Bilingual Virtual Executive Assistant Service For Coaches & Consultants Launched

Bilingual Virtual Executive Assistant Service For Coaches & Consultants Launched

As a leading virtual assistant agency established to serve sales professionals in the mortgage and insurance sectors, Howling Assistant has expanded its services to coaches, consultants, and marketing agencies. Dedicated assistants can automate and optimize email and social media management, travel, training, marketing, file management, and more.

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Howling Assistant announced the expansion as more coaches, consultants, and marketing agencies need business support delivered by trained professionals. Staffed by highly trained and experienced project managers, the team works with influencers, business owners, trainers, coaches, and consultants, managing a broad range of time-consuming professional and personal tasks.

With over 110 million virtual assistant users in the United States alone, virtual assistant services have increased in demand. Since its inception over 15 years ago, the Howling Assistant team has completed over a million tasks and saved more than 500 hours annually for more than 950 clients.

Howling Assistant offers virtual assistant services in English and Spanish. The team can create and manage a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) automate Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, deploy lead conversion services, and provide 24/7 live chat assistance. These services save time and in some cases, can re-engineer business processes to be more efficient.

Dedicated virtual assistants can organize finances and schedules, set up online marketing campaigns, manage emails and conduct client surveys. They are also able to prepare, organize and support specific coaching events.

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Howling Assistant provides customizable services for marketers and agencies. These services span the setup and maintenance of a strong online presence, advertising, and branding to maximize audience reach. A client’s virtual assistant can update their social media channels, create content, manage product or service promotions, network online, and create or edit video and multimedia content.

Based in Florida, USA, Howling Assistant is a privately held virtual assistant agency founded by CEO William Schimensky.

A spokesperson for the agency said: “We specialize in providing administrative support, and various business and marketing solutions, to allow you more time to focus on making your business grow and expand.”

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