Mike Martins shares passion with others and bring the joy of gaming to Merritt

Mike Martins shares passion with others and bring the joy of gaming to Merritt

In the small town of Merritt, British Columbia, there was a passionate and enthusiastic game store owner named Mike Martins. Mike had always been captivated by the world of tabletop games, trading card games (TCGs), and role-playing games (RPGs). His love for these games inspired him to share his passion with others and bring the joy of gaming to his community.

In 2016, Mike decided to take a leap of faith and open a store called Merritt Toys and Games. He envisioned a place where gamers of all ages could gather, connect, and indulge in their favorite hobbies. Mike’s store boasted an incredible selection of tabletop games, TCGs, and RPGs, making it a haven for gaming enthusiasts.

However, the grand opening of Merritt Toys and Games didn’t quite go as Mike had hoped. The local townsfolk, who were mostly unfamiliar with the world of gaming, didn’t embrace the idea of a game store. The shop struggled to attract customers, and Mike’s dreams began to waver.

Undeterred by the initial setback, Mike refused to give up on his dream. He believed that his store could be something special, not just for Merritt but also for the surrounding towns. Mike decided to take matters into his own hands and started spreading the word about his unique establishment in neighboring towns like Princeton.

Word began to spread, and soon people from Princeton started making the journey to Merritt to support Mike and his store. These enthusiastic gamers appreciated Mike’s dedication, his wide selection of games, and his friendly demeanor. Slowly but surely, Merritt Toys and Games gained recognition as a go-to destination for gaming enthusiasts.

But the turning point came when the city north of Merritt, Kamloops, got wind of Mike’s store and the incredible selection he had to offer. News of the gaming haven spread like wildfire, and people from Kamloops, despite the 55-minute drive, flocked to Merritt to experience the unique atmosphere of Merritt Toys and Games.

As more and more people passed through Merritt on their way to other destinations, they couldn’t resist stopping at Mike’s store. Mike’s humble and kind nature, combined with his genuine love for gaming, made each visitor feel like a friend rather than just a customer. They not only found the games they were looking for but also discovered a warm and welcoming environment.

Gradually, the tide turned in Mike’s favor. Over time, 61% of his business came from Kamloops alone, and passing through Merritt became synonymous with visiting Merritt Toys and Games. The store became a popular destination for anyone traveling through the town, drawing customers from far and wide.

Mike’s success didn’t change him; he remained as kind and humble as ever. He continued to provide a friend-like approach to each visitor, offering recommendations, teaching newcomers how to play games, and fostering a sense of community among gamers.

As the years went by, Merritt Toys and Games became a thriving hub for gamers and enthusiasts alike. Mike’s dedication and love for his craft had paid off, and his store had become a cherished part of Merritt’s identity. Through perseverance, kindness, and a genuine passion for gaming, Mike had transformed his dream into a reality that touched the lives of many.