Reports 5 Business Trends to Adopt in 2022 Reports 5 Business Trends to Adopt in 2022

New York, NY –, a reputable marketplace for premium domains and starter sites, predicts the top business trends that will help companies compete more effectively in 2022. As the global pandemic disrupted industries for the past couple of years, brands must reconsider their operations by embracing new growth opportunities occurring with technology and within society. emphasizes the importance of having a well-planned rebranding rollout plan to help companies pivot in the new year and adapt to the changing behavior of consumers.

“Many companies who pivoted during the pandemic, are now reaping the rewards by embracing new solutions to fill the changing needs of their consumers,” said Michael Santiago, founder of “We predict another big push in tech and AI [artificial intelligence] this year, where companies can begin to integrate more automation to help lower operating costs and at the same time, improve the customer experience and increase their brands’ authority in the marketplace.”

According to, the pandemic demonstrated how quickly the marketing landscape can change. Most businesses needed to undergo a complete digital transformation to thrive in a fast-paced marketing world. To kick off 2022 and assist businesses in developing solid marketing tactics to face the challenges of the pandemic, shared the following 5 business trends for brands to pay close attention to:

  1. Consumers Move to the ‘Metaverse’– In 2022, consumers will begin to make a significant shift toward virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) experiences. 
  2. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Automation – Companies will rely more on AI automation to provide quick solutions, improve audience engagement, and make data-driven decisions.
  3. Brand Affinity – Consumers want brands that they can trust and depend on. Having a great customer experience, a strong digital presence, and quality products allows smaller players to compete against larger companies. Consumers continue to vote with their dollars.
  4. Short-Form Video Content – Short-form videos will be used by more brands to convey their message. In 2022, 89 percent of marketers worldwide expect to spend the same or more on this marketing technique.
  5. Social Responsibility – About 45 percent of brands will continue to prioritize social responsibility in their marketing campaigns. When it comes to brands they trust, consumers value transparency, social responsibility, and ethics, especially during the pandemic.

It’s critical to keep these business trends in mind in order to stay afloat with the changing business landscapes and stay ahead of the competition. Every company should be able to get its name out there and build a strong reputation for its products and services.

“Solidifying your digital presence is a key cornerstone for a competitive advantage. Having a strong, solid domain name helps companies stand out in the marketplace and demonstrate their authority in the mind of the consumers,” said Santiago. “We help our customers secure digital assets, whether it’s a premium domain name or ready-made starter website.” believes that every online business should start with the best domain name. For the past few years, the company has been a leading marketplace for domain names and starter sites, assisting startups and industry leaders to dominate their industries and discover business opportunities by ensuring they get the right name for their brand. The team believes that by acquiring the best domain, each brand can write its own success story. 

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