Tech Startup Bidify Shakes Up RFP Game, Empowering Anyone to Submit Winning Proposals

Tech Startup Bidify Shakes Up RFP Game, Empowering Anyone to Submit Winning Proposals

[Austin, TX – January 22, 2024] – While the rise of AI-enabled RFP tools promise to streamline the RFP process, many fall short, acting as mere “AI wrappers” that place the burden on users to do the bulk of the work themselves. . Enter Bidify, the revolutionary platform that automates proposal generation from start to finish, delivering the highest quality bids on the market.

Bidify’s secret lies in its groundbreaking multi-prompt engineering, a complex 40+ step behind the scenes process that goes far beyond the capabilities of typical AI. Instead of simply suggesting words or formats, Bidify performs a deep dive into the RFP, extracting key information and generating a custom outline and RFP-specific questions for the user. This critical step ensures the inclusion of unique value propositions and company-specific details, injecting personality and voice into every proposal. 

“This is the only way to ensure high-quality proposals”, Co-founder and CEO, Jonathan Bay says. He continues, “After experiencing the time and resource drain of chasing RFPs at multiple startups, I knew there had to be a better way. Generative AI, coupled with incredible partnerships, has allowed us to democratize the RFP process, empowering even the smallest teams to compete and win without sacrificing daily productivity.”

Bidify doesn’t stop at question generation. It automates the entire proposal creation process, leaving users free to focus on their core business. Built-in content libraries and seamless past-content integration further streamline the experience, making Bidify smarter and easier to use with each proposal.

As Bidify scales its features and functionality, the company looks ahead to a robust future. Its ongoing investor round promises to fuel an expanded team, propelling Bidify to the forefront of the RFP transformation revolution.

Although Bidify is focused on SMBs, Bidify is changing the game for businesses of all sizes, transforming the RFP process from a resource drain to a powerful revenue engine. For more information, please visit: