B.E. Crowned is Assisting Business Owners to Reclaim Their Time

B.E. Crowned is Assisting Business Owners to Reclaim Their Time

Lanisha Thadison never thought she would be an entrepreneur but life never goes as planned.

Lanisha was born and raised in the inner city of Chicago. Lanisha lived in a neighborhood notorious for gang violence and poverty but always thanks for parents for making sure was steered on the correct path. After completing a degree in nursing at the University of Illinois, Lanisha decided that there needed to be more female entrepreneurs especially those of color, chasing their dreams of business ownership. Now, she is a wife, mother of 3 girls, Registered Nurse, and Owner of B.E. Crowned. B.E. Crowned is a virtual assistant business that offers assistance for busy and burned-out small business owners who need to outsource administrative tasks, project management, or email/calendar management.

Lanisha is renowned for her VIP day called “Dubsado in a Day” This VIP day was created for female service providers who need to establish or transform their Dubsado account, a customer relationship management tool (CRM). Her VIP day focuses on assisting entrepreneurs with streamlining their processes which will allow them to focus more on what’s important in their business. She creates their Dubsado account from the ground up. Often, business owners find themselves spending countless hours manually sending invoices, contracts and answering emails. After working with Lanisha, her clients now have an entire suite of business tools to work their magic in the background, automating consuming tasks. If business owners are needing to automate their business and save time, obtaining a CRM is absolutely the correct path to pursue. The best part about Lanisha’s VIP day is its timeframe. What could take a business owners months to set up, Lanisha offers CRM set-up with Dubsado, in one day!

Former clients rave about the quality and efficiency of their business processes after hiring Lanisha to set up their CRM. Lanisha enjoys working with passionate female services providers and wants to share the news of the importance of implementing systems in their businesses. 

Lanisha offers a complimentary discovery call for those looking to learn more. If you are a female service provider or creative and want to learn more about Lanisha’s VIP day, visit www.becrownedVIPs.com/Dubsado-in-a-day/