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Online Personality Mike Martins Launches

Merritt, BC – Mike Martins, a longtime presence on social media known for his controversial views and predictions since 2008, has announced the launch of his own website to share his content and circumvent algorithmic restrictions imposed by mainstream platforms.

Martins, who hosts the popular weekly Saturday show “Mike in the Night” from 2016 has garnered attention for his bold commentary on topics ranging from politics to economics to societal issues. With over 500 episodes under his belt, he continues to challenge conventional wisdom and offer unique insights into global events with his 4700+ videos on YouTube @realmikemartins.

Notably, Martins has made several accurate predictions over the years, including warning about the impact of money laundering on Canadian real estate markets well before the issue gained widespread attention. He has also spoken at length about the erosion of trust in government institutions and the potential consequences of such dynamics.

In recent years, however, Martins has faced increasing challenges in getting his message out due to censorship efforts by major tech companies like YouTube. His new website offers him greater control over his content and allows him to reach a wider audience without interference.

Despite some criticism of his work, Martins remains committed to speaking truth to power and providing valuable perspectives on important issues. Visitors to his site can expect thought-provoking analysis and insightful commentary on developments both domestic and international.

For more information, please visit

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How AI and Cloud-Based Filmmaking Could Redefine the Way Videos & Films Are Made

Social media users and visitors on image and meme-sharing sites must have seen the image of the pope in a fancy jacket that’s been doing the rounds. The image is fake, of course. It was created by the artificial intelligence (AI) image generator, Midjourney.

The platform has since discontinued its free trial, citing “extraordinary demand and trial abuse” as the reason.

The thing is, AI–generated images are not the only thing taking the content world by storm. AI and the cloud are also changing the way videos are being made and edited.

In an article by Forbes, the author discusses how film and TV show production is being transformed by AI and camera-to-cloud technology.

Using AI in Film Production

AI technology has been used to change the appearance of actors, going as far as to make them look younger. This can be seen in the Miramax feature, Here, starring Tom Hanks and Robin Wright. Both actors start as younger versions of themselves and age through the course of the film.

For agencies, this can be a good thing as their best-selling actors can be made to “last longer” and be suitable for a larger variety of roles. 

However, creatives are insisting that technology can only support human creativity, not replace it.

AI can be very useful for sifting through information that might be tedious for humans to go through—like finding a scene from a longer piece of footage. This feature then frees up human creators to focus on other, less “automatable” tasks.

Camera-to-Cloud in Film Production

Michael Cioni, Adobe’s senior director of global innovation, claims that by 2030, all electronic assets in the media and entertainment industry would be “generated in the cloud, by the cloud.”

According to Cioni, edits and effects would be added to pre-shot scenes simply by telling the computer to do so, using text-based commands. For example, he said, one could shoot a scene and then add rain to it simply by typing “make it rain”.

Filmmakers would be able to create a rough “assembly” with basic visual effects, colour correction, and sound design. That would then be passed on to specialists to be refined.

Cloud-based filmmaking would also mean directors could collaborate with each other, even when they aren’t in the same physical location. It could also speed up short projects like music videos and advertisements.

In short, AI and cloud-based tools are being touted as a way to enhance productivity by delegating mundane tasks to them.

Legal Implications of AI in Filmmaking

However, lawyers are advising that contracts with “language that purports to control the right to simulate an actor’s performance are void and unenforceable until the terms have been negotiated with the union.”

This fact can be quite divisive as some actors might want to take advantage of technology to extend their “viability”. However, there is a concern that it might be used as a way to avoid paying for digital performances since they technically aren’t being played by the artist.

Content generation using AI has led to an authenticity concern, especially with deep fakes that seem extremely realistic.

Actor Keanu Reeves, who has been quoted as saying he finds the idea of deep fakes “scary” often has a clause in his contracts that forbid digital manipulation of his performance. Interestingly, this clause dates back several years—decades, even—when a production added a virtual tear on his face. 

According to the actor, any performer might expect the footage to be edited with their consent. However, deep fake is different, as it has no input from the performer.

Of course, this technology is still mostly limited to films and television productions. Corporate videos still require the services of video production companies, like Bold Content(Check out Bold Content’s contribution to encourage girls into STEM studies.)

However, with AI taking over so many tasks, it remains to be seen whether it will help enhance filmmaking or “take away jobs” in yet another industry.

Originally published in Geeky News

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Wonderland Offers Revolutionary Marketing Formula to Help Content Creators and influencers Achieve Rapid Profits

London, England – Wonderland, a leading marketing agency founded by a 10-figure marketer, is making waves in the influencer community with their innovative approach to marketing and promotion. The agency’s unique Rabbit Hole™ Marketing Formula has helped countless content creators skyrocket their social media followers and unlock rapid profits in as little as 24 hours.

With over a decade of experience at the highest level, Wonderland brings a wealth of expertise to the table. The agency is dedicated to helping everyday content creators share their gifts with the world, providing custom marketing campaigns, account management, and messaging systems to help models achieve their financial goals.

“Our team is passionate about helping content creators achieve rapid profits with their brand,” said the spokesperson for Wonderland. “We understand the challenges that come with managing your own brand and promoting your content effectively. Our Rabbit Hole™ Marketing Formula takes the guesswork out of the equation, allowing models to focus on creating content while we handle the marketing and promotion.”

The agency’s approach to marketing and promotion is simple but effective. Using a customized approach tailored to each client’s needs, the team creates custom marketing campaigns to drive thousands of followers to their social media pages. This, in turn, leads to increased subscribers and rapid profits.

Wonderland’s messaging system is also a game-changer. The agency’s experienced messaging team chats with subscribers daily and sells them on PPV content using the model’s voice and brand.

“We are committed to helping our clients achieve their financial goals and take their influential brand to the next level,” added the spokesperson. “With our team of experts handling the marketing and promotion, models can focus on what they do best – creating amazing content for their subscribers.”

To apply for Wonderland’s management, content creators and influencers with at least 5,000 Instagram followers can visit their website at

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Introducing Latest News in Artificial Intelligence Developments

April 12th 2023 – San Francisco, CA is a new blog that covers the latest news and trends in artificial intelligence (AI). The blog aims to provide informative, insightful and engaging content for anyone interested in AI, whether they are beginners, enthusiasts or experts. was launched by Jane Doe, a former journalist and AI researcher who has been following the developments of AI for over a decade. She decided to start her own blog after noticing a gap in the market for accessible and reliable AI news.

“I have always been fascinated by AI and how it can transform our lives,” said Jane Doe, founder and editor-in-chief of “But I also realized that there is a lot of misinformation and hype around AI that can confuse or mislead people. I wanted to create a blog that would offer accurate, balanced and easy-to-understand AI news for everyone.” covers a wide range of topics related to AI such as machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, robotics, ethics, society, business and more. The blog features original articles written by Jane Doe as well as guest posts from other experts and influencers in the field.

Some of the recent articles on include:

  • How GPT-3 Is Changing Content Creation
  • The Rise of Conversational AI: Chatbots vs Voice Assistants
  • How AI Can Help Fight Climate Change
  • The Ethical Challenges of Facial Recognition Technology
  • How AI Is Revolutionizing Healthcare also offers various resources for learning more about AI such as podcasts, books, courses, events and newsletters.

Jane Doe hopes that her blog will inspire more people to learn about AI and its potential impact on our world.

“AI is not just a buzzword or a sci-fi fantasy,” she said. “It is already here and it is changing everything from how we communicate to how we work to how we entertain ourselves. I believe that everyone should be aware of what AI can do and what it cannot do and how it can benefit us or harm us depending on how we use it.”

She added: “My goal with is to make AI news more accessible and enjoyable for everyone and to spark curiosity and conversation about this fascinating topic.”

To learn more about and its content, visit or follow them on Twitter @aiupbeat.

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Bernd Dietel Pledges $1.5m to Various Charity Organizations

Bernd Dietel, a prominent lawyer and philanthropist from New York, has recently donated a staggering 1.5 million dollars to various children charities across the country. His generous contribution will help support and improve the lives of children in need, providing them with the resources and care they require.

Bernd Dietel has a long history of philanthropy, and this latest donation is a testament to his commitment to making a positive impact in the world. He believes that every child deserves a chance to succeed and that it is the responsibility of those who can make a difference to do so.

The charities that received the donations include The Ronald McDonald House Charities, The Boys and Girls Clubs of America, and The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. These organizations play a critical role in providing support and care to children in need, and Bernd Dietel’s donation will help them continue their vital work.

The Ronald McDonald House Charities is an organization that provides accommodations and support to families with seriously ill children who require medical treatment away from home. The organization has been able to provide a “home away from home” for over 7 million families since its inception, and Dietel’s donation will help them expand their services and reach more families in need.

The Boys and Girls Clubs of America is an organization that provides after-school programs and mentorship to children and teens across the country. They aim to provide a safe and supportive environment for young people to learn, grow, and develop essential life skills. Bernd Dietel’s donation will help the organization continue to provide high-quality programming and expand their reach to more communities across the country.

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia is a world-renowned pediatric hospital that provides comprehensive care to children with complex medical conditions. The hospital’s mission is to provide the highest quality care to children, regardless of their ability to pay. Mr. Dietel’s donation will help fund research initiatives, equipment purchases, and patient and family support programs.

Speaking about the donation from his high-rise legal office on Wall Street, Bernd Dietel said, “I am honored to be able to support these organizations and the important work they do. Children are the future of our country, and it is our responsibility to provide them with the resources and care they need to succeed. I hope that my donation will help make a significant impact in the lives of the children these organizations serve.”

Bernd Dietel’s donation will serve as an inspiration to others to get involved in philanthropic efforts and make a difference in their communities. His generosity and commitment to philanthropy will help provide critical support to children’s charities across the country and improve the lives of countless young people.

Suffice to say, Bernd Dietel’s donation of 1.5 million dollars to various children charities is a significant gesture of kindness and generosity. His contribution will help support and improve the lives of children in need, providing them with the resources and care they require.

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John Babikian Gives $1m to Multiple Children’s Charities

Renowned American businessman and philanthropist John Babikian from New Jersey has recently made a significant contribution to several children’s charities across the country, with a donation of 1 million dollars. Babikian has been a strong advocate for charitable causes throughout his career, and this latest donation is just one example of his unwavering commitment to improving the lives of others.

The charities that received the donations include The Boys and Girls Club of America, The Make-A-Wish Foundation, and The St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. These organizations play an essential role in providing support and care to children in need, and John Babikian’s donation will help them continue their vital work.

Speaking about his donation, John Babikian from his home in Newark said, “It is our responsibility as members of society to give back and support those in need. Children are the future of our country, and we must do all we can to ensure that they have a bright future. I am proud to support these charities and the work that they do. It is my hope that this donation will make a significant impact in the lives of the children they serve.”

The Boys and Girls Club of America is an organization that provides after-school programs and mentorship to children and teens across the country. They aim to provide a safe and supportive environment for young people to learn, grow, and develop essential life skills. Babikian’s donation will help the organization continue to provide high-quality programming and expand their reach to more communities across the country.

The Make-A-Wish Foundation is another organization that received a portion of Babikian’s donation. The organization grants wishes to children with critical illnesses, providing them with hope, strength, and joy during their difficult times. The organization has granted over 315,000 wishes since its inception and has had a significant impact on the lives of countless children and their families.

The St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is a world-renowned research and treatment center for children with cancer and other life-threatening illnesses. The hospital’s mission is to find cures and save children’s lives, regardless of their ability to pay. Babikian’s donation will help fund research initiatives, equipment purchases, and patient and family support programs.

John Babikian’s generosity and commitment to philanthropy serve as an inspiration to others to get involved in charitable causes and make a positive impact in their communities. His donation will help provide critical support to children’s charities across the country and improve the lives of countless young people.

In conclusion, John Babikian’s donation of 1 million dollars to various children’s charities in the United States is a testament to his commitment to improving the lives of others. His generosity will help provide critical support to organizations that play a vital role in providing care and support to children in need. We thank Babikian for his unwavering dedication to philanthropy and wish him continued success in his efforts to make a positive impact in the world.

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Canuck Eats Donates $4 to Local Food Bank, Encourages Customers to Use Gift Cards


Merritt, BC – Canuck Eats, a leading food delivery franchise in Canada, is proud to announce its ongoing commitment to supporting local communities by donating $4 to the Nicola Valley Food Bank from its 1% of gift card sales. This contribution is part of a series of donations by the company, including $500 to Nanaimo Loaves & Fishes Community Food Bank, $200 to Merritt Councillor Mike Bhangu gofundme For BC Flood Relief, $500 donation to Simcoe Hall Food Bank, $600 to Red Cross British Columbia Fires Appeal fund, and $500 donation to Edmonton’s Food Bank.

Canuck Eats recognizes the importance of supporting local communities, especially during these challenging times, and is committed to encouraging customers to join them in making a positive difference. By using Canuck Eats gift cards, customers can not only enjoy delicious meals from their favorite local restaurants but also help support local food banks like the Nicola Valley Food Bank at no extra cost.

“Our ongoing commitment to supporting local communities is a fundamental part of our values at Canuck Eats,” said William Tsui, Co-Founder and local operator of Canuck Eats. “We are proud to donate $4 from our 1% of gift card sales to the Nicola Valley Food Bank and continue to encourage our customers to use gift cards to make a positive impact in their community.”

Canuck Eats gift cards are available for purchase online and can be used at any of the restaurants on the Canuck Eats platform. With hundreds of local restaurants to choose from, customers can enjoy a wide variety of cuisines and support their favorite local eateries while making a positive impact in their community.

For more information on Canuck Eats and its community initiatives, please visit their website at

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Better Careers Guide Revolutionizes Online Recruitment with User-Friendly Platform and Vast Talent Pool

Daytona Beach, FL: Better Careers Guide is a premier online recruitment platform that has been designed to provide job seekers and recruiters with the best possible recruitment experience. With a user-friendly and efficient platform, Better Careers Guide aims to make it easy for candidates and recruiters to find and fill job vacancies.

One of the key benefits of Better Careers Guide is that it provides the quickest routes for both applying for jobs and posting job requirements. This means that job seekers can easily find and apply for jobs, and recruiters can quickly post job vacancies and receive applications from potential candidates.

Better Careers Guide provides access to tens-of-thousands of current job requirements through a powerful search engine. This makes it easy for job seekers to find the right job that matches their skills and qualifications. Additionally, for recruiters, this means that they can tap into a vast pool of talented and skilled candidates.

When recruiters advertise their job on Better Careers Guide, their job advertisement will have a potential reach of over 60 million candidates worldwide. This is because the platform distributes job advertisements to other similar job boards within the network, ensuring that job vacancies receive maximum exposure.

“Our aim is to create the ultimate destination for job seekers and recruiters, providing a seamless online recruitment experience for all,” said a spokesperson for Better Careers Guide. “We understand that finding the right job or the right candidate can be a challenging and time-consuming process, and that’s why we’ve created a platform that makes it easy and efficient for all users.”

Better Careers Guide is committed to providing exceptional customer service and support to both job seekers and recruiters. The platform is continuously evolving and improving to meet the changing needs of the job market, ensuring that it remains a trusted and reliable destination for recruitment.

For more information about Better Careers Guide, or to get in touch with the team, please visit their website. Whether you’re a job seeker or a recruiter, Better Careers Guide is the ultimate destination for all your recruitment needs.

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New AI “Legal Advisor” Tool Protects Civil Rights Against Overstep

Vancouver, Canada – Legalese Decoder, a revolutionary app that simplifies legal language and makes it accessible to everyone, has introduced a new AI-powered “legal advisor” tool designed to help users protect their civil rights against overstep.

The “legal advisor” tool takes context from user-supplied documents and provides answers to users’ questions regarding civil rights protection, including potential violations of their rights. By using advanced algorithms and natural language processing, the tool can identify potential legal issues and suggest courses of action to help users protect their rights.

“Many people are intimidated by legal jargon and are unsure of their rights when dealing with legal matters,” said William Tsui, the founder of Legalese Decoder. “Our new AI-powered ‘legal advisor’ tool is designed to empower individuals to better understand their legal rights and take action to protect them.”

The tool is particularly useful in situations where individuals may face overstep from authorities or other powerful entities, such as law enforcement, employers, or landlords. By providing users with a clearer understanding of their rights and options, the tool aims to help individuals protect themselves against overstep and hold those who violate their rights accountable.

Legalese Decoder’s “legal advisor” tool is part of the app’s Pro Plan. The app’s free tool helps users comprehend complex legal documents, while the Pro Plan offers additional features to help users make informed decisions about legal matters.

“Our goal is to make legal language accessible to everyone and help individuals protect their rights,” said William Tsui. “With our new AI-powered ‘legal advisor’ tool, we’re taking a big step towards achieving that goal.”

Legalese Decoder’s “legal advisor” tool is available now as part of the app’s Pro Plan. To learn more about Legalese Decoder and its features, visit their website at

** Disclaimer: The AI “Legal Advisor” feature offered by Legalese Decoder is intended for educational purposes only. It is not intended to provide legal advice and should not be relied upon as such. The information provided by the “Legal Advisor” is based on the context supplied by the user and is subject to the limitations of the artificial intelligence algorithms used by the tool. No jurisdiction has approved the use of this tool as a substitute for professional legal advice, and Legalese Decoder makes no representations or warranties as to the accuracy or completeness of the information provided by the “Legal Advisor”. Users are advised to seek the advice of a licensed attorney for all legal matters.

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OM Launches Relief Efforts for Victims of Devastating 7.8 Magnitude Earthquake in Türkiye and Syria

OM (Operation Mobilization), a global Christian missions organization, is responding to the devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake that struck southern Türkiye on February 6th, and its aftershocks, affecting people in Türkiye and Syria. This earthquake is reported to be the largest to hit Türkiye since 1939 and its impact has been felt in surrounding countries, including north-west Syria.

In the affected areas, long-standing issues such as poor infrastructure, disrupted telecommunications, and limited resources, have been further weakened by the earthquakes, creating additional challenges for response efforts. The cold weather, expected for this time of year, is also adding serious complications to the situation. Over 4 million people in north-west Syria already depend on humanitarian assistance, with the majority of them being women and children.

OM is focused on reaching least reached people and communities, and that’s why they have responded to the needs of vulnerable people impacted by this earthquake. Through partners on the ground in these areas, who are already engaged with local communities, aid can be delivered quickly to those in need. Our partners are distributing food and water packs, infant formula, essential hygiene packs, and non-food items such as blankets, and heaters, to an estimated 6,000 families who already had so little and have now lost everything.

As OM’s partners evaluate where help is needed, further long-term plans will be developed to assist those people who have limited resources. Through established connections and roots in these communities, OM’s partners are able to assess the long-term needs in the area and respond accordingly. This approach enables OM to engage deeply with people and make a lasting impact in their lives.

OM is appealing to the public to join them in extending a helping hand to those in critical need right now. Generous donations will help support the purchase of food packs, hygiene packs, and heaters, to make an immediate difference in the lives of families during this tragedy. $725,000 is needed to supply 6,000 families.

Together, we can share God’s love with those who are affected by this devastating earthquake by providing practical aid and support. Please consider giving now,” says OM.

The Operation Mobilization team in Canada invites the public to join them in prayer for the people of Türkiye and Syria and for the work being done to send help. This tragedy has affected so many lives, and OM’s mission is to bring relief and hope to those in need. With your support, they can continue to serve and make a difference in the lives of those affected by this disaster.