Festival of Lights makes a comeback this November at Sweet Valley Ranch.

Festival of Lights makes a comeback this November at Sweet Valley Ranch.

Festival of Lights makes a comeback this November at Sweet Valley Ranch.

This November, Sweet Valley Ranch will host its annual Festival of Lights once again.


Holiday-loving families are in for a treat as Fayetteville, Sweet Valley Ranch’s Festival of Lights makes a triumphant comeback this season. In Fayetteville, Sweet Valley is a working farm with a natural aesthetic that also serves as a local tourist destination and recreational spot for the locals and neighbors. Families will once again enjoy its annual Festival of Lights.


Over a million lights and more than 350 unique exotic animals can be found in the enchanting Christmas holiday wonderland known as the Festival of Lights. Come see animals take center stage in this enchanting ranch this holiday season with your family and friends. The Festival of Lights is a drive-through event, and parking is available for visitors at Tiny’s Winter Wonderland across the street.

In addition, the event offers vendors, gift stores, rides, food, and more. The drive-through event requires all ticket holders to be in the same car.


New for 2022, 100 foot Prehistoric Cave featuring custom Ice Age lighted exhibits and over 30,000 lights. First responders, Santa’s Backyard, Dinosaur World, Star Wars, Santa’s Drive-Thru Gift Shop, Nativity Scene, Gingerbread House, The Grinch’s Mansions, and Military Tribute are just a few of the special exhibits available. From November 25 to December 26 the festival of lights is open, with many specific days accessible throughout the week. Check the website and day that are convenient for you because this event is expected to last for only a few weeks.


Festival of Lights has received excellent ratings from people from all over the world and has been voted the best destination to spend Christmas according to many different magazines and publications. The festival offers exhilarating activities to provide each guest with a memorable experience they won’t soon forget. At the Festival of Lights, exotic creatures are not just sideshows; they are the main event. A tractor-pulled farm wagon rental program is another fantastic service provided by Sweet Valley Ranch. Guests can take advantage of this to experience and explore the lights and animals. 


About Sweet Valley Ranch

Sweet Valley Ranch in Fayetteville draws its inspiration from nature and has strong ties to farming, agriculture, and animals to offer visitors and families a fun and exciting experience. Sweet Valley Ranch is keen on charity and was founded with the intention of giving back to the local area and Community. Here, nature and adventure merge under the ownership and management of Fred and Anita Surgeon. Seasonal activities held in Sweet Valley include Backwoods Terror Ranch, Springtime Adventures, Dinosaur World, Festival of Lights, and Music at the Farm. Sweet Valley Ranch is committed to giving back to the community and collaborates with nonprofits to assist residents of Fayetteville, NC.  


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