The Fundamental Problem with Modern E-Commerce Stores

July 3, 2021: The fundamental problem with many modern websites is that they are developed and designed in a way that makes them increasingly complicated for the users. This problem not only causes navigational nightmares for the visitors but also results in a loss of potential buyers on the e-commerce stores. Another major problem that has been identified by experts is that these websites either do not have the relevant products in their inventories, or they fail to showcase or display these products to the specific target audience with a high potential of buying.

“The navigational and structural issues identified by experts regarding the modern online shopping websites is that most of them are designed without keeping into consideration their functionality.” An e-commerce expert said, while talking about the problems in modern online shopping digital outlets. “This can cause visitors to leave that particular website, without making a purchase, which costs stores money in lost sales and marketing spend.” She added. One of the most commonly suggested solutions by experts regarding these problems is to make websites more user-friendly, and easy to navigate through by the developers.

One of the many possible reasons behind the causes of these problems is that a lot of aspiring and emerging e-commerce store owners are not quite tech-savvy and they either try to make a website by themselves, or they try to hire cheap web development companies or digital marketing agencies to make their sites for them. This ultimately results in loss of revenue and fewer sales by that particular web store. Another cause is lack of attention to detail and defining the purpose of an online store, which can even make the site look like a fake or not a very authentic place to spend money on.

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American 3D4D Ultra Sound Stood By Expecting Mothers During the Restrictions of the Pandemic

Chicago, IL, USA – Sept 5, 2021: Tummy Vision is a state-of-the-art 3D/4D Ultrasound outlet based out of Oak Park, Illinois and it has been a great support for pregnant women during the pandemic. With COVID-19 peaking in the United States and worldwide, restrictions at OBGYN offices and clinics have been overwhelming for most expecting moms. However, the remarkable services and comfortable environment offered by Tummy Vision have enabled couples to experience the precious moments of pregnancy ultrasounds just like old times except in a more relaxed way.

“Due to restrictions at OB offices, many expecting moms have had to go to ultrasound appointments alone, which meant that dads were not allowed to experience this memorable pregnancy event at all.” Said the spokesperson of Tummy Vision, while talking about the issues faced by the expecting couples. “We are pleased to inform you that during these trying times, Tummy Vision has been a great service allowing moms, dads, and babies to bond in a private intimate setting.” She added. Tummy Vision uses state-of-the-art 3D/4D live technology with real-time movements, capturing the miracle growing inside that parents can cherish forever. 

In addition, Tummy Vision provides a wide range of pregnancy ultrasound services. From providing early pregnancy ultrasounds starting at just 6 weeks to gender reveal ultrasounds starting at 14 weeks via ultrasound and 8 weeks through a blood test, the ultrasound outlet has taken the pride and joy of being the first one to give much great news to many lucky parents to be. Furthermore, Tummy Vision offers a variety of 3D/4D Ultrasounds and scans all the way throughout pregnancy. There is no great joy for any parent to be able to clearly see the face and body of their unborn babies in the womb of the mother with the help of cutting-edge technologies used by the outlet.

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