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Innovative Chinese Takeaway JVDE PVRK Announces UK Relocation and Metaverse Project

Owners of Chinese takeaway JVDE PVRK, James Cheung and Debbie Hsu have announced the relocation of the business to the city of Birmingham. All business operations of the Chinese takeaway will hence be carried out from a new location in the West Midlands city. 

With a mindset that came out of social media, JVDE PVRK (pronounced Jade Park) combines elements of content creation, fashion, and food within the concept of their business. The company’s founders have a deep honor of Chinese tradition, but none the less, they are working hard to change an old traditional trade to a modern takeaway.

JVDE PVRK promises to continue serving customers with their savory Chinese food that tastes great every single time. Customers will still enjoy online ordering services with options of pick-up or delivery from the new location. The Chinese takeaway is also still available on UberEats and JustEat. 

JVDE PVRK was unfortunately forced to close down business operations in Wirral on the 9th of June 2022, as a result of complications with the lease of their now former building. This is the development that led to the previously mentioned decision by the founders, to relocate all business operations of the Chinese takeaway to a new location in the city of Birmingham. In addiction to this, they have also stated their plans to open more JVDE PVRK branches by 2023 to meet the growing demands of their classic Chinese takeaway. 

As a business that started during the challenging period of Covid-19, JVDE PVRK has grown to be well versed with challenges and sees this new one as an opportunity for a big and better comeback. 

Proving once more to be a pacesetter in the traditional Chinese takeaway business, JVDE PVRK has also announced that they’ll be expanding their takeaway services into the metaverse. With the rise of digital commerce, JVDE PVRK continues to break uncharted grounds in the Chinese takeaway trade by integrating current technologies into their services, taking their iconic golden box noodles into the virtual space to further meet the demands of their huge follower base (Instagram: @jvdepvrk @debbiehsu_bee / Twitter: @jvde_sauce @yummycrypoto. 

This innovative development by JVDE PVRK further aims to make their Chinese takeaway a more fun an unforgettable experience for their customers. Customers will not only enjoy delicious Chinese food, but also get a thrilling virtual world experience. The metaverse project will be an anime style NFT with similarities in aesthetics to the art posted on their social media. 

JVDE PVRK will also start accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment for food. This is yet another step by JVDE PVRK towards bridging the gap between the traditional Chinese takeaway business and innovative technology for businesses and cementing their place as pioneers in the long-established takeaway trade. As cryptocurrencies are becoming a more popular legal tender, JVDE PVRK is adding crypto payment to provide more options for their customers for ease of transactional service. They have partnered with QWYPTO a web3 team that specialises in crypto, NFTs and web3 to deliver their crypto and metaverse journey.

JVDE PVRK Chinese takeaway is committed to providing excellent and consistent service for their customers with all the aforementioned developments. 

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This Digital Marketing Agency Is Helping Local Business Get To Page One Of Google Fast And On A Performance Based Level.

April 29, 2021: iBrand.Media has proudly announced that it is offering a wide range of performance based services to its growing number of clients from around the world. The emerging digital marketing agency is also an SEO service company and offers everything ranging from social media marketing to search engine optimization and website designing services. Moreover, the SEO Service covers all kinds of industries ranging from small and medium businesses to large scale corporations and even startups. The numbers of satisfied clients from around the world are also going up as the company makes it to one of the best digital marketing agencies in the world. 


“We are pleased to announce that we are offering performance based SEO for local businesses here at iBrand.Media.” said the spokesperson of iBrand.Media, while talking about the new business model introduced by the company. “This basically means that our valued customers don’t pay until we rank their business to page one locally, and we only work with one certain niche per city.” She added. SEO is the backbone of digital marketing and having quality work done in SEO based digital marketing is vital to the growth of any business in today’s world. 


In addition to SEO and Social Media Marketing, the growing Digital Marketing Agency and SEO Service Company has also announced to offer branding and PR services to its valued client. The agency also provides quality services for advertising, local marketing, real-time stats, and web design, etc. The dedicated team of SEO experts at the agency are known for generating more and more sales each day for the company, and its result-oriented approach along with the performance based business model are the key ingredients that have made this agency a great success worldwide. 


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From business owners to the local doctors, dentists or startups, the digital marketing agency offers services to a wide range of niches. Besides an increasing number of dentists and orthodontists getting aboard, an increasing number of restaurant chain owners, home contractors, auto shop owners are also signing up each day to join this growing family. Furthermore, Chiropractors, Spas owners, Salons owners, Gyms owners, Kitchen and Bath Remodelers, and other businesses from the services sector are also signing up with each passing day.


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