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Celebrate Academic Excellence at the Grand Commencement Gala at Parkton Place

[For Immediate Release]

April 30, 2024

[Parkton, NC] – Get ready for an evening of elegance and celebration as Parkton Place hosts the Grand Commencement Gala, honoring the Class of 2024. Presented by The Mo You Know and Jerome Scott The Insurance Guy, this soirée promises to be an unforgettable event that brings together the community to recognize the achievements of graduating students.

Scheduled for Sunday, June 2, 2024, from 3:00 PM to 8:00 PM, the Grand Commencement Gala will take place at Parkton Place, located at 1860 Armory Rd, Parkton, NC 28371. The venue will be transformed into a haven of festivity, where guests can enjoy an evening of glamour and camaraderie.

“We are thrilled to host the Grand Commencement Gala at Parkton Place,” said ShaDonna “Mo” McPhaul, owner of “The Mo You Know”. “This event is a tribute to the hard work and dedication of the Class of 2024, and we are honored to be part of their journey as they embark on the next chapter of their lives.”

The evening will feature a range of activities and entertainment, including live music, delicious cuisine, and opportunities to connect with fellow attendees. Guests will have the chance to mingle, celebrate achievements, and create lasting memories in a beautiful setting.

“We invite the community to join us in honoring the remarkable achievements of the graduating class,” said Jerome Scott. “The Grand Commencement Gala is not only a celebration of academic success but also a reflection of the support and encouragement provided by the community.”

Tickets for the Grand Commencement Gala are available now. To reserve your spot and be part of this special occasion, please visit or contact ShaDonna “Mo” McPhaul at (844) 664-7697 (Mo-Grows) 

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to celebrate academic excellence and community spirit at the Grand Commencement Gala at Parkton Place. Reserve your tickets today and make memories that will last a lifetime.

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Experience the Charm of Parkton Park: Robeson County’s Best Kept Secret Unveiled


PARKTON, NC – April 26, 2024– Nestled within the serene landscape of Parkton, North Carolina, lies a hidden gem awaiting discovery – Parkton Place. Aptly dubbed Robeson County’s best-kept secret, Parkton Park invites visitors to immerse themselves in a world where they are truly “kinda a big deal.”

Parkton Place offers an enchanting venue for a variety of occasions, from weddings to corporate events. Exchange vows amidst the rustic elegance of Parkton Place, where rolling meadows, a majestic fountain, and charming gardens provide a breathtaking backdrop for your special day. Our experienced planning team ensures that every detail is meticulously executed, reflecting your unique style and vision.

Couples seeking a picturesque and natural setting for their wedding will find solace in the garden-filled private estate of Parkton Place. With its lush landscaping, romantic pond views, and serene surroundings, Parkton Place sets the stage for unforgettable outdoor ceremonies.

For those yearning for a farm-inspired ambiance, Parkton Place delivers with its charming and down-to-earth setting. Exchange vows in a barn, surrounded by fields and pastures, or under a canopy of trees, enveloped in rustic chic ambiance.

But the allure of Parkton Place doesn’t end with events. Escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and unwind with an overnight stay in our fully equipped 5,000-square-foot home, accommodating up to 26 guests. It’s a comfortable haven for relaxation and togetherness, allowing you to extend your Parkton experience.

Capture timeless moments with loved ones against the picturesque backdrop of Parkton Place. Our expansive grounds offer endless possibilities for photography, with a variety of natural settings and architectural features providing the perfect backdrop for cherished family portraits.

Discover Parkton’s Park, where you’re not just a guest – you’re a VIP. For booking inquiries and more information, contact Parkton Place at (910) 494-5888 or email

For media inquiries, please contact:

ShaDonna “Mo” McPhaul

The Mo You Know 

(844) 664-7697 (Mo-Grows)

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New Research Study from Skoove Reveals Self-Taught Musicians Dominate USA’s Chart

Berlin, Germany – (04-24-2024) -New research from Skoove, a top piano learning app, and the research experts at Crafins Studio reveals that a staggering 87% of the top 100 artists on Spotify in the US are self-taught, challenging traditional paradigms of music education. The research report, completed and made available in April of this year, identified trends in the growing accessibility of music creation and the democratization of the music industry. The study found that only 4% of the Spotify top 100 artists had obtained a music degree. An additional 4% started but did not complete a music degree program, revealing that the remaining 92% of artists observed in the study had neither begun nor completed a music degree. These statistics indicated that self-taught musicians are dominating the charts with their innovative sounds and authentic expression, and in the absence of formal musical education.


Captions: Man playing the ukulele while another person arranges photographs on the wall.

Today, it’s possible to learn an instrument, produce music and share that music independently without a traditional musical education. From apps and tutorials on YouTube to help you learn to play an instrument to platforms like TikTok and SoundCloud where artists can share their music. In some ways, the playing field is now more level.

  Captions: Pie chart illustrating the educational background of the top 100 Spotify artists in the USA, showing the majority do not have music degrees.

 The success of these artists shows that passion, creativity, and self-determination can break the barriers to entry, irrespective of their access to traditional education. This inspires musicians worldwide to pursue their dreams, regardless of their musical background.

  Captions: Pie chart showing that 87% of the top 100 Spotify artists in the USA did not receive tutoring or private lessons, highlighting the prevalence of self-taught musicians in the industry.


This trend underscores the importance of supporting and encouraging all forms of music education, acknowledging that the path to success is as varied as the artists themselves. We’d love to see an era where the barriers to entry in music are being dismantled, paving the way for a more inclusive, diverse, and vibrant musical landscape.

Florian Plenge, CEO of Skoove, says “You could argue that learning outside of the regimented structure of formal education may allow self-taught individuals to express their creativity more freely as their learning and engagement with their instrument is unconstrained. Without traditional frameworks and support, they have to be resourceful in their learning and stand on their own two feet.”


About the data

The underlying data for the analyses came from multiple sources, including ChartMasters’ list of Top Spotify Artists, Wikidata, and manual research and aggregation. To extract insights about musicians who are in bands and groups, Skoove looked at characteristics of the lead composer or band frontperson.



For the complete study, please visit:



About Skoove

Founded in Berlin in 2014, Skoove (Learnfield GmbH) is dedicated to unlocking the magic of music by making learning the piano simple and fun for its users. The interactive app enjoys worldwide popularity with over 2 million users across the globe.



Agriculture & Farming Automotive Books & Literature Chemical Industry Conferences & Trade Fairs Releases a new Study on Togo’s Constitutional Reform

monitoring and analyzing developments across African countries, is proud to announce the release of a new research study shedding light on Togo’s Constitutional Reform. The study concerns Togo’s journey towards democratic maturity and institutional modernization.


Captions: Togo

The study delves into key aspects of Togo’s political landscape and offers analysis of the proposed constitutional amendments.

The research conducted by explores the transition from a presidential to a parliamentary regime in Togo. It highlights the changes aimed at fostering inclusivity and representation within the governmental structure.

Key findings of the research study include:

  • Introduction of a bicameral parliament comprising the National Assembly and a newly proposed Senate.
  • Enhanced transparency and accountability measures aimed at safeguarding citizens’ rights and promoting media transparency.
  • Clarification of executive competencies to improve governance effectiveness.
  • Emphasis on public education to ensure widespread understanding and support for the proposed reforms.

The study concerns Togo’s journey towards democratic maturity and underscores’s commitment to providing insightful analyses on African political developments.

To access the full research study, please visit:  

For media inquiries or further information, please contact:

Name:                        Jessica Baer

Address 1:                 8046 Zurich

Address 2:                 Reckenholzstrasse 29

Phone:                       +41435683033


City:                          Zurich

Country:                    Switzerland

Website URL:   

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Crypt2Date Announces Launch of Multichain Portfolio Tracker, Elevating DEFI Investment Experience

Cheyenne, Wyoming -United States, 04-15-2024. Crypt2Date, the pioneering DEFI platform renowned for empowering investors with real-time data and security tools across multiple blockchains, is thrilled to announce the launch of its groundbreaking Multichain Portfolio Tracker. This latest innovation is set to redefine the DEFI investment landscape by offering unparalleled portfolio management capabilities

Crypt2Date’s Revolutionary Multichain Portfolio Tracker

“Today marks a significant milestone for Crypt2Date and the DEFI community at large,” said Sven Largos, Founder and CEO of Crypt2Date. “Our Multichain Portfolio Tracker is not just a tool; it’s a leap towards making DEFI investment more accessible, secure, and efficient. With this launch, we’re bringing a comprehensive solution to the challenges faced by DEFI investors.”

The Multichain Portfolio Tracker, developed by Crypt2Date, stands out by allowing investors to seamlessly monitor their investments across five major blockchain networks. This innovation comes with a suite of features including live data updates, portfolio value charts, and future enhancements aimed at offering a holistic view of one’s investment portfolio.



Caption: Crypt2Date: A Comprehensive Solution to Stay Ahead in the Fast-Paced DEFI World

The Birthplace of Crypt2Date’s Innovation

“We are proud to unveil the Multichain Portfolio Tracker, a testament to our dedication to enhancing the DEFI investment experience,” added Hydra, Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Crypt2Date. “By consolidating portfolio management across multiple chains, we not only streamline the investment process but also pave the way for more secure and informed decision-making.”

Key features of the Multichain Portfolio Tracker include:

  • Real-Time Portfolio Tracking: Monitor investments across multiple blockchains in real-time.
  • Security Tools Integration: Enhance investment security with integrated tools for checking potential honeypots and managing token approvals.
  • Future-Ready Enhancements: Anticipate comprehensive portfolio management enhancements, including AI-driven insights.

In addition to portfolio management, Crypt2Date continues to offer a wide range of services designed to empower DEFI investors. From investment news and wallet activity monitoring across 70+ blockchains to engagement and marketing tools that facilitate direct communication between project developers, marketers, and the investor community.

The launch of the Multichain Portfolio Tracker underscores Crypt2Date’s commitment to driving innovation in the DEFI space, fostering a more secure, informed, and connected investment community.

For more information about Crypt2Date and the Multichain Portfolio Tracker, visit Crypt2Date.


Name: Sven Largos

phone: +15096555460

Country: United States

State: Cheyenne, Wyoming

Address: Kemmerer, WY 83101


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Numerator Tech Welcomes Taylor Turner As New CEO: A Vision For The Future Of Agricultural And Turf Technology

April 3, 2024-Sarasota, Florida- Numerator Technologies, a vanguard in providing cutting-edge solutions for the professional turf, ornamentals, and agricultural industries, is thrilled to announce the appointment of Taylor Turner as its new Chief Executive Officer, effective April 8, 2024. This announcement marks a significant milestone in the company’s journey towards pioneering innovation and sustained growth in the green industry.

Taylor Turner, an accomplished leader with a prolific background in sales and marketing within the turf and agricultural sectors, is set to bring a fresh perspective to Numerator Technologies. Her appointment is not just a change in leadership; it represents a new chapter in the company’s history – one filled with vibrant energy, creative approaches, and an unyielding commitment to excellence.

Founder Jim Turner is excited to have Taylor working by his side as he continues to work on product development and research projects in efforts to grow Numerator Technologies while maintaining quality products and customer service. Jim expressed his admiration and high expectations for Taylor, stating, “When I hired Taylor to join me at Numerator Technologies, I was immediately struck by her incredible impact. She not only excelled internally but also rapidly adapted to the intricate nuances of our industry. Her unique style and innovative approach have already started shaping the future landscape of the green industry. I am excited to see the new heights Taylor will take Numerator Technologies to.”

Under Taylor’s leadership, Numerator Technologies is poised to further its mission of providing top-tier solutions tailored for golf course turf management, agricultural efficiency, and ornamental care. Her approach is not just about maintaining the status quo; it’s about revolutionizing it. Taylor’s strategic vision includes expanding the company’s reach, enhancing customer engagement, and driving technological advancements that align with the evolving needs of the green industry.

Stepping into her new role at Numerator Technologies, Taylor Turner is all set to infuse the company with her dynamic leadership style and innovative strategies. Her extensive experience and deep understanding of the industry’s challenges and opportunities position her perfectly to steer Numerator Technologies toward an era of unprecedented growth and success.

As we embark on this exciting journey under Taylor’s leadership, we at Numerator Technologies remain committed to our core values of innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. We believe that our focus on these principles, combined with Taylor’s visionary leadership, will enable us to achieve new milestones and continue delivering exceptional value to our clients in the turf, ornamentals, and agricultural sectors.

We invite our clients, partners, and stakeholders to join us in welcoming Taylor Turner into her new role. With her at the helm, Numerator Technologies is set to redefine the standards of excellence in the green industry. Here’s to a future brimming with innovation, growth, and success!

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Mosley’s Ranch Invites Community for Weekly Meet and Greets – A Haven for Children in Cumberland County


LINDEN, NC – March 7, 2024 

Mosley’s Ranch, a picturesque haven nestled in Linden, NC, is thrilled to announce its weekly meet and greets, inviting the community to join every Saturday from 12 pm to 2 pm. Owned and operated by veteran Gregory Mosley, the ranch serves as a testament to his unwavering commitment to supporting the children of Cumberland County.

Gregory Mosley, a dedicated veteran, has translated his passion for community service into the creation of Mosley’s Ranch. The weekly meet and greets aim to foster a sense of community and provide a welcoming space for families and individuals to connect, enjoy the ranch’s serene environment, and learn about its various offerings.

At the heart of Gregory’s vision is the establishment of a 4-H Club, an initiative currently in progress under the guidance of the Cumberland County Cooperative Extension program. This club will serve as an enriching platform for children to explore, learn, and engage in activities that promote personal growth, responsibility, and camaraderie.

Mosley’s Ranch is more than just a venue – it’s a dedicated space for community building, where the values of compassion, education, and empowerment come together. As a veteran-owned establishment, the ranch embodies the spirit of service, extending its support to the youngest members of Cumberland County.

The weekly meet and greets promise an opportunity for families, neighbors, and friends to gather, share experiences, and discover the transformative potential of Mosley’s Ranch in the heart of Linden.

For media inquiries or additional information, please contact:

ShaDonna “Mo” McPhaul

(910) 574-3346


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Unplug and share The moment with Merritt Toys and Games

Merritt, British Columbia: Selling Board games has been Mike’s Life and the modern world is filled with distractions, and it can be challenging to disconnect from technology and the internet. However, it is essential to take a break from technology and engage in other activities, such as playing board games.

Work Management Games

Board games have been around for centuries, and they are a fantastic way to relax, socialize, and have fun. In this article, we will explore the importance of unplugging and playing board games, work management and set collecting games, and two popular board games: Viticulture and Lords of Waterdeep.

Mike States The Importance of Unplugging and Playing Board Games

In today’s world, people are always connected to their smartphones, laptops, and other devices. This constant connection to technology can be overwhelming and stressful. Playing board games is an excellent way to unplug and relax. Board games provide a break from the constant stimulation of technology and give people an opportunity to engage in face-to-face interactions with friends and family. In addition, board games can improve cognitive function and reduce stress levels.

One of the benefits of playing board games is that they can be a great way to socialize. Board games require people to interact with each other, which can help strengthen relationships and build new ones. Board games also allow people to practice essential social skills such as communication, collaboration, and problem-solving.

Board games can also be an excellent way to improve cognitive function. Many board games require players to use critical thinking skills, problem-solving, and strategy. These skills can help improve memory, concentration, and decision-making abilities. Board games are also a great way to improve creativity and imagination.

Playing board games can also reduce stress levels. Board games provide a fun and relaxing way to unwind and take a break from the stresses of everyday life. Board games can also help improve mood and promote feelings of happiness and well-being.

Work Management and Set Collecting Games are must try says Mike

Work management and set collecting games are board games that require players to manage resources, plan ahead, and make strategic decisions. In these games, players must balance competing priorities and allocate resources efficiently to achieve their objectives.

One example of a work management game is Agricola. In Agricola, players take on the role of a farmer and must manage their resources, such as land, animals, and crops. Players must balance their time between farming, building, and raising a family to succeed in the game.

Set collecting games, on the other hand, require players to collect sets of cards or other items to score points. One example of a set collecting game is Settlers of Catan. In Settlers of Catan, players collect resources, such as wood, brick, and wheat, to build settlements and cities. Players must also trade resources with other players to succeed in the game.

Work management and set collecting games are excellent for people who enjoy planning, strategy, and resource management. These games require players to think ahead and make decisions based on their long-term objectives.

Viticulture Board Game

Viticulture is a board game designed for 1-6 players and is set in the world of wine-making. In Viticulture, players take on the role of vineyard owners and must manage their vineyards, harvest grapes, and produce wine to score points. The game is designed for players aged 14 and up and takes approximately 45-90 minutes to play.

The game is played over several rounds, with each round representing one season. Players must plan ahead and manage their resources efficiently to produce the best wine and earn the most points. The game also includes a worker placement mechanic, where players must assign workers to different tasks to gain resources or take actions.

One of the unique features of Viticulture is the visitor card system. Visitors are special cards that can be played during the game to provide bonuses or special abilities.

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Sweet Valley Ranch Exceeds Goal for local charity give back program



Sweet Valley donates $152,483.00 in charity give back and surpasses its charitable giving target for the community as Surgeon & Associates kick off an initiative to hire veterans in all its businesses in 2023.


Each year, Sweet Valley Ranch partners with local charities in Fayetteville, North Carolina and gives a portion of the proceeds from its concession sales. Fred and Anita Surgeon, owners and operators of Sweet Valley Ranch, are actively involved in charity work and collaborate with various groups to assist residents of Fayetteville.


“It is our mission to share the Sweet Valley Ranch experience with people in and around North Carolina through our event venue services, annual attractions, animal sales and other community-related activities. We shall continue developing a ranch/farm that is in complete harmony with the surrounding lands and promotes freedom of spirit, personal growth, and an appreciation for family and giving back to our community” said Fred Surgeon.


With a total donation of $152,483 to Sweet Valley Ranch Give Back Partners this year, Sweet Valley Ranch surpassed its original goal of $50,000 to local charity. Partners and Guests raised $52,483 in support of the Give Back Food Trailer, the Surgeon’s matched the $52,483 raised with an additional $100,000 donation to Fayetteville Area Habitat for Humanity. Sweet Valley Ranch thanks its Ranch Give Back Partners which include Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), Fayetteville Area Habitat for Humanity, First In Families Cumberland Chapter, Let’s Talk Inc, Cumberland County School Nutrition Association, Health And Nutritional Development Empowered Education (HAND-EE). 


Surgeon and Associates is also launching a significant veterans’ initiative to hire veterans in all of its family businesses by the year 2023. Surgeon and Associates, which was established in 2006, has provided employment opportunities to a variety of people and is especially interested in recruiting veterans who are transitioning from a life of military service to civilian life. Job opportunities include mid-level and upper-level management positions, and candidates can choose to work in any of the company’s branches, including farming and agritourism, healthcare, residential and commercial cleaning, outdoor pest control, property inspection, and carpet cleaning.


About Sweet Valley Ranch

With strong ties to farming, agriculture, and animals, Sweet Valley Ranch in Fayetteville pulls inspiration from nature and provides guests and families with a fun and engaging experience. Sweet Valley Ranch is very charitable and aims to support the neighborhood and community. Under the ownership and supervision of Fred and Anita Surgeon, Sweet Valley hosts seasonal events such as Backwoods Terror Ranch, Springtime Adventures, Dinosaur World, Festival of Lights, and Music at the Farm. Find more details by clicking here.

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Festival of Lights makes a comeback this November at Sweet Valley Ranch.

Festival of Lights makes a comeback this November at Sweet Valley Ranch.

This November, Sweet Valley Ranch will host its annual Festival of Lights once again.


Holiday-loving families are in for a treat as Fayetteville, Sweet Valley Ranch’s Festival of Lights makes a triumphant comeback this season. In Fayetteville, Sweet Valley is a working farm with a natural aesthetic that also serves as a local tourist destination and recreational spot for the locals and neighbors. Families will once again enjoy its annual Festival of Lights.


Over a million lights and more than 350 unique exotic animals can be found in the enchanting Christmas holiday wonderland known as the Festival of Lights. Come see animals take center stage in this enchanting ranch this holiday season with your family and friends. The Festival of Lights is a drive-through event, and parking is available for visitors at Tiny’s Winter Wonderland across the street.

In addition, the event offers vendors, gift stores, rides, food, and more. The drive-through event requires all ticket holders to be in the same car.


New for 2022, 100 foot Prehistoric Cave featuring custom Ice Age lighted exhibits and over 30,000 lights. First responders, Santa’s Backyard, Dinosaur World, Star Wars, Santa’s Drive-Thru Gift Shop, Nativity Scene, Gingerbread House, The Grinch’s Mansions, and Military Tribute are just a few of the special exhibits available. From November 25 to December 26 the festival of lights is open, with many specific days accessible throughout the week. Check the website and day that are convenient for you because this event is expected to last for only a few weeks.


Festival of Lights has received excellent ratings from people from all over the world and has been voted the best destination to spend Christmas according to many different magazines and publications. The festival offers exhilarating activities to provide each guest with a memorable experience they won’t soon forget. At the Festival of Lights, exotic creatures are not just sideshows; they are the main event. A tractor-pulled farm wagon rental program is another fantastic service provided by Sweet Valley Ranch. Guests can take advantage of this to experience and explore the lights and animals. 


About Sweet Valley Ranch

Sweet Valley Ranch in Fayetteville draws its inspiration from nature and has strong ties to farming, agriculture, and animals to offer visitors and families a fun and exciting experience. Sweet Valley Ranch is keen on charity and was founded with the intention of giving back to the local area and Community. Here, nature and adventure merge under the ownership and management of Fred and Anita Surgeon. Seasonal activities held in Sweet Valley include Backwoods Terror Ranch, Springtime Adventures, Dinosaur World, Festival of Lights, and Music at the Farm. Sweet Valley Ranch is committed to giving back to the community and collaborates with nonprofits to assist residents of Fayetteville, NC.  


Find more details by clicking here.