TANGY Is Invited to Participate in The Sino-Dutch Circular Fashion Dialogue

TANGY Is Invited to Participate in The Sino-Dutch Circular Fashion Dialogue

On September 16th, the Shenzhen Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2024 Collection Nanshan Venue and Sino-Dutch Circular Fashion Dialogue (Forum) officially kicked off at the OCT Creative Exhibition Center. This forum is the highlight of Shenzhen Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2024 Collection, which not only brings together many renowned designers and fashion brands, but also invites sustainable fashion experts from the Netherlands to discuss and promote the development of sustainable fashion. As the only Chinese fashion brand invited to participate, TANGY, a high-end sustainable luxury brand, showcased its outstanding achievements in the field of eco-fashion.

TANGY has won the hearts of many consumers around the world with its unique understanding and pursuit of environmental protection, sustainability and artistry. in 1995, Liang Zi rediscovered the endangered Gambiered Guangdong Silk and started a three-decade-long path of fashion revitalization of Gambiered Guangdong Silk. She has made the TANGY brand the first brand in the world to discover, fashionably activate and protect Gambiered Guangdong Silk, so that Gambiered Guangdong Silk can lead the sustainable fashion all over the world with its unique oriental temperament.

As a natural and sustainable fabric, the raw materials and craftsmanship of Gambiered Guangdong Silk maintain a pure and simple posture – with Chinese herbs and minerals as dyes, accepting the sunlight and river water as catalysts, needing dozens of people to repeatedly operate on the same fabrics through dozens of complicated processes, none of which can be replaced by machines, which can be regarded as the world’s most complicated production process, the It is the world’s most complicated production process and the longest production cycle of pure natural silk products.

The TANGY’s sustainable brand philosophy is highly recognized globally. Since 2008, IFM, the world’s top-ranked French fashion school, has selected TANGY as a sustainable fashion brand case for 14 consecutive years, and has visited TANGY’s Shenzhen headquarters and Shunde TANGY Silk Garden for 11 consecutive years, to carry out academic exchanges on sustainable fashion. During the three-year epidemic, offline activities and international visits were limited, and Liang Zi was invited to participate in international online forums to share the eco-fashion and sustainable brand concepts of TANGY, and was also invited to teach at IFM for a number of times to have face-to-face exchanges with teachers and students.

TANGY, as a leading brand of sustainable fashion in China, has been adhering to its eco-friendly philosophy for over thirty years, and through unique design and high-quality craftsmanship, it perfectly blends environmental protection with art. In the future, TANGY will continue to be the international leader in sustainable fashion and promote the sustainable development of the fashion industry.