The Pandemic Pushed Positive Growth in Domain Name Sector Says

The Pandemic Pushed Positive Growth in Domain Name Sector Says

New York, NY – As the dust continues to settle over the year-long pandemic that engulfed the whole world, insight into how industries were affected by the pandemic continues to be gained each day. comments on what it saw during the 2020 COVID pandemic in regards to the Domain Name sector.

The year 2020 became a pivotal year that saw many industries tank as others thrived with no industry left unaffected by the pandemic. In the technology and namely the domain name sector, while it looked to be a pullback in the early stages of the year, the sector saw a further acceleration in domain name demand, purchase volume, and prices.

The reason for the acceleration, believes, was due to a variety of factors ignited by the pandemic. For one, an increase in demand for consumers facing premium .com’s as it became apparent that for businesses, the quality of a memorable domain name would be more important than one’s office or store location. This was a direct result of the digital transformation that occurred. Customers were online due to social distancing and other health concerns. In relation to that, the major shift in customers shopping online and continuing to do so and not quickly coming back in droves to stores and malls, a trend that looks like it’s here to stay.

Another reason for the increase in domain name demand and purchase appears to be the way investors are looking to protect their cash, as they look to purchase domain names as a way to protect against inflation. This coupled with a greater awareness of domain names as digital assets, investments in domain names have been more popular than ever. 

“At the onset of the pandemic, we saw an expected lull in our sales and purchases, but as the year continued on, we had one of the best years in our history and in speaking with the rest of the domain community, it seems that that has been the trend for others in our sector,” said Michael Santiago, founder of has continued to be active in buying and selling domains as it does not anticipate a slowdown in the industry and looks to position itself to be ready to continue the acceleration this sector has seen.

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