Former TV Producer Shares Secrets: How Entrepreneurs Can Get Talk Show Interviews

Former TV Producer Shares Secrets: How Entrepreneurs Can Get Talk Show Interviews

Los Angeles, CA based Marianne Schwab is helping entrepreneurs crack the code on how they can get talk show interviews to promote their business. Building visibility for a company or product is one of the biggest challenges that an entrepreneur faces and they may seek to increase their brand’s exposure with such interviews. However, the issue is that they have no idea how to go about this. Fortunately, Marianne Schwab is a former network talk show producer and has decided to share some of the biggest insider secrets from the industry on how an entrepreneur can land a TV talk show interview.

“It breaks my heart when I see small business owners and entrepreneurs spend thousands and thousands of dollars on hiring a publicist and get little to no results — let alone land a talk show interview,” states Schwab. She notes that, unfortunately, most entrepreneurs are clueless about the steps they need to take, even though they usually understand how much they stand to gain if they are successful.

This inspired Marianne to launch a free training program to show entrepreneurs exactly what they need to know and consider before they even begin to pitch programs to get TV talk show interviews. In fact, she is on a mission to help experts and entrepreneurs get an edge over their competition and the only prerequisite is that they have a product or service they are ready to promote.

The training covers three things that all entrepreneurs must know to book an interview in order to avoid ruining their chances of actually getting on the show. When it comes to learning how to land talk show interviews, she states that the first step is to help experts and entrepreneurs understand how talk shows work behind-the-scenes. Marianne says, “I am not a publicist, but a producer who helps experts, authors and entrepreneurs get talk show interviews. My approach is as an insider who understands exactly what talk show producers need and want for their programs.”

The strategies that Schwab suggests are based on her experience as a TV talk show producer. Her program has proven quite popular due to her extensive experience in the field. Ngombe Mayunda, author of the book, Thank You America, shared, “I learned new strategies on how to land TV Talk Show Interviews for my book. I recommend this amazing training.”

Marianne’s free training also covers the one strategy that every entrepreneur should master that will increase their chances of getting an interview up to 90% of the time. She give insights on the types of guests that talk show producers need to book on their daily shows and how to become more appealing to them as a prospective guest on programs. She does caution that people can derail their shot at success if they only think how a talk show interview will benefit them instead of thinking about the types of pitches that producers want.

Marianne helps entrepreneurs refine their expert knowledge into talk show segment ideas that appeal to TV audiences. Ultimately the goal is to elevate them from an expert to an authority that will generate more clients and customers in the process. Schwab emphasizes, “Getting the interview is only the beginning. Hitting a home run with your interview is where I come in to ensure that my clients don’t dismantle their credibility with a bad interview.”

Those interested in taking the free training to learn how to promote their business on a TV talk show can connect with Marianne Schwab on Instagram. Through this space, they can make inquiries on the free training to determine whether they can benefit from it and if they’re ready for a talk show interview.