Sprouter, The Groundbreaking Social media Aggregator app Introduces Data Analytics Features for Local Business Marketing.

Sprouter, The Groundbreaking Social media Aggregator app Introduces Data Analytics Features for Local Business Marketing.

6 April 2022: Be it influencers, brands, restaurants, or any small businesses, local business marketing has become the need of the hour. Keeping this aspect into consideration, Daniel Everist, the founder and CEO of Sprouter, build an app to help businesses and individuals streamline how they manage their social media accounts. A marketing entrepreneur, avid crypto investor, and world traveler, Daniel Everist aims to deliver an experience rather than a product to the people. 

Keeping that in mind, he came up with an idea for the Sprouter app. In fact, the app has been a huge hit with businesses and social media users who have used it to consolidate their social media accounts into one convenient app. Recently, he added a new feature in the app known as “data analytics.” This feature conveniently helps users track, measure, and benchmark their top posts. Users can now track follower growth, post-performance, and other analytics across all registered social media accounts.

Earlier connecting on Instagram, Facebook, or any other social media site was time-consuming. Users have to search for accounts individually. However, with Sprouter’s QR code system, users may easily increase their virtual social circle or their business’s online exposure. Clients and new friends scan the QR code, which can be kept in a virtual wallet or printed physically, and are redirected to the Sprouter-linked social network sites.

Using Sprouter mobile app, you will not only track and manage your company’s insights but also schedule or post to all of your platforms with the push of a button. In fact, the pre-existing QR code technology used by brick-and-mortar businesses can deliver customer-facing solutions such as a digital menu for a restaurant. Customers who scan can view everything your establishment has to offer in a single click. Make sure your Sprouter QR codes are visible for clients to scan.

The app stresses security by allowing users to control many shared profiles through QR codes while sharing critical information such as email addresses, phone numbers, and full names.

So, if anyone is interested in using Sprouter to manage their social media accounts or understands how to build their platform with data analytics should download the app from the Apple or Android store. If you have any questions regarding how the app can help in local business marketing, get in touch with Sprouter’s customer service team at support@getsprouter.com or use the contact form on their website www.getsprouter.com.