Chirs Wiser CEO Of 7 Figure MSP™ Launches A Free CRM For Managed Service Providers

Chirs Wiser CEO Of 7 Figure MSP™ Launches A Free CRM For Managed Service Providers

Austin Texas – September 20th – Chris Wiser, CEO of 7 Figure MSP™, launches WiseTrackCRM, the first-ever complete sales, and marketing platform built by an 8-figure MSP coach specifically for IT & managed service provider business owners. This software allows MSPs to organize follow-up, two-way texting, sales pipelines, appointment scheduling, sales funnels, and so much more.

7 Figure MSP™ is revolutionizing the MSP industry by taking a radical approach to sales and marketing education and coaching for MSPs. 

After speaking with tens of thousands of MSPs and IT professionals Chris Wiser discovered that there is a massive gap in the marketplace that needed to be filled. This is why he created WiseTrackCRM and is now giving away this valuable framework for free. He has kept it simple and streamlined so MSPs can see results ASAP.

WisetrackCRM is a complete, all-in-one sales and marketing software for MSPs. This free platform comes with a ready-to-launch funnel installed so MSPs can begin generating leads and booking sales calls immediately.

Also included in this free MSP CRM is a complete, done-for-you email and text message automation sequence that handles the follow-up process for the user allowing prospective clients to move seamlessly from lead to sale.

The team at WiseTrackCRM has also thoughtfully crafted and installed a complete sales pipeline that follows the proven principles taught inside the 7 Figure MSP™Elite coaching program.

Upon registration, WiseTrackCRM users will gain access to a training vault with resources, trainings, and more done-for-you templates to make marketing their businesses easier. These tools will educate MSPs and business owners on how to efficiently and effectively leverage the software for their businesses.

Users of WiseTrackCRM will also become part of a private Facebook community managed by leading sales and marketing experts to help solve problems and accelerate their marketing and sales progress.

“The entire MSP industry tells business owners to use their PSA for all contact management – but in reality, it should only be used to manage clients” Chris Wiser stated when asked why he created this platform.

Using a true CRM to manage your inbound leads along with true lead scoring and pipeline management in tandem with a robust PSA system is key to business success.

This Free MSP CRM is truly an all-in-one tech solution for marketing and sales. If you were to pay monthly fees for the software/programs to handle all of these functions included inside of WiseTrackCRM, it would be over $600 per month.

Current users of the software have the ability to create lead-generating websites and funnels, send automated email campaigns, curate a list of prospects, nurture leads from start to sale, and even schedule calls and appointments on a calendar that can be synced with Outlook365, Google, and more.

“Having one place to manage our sales and marketing process helps streamline our own company to have maximum efficiency as we continue to grow.” Paul Mancuso, current WiseTrackCRM user, and 7 Figure MSP™ Elite member.

For a limited time, new WiseTrackCRM users will also receive

  • LIVE Coaching Calls: Get the most out of your FREE CRM with guidance from top marketing experts
  • Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Marketing Campaign: Proven lead-generating system created by an 8 Figure MSP Coach
  • Monthly MSP CASH FLOW Workshop: How to double your current MRR In 6 months or less
  • The Daily Six: 6 FREE things you can do daily to keep your client pipeline full

Teaching MSPs to abandon the old-school habits of waiting for the next break-fix client or crossing fingers and hoping business shows up after sending direct mail, 7 Figure MSP™ helps MSPs turn IT into an ESSENTIAL service instead of a commodity. 

With a focus on improving current business strategies, defining solid business processes, and massively increasing MRR to be able to focus on growth and top-level service, MSPs in the 7 Figure MSP™ Elite program are quickly on their way to 7 Figures and beyond. 

7 Figure MSP™ advocates the importance of following a sales strategy and teaching MSPs to easily go from Hello to Close – often enrolling clients up to $500 per seat in any industry/any market. 

The launch of WiseTrackCRM is an extension of the services provided to IT & MSP business owners by 7 Figure MSP™ to help them streamline sales, marketing, and operational procedures to help with massive growth’

To Learn More about the FREE WiseTrackCRM for MSPs Click Here.