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Howling Assistant Launches Howling LATINO

The expansion of Howling Assistant into the LATINO area represents the next evolution of Howling Assistant’s virtual assistant services. Today, there are countless business owners that are having trouble keeping up with social media profiles, keeping email inboxes under control, and keeping track of everything there is to do on the calendar. Howling Assistant also understands that there is a growing segment of the population that speaks Spanish or is bilingual. That is why Howling Assistant LATINO offers bilingual services in both English and Spanish. The goal is to help businesses provide quality support to LATINO customers.

Howling Assistant LATINO Expands Spanish Services

There are several reasons why Howling Assistant LATINO’s expansion comes at the right time. Research studies have shown that the proportion of the population in the United States that speaks Spanish (or is of Hispanic descent) has been growing quickly. Therefore, in order for businesses to expand, they need to expand their target markets to include people who speak Spanish. The only way businesses will be able to do this is if they use virtual assistants who speak Spanish, which is where Howling Assistant LATINO comes in handy. The virtual assistant from Howling Assistant LATINO can handle a wide range of tasks from basic administrative tasks to social media marketing and even customer support roles. For these reasons, numerous businesses have already decided to trust Howling Assistant LATINO.

There are several major benefits that come with using Howling Assistant LATINO services. A few reasons include:

●       Extensive Training: In addition to handling services, Howling Assistant LATINO also provides extensive training, providing all clients with the tools they need to be successful in the modern era.

●       Fast Turnaround Times: In the modern business world, speed is everything. That is why Howling Assistant LATINO provides exceptional turnaround times, providing everyone with access to the resources they require in a short amount of time.

●       Exceptional Quality: Even though Howling Assistant LATINO works quickly, the service does not sacrifice quality. Businesses that decide to partner with Howling Assistant LATINO can rest easy, knowing that the needs of their customers and clients are being placed in good hands.

●       Privacy Is Respected: Businesses work with a lot of sensitive information on a daily business. They want to know that their privacy is going to be protected. That is another benefit of working with Howling Assistant LATINO, as all information remains confidential.

Howling Assistant LATINO understands how important it is to protect the privacy and security of businesses, employees, and clients.

Howling Assistant LATINO Can Handle a Wide Variety of Tasks

Services from Howling Assistant LATINO are specialized, providing businesses and agencies with access to specific services they require. There is an elite team of specialists that has been vetted thoroughly to make sure they have the expertise necessary to meet the needs of those who speak Spanish. These tasks include:

●       Setting Appointments: Howling Assistant LATINO is able to help providers set appointments on the calendar, making sure they are not overlooked.

●       Manage Calendars: Howling Assistant LATINO can also help clients manage their calendars come and making sure nothing is missed.

●       CRM Automation: Howling Assistant LATINO is capable of managing the customer relationship management program in an automated manner.

●       Big Data Management: Howling Assistant LATINO can also address data management concerns.

●       Social Media Marketing: Howling Assistant LATINO can help manage multiple social media profiles.

●       Email Inbox Management: Services from Howling Assistant LATINO can also manage email inboxes, keeping them manageable. The service can also automate numerous email marketing tasks.

●       Transcription of Audio and Video Files: The virtual assistant from Howling Assistant LATINO can also handle file transcription for later review.

These are just a few of the many tasks that Howling Assistant LATINO can handle. As demand for Howling Assistant LATINO continues to grow, these services should expand as well.

About Howling Assistant LATINO

Howling Assistant LATINO has been designed to help businesses of all sizes reach a larger target market with bilingual services. As the Hispanic population in the United States continues to grow, bilingual services from Howling Assistant LATINO will only continue to become more important. If you would like to learn more about Howling Assistant LATINO, contact Howling Assistant today or visit the Howling Assistant LATINO website. Or, you can follow Howling Assistant LATINO using Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram. Howling Assistant LATINO is located in Sun City Center, FL. Howling Assistant LATINO can be reached using the phone number (813-993-1256) or email address:

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New York City’s Faith & Fashion Icon Pens Inspiring Opus in a Fight for Her Life

The House of Faith and Fashion: What My Wardrobe Taught Me About G-d releases on May 13th, 2021 and is a collection of essays and conversations that fuse together fashion and faith — two subjects that are traditionally juxtaposed, yet are brought together seamlessly within these pages, as if they had always belonged and had never existed separately. The attention-grabbing cover was designed by none other than Elizabeth Sutton, giving perfect visual representation to the beauty found in the content inside.

Through The House of Faith and Fashion, Tobi works to reveal G-d’s presence in fashion, jewelry, art, beauty, and style through the unique lens of Jewish teachings. She completed the book during the fight for her life against Müllerian ovarian cancer, an aggressive carcinoma requiring equally aggressive medical care.

Through her cancer diagnosis and the challenges of treatment, Tobi created an extraordinary chronicle of faith and fashion that elevates the creative process to divine proportions. Her collection of thoughtful, profound, and sometimes poignant essays illustrate to readers how the creation of fashion and art can become a channel through which to express one’s faith and connection with their spirituality.

“Brilliantly redraws the borders between spiritual and physical beauty.” — Chief Rabbi Pinchas Goldschmidt

The House of Faith and Fashion began as a weekly column for a local newspaper and has since flourished to a robust treasury of essays that weave spirituality into every aspect of the fashion and creative industries. The book continues Tobi’s work with top international designers, fashion editors, jewelers, artists, and influencers like Manolo Blahnik and Carolina Herrera. Tobi weaves spiritual awareness into her work with fashion figureheads at events like the Metropolitan Museum’s Costume Exhibit and New York Fashion Week to create an opus that takes a fresh new look at style and spirituality.

“I definitely found my niche, that’s for sure,” Tobi explains. “Nobody else has put together chief Rabbis and fashion editors together to discuss their craft and then bring it all [together] with clear Biblical and Judaic thought,” she says.

The book is clearly organized and divided into five chapters, each with about twelve to fourteen essays. This format is designed specifically to make the book easier to pick up and put down as needed to fit busy lifestyles.

“It’s not really about me; it’s not my memoir,” Rubinstein says. “I became ordained as a path to gaining more understanding and digging deeper. It’s not necessarily a title I go by. I’ve learned that my title is myself and that titles really don’t matter in life. It’s about relaying your message in a way that you can impact people. [I believe] that creativity on all levels is a gift from G-d.”  

“For so many decades, fashion, art, jewelry, and beauty has been looked at in this vain, purposeless, self-contained way,” Tobi continues. “I’m putting a new layer to it, saying ‘No, it’s not.’ In my first essay, The Haute and the Holy, I talk about the fact that the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s most successful costume exhibit was Heavenly Bodies, about the Catholic church. I refer back to the two chapters in the Bible about the outfit of the high priest, which is the most ornate, couture outfit you could think of, from the jewelry, the lace, the colors, the dying, the patterns, the gold trim, and the placement of the gems.”

In this never-before-seen collection of visceral, thought-provoking essays, readers will discover that faith and fashion aren’t necessarily two separate roads. Biblically, clothing had great importance; purple robes were reserved for royalty because the dye was so rare and costly to make. Spirituality has never taken such a practical turn before, framing the beauty of creation within the lens of the fashion industry.  

Tobi summarizes the book best with a single phrase: “The House of Faith and Fashion” ultimately pays homage to the first master couturier, which was G-d.”


Tobi Rubinstein began her notable career in fashion after being brought into the industry by an exclusive manufacturer for Victoria’s Secret and JC Penney. Tobi then licensed with Nicole Miller for Childrenswear and helped develop Crunch Gym’s popular activewear line. In 2001, Rubinstein and her partners created “Chedda,” an innovative men’s urban clothing line designed for mass-market release at K-Mart.

In 2011, Tobi took a leap into reality TV and a successful lecture and radio series by creating The House of Faith and Fashion. Her goal was to consistently fuse creative outlets like fashion with spirituality. She made media appearances on WABC, WNBC, Lifetime, I24, Huffington Post, Page Six, and other outlets, having the opportunity to fashion icons like Patricia Fields and Badgley Mischka about their faith within their craft.

Tobi found further meaning by in-depth study of Jewish thought and teaching. This led to the combination of both her loves into one solid purpose — The House of Faith and Fashion: What My Wardrobe Taught Me About G-d.