Founder Provides Insights on The Rise of .xyz Domains Founder Provides Insights on The Rise of .xyz Domains

New York, NY –, a digital marketplace for premium domains and starter sites, discussed the recent rise in popularity for .xzy domains and what is behind the newfound interest in this gTLD. From one of the biggest rebrands to an emerging industry, as well as traditional gTLD advantages, these all tie into the rise of .xyz domains and were the main topic of commentary provided by founder Michael Santiago.

In its rebranding rollout plan, Alphabet, formerly known as Google, made, at that time, a radical decision in changing their domain name. With the relevant .com’s, and already taken they decided to use This put .xyz domains on the map and further legitimized the extension as an alternative to a .com.

.xyz’s are now one of the most popular new gTLD’s to start the year with more than 4 million domains registered, accounting for 16% of gTLDs market share, according to Statista. A big contributing factor in the 4 million domains registered is the movement of Web3 and the crypto industry. 

“We are seeing new trends as a result of an evolving internet. The move to Web3 alongside the resurgence of crypto is shaping new patterns and ways of the internet, one of which is the wider acceptance of .xyz and other gTLDs. Before, if you didn’t own the .com, you may have been thought of as less trustworthy. Now, if you can only acquire the .xyz, you might even be considered more modern, especially when it comes to Web3 and crypto companies,” said Michael Santiago, founder of

Another advantage it has going for it is that .xyz’s are affordable and relatively available. .xyz’s have become a viable alternative for companies looking to purchase a domain name if their .com counterpart is not available or out of reach financially. It appears any company that goes this route would not miss a beat nor have any branding issues with its target audience.

“Of course, no one believes .xyz’s will eventually flip .com’s, however, there is most definitely a place for .xyz in the digital landscape that we predict will only continue to grow as we move into Web3 and the metaverse,” added Santiago.

In keeping up with this trend, has continued to acquire .xyz domain names as part of their portfolio to add to their marketplace. They also offer free consultations for anyone who is looking to find the right domain for their company.

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