Ross B. Williams Hosts Real Estate Investment Expert Hugh Jones on the Latest Episode of Modern Profits Podcast

Ross B. Williams Hosts Real Estate Investment Expert Hugh Jones on the Latest Episode of Modern Profits Podcast

Orlando Florida-July 6th, 2023 – The Modern Profits Podcast, hosted by renowned entrepreneur and business coach, Ross B. Williams, has just released a must-listen episode featuring Hugh Jones, a leading expert in multifamily real estate investment.

In this enlightening conversation, Jones pulls back the curtain on the world of multifamily real estate investment, offering both seasoned and aspiring investors unique insights into this lucrative industry. Listeners are given an inside look at the multiple revenue streams available in this sector, which include acquisition fees, cash flow, and equity on resale.

Jones shares an invaluable tip for investors: “For every dollar you increase the income of the property, you increase the resale value by ten times that amount.” This wealth-creating strategy is one of the many shared during the course of the discussion.

Moreover, Jones shares the process of leveraging other people’s money for investments, a powerful tool that makes real estate accessible even to individuals without significant personal capital.

Hugh Jones brings an extraordinary depth of knowledge and humor to the conversation. Our listeners, whether they’re newbies or veterans in the world of multifamily real estate, will find immense value in this episode,” says Williams.

The Modern Profits Podcast continues to offer its global audience a wealth of knowledge through inspiring conversations with industry leaders. As Williams stated, “We’re focused on empowering our listeners with practical knowledge that they can implement right away.”

Tune in to the Modern Profits Podcast today to listen to the insightful conversation between Ross B. Williams and Hugh Jones, and delve into the exciting world of multifamily real estate investment.

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