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PC Xpress Emerges as the Leading One-Stop Destination for Wimbledon’s Laptop Repair and Tech Needs

[Wimbledon, UK] – PC Xpress, a distinguished provider of comprehensive laptop repair and tech solutions, has solidified its position as the foremost one-stop destination for residents and businesses in Wimbledon seeking expert computer services and support.

With an unwavering commitment to excellence and a proven track record of delivering top-tier solutions, PC Xpress has emerged as the go-to establishment for all tech-related requirements in Wimbledon and the surrounding areas.

– Unmatched Laptop Repair Expertise: PC Xpress’s team of highly skilled technicians boasts an impressive range of expertise, particularly in the field of laptop repair. Whether it’s a cracked screen, hardware malfunction, software issues, or performance enhancements, PC Express provides swift and effective solutions to get laptops back up and running in no time. Customers can rely on PC Xpress for efficient diagnostics, professional repairs, and a quick turnaround, ensuring minimal disruptions to their daily lives or business operations.

– Comprehensive Tech Support: Beyond laptop repair, PC Xpress offers an extensive array of tech services to cater to all aspects of modern technology needs. This includes but is not limited to PC and Mac support, data recovery, hardware upgrades, network setup, and software installation. The knowledgeable and friendly staff at PC Express is dedicated to solving tech challenges promptly and effectively.

– Exceptional Customer Service: At PC Xpress, customer satisfaction is a top priority. The company’s commitment to delivering an exceptional customer experience is reflected in its friendly and approachable team, transparent pricing, and a dedication to clear communication. They ensure that every customer receives personalized attention, tailored solutions, and peace of mind knowing that their tech needs are in expert hands.

– Convenience and Accessibility: Situated at the heart of Wimbledon, PC Xpress’s central location ensures that customers have easy access to their services. The company also offers pick-up and drop-off services for added convenience, making the tech support process as hassle-free as possible.

“At PC Xpress, we take pride in being the foremost destination for all things tech in Wimbledon. Our team’s collective experience and commitment to excellence have enabled us to build a reputation for providing top-quality laptop repair and comprehensive tech support. We are thrilled to be the one-stop solution for our community’s technology needs and look forward to continuing to serve with the highest standards of excellence,” said a spokesperson for PC Xpress.

Whether it’s a personal laptop or crucial business systems, PC Xpress stands ready to meet the diverse tech demands of Wimbledon’s residents and businesses, ensuring that they stay connected and productive.

For more information about PC Xpress and the range of services they offer, please visit

About PC Xpress:

PC Xpress is a leading provider of laptop repair and comprehensive tech support services in Wimbledon, UK. With a strong commitment to customer satisfaction and a team of highly skilled technicians, PC Xpress has earned a stellar reputation as the one-stop destination for all tech needs in the area. They offer expert laptop repair, PC and Mac support, data recovery, hardware upgrades, network setup, and software installation, among other services.

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Release Media to Introduce Elite Package: A Comprehensive Press Release Distribution Solution

Release Media, a prominent global press release distribution platform, is pleased to announce the upcoming launch of the Elite Package, an innovative press release distribution solution. Collaborating with the Associated Press (AP) and over 200 respected news outlets, Release Media aims to provide businesses, organizations, and individuals with a powerful way to share their news on a global scale.

In today’s rapidly evolving communication landscape, a well-structured press release is crucial for effective information dissemination. Recognizing the importance of extending news coverage globally, Release Media introduces the Elite Package—a comprehensive distribution solution that combines wide-reaching distribution with budget-friendly pricing.

Designed to cater to businesses of varying sizes, the Elite Package represents a new era in press release distribution. Through partnerships with esteemed news outlets and the AP, press releases will gain visibility across over 200 reputable news sources, effectively reaching readers from diverse demographics, industries, and platforms.

“The launch of the Elite Package signifies our dedication to delivering comprehensive distribution solutions,” stated Izzy Seri, Managing Director at Release Media. “By utilizing our expansive network, businesses can effectively communicate their news on a global scale, emphasizing impactful storytelling.”

Key features of the Elite Package include:

  1. Extensive Network Reach: Through collaborations with the AP and over 200 news outlets, the Elite Package maximizes the visibility of press releases.
  3. Budget-Friendly Solution: Priced at $50, the Elite Package offers global distribution capabilities, making it accessible to businesses of all sizes.
  5. Multilingual Accessibility: Release Media accepts press releases in all languages, facilitating effective communication across borders.
  7. Global Impact: With the Elite Package, press releases can resonate with audiences worldwide, transcending geographical constraints.


The Elite Package is set to launch in September, generating anticipation within the business community. Whether it’s a product launch, corporate update, or event announcement, the Elite Package equips businesses to foster connections and facilitate growth.

Release Media also offers a range of press release distribution options tailored to diverse needs. From industry-specific targeting to localized impact, our packages allow businesses to tailor their message to engage their intended audience effectively.

For businesses seeking enhanced distribution capabilities and global visibility, the Elite Package offers a definitive solution to amplify their voice. To learn more about the Elite Package and how Release Media can assist in achieving communication goals, visit

About Release Media: Release Media is a prominent global press release distribution platform dedicated to assisting businesses and organizations in sharing their news and stories with a worldwide audience. With a diverse range of distribution options and a commitment to excellence, Release Media empowers clients to realize their communication objectives.

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Reputn Revolutionizes Digital Reputation Management with Groundbreaking Negative Link Removal Service

July 17, 2023 — A strong, positive online reputation is invaluable in today’s digital era. It is often the cornerstone of personal and professional success. Recognizing this, Reputn has announced the launch of its groundbreaking Negative Link Removal service, transforming the landscape of online reputation management.

As a pioneering leader in online reputation services, Reputn has consistently offered innovative solutions to manage and enhance online profiles. With the Negative Link Removal service, it takes this commitment to the next level, offering clients an effective way to eradicate damaging links that tarnish their online reputation.

In a radical shift from traditional models, Reputn’s Negative Link Removal service is designed around a unique “Pay after Removal” system. Clients are only required to pay once the detrimental links have been successfully removed from the web. This pioneering approach not only demonstrates Reputn’s confidence in delivering successful results but also provides peace of mind for clients, knowing they only pay for effective solutions.

“We believe in empowering our clients by restoring control over their online image,” says Jane Hudis from Reputn. “Our Negative Link Removal service ensures that individuals and businesses can present a clean, positive digital footprint to the world. We don’t consider our job done until the damaging links are eliminated.”

Reputn’s Negative Link Removal service is set to redefine online reputation management by offering a highly effective, results-driven solution. Its commitment to achieving positive outcomes before receiving payment underscores the company’s dedication to its clients and to innovation in the field.

About Reputn

Reputn is a leader in the field of online reputation management. With a focus on innovation and results, it offers a range of services designed to enhance and protect the online profiles of both individuals and businesses.

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Tinto Jose Koikkara, Negative Link Removal Expert, Empowers Individuals and Businesses to Regain Their Online Reputation

July 17, 2023 — In today’s digital age, maintaining a positive online reputation is of utmost importance, and negative links can cause significant harm. Tinto Jose Koikkara aka TJ, a leading authority in negative link removal, is providing an innovative, results-driven solution to help individuals and businesses regain control of their online presence.

Koikkara, with his deep expertise in digital reputation management, has developed effective strategies for identifying and eliminating negative links. His unique approach ensures a robust, positive online reputation for his clients, safeguarding their personal and professional interests.

In a move that underscores his confidence in his ability to deliver, Koikkara has introduced a game-changing payment model. Clients are now only required to pay after the successful removal of the negative links. This “results-first” payment structure not only mitigates the risk for clients but also solidifies Koikkara’s commitment to achieving the desired outcomes.

“Negative links can be harmful, but they don’t have to be a permanent stain on one’s online reputation. With the right expertise and strategies, they can be effectively removed, and a positive digital footprint can be restored,” said Tinto Jose Koikkara

This innovative approach to online reputation management has made Koikkara a sought-after expert in the field. Whether it’s an individual seeking to clean up their digital identity or a business aiming to maintain a favorable online image, Koikkara’s expert services offer a reliable solution.

The advent of the digital era has made online reputation a critical aspect for individuals and businesses alike. With experts like Tinto Jose Koikkara, navigating these digital challenges becomes significantly easier. 

About Tinto Jose Koikkara

Tinto Jose Koikkara is a renowned negative link removal expert, dedicated to helping individuals and businesses maintain a positive online reputation. His unique, results-first payment model sets him apart in the digital reputation management industry.

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A story of a podcaster who lost his voice , but managed to make it through with his community.

Once upon a time, in the captivating world of podcasting, there was a remarkable host named Mike Martins. For years, Mike had graced the airwaves with his popular show called “Mike in the Night,” which had been airing since 2016. The show was a platform for engaging discussions, heartfelt stories, and a sense of community that brought people together from all walks of life.

One fateful night, during the recording of episode E511 titled “Headline News, Open Mic, Raven in Skid-row in Winnipeg: People Poorer, Colder, and Less Free,” tragedy struck. Mike woke up with a strained throat, his voice barely a whisper. Panic set in as he realized he had lost his voice—the very tool that had allowed him to connect with his listeners and share their stories.

Mike was faced with a heart-wrenching decision. Should he cancel the episode and disappoint his loyal audience, or should he go ahead and air it, knowing that his voice would be absent? Despite the immense challenge he faced, Mike’s determination and love for his listeners pushed him to make a choice—to go ahead with the episode and let his community know what had happened.

As the episode aired, the absence of Mike’s voice was palpable. But something incredible began to unfold. The episode showcased the deep bond that had organically formed among Mike’s listeners over the years. A sense of unity and support radiated through the airwaves, as one by one, callers dialed in to share their stories, words of encouragement, and love for Mike.

First, the raven—a regular caller known for his insightful contributions—called in. He shared a beautiful metaphor about the strength of a flock, highlighting how each bird played a vital role in the symphony of life. His words resonated deeply with the listeners, reminding them that even without Mike’s voice, they could continue the harmony of the community.

Then, Eduardo, a long-time listener who had become friends with Mike offline, called in. With a warm and gentle voice, he shared tales of their adventures, laughter, and the moments of support they had offered one another over the years. Eduardo’s call filled the void left by Mike’s voice, reminding everyone of the enduring friendships forged through the podcast.

Gold Dust, a listener who had overcome tremendous odds, added his voice to the chorus. He spoke of the countless times Mike had lifted his spirits and motivated him to keep moving forward. Gold Dust’s unwavering belief in Mike’s ability to overcome this challenge inspired others to believe in themselves and in their shared strength.

Supreme Cannon, an artist who had found his muse through Mike’s show, shared a moving poem that celebrated the resilience of the human spirit. His eloquent words flowed like a gentle river, soothing the hearts of listeners and reminding them that creativity and passion could transcend any hurdle.

Finally, in a surprise twist, Doctor Mysterio—an enigmatic character with a penchant for solving mysteries—called in. With his mysterious charm, he encouraged Mike to look beyond his voice, emphasizing that the power of his podcast lay not only in his words but also in the connections he had fostered. Doctor Mysterio’s call reminded everyone that the heart of “Mike in the Night” was not solely reliant on a single voice but on the collective voices of the community.

As the episode came to a close, a sense of awe and gratitude hung in the air. Mike was profoundly moved by the outpouring of support from his listeners, who had become like family to him. Their unwavering love and encouragement reminded him that he was never alone.

The following weeks were a testament to the unbreakable spirit of the “Mike in the Night” community. Listeners continued to call in, sharing their stories, supporting one another, and offering words of encouragement to Mike. Together, they showed that the power of a podcast extended far beyond the voice behind it—it was the connections, friendships, and shared experiences that made it truly special.

Mike’s journey of losing his voice became a turning point, not only for him but also for his listeners. It taught them the importance of resilience, community, and the incredible strength that lies within each individual. As the episodes continued, Mike’s voice gradually returned, but the lessons learned during that challenging time remained etched in the hearts of everyone involved.

And so, “Mike in the Night” continued to shine brightly, propelled by the love, support, and unbreakable bonds of the community that had grown organically since 2016. It was a testament to the power of connection, reminding us all that, even in the face of adversity, the human spirit can find solace and strength in the warmth of a shared experience.

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Reputn Revolutionizes Online Reputation Management with Cutting-Edge Negative Link Removal Service

Los Angeles, July 03 2023 — Reputn, the leading provider of innovative online reputation management solutions, is proud to announce the launch of its groundbreaking service designed to remove negative links from the internet. With Reputn’s advanced technology and expert team, individuals and businesses can now regain control over their online presence, ensuring a positive and influential image across the digital landscape.

A strong online reputation is paramount for success in today’s hyperconnected world. Unfortunately, negative links and harmful content can tarnish an individual’s or organization’s image, hindering opportunities and impacting credibility. Recognizing this pressing need, Reputn has developed an unparalleled solution to combat negative online information and safeguard reputations.

Reputn’s state-of-the-art service empowers clients to push down negative or damaging articles, images, and news stories to inner pages, effectively minimizing their visibility to online audiences. Alternatively, the Reputn team can remove the content altogether, eradicating any trace of negative information from the web. This groundbreaking approach ensures that clients can reclaim their online narratives and maintain a positive digital presence that accurately reflects their values and achievements.

“We are thrilled to introduce Reputn, a game-changer in the realm of online reputation management,” said Jane Hudis, the visionary behind this innovative service. “We understand the impact negative online content can have on individuals and businesses alike, and we are committed to helping our clients reclaim control over their online narratives. With Reputn, we are empowering individuals and organizations to present themselves in the best possible light, fostering trust, credibility, and limitless opportunities.”

Reputn’s unrivaled technology utilizes sophisticated data analysis, search engine optimization (SEO), and content management techniques to combat negative links. Their team of seasoned experts possesses an in-depth understanding of search engine algorithms, online marketing, and digital PR strategies. Leveraging this knowledge, Reputn devises comprehensive solutions tailored to the specific needs of each client, ensuring efficient and effective removal or mitigation of negative links.

In addition to its exceptional service, Reputn prides itself on its commitment to transparency, confidentiality, and customer satisfaction. Clients can trust that their information is handled with the utmost care and confidentiality while receiving regular updates on the progress of their reputation management campaigns. With a strong focus on delivering measurable results and exceeding expectations, Reputn aims to establish long-lasting partnerships that facilitate success in the online realm.

For individuals and businesses looking to take control of their online reputation and remove the stain of negative links, Reputn is the go-to service that revolutionizes the field of online reputation management. With a proven track record of success and a team of industry-leading experts, Reputn is well-positioned to transform digital narratives and pave the way for a brighter online future.

To learn more about Reputn and its groundbreaking services, visit or contact

About Reputn:

Reputn is a leading provider of innovative online reputation management solutions. With cutting-edge technology and a team of seasoned experts, Reputn empowers individuals and businesses to remove negative links, pushing them down the search engine rankings or removing them altogether. Committed to delivering transparent, confidential, and results-driven services, Reputn aims to revolutionize the field of online reputation management and help clients maintain a positive and influential digital presence.

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BT and Five9 Announce Partnership, Enabling Speedier Cloud Adoption For Contact Centres

Recently, BT and Five9 announced a partnership with the intent to accelerate cloud adoption for contact centres globally. 

Through this partnership, BT is offering Five9 intelligent Customer Experience (CX) platform to its customers. 

As a result, customers, both old and new, will be able to enjoy an end-to-end managed service. This service enables them to fully digitalise their workplace “through tighter integration with existing voice, digital channels, unified communications and customer relationship management (CRM) systems”.

The integration with this intelligent CX platform will also provide customers with cloud migration expertise and “extensive experience and capabilities in managing complex technology environments” that BT offers.

BT customers will now also get access to the complete range of services provided by Five9, including digital engagement channels, analytics, workflow automation and optimisation, and practical Artificial Intelligence (AI).

In addition, BT also plans to offer access to AI and automation solutions by Five9, which includes its Intelligent Virtual Agent (IVA).

Why Is Cloud Adoption a Big Deal For Contact Centres?

To understand why cloud adoption is relevant, one simply needs to notice how call centres have been replaced by contact centres. 

With the emergence of new communication technologies, customer service is no longer limited to the traditional call-based format. In fact, one could argue that using only voice calls is less efficient—and sometimes, less convenient for customers—when one has access to SMS, IMs, and emails.

In fact, with Contact Centres as a Service (CCaaS) solutions, even voice calls can be routed securely through the internet to agents. These agents could receive calls anywhere, ensuring a seamless experience for the customer.

Plus, CCaaSs have certain benefits over traditional call centres.

Why a CCaaS Might Be Better Than Traditional Call Centres

  1. Quicker scalability, where increasing the number of agents is a matter of quickly getting them to log in from wherever they are, as and when required.
  2. Cost-effectiveness, since clients pay only for the features they use.
  3. More flexibility, as agents can work from anywhere, which means clients can hire from a bigger talent pool and offer more options to employees.
  4. Advanced features, including speech recognition, sentiment analysis, and natural language processing, to improve customer experience.
  5. Enhanced security, because such services would require stricter security measures as well as certifications to prove they’ve done their due diligence.
  6. Improved efficiency, since some of the more mundane and tedious tasks can be automated, leaving agents free to focus on giving customers better service through easily accessible customer information and real-time performance analytics.

Ensuring the Contact Centre Is Providing the Best Possible CX

Whilst contact centres are moving towards automation and using generative AI (like ChatGPT) to provide better service, they still need to ensure that their systems are working properly. That involves monitoring and testing.

That would help these businesses to maintain high customer care ratings, not just by optimising processes—such as mapping IVR call flows—but also ensuring that the infrastructure is configured to manage workloads.

For Five9, the service is provided by its partner, Occam Global, through Occam’s contact centre discovery, testing, and monitoring platform Razor.

Others might need to invest in a similar testing service if they want to stay competitive.

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Ava Tech Now Officially Offers Procurement Services

Leading IT support and systems company, Ava Tech, has officially launched two new services—IT procurement and IT hardware procurement. 

The business started out as a cloud hosting service provider, but over the years, it has started helping its clients with their hardware and software needs as well. 

Since procurement is now a large part of its operations, the business has decided to officially add these to the list of services it offers.

For any modern organisation, the right IT tools are essential for success. Some technology products can improve interdepartmental communication whilst others can enable work efficiency.

Certain operations might even require niche products, such as those that fulfil specific requirements that no other solution can provide.

The lack of proper IT infrastructure, or the wrong one, can affect the smooth running of a business.

Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of the variety of solutions available, much less which ones are optimal for their business.

This is where Ava Tech promises to help.

The business’s new offerings promise clients end-to-end procurement, helping them acquire the perfect solutions at a good price. In fact, Sales Director Andrew Do claims that the company works on a “Deal or No Deal” basis. 

The process starts with a free IT review of the client’s business. “We assess your procurement practices and policies to see if we could help you make savings. If we can’t offer you a reduction in technology costs, we walk away,” explains Mr. Do.

He goes on to elaborate that, whilst Ava Tech promises optimised IT spending, it does not always mean the lowest price. However, he does promise the best price for the right solution.

Therefore, if the client already has a cost-efficient procurement strategy and the company cannot offer a better deal, it won’t use pushy sales tactics to try and convince them.

This claim is backed by hard numbers. The company is currently boasting an average of 22% savings across their client base.

Whilst IT procurement is a service designed to provide the complete hardware and software infrastructure of a business, IT hardware procurement focuses on the tangible assets that an organisation might need.

In either case, the IT products are delivered anywhere in the world. The company also promises flexibility in terms of customising IT deliverables for various departments in the client’s organisation.

With a decade of experience under its belt, Ava Tech has built a network of distributors and suppliers. The business partners with big names like Google, Microsoft, Lenovo, Samsung, HP, Sophos, Cisco, Meraki, LG, Apple, Logitech, Dell, and CAE Technology (the only Cisco-approved shared support specialist).

In terms of hardware procurement, the company not only supplies computers and laptops, but also networks, cabling, and conferencing & telephony. 

Ava Tech also specialises in audio-visual meeting room design. That includes all-in-one conference solutions, single private soundproof booths, huddle rooms, and conferencing or auditorium/all-hands areas.

In addition, clients can get a complete range of software solutions depending on their requirements. The company started out hosting desktops and Microsoft 365, but has extended its portfolio to include almost any software application that its clients might require.

Ava Tech is a London-based company that provides IT solutions to businesses. It provides a perfect balance of personalised, Agile service backed by a vast network of suppliers and partners across the world. To learn more about the company, please visit 

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FDA Releases Draft Guidance for Decentralised Clinical Trials; Adoption of DCT is Expected to Increase

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has reportedly released a draft guidance detailing its recommendations on performing decentralised clinical trials (DCTs) for drugs, biological products and medical devices.

With the draft, FDA is committed to providing trial sponsors, researchers, and other stakeholders with guidance on how to accelerate DCT adoption to facilitate drug development, reported European Pharmaceutical Review.

FDA’s New Draft Guidance

The newly issued draft guidance is developed on the recommendations the agency detailed in 2020. With the earlier guidance, FDA aimed to help study teams facilitate trial decentralisation in response to the disruptions (e.g. travel restrictions, site closure, quarantines) and public health emergencies caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“The FDA has long considered the benefits of decentralised clinical trials. Advancements in digital health technologies and the COVID-19 pandemic – when in-person visits were limited or unavailable for many trial participants – have accelerated the broader adoption of these activities,” explained FDA Commissioner Dr. Robert Califf.

This new draft offers recommendations related to the FDA’s conditions for investigations of medicinal products when applied to decentralised studies and meets the requirement outlined in section 3606(a)(1), FDA Omnibus Reform Act (FDORA).

FDA released the guidance a few months after the EU regulators demonstrated their recommendations on DCT to help protect the rights and well-being of the trial participants.

In the draft guidance, FDA provides stakeholders with recommendations on DCT design, conducting remote clinical trial visits and clinical trial-related activities, the adoption of digital health technologies (DHT) as enablers of clinical research, the responsibilities of the involved stakeholders, and how investigational medicine should be administered.

Breaking Down the Recommendations

Providing a framework for DCT design, FDA stresses the importance of having a physical location while conducting DCTs to ensure easy access to participant records and investigators’ care.

The trial protocol should clearly define when a tele-health checkup is required and when a patient needs an in-person visit.

FDA urges investigators to confirm participant identity during each remote visit.

According to the agency, the protocols for using DHTs in a virtual trial to gather data for trial endpoints should be compatible with the draft guidance “Digital Health Technologies for Remote Data Acquisition in Clinical Investigation”.

Additionally, in the newly released draft guidance, the FDA has urged sponsors to strive for enhancing participant diversity and inclusiveness in clinical trials. 

FDA stresses the importance of engaging local healthcare providers (HCPs” in trial activities to build trust with at-risk participants, thus improving the inclusion of diverse populations. 

While DCTs and hybrid models can encourage a much higher enrollment rate, FDA suggests investigators recruit only as many participants as they can efficiently manage to provide enough supervision of trial-related activities. 

According to the agency, while taking remote consent from the trial participants, they should be informed about whom to contact in case they face any health issues during the trial period and who can access their personal health information (PHI) acquired during the DCT.

FDA underscores leveraging central IRB in decentralised trials as a key to facilitating the review of the protocol, the informed consent documents, and other pertinent trial data.

In addition, investigational products (IP) should be administered to the participants only under the in-person supervision of the investigator or the supervision of a sub-investigator answerable to the investigator.

It’s recommended for sponsors to take into account the type of an investigational device, its prospective application, and the associated risks to determine its use cases efficiently.

IPs can be directly delivered to the participants’ location and the trial protocol should clearly define the methods of preserving the integrity and stability of the IP.

FDA recommends the use of a centralised distribution system to facilitate the delivery of IP to trial participants.

The sponsor is responsible for thoroughly monitoring the DCT processes while ensuring the trial is being conducted per the general investigational protocols and considerations included in the IND or IDE applications. 

The implemented safety monitoring plan in a trial should be devised considering the decentralised nature of the investigation. It should ensure any adverse events are detected early, correctly captured, and efficiently addressed.

FDA suggests sponsors implement high-end DCT software that can help manage electronic case report forms (eCRFs) and electronic informed consent (eConsent), schedule trial activities, sync data input in DHTs, and more. 

High-end DCT platforms such as ObvioHealth can efficiently address the issues of data inaccuracy and the interoperability essential to produce robust trial outcomes and endpoints.

Wrapping Up

Decentralised and hybrid study models are considered the way forward to decrease the patient burden. Offering participants the support and flexibility they need, DCTs also help improve data quality. 

The result: augmented trial result and accelerated drug development

“As we seek to improve our evidence generation system, decentralised clinical trials may enhance convenience for trial participants, reduce the burden on caregivers, expand access to more diverse populations, improve trial efficiencies, and facilitate research on rare diseases and diseases affecting populations with limited mobility,” commented FDA Commissioner.

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Leading IT Service and Consulting Company Atos Launched Eviden Brand Ahead of the Planned €5 billion Carve-out

Ahead of the pre-planned €5 billion carve-out, Atos has reportedly unveiled its Eviden brand.

In June 2022, Atos – the leading French multinational IT service and consulting company – announced to curate strategies to split itself down the middle.

As planned, the company has cleaved itself in two, with its burgeoning digital, big data, and security (BDS) lines to operate as Eviden, according to Consultancy Europe.

The other half, which comprises the business’s tech foundations business line, will continue under the Atos name. To differentiate this carved-out, future entity from the current Atos business, the company is addressing it as TFCo for now. 

Breaking Down the Carve-out

The split-up, costing around €1.5 billion, is planned to be “effective at the earliest on July 1, 2023, and at the latest on December 31, 2023”. The brand of the spin-off business was launched in April this year.

The new business, initially slated to be launched as Evidian, later spun out from Atosunder the name “Eviden,” retaining the same etymology (“evidence”).

The post-carve-out Atos business is planned to constitute the Digital Workplace, Data Centre and Hosting, Unified Communications, and Business Process Outsourcing units of Atos. 

Operating within the Atos business and trading as “Eviden, an Atos business,” the spin-off company also includes the Atos Consulting business.

Eviden – which comprises the shrinking units of the parent company – would have a headcount of roughly 48000 globally and revenues of around €5.4B.

Atos has confirmed to invest €1.1 billion during the 2022-2026 period as part of its effort to support a return on investment (ROI).

Fleshing Out the Reasons Behind the Split-up

After conducting a “preliminary strategic review,” Atos, one of the world’s leading IT businesses with revenues of €11 billion – decided to split itself into two separate entities in order to “unlock more value” for the stakeholders. 

However, tough economic headwinds facing the company have been marked as the key reason behind the spin-off. 

Even though the IT business is expanding at a breakneck pace globally, last year, Atos saw a sharp decline of 3% in its revenue. Earlier this year, the technology consulting giant issued its third profit warning due to the significant difference in the financial KPIs, causing the company’s shares to plunge to their lowest since mid-2022. 

The strategy Atos adopted to cleave itself in two businesses is similar to how IBM spun out its $19B managed infrastructure services into Kyndryl in November 2021.

According to its hot-off-the-presses site, Eviden is committed to turning out as a global leader in “data-driven, trusted and sustainable digital transformation,” bringing together the digital, cloud, and big data & security business lines of the parent company Atos.

Billing itself as “one of the largest carve-outs the industry has ever seen,” Eviden demonstrates its vision to “expand the possibilities of data and technology”.

That said, being a highly intricate and cross-functional process, a carve-out transaction needs to be executed carefully and by experts.

For any dynamic business looking to maximise its transaction value, investing in an expert carve-out consulting service like Fission Consulting is a logical investment.

A high-end service helps streamline the slew of complex and lengthy processes to speed up the overall separation timeline while ensuring data accuracy.

Wrapping Up

Nikki Kelly, former Senior Vice President for Public Sector and Defence in Northern Europe at Atos has been elected as the CEO of Northern Europe & APAC for Eviden, an Atos company.

“I’m excited to start my new role with Eviden as the CEO for Northern Europe & Asia Pacific,” stated the newly appointed CEO. “A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to help scale a €5 billion new company with deep industry expertise, innovation in our DNA, helping our clients to be competitive and deliver secure, digital business solutions quickly at scale.”