Wholesale Press Release Company Release Media Now to Offer Limited Entry Packages for Small Businesses

Wholesale Press Release Company Release Media Now to Offer Limited Entry Packages for Small Businesses

June 2022 – Release Media typically only offers monthly B2B subscriptions geared for publishers with considerable volume. With a customer base of mostly digital agencies and marketers, publishers usually do not distribute press releases for their own business, but rather for the companies they represent. Release Media’s subscription-based service offers one of the most affordable prices per PR on the market. However, qualifying for the wholesale prices requires a minimum distribution of 12 press releases per month. 

“Companies in the business of content can easily publish 12 press releases per month,” says Release Media CTO Peter Emanuele, “but for individual businesses interested in their own publications, this sort of volume does not make sense. However, many businesses can benefit from regular media distributions on a smaller scale. We are very sympathetic to smaller businesses who want to convey their messaging in the media, so on a limited basis, we decided to offer our wholesale prices at a low cost of entry.”


Instead of the usual minimum requirement of 12 press releases per month, Release Media will offer up to 100 businesses the opportunity to get the same low price per PR with an easily manageable distribution volume of 12 press releases per year. Doing the math, this offer allows a company to publish as little as one press release per month. 

A business that takes advantage of this offer will be given access to Release Media’s dashboard, where they can manage all their press release needs. Access to wholesale pricing means businesses can distribute a premium-level press release to over 450+ authoritative news sites for the unusually low price of just 25 US dollars. In addition, through the Release Media dashboard, customers can obtain a professional copywriter to craft a 350-word article for just 35 US dollars. Compared to retail, Release Media’s wholesale pricing is much more affordable.

Each press release distribution is guaranteed for publication on well-known media sites. Publications reach affiliate sites for FOX, NBC, CBS, ABC, and many other regional news leaders. Customers of Release Media can also expect coverage in leading industry and business publications like Benzinga, MarketWatch, Digital Journal, and other global and international media outlets targeting business-minded readers looking for the latest developments.  

Beyond this limited offer for a lower volume of wholesale PRs, Release Media happily provides all their customer’s guidance on how to best take advantage of content publication. This includes a media strategy that leverages press releases in multiple ways, including utilizing social media and an on-site newsroom. Release Media also has fully managed content marketing solutions for qualifying businesses. 

About Release Media

Release Media officially opened in 2020. The company founders come from backgrounds in marketing and web development. Core members of the team have been working together to help businesses flourish online since 2003. Release Media has developed a unique set of APIs that efficiently integrate with established partners within the media landscape. They have a mature network of distribution points and continue to innovate with the purpose of offering tremendous customer service and high-quality products priced well under