Protera Now Offering Disaster Recovery Services to Businesses

Protera Now Offering Disaster Recovery Services to Businesses

In a move to help future-focused enterprises transition from traditional “check-box” disaster recovery plans to more dynamic, real-world testing processes, Protera now offers class-leading disaster recovery services. 

With these services, this leading managed service provider is committed to enabling businesses to consistently test, validate, and remain insurable against disaster. 

According to vice president of solution architecture, Adam Mommersteeg, “DR is certainly not new, but today’s security ecosystem has forever changed the way businesses manage it…It’s not enough to say you can back up your systems to a remote location. Cyber insurance companies are demanding proof that the right technologies are safeguarding your systems and, in the event of a breach, that operations can be restored within one business day or less. If you can’t do that, you run the risk of being uninsurable.”

Outages, natural disasters, ransomware attacks, etc., are the leading availability threats that face modern organizations and make them vulnerable to unplanned downtimes. 

Over the past few years, an overwhelming 82% of businesses have encountered at least one unplanned downtime incident. 

The ramifications of unplanned downtimes can result in a loss of business-critical data and damage to company revenue, reputation, and compliance adherence in the long term. 

Case in point: Each minute of downtime can cost a business around $9,000 on average, which brings the downtime cost/hour to more than $500,000, according to the Ponemon Institute.

That said, with an effective disaster recovery plan and solution in action, enterprises can become more resilient. It helps them quickly restore operations with no data loss and minimal business disruption in the event that disaster strikes. 

As part of its application and cloud managed services portfolio, Protera offers regular and systematic testing of all areas of an organization. As a result, businesses can rest assured that their mission-critical physical and virtual IT workloads are always protected and running optimally—regardless of their specific security, compliance, or business requirements. 

Leveraging Protera’s class-leading disaster recovery services, businesses can ensure the plans they’ve opted for work perfectly.

Protera’s sprint-based disaster recovery methodology includes a) discovery and scoping, b)implementation, c) design and detailed planning, and d) testing and handoff. 

Its agile approach to automated DR failover in the cloud allows enterprises to simplify disaster recovery and testing for enterprise applications. The cloud-native low-touch DR solution by Protera executes a string of actions on each group of applications ensuring the applications start in the correct sequence and run perfectly. 

According to Protera, traditional approaches to testing business continuity and disaster recovery greatly rely on industry point solutions that only evaluate a specific business function. While individual processes may be automated, testing a multitude of operations can be a drain on resources. 

Protera’s Disaster Recovery Framework assures all point solutions are pinpointed and tested automatically and systematically. This outcome-focused framework makes sure processes are executable with minimal human intervention while also removing the drain on resources caused by legacy techniques. 

Founded in 1998, Protera Technologies, LLC., is a nextGen managed cloud and hosting services provider committed to helping organizations achieve their modernization goals with improved quality, increased value, and reduced business risks. Protera is a global SAP® partner certified in Cloud, Hosting, Global Outsourcing, Application Management, and SAP HANA Operations Services.

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