Denti e Sorrisi: Pioneering Affordable Dental Tourism with High-Quality Services in Albania

Denti e Sorrisi: Pioneering Affordable Dental Tourism with High-Quality Services in Albania

Tirana, Albania – Dr. Armand Alushi and Dr. Luela Mamaj, the proud owners of the dental clinic and building, Biodent Denti e Sorrisi in Tirana, are thrilled to share their journey of establishing a dental clinic that has become a beacon for dental tourism in Albania, especially for Italian and European citizens. With a focus on providing high-quality dental treatments and products that stand the test of time, the clinic has successfully treated approximately 12,000 patients over the past 15 years.

Choosing the right dental clinic can be a daunting task, considering various factors like the structure of the dental clinic and the cost of treatments. Denti e Sorrisi has emerged as a reliable choice by ensuring that the right prices are offered, enabling people from all walks of life to access top-notch dental treatments.

The clinic has steadily grown its patient base, starting with 3 monthly patients and now catering to around 40 monthly patients, primarily through word-of-mouth recommendations. Since embracing the web in 2019, the clinic has seen a surge in patients, hosting up to 80 per month, with 70% of them seeking dental implantology and dental aesthetics services.

Denti e Sorrisi offers a plethora of services, including but not limited to, dental implants, osseointegrated implants, dental prostheses, oral surgery, aesthetic dentistry, oral hygiene, conservative dentistry, teeth whitening, dental veneers, dental emergency room services, and treatments for bacterial infections. The clinic also specializes in various orthodontic treatments, such as fixed, mobile, and invisible orthodontics, ensuring comprehensive dental aesthetics services.

Dr. Alushi and Dr. Mamaj express their joy, stating, “We are happy to have carried out dental tourism in Albania all these years with our profession of dentists in Tirana. Our experience and the trust placed in us by our patients have made us significant in this sector.”

The clinic’s success is not only attributed to the expertise of its founders but also to its commitment to providing affordable yet high-quality dental services. The clinic prides itself on being a “cheap dentist good honest low-cost dental clinic” without compromising the quality of its services and products.

Denti e Sorrisi has not only provided impeccable dental services but also contributed to promoting dental tourism in Albania, allowing individuals to explore the beautiful country while addressing their dental needs. The clinic stands as a testament to the potential of combining quality healthcare services with tourism, providing a holistic experience to its international clientele.

For more information or to explore the range of services offered, visit Denti e Sorrisi’s official website.

About Denti e Sorrisi:

Denti e Sorrisi, located in Tirana, Albania, is a premier dental clinic owned by Dr. Armand Alushi and Dr. Luela Mamaj. With 15 years of experience and serving approximately 12,000 patients, the clinic has become a pivotal establishment in promoting dental tourism in Albania by offering a wide array of high-quality dental services at affordable prices.

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