Fotios Panos Presents His Latest Masterpiece “Soulless”, Available at His Poetry Website

Fotios Panos Presents His Latest Masterpiece “Soulless”, Available at His Poetry Website

The world of poetry is about to experience a new addition with the release of Fotios Panos’s latest poem, “Soulless.” This exquisite poem is now available on his poetry website,

Fotios Panos is familiar with the intricacies of verse. Raised in the rich cultural tapestry of Greece, he returned to London to pursue his education. Over the years, his passion for poetry has grown steadily alongside his career as an IT Professional and Consultant, a role he has excelled in since 1992. He has also come out with books like Hidden Thoughts (English) 2018, Wire Heaven (Greek) 2015, Windless (Greek) 2016 and The Craving of the Sky (Greek) 2014.

“Soulless” is a poetic journey that delves deep into the human experience, exploring the realms of nostalgia, memories, and the intangible. With exquisite lyricism and profound imagery, Panos invites readers to unlock the door to their own fantasies as they traverse through the corridors of their subconscious minds.

In “Soulless,” the poet reflects on the enigmatic nature of existence. Lines like “To exist to see the intangible, the soulless” encapsulate the essence of the poem, challenging readers to contemplate the intricate interplay between the tangible and the ethereal. This captivating piece of literature explores themes of nostalgia, memories, and the intangible nature of existence, inviting readers on a profound journey of self-discovery through the artistry of verse.

A new addition to the Fotios Panos Poetry world, the poem takes readers on a mesmerizing odyssey through the poet’s memories, where the past intertwines with the present, creating a tapestry of emotions and thoughts. As the verses unfold, readers are drawn into a world where solitude, longing, and introspection become companions on the journey of self-discovery.

Panos’s mastery of language and poetic form shines through every stanza of “Soulless.” His ability to craft words into vivid imagery and emotions is nothing short of breathtaking. Each line is a brushstroke on the canvas of the reader’s mind, painting a portrait of the human experience that is both poignant and evocative.

“Soulless” is a testament to Fotios Panos’s commitment to the craft of poetry. His dedication to the art form is evident in every carefully chosen word and thought-provoking verse. This poem stands as a testament to the power of poetry to illuminate the deepest recesses of the human soul.

Fotios Panos invites poetry enthusiasts and readers alike to explore “Soulless” on his poetry website, It is a journey that promises to leave an indelible mark on your heart and mind.

About Fotios Panos

Fotios Panos is a distinguished poet born in London, Ontario, in 1972. His poetry has garnered critical acclaim, and he is an accomplished IT Professional and Consultant with a successful career spanning more than three decades. He is a proud member of the Canadian Federation of Poets and The Ontario Poetry Society. As a testament to his dedication and expertise in the IT world, Panos is a Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MCSE) in NT Track, CompTIA Network+ Certified Professional, CompTIA i-Net Certified Professional, CIW Associate and more.

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