Introducing Meetn as an alternative to Zoom and other major online meeting platforms, giving the big players a run for their money

Introducing Meetn as an alternative to Zoom and other major online meeting platforms, giving the big players a run for their money

Announcing the launch of the latest online meeting platform which has the potential to greatly transform the virtual meeting market. The CEO of Meetn, Rick Raddatz, informed Ryan Frazier of 9NEWS (KUSA) of Meetn’s goal to solve most of the connectivity problems that online meeting platform users experience with other popular meeting apps.

Recent regulations of businesses and the advancement in working environments have given rise to the introduction of new and quickly changing technologies to conduct online meetings, conferences, and other engagements to connect company staff and customers, as written in an article reviewing meeting platforms. Platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet are used by various companies to organize online modes of communication to keep employees updated. Meetn plans to join in the ranks of those popular services.

Whether using Zoom, Teams, or Meetn; all virtual meeting platforms have their own unique style and target market. Meetn is focusing on simplicity, ease-of-use, and is targeting small business owners who need a reliable and lower cost platform.

While Meetn is a fairly new service, it’s geared to facilitate remote workers, online jobs, promote online meetings, and enables the user to have an alternate way to communicate instead of using Zoom, while keeping-up with the features of the big players like Zoom. 

The service and features that Meetn has and continues to produce are competitive and designed to be user friendly. The Meetn team continues to work at the improvement and functioning of the video quality, audio quality, chat, high-capacity meetings, connection compatibility, with live customer service, international dialing, and with many other loved features to be released shortly. Every feature is designed with the requirements and usefulness of the end-user in mind.

Meetn also understands the demands of the market well and therefore is taking security and privacy seriously. A report by suggests that 35% of online meeting users are afraid that their private information has been compromised on other platforms. To maintain the credibility and reliability of the platform, Meetn is taking users’ private information seriously and is protecting it.

With this announcement of Meetn launching its industry disruption platform, online meeting users will be given a solid alternative to the big players. While Meetn offers a competitive range of services and features at affordable prices, users are encouraged to enter Meetn’s early access before their upcoming larger launch date.