Industry Report: Top 5 Web3 Marketing Agencies Dominating in 2024

Industry Report: Top 5 Web3 Marketing Agencies Dominating in 2024

Location, December 28, 2023 — In today’s fast-paced Web3 landscape, it’s crucial to have a strong public relations strategy to stand out. PR is no longer just about press releases; it’s a powerful tool to differentiate your brand in the bustling world of decentralized finance, NFTs, and the metaverse. 

Choosing the right PR agency is essential for your project’s success. That’s why we’ve carefully selected the top five PR agencies that specialize in Web3, ensuring they can help turn your vision into a widely recognized venture. 

Let’s explore these agencies that can bring your Web3 aspirations to life.

Blockchain Press Media 

Blockchain Press Media is a leading Web3 marketing agency specializing in creative and data-driven strategies for the decentralized world. Their services encompass social media marketing, PR and branding, community building, consultation, events, and more. The agency emphasizes a holistic approach, integrating various channels to craft cohesive campaigns that resonate with the Web3 audience. 

Why Choose Blockchain Press Media?

  • Expertise in blockchain and cryptocurrency PR.
  • Strong media connections and influencer networks.
  • Tailored strategies blending traditional and digital PR.
  • Proven track record in enhancing brand visibility.
  • Commitment to staying ahead of Web3 trends.


Web3ly is a Web3 marketing agency focused on enhancing the visibility and reputation of various Web3 projects. They offer services tailored to both startups and large-scale enterprises, ensuring effective online presence and brand credibility. Their approach includes strong connections with journalists and influencers, and the ability to pitch stories to major publications. 

Why Choose

  • Specialization in Web3 and blockchain niches.
  • Innovative and adaptive PR strategies.
  • Strong global media and influencer relations.
  • Expertise in managing complex tech narratives.
  • Results-driven approach with measurable outcomes.


Now, for the rest of the top 5:


Melrose PR, established in 2012 and focusing exclusively on blockchain since 2016, is a dedicated crypto-focused public relations agency. They work with innovative Web3 projects, covering a broad range of areas including mass adoption, core crypto infrastructure, DAOs, and the convergence of blockchain and AI. 

Why Choose MelrosePR?

  • Exclusive focus on Web3 PR.
  • Active industry participation and networking.
  • Strong track record with high-profile clients.


LunaPR, with its stronghold in the Middle East, particularly Dubai, has carved a niche in global Web3 PR. Their multi-faceted services, including influencer marketing, make them a versatile choice.

Why Choose LunaPR?

  • Proven expertise in securing top-tier media coverage.
  • Strategic influencer collaborations.
  • Comprehensive branding solutions.


TokenMinds is a globally recognized Web3 agency offering comprehensive services in development, marketing, strategy, and design. Since 2017, they have supported over 120 Web3 projects, developed 30 unique projects, and helped raise over $150 million

Why Choose TokenMinds?

  • Strong connections in the Asian market.
  • Customized PR strategies for each client.
  • Expertise in ICO and token sale promotions.

As we step into 2024, these top Web3 PR marketing agencies are poised to lead the charge in navigating the complex, rapidly evolving digital landscape. Their expertise, combined with innovative strategies, makes them indispensable partners for businesses venturing into the decentralized world of Web3.

About BPM

As a leading crypto marketing firm, Blockchain Press Media strives to create high-performing digital solutions by implementing effective data-driven campaigns. BPM offers full-stack crypto marketing solutions that can help you achieve comprehensive growth across all channels by creating efficient strategies that increase your traffic and engagement. BPM is a global crypto marketing agency connecting to leading crypto publications and focuses on managing public relations projects and brand awareness.

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