Shares that Company Rebranding Should Focus on Domain Names for 2022 Shares that Company Rebranding Should Focus on Domain Names for 2022

New York, NY – shares insights about why rebrands for 2022 must focus on securing the ‘best’ domain name to better position a company for the future, particularly the report details top reasons why do companies rebrand. Companies can approach rebranding as a way to leverage growth as the global economy moves out of supply chain issues, enters a new world in crypto, and NFT and looks beyond the pandemic.

Brands that want to stay competitive in 2022 should consider investing in a solid domain name. 

According to Michael Santiago, founder of, a strong domain name can make a huge impact for a business’s success since it can increase web traffic and convert more sales from new customers. He also shares tips on how to carry out a successful rebranding rollout plan in 2022, and how domains can relate to additional rebranding efforts in the future.

“As we look back to 2021, it was a big year for company rebrands such as Facebook to Meta. What we have learned year after year is that businesses of all sizes can benefit from an upgraded domain name,” said Michael Santiago, founder of “First, it allows the company to quickly increase brand confidence and trust to target customers and expand its authority in industry. Secondly, it’s an unique asset that builds equity over time since there is only one domain name like that in the world.” 

Regarding rebranding, there are several marketing strategies that businesses can use to lead in a crowded industry. However, securing and using the best domain name for a business will command more trust and authority which will open new opportunities for them to thrive and get ahead of the curve in the coming year.

Here are the key benefits of focusing on a premium domain name for a rebrand:

  • Trust – The best domain name immediately defines what your business is all about, who you are, who you target, and what you do.
  • Digital Footprint – Online presence is no longer an option for online businesses, but a must for every business. It’s crucial to use the right domain name matching your brand if you want to lead the competition.
  • SEO – The right domain for your brand can impact your search engine optimization ranking. Aligning the right keyword for your domain name influences your target customers’ perception of the company.
  • Brand Affinity – Domain names can make a lasting impression about your brand because it’s the first thing they see when they visit your site. 


“We understand that some domain names may be out of budget for business owners. However, having a “better” domain name than what you are currently using can help tremendously in supporting your sales efforts and bottom line. It’s an investment that can reap rewards both short-term and long-term,” said Santiago. has helped small and big brands in premium domain acquisition and website sales since the 2000s. It continues to serve businesses by educating them on the importance of solid digital marketing techniques, specifically on premium domains and starter sites. The team assists in creating the right business name for brands using the company’s best tools and practices.

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