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think-cell Software Releases Version 12 With New PowerPoint Enhancements

BERLIN, Germany – 9th March 2023 – The leading productivity software, think-cell, is rolling out its latest upgrade, which offers significant enhancements that empower users with better control, connection, and data visualization. think-cell 12 is currently available for all customers through the customer portal as well as to prospective customers through the free think-cell 30-day trial download.

The latest version of think-cell includes more of what customers already love about the software. The addition of profile charts bolsters its ever-expanding portfolio of charts and graphs, and users can expect to see even more from the company built to make PowerPoint better and PowerPoint users more productive.

think-cell 12 enables users to create rotated line charts (profile charts) and rotated combo charts. These charts enable people to tell more compelling stories using data to show the relationships between different types of data and illustrate trends over time. Like all think-cell charts, this more sophisticated visualization of data helps people make better decisions based on the information presented. 

Robin Jung, Head of Product Management with think-cell is excited about what the latest version provides even beyond new charting capabilities, “think-cell 12 is proof that a series of small enhancements can make a big difference. From linking Harvey balls, checkboxes, and images to data in Excel to aligning think-cell elements on a page, think-cell continues to shave hours off your day while making every presentation work harder.”

With this latest release, users can now select individual partitions in the bubble and scatter charts directly while also applying a different fill color for each. This enhancement makes it simple to highlight the data in multiple quadrants to better distinguish what trends and insights are most important in your presentation.  

On top of this, the latest software version allows users to edit the data layout of its internal datasheet and links to Excel. For users looking to link a chart to an existing Excel worksheet without modifying the layout, think-cell’s editable data layout feature is highly beneficial. Jung added, “think-cell provides even more value when using Excel linking capabilities, as customers can now highlight all linked elements in their PowerPoint presentations, which is a level of insight that up until now has not been possible.”

With its latest PowerPoint enhancements, think-cell is committed to evolving as a formidable player in the Microsoft PowerPoint and Excel add-in market. Jung sees the latest release as a significant milestone for think-cell, “We have an extremely stable product with millions of users around the world. We are going to continue to build on this foundation to ensure that customers are not only more productive, but also can move business forward by accelerating the myriad of decisions that surround the presentation process.”

About think-cell

Founded in Berlin in 2002, think-cell is the de facto standard for creating professional presentations in PowerPoint. With productivity tools and support for 40+ chart types, 9 of the top 10 global consulting firms rely on think-cell, it’s the software of choice for the Fortune 500 and taught at 9 of the top 10 business schools.  

To learn more about think-cell and download a fully functional 30-day trial version, please visit 

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Mary Jane, Bangkok now uses full Certificates of Analysis for EVERY cannabis strain it sells

Mary Jane has introduced Certificates of Analysis for every cannabis strain sold from its outlet to reassure customers that the weed strains they purchase are the real deal, while also informing customers of the many medicinal benefits cannabis offers. 

COAs offer a full scientific Cannanbinoid breakdown of every strain housed at Mary Jane. This means that customers can view the makeup of a particular strain to better understand its THC and CBD content before making a purchase.

While customers at Mary Jane, Bangkok know that the buds they purchase have been produced to the highest industry standards, the pioneering lower Sukhumvit weed shop wants to go further than word-of-mouth recommendations to guarantee the quality of its produce. Introducing COAs offers customers a guarantee that the weed they purchase is genuine and meets the high standards they expect from Mary Jane

The increase in cannabis availability across Bangkok has left many consumers questioning the authenticity of the products they see sold on street corners in the city. Consumers seeking genuine high-grade produce have every right to be cautious when they see renowned weed strains sold at suspiciously low prices. This is because some of the home growers taking advantage of Thailand’s relaxed cannabis laws don’t always possess the specialist knowledge required to produce a high-grade flower.

Growing weed is an exact science and with many home growers cutting corners, the only way to be sure you are purchasing premium products is to ask to see a Certificate of Analysis, which should accompany each cannabis strain on sale. Without this guarantee, consumers are taking a gamble in purchasing homegrown weed where quality can not be guaranteed. 

Ben Baskins, a co-founder of OG Canna company, commenting on the Certificates of Analysis that cover the entire range of cannabis strains sold from Mary Jane’s premises, said: 

The COAs displayed at Mary Jane both reassure our customers that the products they are purchasing are the real deal but they also help inform customers seeking relief from a variety of ailments, that the make-up of the cannabis product they purchase is suitable for their needs. As an authentic and fully licenced outlet, we’re proud to offer COAs to guarantee the weed products we sell are of the highest standard available anywhere in Thailand.”

Located on the corner of Soi 4 and Sukhumvit Road and adjacent to the Majestic Hotel, Mary Jane supplies residents and visitors to the Nana district of the city with a variety of TTMs including the highest-grade marijuana from the only best strains available in Thailand.

Mary Jane is part of the OG Canna Company and works with a select group of the most knowledgeable and passionate growers and suppliers of marijuana in the country, and their combined expertise look set to make Mary Jane the best and most reliable dispensary in the area for all your medical needs.

For further information on Mary Jane, you can visit our website:

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Incredible new strains available at Mary Jane Bangkok

Mary Jane, Bangkok sources only the highest-grade cannabis strains for those seeking a natural alternative to big pharma-prescribed pills in Thailand. Here we take a look at a couple of incredible new strains which have been getting quite of bit of attention among cannabis aficionados.

Stepping inside the Mary Jane store, trained budtenders are on hand to listen to and understand each individual’s health concerns before recommending strains of weed to remedy a host of ailments. Cannabis has been consumed by people for hundreds of years however, the outlawing of this naturally-growing plant has been a barrier to patients seeking an alternative to global pharmaceuticals. Fortunately for tourists, the Thai government has had the foresight to scrap the draconian laws that saw innocent individuals penalized for consuming naturally grown traditional medicine. Here weed experts review two of the more popular strains now available legally at Mary Jane, Cannabis shop Bangkok, Gorilla Glue and Pink Runtz:

Gorilla Glue No.4, GG4 or Original Glue:

With a THC content of 15.62% and 0% CBD, this Indica-dominant hybrid is one of the more popular strains stocked at Mary Jane Bangkok and a favorite of seasoned patients. Created in Nevada USA, its characteristics are quite unlike any other marijuana strain. A pungent earthy mix of 3 mother strains – namely Chem’s Sister, Sour Dubb, and Chocolate Diesel – Gorilla Glue No.4 is so-called for its ability to glue the user to the couch with its strong relaxing properties and for the sticky resin buds this plant produces. GG4 carries a full-bodied flavor with notes of pinewood, coffee, and chocolate it is both earthy and sweet. This a much sought-after award-winning marijuana strain and is a great stress reliever and is the bud of choice for patients suffering from anxiety, stress, depression, ADHD, and insomnia, despite containing zero CBD. It is also good for pain relief however misuse can give users a dry mouth and eyes. Although giving users a sense of euphoria when ingested GG4 can help alleviate low mood, this is not a medicine for the morning nor for giving you the energy to party all night long. Providing a typical Indica body high it is best consumed in the evening or when you’ve nothing better to do with your day. This has been a popular strain for users living through Bangkok’s extreme rainy season of 2022, leaving patients without a care in the world. Whilst GG4 is a thoroughly relaxing strain, it offers users super-focused creativity meaning it’s perfect for watching a movie, playing a musical instrument or reading and writing. If you want to know the correct dosage for your symptoms, our trained budtenders are here to give you all the advice you need to remedy your situation.

Pink Runtz:

Containing an average of 20% THC and very low CBD content, Pink Runtz is an equally balanced Indica-Sativa hybrid strain of marijuana available to patients at Mary Jane Bangkok however, for consumers it is the heady Sativa effects that come to the fore with this naturally grown flower, energizing users and lifting moods promoting long-lasting euphoric happiness that is perfect for social gatherings. Related to the original Runtz strain, it is a hybrid of Zkittels and Gelato and offers a sweet and fruity yet mild and discreet aroma with flavors of strawberry and citrus fruit. So-called due to its pinkish-purple buds Pink Runtz is the ultimate mood enhancer. Due to its uplifting effects, Pink Runtz leaves patients awake yet relaxed, happy, talkative, and often giggly, reminding more regular users of their first experience with cannabis. This heady strain is particularly popular with patients who suffer from bouts of PTSD: anxiety, stress, and depression due to its mood-enhancing properties. It is a perfect alternative medicine for fatigued executives and overthinkers who need to switch off from the bombardment of the daily grind, especially for those individuals who mentally take their work home with them. Pink Runtz helps you relax and lose focus while experiencing a wash of happiness meaning it can be used as an excellent chronic pain reliever. It also enhances appetite. But be warned, consuming too much can leave patients feeling dizzy and with a headache. Due to Pink Runtz’s ability to uplift and awaken the mind and body, this alternative medicine is not one to be ingested before bedtime, although for patients who don’t have trouble sleeping this strain can enhance dreams by prolonging the REM stage of your sleep pattern. So whether you want to eliminate stress and negative thoughts or kill pain Pink Runtz could be the strain for you. This California hybrid has been difficult to find outside of the USA until now. And thanks to Thailand’s forward-thinking practices permitting the use of alternative medicines, Mary Jane Bangkok can now offer this strain in Thailand for the very first time.


For further information on Mary Jane Bangkok, and to view our product list you can visit our website: 

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This Digital Marketing Agency Is Helping Local Business Get To Page One Of Google Fast And On A Performance Based Level.

April 29, 2021: iBrand.Media has proudly announced that it is offering a wide range of performance based services to its growing number of clients from around the world. The emerging digital marketing agency is also an SEO service company and offers everything ranging from social media marketing to search engine optimization and website designing services. Moreover, the SEO Service covers all kinds of industries ranging from small and medium businesses to large scale corporations and even startups. The numbers of satisfied clients from around the world are also going up as the company makes it to one of the best digital marketing agencies in the world. 


“We are pleased to announce that we are offering performance based SEO for local businesses here at iBrand.Media.” said the spokesperson of iBrand.Media, while talking about the new business model introduced by the company. “This basically means that our valued customers don’t pay until we rank their business to page one locally, and we only work with one certain niche per city.” She added. SEO is the backbone of digital marketing and having quality work done in SEO based digital marketing is vital to the growth of any business in today’s world. 


In addition to SEO and Social Media Marketing, the growing Digital Marketing Agency and SEO Service Company has also announced to offer branding and PR services to its valued client. The agency also provides quality services for advertising, local marketing, real-time stats, and web design, etc. The dedicated team of SEO experts at the agency are known for generating more and more sales each day for the company, and its result-oriented approach along with the performance based business model are the key ingredients that have made this agency a great success worldwide. 


“Our greatest asset is our highly trained team, which is working round the clock, seven days a week to make sure that our valued clients get the results they desire in a very short period of time.” Said the agency’s spokesperson, while talking about the company’s team of SEO experts and digital marketing gurus. “The greatest strength of our team is coordination and strategizing, as everything is carefully planned before execution so that we can work on more angles at the same time.” She added. The team works to make sure that in addition to the first page of the local area search results, the clients and their business or brand is also gaining increasing visibility on Facebook and other social media platforms. 


From business owners to the local doctors, dentists or startups, the digital marketing agency offers services to a wide range of niches. Besides an increasing number of dentists and orthodontists getting aboard, an increasing number of restaurant chain owners, home contractors, auto shop owners are also signing up each day to join this growing family. Furthermore, Chiropractors, Spas owners, Salons owners, Gyms owners, Kitchen and Bath Remodelers, and other businesses from the services sector are also signing up with each passing day.


For more information, please visit: