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Emily Graham’s Living With Grief Program Is A Beacon of Hope for Grieving Parents

Clermont, Florida – May 11, 2024: An organization named After Child Loss is changing the lives of those who have faced the unbearable: loss of a child. Founded by Emily Graham, a bereaved mother and grief coach, After Child Loss offers a sanctuary for parents grappling with one of life’s most heart-wrenching challenges.

The death of a child is an overwhelming experience that thrusts parents into a reality they never expected and certainly don’t want. The sheer intensity of the grief can feel insurmountable. Emily Graham lost her own son, Cameron, suddenly, in Christmas of 2015, and deeply understands this pain. Her journey through grief led her to establish After Child Loss with a mission to meet other parents in their darkest times, offering hope.

The cornerstone of the support provided by After Child Loss is its Living With Grief Program. This initiative is not just about sharing grief but is also focused on rebuilding life thereafter. The program offers virtual, self-paced, and small-group support that encourages parents to process their grief at their own pace, facilitated by Emily’s expert guidance as a Certified Grief Coach.

What sets After Child Loss apart is its approach to grief as a lifelong journey that parents do not have to walk alone. The program emphasizes that healing does not imply forgetting or moving on from their child; rather, it involves building an arsenal of tools and learning to live alongside the grief in a new way, while rediscovering joy and meaning in life. Through workshops, weekly support groups, and continuous online content, the program equips parents with strategies to manage their grief and helps them build a supportive community that not only understands but walks it with them.


Emily’s book, “Confessions of Child Loss,” further exemplifies her commitment to supporting grieving parents. The book offers an honest look at child loss, providing insight and comfort to those who read it. Parents find a voice that articulates their deepest pains and fears, coupled with a message of hope and ongoing connection with their child.

The narrative that After Child Loss creates is one of resilience and transformation. It acknowledges the complex emotions involved in grief—anger, guilt, and isolation—but also highlights the possibility of growth and renewal. Parents learn to redefine their experiences and, with time, feel confident to step forward into life in a new way.

After Child Loss also understands the importance of accessibility and flexibility in its offerings. With options for virtual engagement and different time slots for group sessions, it ensures that help is always within reach for those who need it, regardless of their location or schedule.

For anyone enduring the unimaginable path of child loss, After Child Loss, under Emily Graham’s compassionate leadership, offers a guiding light back to life, proving that even in the deepest sorrow, there can be steps toward hope and healing.

Emily Graham and After Child Loss continues to offer invaluable support, guiding bereaved parents through the complexities of grief with compassion and understanding, ensuring that no one has to face this journey alone.