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UltraPharmRX’s Online Telehealth Service Launches with Industry-leading Convenience and Pricing for Erectile Dysfunction Medication

NEW YORK, Jul. 11, 2022 – UltraPharmRX (UPRX) today officially launched its online telehealth service ( that mainly focuses on the safe, convenient, and affordable distribution of essential erectile dysfunction medication. The launch came months ahead of the initial launch date, as the company was able to complete the framework and secure the logistics operations ahead of schedule.

According to the Massachusetts Male Aging Study, the prevalence of erectile dysfunction in men is 52%, with an increasing prevalence with age. The study estimates that 40% of men over 40 experience the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, which translates to about 27 million men in the United States as of 2020. The United States ranks the highest in self-reported cases of erectile dysfunction, but unfortunately, the monthly cost of treating erectile dysfunction is also among the most expensive in the world.

 Common erectile dysfunction medications offered by UltraPharmRX are:

1.   Cialis – Tadalafil

a.    Retail price without insurance – approx. $400 every month

b.    Lowest price cost – $230 every month

c.    UltraPharmRX price: $167 every month

2.   Viagra – Sildenafil

a.    Retail price without insurance – approx. $560 every month

b.    Lowest price cost – $250 every month

c.    UltraPharmRX price: $72 every month

Erectile dysfunction medications are not typically covered by health insurance as these medications are thought to be more of a lifestyle benefit, rather than a medical necessity. The additional cost of doctor’s appointments, redundant tests, and commuting could drive up an average person’s erectile dysfunction medication expenses every month.

UltraPharmRX positions itself as the premier online erectile dysfunction source, by linking customers with US-licensed healthcare professionals to secure an online prescription, with a seamless transition to the discreet delivery of FDA-approved erectile dysfunction medication straight to the customers’ doorstep.

The cost-effective, convenient, and time-saving solutions offered by UltraPharmRX effectively cuts down on the most expensive aspects of procuring erectile medication for patients. Customers can expect savings of up to 60-70% compared to the traditional methods, while still adhering to the strict guidelines set forth by the FDA.

Changing the stigma of erectile dysfunction medication

Although the United States ranks the highest in self-reported cases of erectile dysfunction, experts believe that the actual number of men afflicted with erectile dysfunction is much higher than the data shows. With plenty of alternative solutions that claim to cure erectile dysfunction, such as male enhancement supplements and non-FDA-approved erectile medication sold online, millions of American men are drawn to solutions that they believe are more convenient and affordable.

UltraPharmRX’s 100% online telehealth service aims to resolve the situation and bring convenience and affordability to customers who need it most. A typical UltraPharmRX transaction starts with a quick health survey to evaluate the patient’s health history and status. Once reviewed and approved by a US-licensed physician, the customer may proceed and select the erectile medication treatment applicable to their lifestyle and budget.

The entire process takes less than 5 minutes to complete, and with 100% genuine, FDA-approved Sildenafil and Tadalafil medication offered at extremely affordable pricing, customers may no longer feel the need to go with illicit erectile dysfunction medication or unproven solutions.

Affordable Viagra (Sildenafil) and Cialis (Tadalafil) medication

UltraPharmRX makes erectile dysfunction medication more affordable and accessible to men who need it most. The company’s main focus is to provide affordable, FDA-approved medication, with identical potency and effectiveness to more well-known brands, such as Viagra and Cialis. Through its streamlined process, UltraPharmRX allows customers to enjoy extremely affordable options, without sacrificing the quality and effectiveness of erectile dysfunction medication.

From the late 90s to the early 2000s, two brands have dominated the entire erectile dysfunction medication market. Viagra and Cialis are both exclusively patented by the world’s biggest pharmaceutical conglomerates, which essentially allowed the companies to dictate the price of these medications without any competitors affecting pricing considerations.

Viagra (Sildenafil) became the first FDA-approved medication for the treatment of erectile dysfunction symptoms in the late 90s, followed by Cialis (Tadalafil) in the early 2000s. Both brands are known for their highly effective results in alleviating the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, making the brands essential in the lives of men suffering from erectile dysfunction.

The distinction between the two brands became more apparent over the years, with Viagra being better known as the faster-acting erectile dysfunction medication, while Cialis became known as the more economical choice for its prolonged effectiveness.

The exclusive patents for Viagra and Cialis had since expired, allowing generic Sildenafil and Tadalafil to be offered at much more affordable price points. While erectile dysfunction medication became more affordable, the process to acquire a prescription to legally purchase Sildenafil and Tadalafil remains largely expensive and time-consuming.

Uncompromising safety and convenience

Sildenafil and Tadalafil are both generally safe, barring contraindications with other medications, such as nitrates, and associated health risks, such as cardiovascular health problems. In popular media, celebrities and athletes are known for the recreational use of erectile dysfunction medication. While the health risks are uncommon, physicians warn against the recreational and unsupervised intake of erectile medication, as they could lead to serious, and fatal consequences.

Federal regulations are in place to provide oversight and regulate the disbursement of erectile dysfunction medication, and UltraPharmRX adheres to these strict regulations by working with US-licensed physicians to evaluate a prospective customer’s health condition before allowing customers to purchase medication. While this may exclude certain individuals from being eligible to purchase medication, UltraPharmRX maintains its commitment to follow FDA regulations to limit the risk to individuals with high health risks.

Fully online interactions with US-licensed healthcare professionals are completely legal and regulated by appropriate state and federal agencies. UltraPharmRX alleviates the cost of doctor’s appointments by completely shouldering the cost of telehealth consultations and allowing customers to provide relevant health information completely online.

About UltraPharmRX

UltraPharmRX aims to bring high-quality, affordable, FDA-approved erectile dysfunction medication, such as Sildenafil (Viagra) and Tadalafil (Cialis), to men who need the treatment the most. The company provides the complete services needed to acquire appropriate e-prescriptions from US-licensed physicians, at no cost to the customer. UltraPharmRX provides exceptional convenience, affordability, and safety that allows men to minimize costs without sacrificing critical healthcare oversight. To know more about UltraPharmRX, please visit their website at

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SEFUNDA, LLC announces the Launch of their Crowdfunding Campaign

Sefunda, a Swiss based company established in early 2019, is a small, dedicated team of professionals with background in IVD product development, molecular epidemiology, medical device development and material science combined with business strategy and experience with well more than 100 years.


Increase the safety of patients, reduce individual healthcare costs, promote antibiotic stewardship. 

We are all about finding the solution to a problem – using technology as a tool and not a purpose. We are a dedicated lean team of experienced professionals combining Swiss precision with creativity and visionary drive. Listening to real market needs, we understand the economics driving the health care sector and the intricacies of producing high volume consumables at low and affordable cost.


Recent research shows that 30% – 50% of patients in the US receive incorrect antimicrobial treatment This can in part be attributed to inefficient or incorrect diagnostic processes. Even for the most common infections, the delay between testing and effective treatment can take up to 10 days.


We make patient-tailored treatment truly accessible and affordable for everybody – delivering immediate actionable results for treatment decision where time matters most. Our rapid, cost-effective and easy to use testing platform empowers health care professionals to diagnose and treat patients within one single visit, normally less than 30 minutes. By combining robust, proven and adaptable technology with smart multiplexing capabilities, we bring the precision of a molecular diagnostics lab to your office.


We focus on the solution, not the technology. By building on robust and proven technology, we avoid «reinventing the wheel» and save money and time. Together with our American partner Tensentric, Boulder Co., Sefunda is building a business ecosystem, that enables us to build a cost effective, low barrier molecular diagnostics solution. A small, powerful team is building a PCR based molecular diagnostics solution, that is going to bring laboratory quality molecular diagnostics to your local clinic. Trade Secret agreements will keep the development from competitors copying our solution much longer than any IP.

CLIA waiver as door opener for the US market:

Background: The Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments of 1988 (CLIA) enabled greater access to low-risk tests by allowing their use in facilities with a Certificate of Waiver in the U.S. Recently, the 2019 novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has shined a spotlight on CLIA-waived diagnostic testing. To meet this increased patient demand for diagnostic testing, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) authorized licensed pharmacists to order and administer FDA authorized COVID-19 tests.

Financial Overview:

Below is the financial overview assuming one product, roll-out in late 2023, a market share of 3%, sales within the US only. We will be adding a second product in early 2024. Estimated exit value in 2024 is around US$100mio. 

*: estimates based under current US market conditions and known regulatory US environment.   

Total Projected Cost:  

Total estimated costs before getting cash positive in 2024 are expected to be approximately: US$35,000,000 US Dollar. 

SEFUNDA, LLC is committed to obtaining and providing the monies necessary to institute and complete this project in a timely manner. 

SEFUNDA, LLC Equity Crowdfunding Campaign,

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Nebraska Company Announces Covid Testing Platform

On one side are millions of Americans suffering from Covid or who need to be tested.


On the other side is safe and secure testing and peace of mind.


In the middle is a company on a mission.


PEI of Omaha is dedicated to helping others get through this pandemic.


It is clear the pandemic of 2020 is continuing well into 2021. Vaccines are rolling out as the virus continues to change into new variants, and the new normal of social distancing, limited contact and crowds continues to dominate most every aspect of daily life.

As U.S. authorities and medical personnel work to contain the coronavirus pandemic, the number of total cases is growing across the country at different rates. The factors are many, from when the disease first broke out in a place to the testing capabilities and the different stay-at-home orders in each state.


·        Reports of new cases have leveled off in the last week, with an average of 65,000 to 70,000 announced each day.

·        Fewer than 50,000 coronavirus patients are hospitalized nationwide, according to the Covid Tracking Project, below the peak numbers from last spring and summer.

·        Northeastern states continue to report some of the country’s worst outbreaks. New York, New Jersey and Rhode Island lead the nation in recent cases per capita.

·        The coronavirus has moved across the country in distinct phases, devastating one region, then another.

·        Variants are spreading rapidly in the United States, raising concerns about the path ahead.

·        The Northeast experienced the worst last spring, as temporary morgues were deployed in New York City. Over the summer, cases spiked across the Sun Belt, prompting many states to tighten restrictions just weeks after reopening. 

They announced their Rapid On Demand Portable Medical Platforms. (ROD PMP)

ROD PMP is a lightweight composite structure that saves weight and operates in harsh environments while meeting demanding performance requirements. Configurations in walk up and drive-through available

ROD PMP expands and strengthens Federal, State, Local, Territorial, and Tribal capacity for a timely comprehensive and equitable vaccine distribution campaign and provides a rapid mobile and transportable solution to “hard to reach” areas.

They are readily deployable in all seasons and environments by all existing transportation methods and HVAC units installed for environmental control to help protect healthcare workers from harsh conditions. Healthcare workers are protected in parking lots from vehicle mishaps/accidents versus flexible structures such as tents

The ROD-PMP can also be used for self-administered COVID-19 In 2014 PEI was awarded the prestigious Tibbetts tests without direct physical contact. The health care Award from the Small Business Administration.

For more information visit

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A Sneak Peek Into the Flourishing Outsourced Drug Trials in India

Over the past decade, the big pharmaceutical companies have moved their clinical testings abroad. Among all others, India has become a choice destination—a goldmine for their operations.

A majority of the research on new drugs is carried out in the more developed countries (MDC). However, according to a recent study by Rabo India Finance, a subsidiary of Rabobank of the Netherlands, there is a 50-60 percent estimated cost of savings if the trials are held in developing countries. The contract research market is worth an estimated $10 billion while the international clinical trial business is worth a whopping $40 billion.

Just as India has become the premium destination for tech giants to outsource their software development needs, the country has also become a hot-spot for a clinical trial like no other country. The country is a fertile ground for this practice with copious, low-cost and English-speaking medical staff, a functional medical infrastructure, heartwarming reception towards foreign industry, and, perhaps, the most important factor: millions of poor citizens ever willing to try out new drugs. 

Despite the economic revenue it accrues to the country’s GDP, to an estimated $2 billion by 2021, there’s been a public outcry in some quarters against clinical trials in India, more so because it has slapped on the country, the denigrating nickname of “guinea pigs to the world”.

The major concern of most critics against this practice stems from the fear that U.S. pharmaceutical companies may be eluding regulatory controls by outsourcing trials to India rather than conducting them in the United States. Speaking about this, Tripti Tandon of Lawyers Collective, a legal group for HIV-positive people, said: “It is important that the regulations take into consideration the rights of the people on whom the tests are being carried out.” Lending his voice, Mira Shiva of the Voluntary Health Association of India said: Post-marketing surveillance needs to be strengthened to ensure that fake data has not been used to get a drug into the market.”

Consequently, Indian health authorities have posited, times without number, that they are on top of the situation. However, this may not be entirely true. In 2015 the Regional Cancer Centre (RCC), teaming up with the Johns Hopkins University, USA, conducted some cancer drug trials. Cancer patients were injected with experimental drugs without due clearance from the appropriate authorities. A special committee investigated the incident, and the matter dismissed.