty?  

If you do not sign up for Medicare when you are first eligible, you may have to pay a late enrollment penalty. The amount of the penalty depends on how long you wait to enroll in Medicare.

Under What Circumstances Can You Sign Up Late?  

If you did not sign up for Medicare when you were first eligible, you can still sign up during the Medicare Annual Enrollment period. However, you may have to pay a late enrollment penalty.

More About The Sosa Insurance Group  

The Sosa Insurance Group is a Medicare insurance brokerage agency that specializes in helping people find the best Medicare Health Plan coverage for their needs and budget. They have been helping people with their Medicare Health Plan Enrollment for over 20 years. The Sosa Insurance Group is a family owned business and has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

To learn more about the Sosa Insurance Group, visit their website or check out their social media profiles: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube

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Virtual Nurse Rx Introduces Medical Coder & Biller Services For Mental Health Professionals

Virtual Nurse Rx, the leading provider of virtual nursing services for mental health professionals, is excited to announce the launch of their new medical coding and billing services.

With the help of a certified medical coder and biller, Virtual Nurse Rx can now offer their clients a comprehensive solution for all their coding and billing needs. This service will not only save mental health professionals time and money, but it will also help them improve their billing accuracy and get paid faster.

“We are thrilled to offer this new service to our clients,” said Virtual Nurse Rx CEO, William Schimensky. “With the help of a certified medical coder and biller, they can now focus on what they do best – caring for their patients.”

If you are a mental health professional in need of coding and billing services, visit Virtual Nurse Rx today. They will be happy to help you get started.

Learn more about their Medical Coders here:

What Is A Medical Coder?  

The medical code is the initial step in registering a patient’s medical records as well as billing information on an individualized billing program. Medical code developers use sophisticated classification systems to convert medical data into codes allowing for billing systems. It allows everyone in the medical care record to understand all aspects of their diagnosis and all necessary diagnostics to ensure their care is properly done and delivered. Medical coders must ensure the correct codes are logged and identified.

What Is A Medical Biller?  

Medical billing is the process of submitting and following up on claims with health insurance companies to receive payment for services rendered by a healthcare provider. A medical biller is responsible for submitting clean and accurate claims to insurance companies, as well as ensuring that all claim information is complete and compliant with current coding guidelines.

What Is The Difference Between Medical Coding And Billing?  

Medical coding is the process of converting medical data into a code that can be used by the billing system. Billing is the process of submitting claims to insurance companies and following up on those claims to receive payment for services rendered.

Both coding and billing are important aspects of the overall financial management of a healthcare practice. Without accurate coding, billing errors can occur that can lead to delays in payments or denials of claims. And without accurate billing, practices may not receive the full reimbursement they are entitled to for the services they provide.

Virtual Nurse Rx is proud to offer both medical coding and billing services to their clients. With the help of their certified medical coders and billers, they can help you improve your billing accuracy and get paid faster.

What Is A Medical Biller’s Job?  

A medical biller’s job is to submit clean and accurate claims to insurance companies, as well as ensure that all claim information is complete and compliant with current coding guidelines. A medical biller’s job is important because, without accurate billing, practices may not receive the full reimbursement they are entitled to for the services they provide.

Virtual Nurse Rx is proud to also offer medical billing services to their clients. With the help of their certified medical billers, they can help you improve your billing accuracy.

What Does A Medical Coder Do?

A medical coder is responsible for converting medical data into a code that can be used by the billing system. Medical coders must ensure the correct codes are logged and identified. WIthout these codes the procedures will be confused and billed incorrectly.

What Is Medical Coding Certification?

Medical coding certification is a voluntary process that demonstrates an individual’s knowledge and proficiency in medical coding. Certification can be obtained through various organizations, such as the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) or the Board of Medical Specialty Coding (BMSC).

How Can A Medical Coder And Biller Benefit Your Practice?

A medical coder and biller can benefit your practice by improving your billing accuracy by coding the procedures done correctly before sending the claims to the medical insurance companies. With the help of certified medical coders and billers, your time figuring out the codes and getting claims submitted is automated. THis means you’ll be paid much faster.

Is Medical Billing And Coding Difficult?  

Medical billing and coding can be difficult, but with the help of our certified medical coders and billers, we can make it easier for you.

Is Medical Billing And Coding Worth It?  

Medical billing and coding are worth it because they can improve your billing accuracy which in turn makes it easier for medical insurance companies to pay you. With the help of our certified medical coders and billers, Virtual Nurse Rx can help you improve your billing accuracy.

What Exactly Is Medical Billing And Coding?  

Medical billing and coding is the process of converting medical data into a code that can be used by the billing system. Medical coders must ensure the correct codes are logged and identified. Virtual Nurse Rx is proud to offer medical coding and billing services to our clients. With the help of our certified medical coders and billers, we can help you improve your billing accuracy and helps you to get paid faster.

Why Is Medical Billing And Coding Important?

Medical billing and coding are important because, without accurate billing, practices may not receive the full reimbursement they are entitled to for the services they provide. Virtual Nurse Rx is proud to offer medical billing and coding services to our clients.

Are Medical Billers And Coders In High Demand?  

Medical billing and coding were among the highest-demand occupations. The Bureau rated medical codes among the fastest-expanding jobs in the United States in 2016. AAPC says job stability influences the quality of healthcare and is a good career option to pursue.

More About Virtual Nurse Rx  

Virtual Nurse Rx is a leading provider of coding and billing services for mental health professionals. We are certified by the American Psychiatric Association and have over 10 years of experience in the industry. Visit our social media pages for more information: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

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Sarah Cordiner’s Edupreneur Academy Becomes the Trusted Source for Coaching and Course Creation Training

The mission of Sarah Cordiner’s Edupreneur Academy is to create a value-based teaching portal for coaches, teachers, authors, speakers, and entrepreneurs, through a step-by-step learning journey for those who want to start and grow their online business. 

The Edupreneur Academy was created for those people who want to become a leader in their industry by educating them through training videos online and teaching them the skills needed to establish and develop their business.

Sarah Cordiner recently launched this portal to benefit the people who are looking for something innovative plus informative about business planning, business structure, entrepreneurship, and being an author, or consultant. It is available for all those who are passionate about learning new things and who want to be an active part of a supportive community. 

This academy equips and trains online entrepreneurs by offering dozens of training and learning videos to educate individuals and helps the learner to know how to run a profitable online business. 

Sarah Cordiner’s Edupreneur Academy has become a trusted source for providing coaching and course creation training in the high demand online course market, allowing the academy to be on the front end of this growing market.

The academy announces that its users have access to over 40 courses that are aimed to help businesses grow and develop in the online course market. It is a hub of like-minded and highly talented people who know how to encourage and train the less informed business owners. This platform was created for experts to deliver their expertise to others and create a community that will work together to grow their businesses through training videos and mastermind sessions.

While the Edupreneur Academy is well-equipped with training tools, community, and accountability features, it is still open and available for new users who want to take part in this community.

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Two Service Disabled African American Veterans Open Multi-Sport Facility in Cumberland County, NC

Thurston and Charlotte Robinson, both of whom are African American veterans disabled during their years of military service have opened The TJ Robinson Life Center in Hope Mills, North Carolina. The TJ Robinson Life Center is a multi-sport and fitness complex. The 57,000 sq foot sports and fitness facility is now reputed to be the largest multi-sports and fitness establishment in the Cumberland county area. This large multi-sports and fitness center is generously equipped with state-of-the art facilities, like their modern fitness gym, sports gyms and conference rooms for educational purposes. The TJ Robinson Life Center also has ample outdoor space for outdoor sports and fitness purposes. 

The TJ Robinson Life Center serves the Hope Mills/Fayetteville and surrounding communities not just in areas of sports and fitness but also provide society-driven services like the juvenile diversion program,  to help keep the young ones off the streets and provide them with positive influence and direction, then also, the program for veterans which provides assistance and guidance to veterans who have made the transition from military service to civilian life. This program helps veterans with employment opportunities, social networking, financial planning, housing & transportation assistance and many other vital areas where the veterans need help. The TJ Robinson Center also caters for senior members of the community by keeping them active and healthy with social activities and exercise. 

Thurston Robinson, fondly known as Coach Rob brings his wealth of experience in helping the youth, feeding the poor, housing and clothing the homeless and working with The Department of Social Services to The TJ Robinson Life Center. He believes that by introducing kids and youth to sports, he can use that to also bring them into contact with real life skills and lessons. The TJ Robinson Life Center now combines real life lessons and assistance with sports and fitness to provide all residents in the Cumberland county area with life changing experiences. The TJ Robinson Life Center works with the Juvenile Court System and student-teachers from all of the surrounding colleges and universities to keep the young ones fully engaged in educational activities and other positive and life changing endeavors.

The TJ Robinson Center also hosts sports and fitness events like the Amateur Athletes Sports Association tournament for boys and girls an also, the kids summer camp that features mentorship, field trips and many other fun recreational activities for kids. 

Thurston and Charlotte Robinson are excited to serve the people of Cumberland County and surrounding areas through the TJ Robinson Life Center. They hope that sports and fitness establishment will make real and positive change beyond the sphere of physical fitness in the lives of all those who’ll use the facility. 


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E.E. Smith High School Sports Hall of Fame Announces Inaugural Class of Inductees

Press Contact

LaVar Wright

(910) 988 8447


For Immediate Release

Fayetteville, North Carolina

The National Association of E.E. Smith Alumni and Friends Inc recently formed a Sports Hall of Fame (HOF) and is proud to announce its inaugural class of inductees. Its mission is to recognize and honor the noteworthy achievements and contributions of student-athletes, teams, coaches, school staff, and volunteers who donated extraordinary amounts of time and talent to the athletic program at E.E. Smith High School, Fayetteville, NC.

During the annual E.E. Smith High School alumni reunion weekend, on May 29, the 2022 class will be inducted into the E. E. Smith Sports Hall of Fame at the Ramada by Wyndham at 1707 Owen Drive, Fayetteville, NC. We invite friends, family, alumni, and the community to attend the first of many ceremonies to honor the 2022 Hall of Fame class. This is a semi-formal affair, and you must show proof of vaccination card or negative test result within 72 hours of the event, at the door to attend. Please contact John Brown at or (267) 625-4464.

The inaugural class includes 6 coaches and 15 players with distinguished achievements at the high school, college, or professional levels in their respective sports.

E.E. Smith High School High Sports Hall of Fame Inaugural Class


Dennis (D.T.) Carter – Graduated from EES in 1939 and returned as coach in 1952. Won a pair of state football titles. Nationally recognized for his intramural program.

William J. Carver Jr. – Versatile athlete who starred at E.E. Smith and Hampton Institute, now Hampton University. He served as an assistant coach for the football and baseball teams before becoming the head coach in both sports. Later served many years in administration for Cumberland County Schools and as Athletic Director at Fayetteville State University.

David (D.S.) Kelly – Head football and basketball coach at EES, winning the state basketball title in 1950.

Isaiah (Ike) Walker Sr. – Member of the 1950 state championship basketball team. He returned to EES in 1960 and coached numerous sports, and took his 1985 basketball team to the state finals.

Latanya (Dee) Hardy – Star basketball player at EES and UNC-Pembroke. As a coach, she guided her team to conference titles in volleyball and basketball. In addition, her 2020 basketball team shared the 3-A state title.

Roy McNeill – Played basketball at Fayetteville State University, where he was twice MVP. He coached basketball at EES from 1993-99 with a 185-62 record. His teams won three sectional titles.


Charles Baggett – Record-setting quarterback at Michigan State University. He played professionally in the CFL. In addition, he spent many years coaching in Division 1 college football programs and in the NFL.

Brian Bulluck – Three-sport star at EES who played for North Carolina State University and later with the Indianapolis Colts.

Aaron Curry – Played at Wake Forest University where he won the Butkus Award and in the NFL with the Seattle Seahawks and Oakland Raiders. He is currently a defensive assistant and linebacker coach for the Seattle Seahawks.

Russell Davis – Played at the University of North Carolina and in the NFL with the Chicago Bears, Arizona Cardinals, Seattle Seahawks, and the New York Giants.

Joey Evans – Versatile athlete who played defensive end at the University of North Carolina and was drafted by the Cincinnati Bengals.

Bishop Harris – Three-sport star at EES who attended North Carolina College, now North Carolina Central University (NCCU). He later served as the head football coach at NCCU. He also coached for several Division 1 college programs and spent 14 years as an assistant coach in the NFL.

Joe Harris – Played at Georgia Tech. As a member of the Los Angeles Rams, he was the first Fayetteville player to appear in an NFL Super Bowl game.

Jason Terrell Hunter – Played college football at Appalachian State University, where he made All-Conference and second-team All-American. He also played in the NFL for the Green Bay Packers, Detroit Lions, Denver Broncos, and Oakland Raiders.

Luther (Nick) Jeralds– Played at North Carolina College, now North Carolina Central University, and briefly in the NFL. He was later involved in local and state politics. A Cumberland County Middle School and the football stadium at Fayetteville State University are named in his memory.

Jimmy Raye – A three-sport starter at E.E. Smith, he was All-State in football and basketball. He was the quarterback for the famed 1966 Michigan State University team, which tied Notre Dame University 10-10 in the “game of the century.” Those two teams were National Co-Champions of College football in 1966. He coached briefly in college before spending 36 years as an NFL assistant coach.

Mark Smith – Played running back at EES, went on to play wide receiver at the University of North Carolina, and was drafted by the Washington Redskins.

Larry Tearry – All-ACC center at Wake Forest University, he started two seasons with the Detroit Lions in the NFL.

Demarcus (Tank) Tyler – Starred at North Caroling State University and played in the NFL with the Kansas City Chiefs and the Carolina Panthers.

Dimitrius Underwood – Played for Nick Saban at Michigan State University. He was drafted in the first round of the NFL draft by the Minnesota Vikings and also played with the Miami Dolphins and the Dallas Cowboys.

Doug Wilkerson – Star player attended North Carolina Central University. He was drafted in the first round of the NFL draft by the Houston Oilers. Spent 14 seasons with San Diego Chargers. He was named to three consecutive Pro Bowls and was first-team All-Pro in 1982.

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Jahan Hadi makes waves in the coaching industry by helping coaches scale their business with Upgrade Profits.

February, 24th 2022 – Sheridan, Wyoming: The coaching industry is growing exponentially, and the business coaching industry in the USA alone is already worth $11 Billion. Despite the huge size of the coaching industry, coaches struggle in a lot of areas when it comes to scaling their businesses. Even many coaches, known for offering stellar transformation services, can’t scale up their business to the level where they deserve. And this is where Jahan Hadi, the founder & CEO of Upgrade Profits, comes into the picture.

To give some background, Jahan Hadi is an American-Iranian passionate entrepreneur. He got into business when he was just 14. Initially, he provided web hosting and web development solutions to his clients.

Later, he built a marketing agency where he offered a plethora of marketing services to his clients from different verticals. He then founded his third company, Upgrade Profits, to help coaches, course creators, and consultants to build million-dollar businesses. He has generated over 55 million in wealth for his clients from his marketing company and Upgrade Profits.

The Philosophy Behind Upgrade Profits,

Jahan believes the traditional education system is not effective anymore. Because such educational institutes charge hundreds and thousands of dollars and leave students in huge amounts of debt without any guarantee of success. His mission is to change the traditional education system. For this, he is empowering coaches, consultants, and course creators who are helping people to succeed in real life and achieve real results and make meaningful changes across the world.

When it comes to the coaching industry, many coaches don’t truly understand marketing and sales. “Coaches have no idea what the pain points of their markets are. They don’t know how to stand out from the competition and de-commoditize their products or services. They have no idea how to build authority in their industry. They struggle to create an irresistible offer. And when it comes to distributing their message either using organic marketing or paid advertisement, they face a lot of challenges on a day-to-day basis.

And due to dealing with these challenges, they can’t scale up their business very quickly or a lot of times at all. At Upgrade Profits, we take them by the hand and guide them through the entire process, step by step to build what they love the most, a business that can truly transform their clients’ lives. And all while no longer having to worry about their profits, marketing, and sales. Essentially we teach them the time-tested processes that have helped build an insane amount of wealth for all of our clients in an insanely short amount of time“ Says Jahan Hadi.

A Sneak Peek Of Upgrade Profits (Process)

Coaches are meant to coach people, they should not need to worry about how to be advertisers or marketers, what to do or not to do, and they especially should not need to worry if they can make rent or payroll next month. Upgrade Profits helps coaches and consultants to build their business from the foundation up, with a scalable model that is ready to go from the start, run their business smoothly, and scale them to multi-million dollars businesses.

“We are a company that teaches coaches how to build the foundation and scale up their entire business to multi-million business. We use a tested and proven process to create irresistible offers, build different types of funnels, develop websites, run advertisements, build a sales team, track your leads, and much more.”

As per Jahan, coaching and consulting businesses spend thousands of dollars on different software solutions to just keep business going. But all the business functions are scattered on different software.

“My wife Liana is a life coach and coaches businessmen to have meaningful life and relationships. She was spending 8-9k USD on average per month on multiple software without any significant results. This led to building our own system, and now my wife does not need tens of software to build funnels and websites, communicate with clients, book calls, track leads, handle payments, make sales and manage Email or SMS marketing. And now that we know and understand how many coaches are struggling with the same thing, we decided to offer our system to help coaches build 7-figure businesses. Our one-stop solution takes our clients from not knowing what they will do next week to make payroll, to scaling their business so fast that they don’t know what to do with the extra income, and that’s after hiring their team”.

Upgrade Profits sets up the entire system for you, and then they teach you how to run your business and scale-up. They don’t charge for their management until you get results and they have an insane guarantee where if you don’t make an insane return on investment then they pay you. Learn more about Upgrade Profits at

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The Sosa Insurance Group announces Second Chance to Enroll through December 31st, 2021

The Sosa Insurance Group, one of the leading independent Medicare Health Plan insurance brokers in the region, stays on top of the latest news in New Jersey. Now, New Jersey Medicare eligible consumers have a Special Election Period that will allow them to review and determine if they have the correct Medicare Health Plan for them. Because New Jersey was recently impacted by a dangerous Nor-Easter Storm, Governor Phil Murphy has announced a Special Enrollment Period, or SEP, for all counties in the state of New Jersey. This is a unique opportunity for Medicare-eligible consumers, and The Sosa Insurance Group is here to help anyone who has Medicare to take advantage of this enrollment opportunity.

What Is the Special Enrollment Period Announced by the Governor of NJ?

A Special Enrollment Period is a time outside of the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period that allows people to sign up for plans, cancel plans, and switch plans. Individuals can qualify for a Special Enrollment Period if they have been adversely impacted by an unusual life event. In this case, Phil Murphy declared a Special Enrollment Period due to the Nor’Easter Storm, giving people an opportunity to make important healthcare decisions in the event they were unable to do so during another qualifying period.

Individuals who reside (or lived) in an area that was declared a disaster or an emergency are eligible for the Special Enrollment Period if they were unable to make a decision during the Medicare Annual Enrollment period. This is something that impacts all counties in New Jersey, and it gives everyone an opportunity to review their healthcare coverage.

What Does This Mean for Local Residents?

The Special Enrollment Period is a significant development for all who live in the local area. The Sosa Insurance Group is here to assist people that may not have been able to make decisions regarding their health care due to an adverse life event. Furthermore, because of emergencies in the past, there are a lot of people in New Jersey who are in desperate need of health coverage.

This is also important for individuals and families who were unable to purchase health insurance because of an emergency that took place in the past. Everyone deserves to have health insurance, and New Jersey is making it easier for people to get the health insurance they need. Now is the time for individuals to enroll, cancel, or switch insurance plans. Now, people have until December 31st, 2021 to select a health insurance plan during the Special Enrollment Period. 

Take Advantage of the Special Enrollment Period with The Sosa Insurance Group

It can be difficult for people to make decisions regarding their health care, and The Sosa Insurance Group has access to the right tools, training, and information to help everyone make decisions regarding their healthcare. The Sosa Insurance Group is always there to support individuals and families as they sort through difficult decisions and make sure they have the right coverage for their families.

The Special Enrollment Periods don’t come around often, and now is the time for everyone to take a look at available plans that could help them save money and improve their insurance coverage. Consider working with The Sosa Insurance Group and finding the best policy available. Usually, people need to wait until the open enrollment period to find a policy that works for them, but there is a Special Enrollment Period that opens the door to Medicare-eligible individuals, allowing them to make changes to their policies outside of the open enrollment period.

About The Sosa Insurance Group

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