Mulgas Advises Guildford Residents to Get Their Boilers Serviced this Winter

Mulgas Advises Guildford Residents to Get Their Boilers Serviced this Winter

With temperatures plunging across different parts of the UK and concerns shrouding the ongoing energy crisis, it’s unsurprising that residents are looking for ways to cut down their heating costs.

That said, the challenges posed by the current energy crisis have intensified with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. As supply issues have been exacerbated by the Ukraine conflict, the cost of imported gas and oil has spiraled upward. 

In line with the government’s efforts to shield residents from the worst effects of surging inflation, Mulgas, a leading boiler repair service, encourages Guilford residents to get their boilers serviced this winter. 

According to Uswitch, Gas-fired boilers are the primary source of heating in most UK residences, with 23M households using one for their heating and hot water. 

Even though boilers account for more than half the power costs in UK homes, many of these boilers might not be running efficiently, which could be inflating peoples’ energy bills. 

Mulgas stresses the importance of repairing boilers to ensure they run optimally and safely, thus slashing a significant amount off power bills.

With local experts always on hand to help with all boiler repair servicing requirements, Mulgas is committed to ensuring no faulty boiler can keep the Guildford residents left in the cold for too long. 

Plus, by helping keep the central heating system running smoothly for boosted boiler efficiency, Mulgas enables households to avoid staggering energy bills.

The company is made up of highly trained and Gas Safe registered engineers who help Mulgas one-up its competitors. As a result, residents can rest assured that they are getting the fastest and safest boiler repair service in Guildford. 

Specialising in central heating – installation, repairs, and servicing – the Mulgas Boiler Care Specialists stocks the most common components that usually break for a wide range of boilers. The result: over 87% of all packed-in and faulty boilers get fixed on the first visit.

With a 12-month repair guarantee and a 10-year warranty with new boilers, Mulgas provides Guildford residents with high-end boiler services that are 27% cheaper than the national average, says the company.

Since launching in 1998, Mulgas has been a trusted service provider to its clients. Based in Woking, Mulgas Boiler Care Specialists is a family-run business specializing in boiler installation and repair, central heating repairs, gas heating, and gas safety checks.

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