Christine Seale, Founder of Nerd Level, Speaks at HighLevel Summit in Dallas, TX

Christine Seale, Founder of Nerd Level, Speaks at HighLevel Summit in Dallas, TX

Dallas, Texas – October 12th, 2022 Christine Seale is announced as a speaker at the first HighLevel Summit to be held in October in Texas.

A gathering of some of the world’s best digital marketing experts and entrepreneurs will converge at the Statler Hilton Hotel in Texas from the 24th to the 27th of October. The HighLevel Summit is set to be the biggest event for digital marketers to upscale, learn, and network. The four-day summit is focused on helping marketing agencies, beginners, and experts grow their businesses and agencies in the digital space as well as network with each other. The summit also tagged: the “Level Up Summit”, will address topics focused on marketing automation, and digital marketing for fast-rising digital entrepreneurs and “Saaspreneurs”, which is a term for entrepreneurs who want to start a SaaS company. 

Christine Seale said in a video address on her YouTube platform that she was excited to be a speaker at the event, and she is looking forward to the summit in October.

“It’s Christine Seale, the Highlevel Queen, and I am super excited to announce that I am a speaker at the upcoming HighLevel summit in October…”. 

Christine is the founder of Nerd Level Academy, an online school and community for digital marketers. Also called the “HighLevel Queen”, she is a digital marketer and media expert who helps digital agency owners systemize and automate their platforms to scale faster and quicker. She has over 20 years of experience garnered in her illustrious information technology career.

Shaun Clark, CEO, and co-founder of HighLevel, on announcing the summit, gave more insights into what the event is about. He said…

“This event is not about HighLevel; this event is about you! We are bringing the absolute top-tier talents when it comes to the marketing world to this event, as speakers, round tables, panel discussions, breakout sessions…

The goal of this event is really simple…

We are going to be focused mainly on helping you. The way we think about doing that is by taking amazing experts in marketing and putting them in a spot where you can talk to them, learn from them, meet your peers, and meet people that you would never have had an opportunity to meet in person or if you try to reach out to them they tend to be busy folks. We are going to bring them all together in one spot and make them available to you.

I think it’s going to be the absolute best event of the year in our space.”

The event will host over 600 attendees and some of the world’s best digital marketers featuring helpful insights, robot parties, fun activities, networking, and more. It features various sessions on diverse marketing-related topics such as marketing automation, digital marketing strategies, and campaigns, discovering new inspiring ideas, discussing innovative marketing strategies, networking, and making impactful connections. The digital space is fast-paced and always evolving, with businesses generating millions of leads through the digital space. At the HighLevel Summit, you can learn from the world’s very best. 

Christine will be sharing the stage with other amazing entrepreneurs, including Billy Gene, Julie Chenell, Peng Joon, Steve Sims, Frank Kern, and more.

About HighLevel:

HighLevel is a marketing agency software that helps marketers upscale and thrive with an all-in-one sales and marketing platform package. HighLevel helps agencies and marketers manage leads, and grow their businesses through its all-in-one software for digital agency products, coaching, and services. 

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