Intrakat Chosen As Key Contractor For Multi-Billion Ellinikon Project In Greece’s Largest Urban Regeneration Initiative.

Intrakat Chosen As Key Contractor For Multi-Billion Ellinikon Project In Greece’s Largest Urban Regeneration Initiative.

Intrakat Group, a leading firm in Greece’s construction sector is providing consulting services and expertise to Lamda Development, the lead developer and member of the consortium responsible for the multi-billion Ellinikon project’s initiative: The Riviera Tower.

The Ellinikon Project, the largest urban regeneration project in Greece being built on the southern coast of Athens by Lamda Development, a Greek real estate company, is a crucial part of the Greece 2.0 strategy, which aims to encourage sustainable economic growth and draw in foreign capital. As part of the Ellinikon project, Lamda Development, a member of the consortium of Bouygues Batiment International,is developing the luxurious Riviera Tower, which will be one of the tallest and most prestigious residential towers in Greece. The 50-floor tower, set to be the tallest green beachfront high-rise building in the Mediterranean, will feature high-end apartments and luxury amenities, including a swimming pool, fitness center, and spa. The tower’s location on the Athens Riviera will offer residents stunning views of the Aegean Sea and easy access to beaches, restaurants, and cultural attractions.  

The Ellinikon project is anticipated to be one of the biggest urban regeneration initiatives in Europe, which will boost the economy of Greece, generate jobs, attract tourists and capital, and generate billions of euros in investment.  With infrastructure development being one of the key areas of emphasis, Greece experienced a construction boom as a result of the Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF)-funded Greece 2.0 plan, which has been crucial in promoting economic recovery and resilience in Greece.

Intrakat Group, one of  Greece’s leading construction firms, has been assigned a major consulting position on the Ellinikon project, which has an estimated €8 billion in funding. Intrakat Group handles complex, large-scale construction projects both in Greece and abroad. The Athens Metro, Athens International Airport, and the Egnatia Highway are some of the biggest and most complex construction projects that Intrakat Group has worked on in Greece. Intrakat is a reputable and trustworthy provider of infrastructure services in Greece and beyond as a result of its strong dedication to quality, safety, and sustainability in all of its projects. In addition to being involved in the construction of several buildings within the project, including some of the residential and commercial properties, Intrakat is also in charge of building some of the infrastructure components of the project, including the development of the site’s road network and utilities. Being one of the contractors on the Ellinikon project, Intrakat contributes significantly to its success and growth. Intrakat’s participation is crucial to guaranteeing the timely and excellent completion of the project.

The Ellinikon project of the Riviera Tower is an attractive investment opportunity for real estate developers and individuals interested in urban regeneration and the use of state-of-the-art technology and environmentally friendly construction materials., given its size, location, and potential for generating significant returns. It is also aligned with the goals of the Greece 2.0 plan, which is aimed at promoting sustainable and inclusive economic growth in Greece. The Ellinikon project of the Riviera Tower is designed to be a sustainable and environmentally friendly development that promotes green growth. The project includes several features and initiatives that reflect this commitment such as energy efficiency, Sustainable transportation, Green spaces, Water conservation, and Sustainable building materials.