New Book “Ludicrous Returns vs. the Market” by Joseph Furnari Unveils Innovative Investment Models for Investors Seeking Enhanced Returns

New Book “Ludicrous Returns vs. the Market” by Joseph Furnari Unveils Innovative Investment Models for Investors Seeking Enhanced Returns

[Suffield, CT] — Joseph Furnari, a distinguished author and seasoned data analysis expert, has released a groundbreaking book titled “Ludicrous Returns vs. the Market.” This comprehensive guide presents two innovative investment models – a Stock Investment System and a Market Timing System – tailored to empower investors with the strategies they need to achieve higher returns on their investments.

In today’s dynamic financial landscape, investors are constantly in pursuit of ways to outperform the market and secure their financial future. “Ludicrous Returns vs. the Market” provides invaluable insights, making it an indispensable resource for investors at all levels of expertise.

The Stock Investment System, detailed in the book, offers a systematic and holistic approach to stock selection and management. Furnari delves deep into topics such as conducting customized research to find the “next big thing” stock, and using the stock model algorithms to screen for the best stocks, providing readers with a comprehensive understanding of how to make informed and strategic investment decisions. 

The Market Timing System, the second model presented in the book, introduces a dynamic framework for identifying opportune moments to exit stock equity index and subsequently re-enter. Drawing on both technical and fundamental analysis, this system equips readers with the knowledge and tools necessary to make well-timed investment decisions, capitalizing on market trends and cycles. 

Key highlights of “Ludicrous Returns vs. the Market” include: 

How the models were developed and tested.

Model Test Results.

Methods to find new stock investment opportunities. 

Approach to build a high performing stock list using the model.

Identify the best of the best stocks to buy.

Apply model logic to identify when to buy and when to sell.

A step-by-step guide to implementing the Market Timing System to maximize returns.

Real-world case studies illustrating the practical application of the model strategies.

Readers of “Ludicrous Returns vs. the Market” will benefit from the wisdom and insights encapsulated in this book, equipping them with the technical analysis knowledge and strategies needed to navigate the investment landscape confidently and effectively. 

 For more information about “Ludicrous Returns vs. the Market” or to purchase the book, please watch it’s trailer on or find it on major online retailers. 

About Joseph Furnari:

Joseph Furnari has investing experience dating back to the 1990’s. With an MBA in Finance and an Engineer with a passion for data analysis, Joe has revealed two new technical analysis models with a mission to deliver impressive returns for investors.