TANGY SILK Intangible Heritage Culture Fashion Show at CR LAND in Shunde

TANGY SILK Intangible Heritage Culture Fashion Show at CR LAND in Shunde

Since 1995, Liang Zi, a famous Chinese fashion designer, has not only saved the dying technology of Gambiered Silk, but also made her brand “TANGY“, founded in 1994, become the world’s first brand to discover Gambiered Silk, innovating Gambiered Silk in fashion and protecting Gambiered Silk, and let Gambiered Silk lead the world’s sustainable fashion with its unique oriental temperament.

In the past 30 years, Liang Zi has made Gambiered Silk, a traditional Chinese fabric from Shunde, Guangdong with a history of nearly 2000 years, take the wings of design and sustainable fashion to the world! She has been on the stage of domestic and international fashion weeks for many times and has also launched the “Maison Liangzi” on the Left Bank of Paris, France.

Under the huge Japanese black pine, by the sparkling open-air pool, on the runway surrounded by flowers, the barefoot models walked lightly in the Zen music, and under the reflection of the water and light, there was a moving state of mind that seamlessly integrates with the nature and the power of beauty!

Liang Zi said, since the first original barefoot walk in China Fashion Week in 2001, this is the first show held in the open-air poolside, among the flowers, and under the huge Japanese black pines of the TANGY Collection of high-end Gambiered Silk series.

The audience’s eyes were focused on the stage, the clothes of the TANGY Collection were gradually black and white as the main color, while embellished at the neck, chest, and hemline, there were light red and orange, and in the structure of the clothing, Liang Zi, through the winding, stacking and other techniques, so that the clothing has a sense of architecture, sculpture and infinite imaginative sense of space, very elegant, very ethereal.

Liang Zi adheres to the brand revitalization and innovation of Gambiered Silk, but not with the trend, the pursuit of people-oriented, humane design, and original classic design. She continues to give her love for Gambiered Silk and the design made with love as a gift to the city of Shunde, to the fated people on the scene, so that we can share the beauty and charm of Gambiered Silk forever.

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